Bags for your X – part II


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Do you remember the “bags for your X” post here? There was a lot of interest for this (vintage) bag-collection. (thanks again Martin)

Many of you added their own bags in the comments. So I thought it could be nice to update the post. You’ll find the most clicked bags of the last article, some new suggestions from the comments, the new Think Tank mirrorless mover and TurnStyle 5 bags.

At the end you’ll find a poll where you can vote your 3 favorite bags.

But before we start, FR-reader Dave wrote me that “I was looking at the new Think Tank Mirrorless Mover bags, but it wasn’t obvious from Think Tank’s website that the X-Pro1 would fit in the smaller models. I got a hold of the three smallest bags and took a few images which I posted at the link shown above. I’m thinking that your readers might also be interested in this information?” So check out his flickr [update: the link doesn’t work anymore. I hope Dave will sent me an updated one] here to see how the X-PRO fits in the various mirrorless mover bags.

But now let’s start!

all the best
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1) Think Tank Retrospective 5: [shoplink 14253 ebay]your eBay[/shoplink] / [shoplink 14253]your Amazon[/shoplink] / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline

[shoplink 14253 ebay] photo tt_zpsc07a552b.png[/shoplink]

2) Gariz Leather Bag (website / ebay via slidoo / [shoplink 14254]your Amazon[/shoplink])

 photo garitz_zps2af50603.png


3) Billingham Hadley Small: [shoplink 14255]your Amazon[/shoplink] / [shoplink 14255 ebay]your eBay[/shoplink] / composinghands review

[shoplink 14255 ebay] photo Billingham_zps092e7499.png[/shoplink]

4) Domke F-series: [shoplink 14256]your Amazon[/shoplink] or ebay worldwide via slidoo)

(picture: Domke F-803 (ebay worldwide)

 photo Domke_zps4489bdf5.png

5) Think Tank Hubba Hubba Hiney (ebay worldwide or [shoplink 14257]your Amazon[/shoplink]) – review here.

 photo hubbahubba_zps7005de4e.png

6) Kalahari L-21 at AmazonGER or ebay worldwide.
 photo Kalahari_zpsb4940657.png

7) Ona Bag The Brooklyn (AmazonUS)… (Ona Bag overview at AmazonUS)
 photo onabag_zps1d5605b5.png

8) National Geografic NG A2540 ([shoplink 14258]your Amazon[/shoplink] / [shoplink 14258 ebay]your eBay[/shoplink])

[shoplink 14258 ebay] photo nationalgeografic_zps9df7d97b.png[/shoplink]

9) Rollei DSLR Vintage bag at ebay via slidoo

 photo Rollei_zps6bb8dfdc.png

10) Montgomery Street Courier ([shoplink 14259]your Amazon[/shoplink] or ebay worldwide via slidoo)
 photo montgomery_zps87bfc273.png

11) Think Tank Mirrorless Movers: [shoplink 17019 ebay]your eBay[/shoplink] / [shoplink 14261]your Amazon[/shoplink] / Adorama / BHphoto / Uniquephoto
[shoplink 17019 ebay] photo mirrorlesmovers_zpsaaa27af8.png[/shoplink]

12)  Lowepro hatchback 16L: [shoplink 17020 ebay]your eBay[/shoplink] / [shoplink 14260]your Amazon[/shoplink] [shoplink 17020 ebay] photo lovepro_zps77db5ea1.png[/shoplink]

13) Think Tank TurnStyle 5: [shoplink 15717 ebay]your eBay[/shoplink] / BHphoto / Adorama / [shoplink 15717]your Amazon[/shoplink] [shoplink 15717 ebay] photo turnstyle_zps32825347.png[/shoplink]

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Feel free to tell your friends via facebook and twitter to vote the bag-poll.

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So what’s next? Maybe tripods? Just tell me in the comments your favorite tripod.


FR-readers zone: long exposures, speed booster, X100S High Sync Speed + Craig’s biggest shoot since switching to the X


Time to take a (very short) break from the rumors and to share your images and stories of your eXperience with the Fuji X-series.

Keep it up! You can contact me via email at, facebook and twitter.


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Hey Patrick – I saw your featured Jeff’s work a few days ago [admin: see it here]. I’ve known Jeff for years and he’s an amazing photographer. He was the person who helped push me over the line when it came to Fuji and I’ve not looked back !

I just wanted to drop you a line and share some images from my trip up to Banff a couple of weeks ago. This was the first time I did any extended travel with the system and it’s been amazing. I bought a [shoplink 12888 ebay]14mm f2.8[/shoplink] for the trip and used it probably 80% of the time. Aside from the size advantages of the system on hikes, the X sensor has such amazing resolving power and image quality (especially when processed in in a good RAW converter like Capture One). That and the quality of the glass has convinced me that this is not only the system for a balance of weight and IQ, but is one of the best landscape systems period.

Anyway, there’s a few of my favorite shots in the link below. A lot of long exposures – I used a B+W ND 110 filter and a [shoplink 16456 ebay]Gitzo 1542T tripod[/shoplink] (when Fuji fixes the placement of the tripod mount in the next version I’ll be a lot happier). All shots with the Fuji X-E1, 18-55 kit lens, 35mm f1.4 or 14mm f2.8.

