Lots of Fujifilm X100VI Rumors :: Firmware Updates :: Kaizen Love Promise & More – Top January Articles & Videos


Here are the top articles for January. And because it was a rumor-intese month, I extend the list to the top 15 articles, as opposed to the usual top 10.

  1. Why “Fujifilm X100VI” is Best Name for the New X100 Camera
  2. CONFIRMED: Fujifilm X100VI Announcement on February 20 (and More?)
  3. The Fujifilm X100V Successor Will be Called…
  4. Fujifilm X100VI Coming also in Limited Edition
  5. Fujifilm X100VI with IBIS? Here is the Answer!
  6. Fujifilm Firmware Updates for Several Cameras (X-T5 included), XF16-55, FT-XH and Promises More Firmware Love to Come in 2024
  7. What to Expect from Fujifilm in 2024 (and What Probably Not)
  8. Fujifilm X100VI Possible Price Info Leaked
  9. Fujifilm 2024: A Look Ahead Between Rumors and Speculations (X-Pro4, X100R, X-E5, X-T40, New XF Lenses, GFX Future)
  10. Fujifilm X100V Discontinued at Several Stores: Giving Up on X100V Delivery and Getting Ready for Fujifilm X100VI?
  11. Fujifilm X100VI (with IBIS) basically Same Size of X100V (without IBIS)
  12. Fujinon XF 18-55mmF2.8-4 Declared Among All Time Best Kit Lenses… and Yet it Gets Replaced Soon
  13. Fujifilm X100VI Coming with with REALA ACE Film Simulation… and About Reala Ace Being Possible only with GFX100II Sensor
  14. This is the Sensor of the Fujifilm X100VI
  15. Cosina Voigtlander COLOR-SKOPAR 18mm F2.8 Aspherical Lens Announced – First Look and Samples

Here are the top 10 YouTube videos


Fujifilm Says Major X App Update is Coming, Includes Compatibility for Older Fujifilm Cameras (Camera Remote App is Dead)


As spotted by a fellow FR-reader (thanks!!!) Fujifilm has published a post in which they recommend Fujifilm X Shooters to use the new X App instead of the old Camera Remote App..

Are you still using the Camera Remote App? This is the time to make the change and download the FUJIFILM XApp application, with which you can store the information of the settings with which you captured your photographs, in addition to being able to backup, restore and copy your camera settings.

Fujifilm also said you can delete the Camera Remote App as it won’t get any updates anymore.

At this point many Fujifilm X shooters pointed out that older Fujifilm camera are not supported by the Fujifilm X App, and Fujifilm had this reply for them:

Do not worry! Very soon we will make a big update so you can continue using your favorite equipment

So it looks like Fujifilm is working to retire the Camera Remote App forever and make the new X App accessible also to all those fellow Fujifilm X shooters, who until now could not use it because their camera was not supported by the X App.

Thanks a lot to the FR-reader for letting us know about it.

And I am pretty sure the Camera Remote App won’t be missed by those, who until now are still forced to use it because their camera is not (yet) supported by the X App.


Fujifilm X100VI to Cost €1,799 (and $1,599?)


I have been asked about the Fujifilm X100VI price in Euro.

Well, according to our trusted sources, it will be €1,799.

And one more thing regarding the price in US Dollar.

I told you recently that according to a new source it would be of $1,599 (hence $200 more than X100V). I also asked you to take it with a grain of salt for now until I can confirm it by trusted source.

Now, given that the price in Euro will be €1,799, the US price of $1,599 is definitely realistic.

As a reference:

  • X-T5 costs $1,699 in USA and €1,999 in Europe
  • X-H2 costs $1,999 in USA and €2,249 in Europe

So there is this 250/300 difference between the USD and EURO price. And if confirmed, there would be a 200 difference also between the US/EURO price of the X100VI.

But an anonymous source (who decided to use a nickname – THANKS), gave us a different price in USD. I am now checking that information (and also the rest you’ve sent me, thanks a lot), and will share an update here on FujiRumors. And if I can’t check the price in a reasonable time with my trusted sources, I will share the one given to me by the anonymous source anyway.

It’s just, usually when I need to correct a potentially wrong rumor, I want to to be sure the correction is 100% the final word on that particular rumor. That’s why I take a bit of time to try to get it confirmed by trusted sources.

It could also be that both sources are accurate, just one source got a more updated information than the other.

Fujifilm really loves to change its mind on the pricing a couple of times before they release the gear. And actually it also happened that Fujifilm made rapid changes shortly after announcement, as for example with the Fujifilm X70, which was launched for $799, and just a few days after launch, while still on pre-order, Fujifilm lowered the retail price to $699 as you can see here.

Anyway… I will try to figure out which is the most up to date information.


CRAZY Fujifilm EUROPE Deals: X-T5 now £250 off, X-H2S now £500 off, save £300 on X-H2 and Much More


Fujifilm has launched new deals in Europe.

Especially in UK the deals are just crazy (instant rebate, not cashback). Good news: Amazon UK is included in the X series deals this time (not GFX). And you get the full overview at Wex here.

Special Mention (in UK):

Sweet deals in Europe also outside UK, but in that case it’s a Cashback deal.

All Fujfiilm EUROPE Deals – End March 31

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GFX Deals

Fujifilm Deals in USA

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