Feel free to feature this online and embed any images / text.



 photo tumblr_msue6w6q7E1qmzzd2o3_1280_zps378f305e.jpg

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Hello, I just wantd to pass along a few of my findings using my loved Fuji X-E1, if fuji would fix the video exposure issue I would even leave my d800 home on my current trip. Anyways in one of your recent posts it was mentioned that you cant make photos with extreme bokeh and small DOF. I currently only have the 18-55 (waiting on the [shoplink 16128]23mm 1.4[/shoplink]) but I have lots of nice Fmount lenses so I have been using the metabones [shoplink 16275 ebay]speedbooster[/shoplink] and wow Ive been getting really nice results. Some of the photos in the links to follow show the ridiculous nikon 85mm 1.4G with the speedbooster making it closer to a 90mm F1.0 and then the other is a [shoplink 15642 ebay]kowa 2X anamorphic lens[/shoplink].

– Shots of setup: /
– Fuji X-E1 and [shoplink 15642 ebay]Kowa 2X Anamorphic[/shoplink]:
–  Fuji X-E1 and Icorama 1.5X Anamorphic:
– Fuji X-E1 18-55:
– Fuji X100:

– Fuji X-E1 and Speed booster – DSO Lens with low contrast (nikon Fmount / Helios):
– NIkon 85mm 1.4G: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 – – – Nikon 50mm 1.4D: 1 / 2 /

I just wanted to show the speed booster with the 85mm 1.4. I did find the speed booster amplified the color fringing on the 50 1.4d quite a bit.

Rob Bannister
Lead Compositor / Head of 2D /


 photo sunset_zps5299c20c.png

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Hi Patrick. I did a high sync test with the X100s last night. I am pretty stoked about shooting these at 1/1000 of a sec. My 5D III should handle 1/200 but usually works best at 1/160. Can’t wait to use this feature more. For your Mixed Zone if interested:


 photo mfotoca-0078_zpsc7036231.jpg

_ _ _

Craig Litten

Hi Patrick,

I wanted to share a recent shoot with you all taken with the Fuji X-Pro 1, [shoplink 12891 ebay]18mm[/shoplink], [shoplink 12889 ebay]35mm[/shoplink] and [shoplink 12887 ebay]18-55mm[/shoplink] lenses. The shoot was for a company called Sun Bum for their 2014 catalog. It was shot over two days on Cocoa Beach, Florida (Sun Bum’s HQ). I shot more than 3,000 photos in the hot sun, surf and sand with the two X-Pro 1 bodies and they performed nearly flawlessly (except for a few freeze-ups–didn’t freeze before the last firmware update).

Lenses, even the 18-55mm, are tack sharp and amazing. I didn’t plan on using the 18-55mm, but found myself using it more and more as the shoot progressed because of the super fast and silent autofocus, as well as the flexibility of the zoom. I shot without the hood, which I hate (Fuji please, get rid of these cheap petal-type hoods, they do NOT fit the styling of the X cameras!). I shoot with the OVF mostly on the X-Pro 1 except when shooting up close then I switch to the EVF. But when using the zoom, I only shoot with the EVF.

This was my biggest shoot since switching to the X, and after two days of shooting, I didn’t even notice the weight of the cameras. Wondrous!

Craig Litten (website)

 photo craigg_zpsd9104f7e.jpg


X-E2 (or X-E1S) will come and price of the X-E1 with kit lens will fall again on October 1: save $100

[shoplink 12881 ebay] photo x-e1_zpse3c3f205.jpg[/shoplink]

The X-E1 at [shoplink 12881 ebay]eBay[/shoplink] / AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline

The X-E1 is ready to be replaced soon (announcement October 18) and it seems that just before the announcement there will be one more price drop… at least according to the source who shared the following information via rumor box:

There will be a $100 instant rebate on the X-E1 with kit lens that starts October 1st.

I remind you that the X-E1 successor will feature the X-Trans sensor II, better LCD and WiFi.

Stay tuned via facebook, twitter and RSS feed. October will be very hot this year ;)

Support Fujirumors and share rumors via email at or completely anonymously via rumor box.



New rumors about the second X-camera: X-E2 and … X70?

[shoplink 16889 ebay] photo asd_zps90890307.png[/shoplink]

 At the moment the X100S is in stock at Pictureline and [shoplink 16889 ebay]ebayUS[/shoplink]. Also AmazonUS  has it via third party, but you have to pay more. It’s out of stock at BHphoto and Adorama

As you know, the trusted Japanese source confirmed the launch of the X-E2 in October (the precise date should be October 18). But what about the second camera that should be announced too (according to a new source)?

Well, it’s still a mystery… but I’ve received the first rumors from an anonymous source about it. It’s still unconfirmed, but I thought you should know what I know. Here we go:

The anonymous source told me that the second camera would be a cheaper and smaller X100S without viewfinder, smaller body and 23mm f/2.8 lens. The name could be X70.

But, you know it, it’s still unconfirmed, so take it with a grain of salt.

That’s it for now! But I’m sure that October will be a hot rumor month. I’ll use every short break I have at work to keep you posted on the latest rumors (as I’m doing now ;))

Please support Fujirumors and share rumors via email at or completely anonymously via rumor box.

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P.S: Dealsrunner found the black X-M1 with a $57 price drop at AmazonUS here!

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RUMOR UDPATE: The trusted Japanese source confirms now: The X-E1 successor will come in October!


I’ve just received confirmation from the trusted Japanese source. Fuji stepped on the gas and is ready to release the X-E1 successor in October.

It will have the X-Trans sensor II of the X100S (16MP), a better LCD, Lens Modulation Optimizer and WiFi.

It’s said to come on October 18, so stay tuned and follow Fujirumors via facebook, twitter and RSS feed.

Remember that new sources told me that there will be one more camera released the same day.