X PRO 1 review at Imaging Resource (and X PRO 1 versus the rest of the mirrorless world).


Soooo many new reviews guys! If you are still having some doubts if you should get the X PRO 1 or not just read these reviews :)

Imaging Resource (Click here) pubslished a full X PRO 1 review: “It’s not just a retro look that distinguishes the Fujifilm X-Pro1, but its cutting-edge hybrid optical viewfinder and emphasis on quality prime lenses. Excellent image quality with very clean detail is the extra surprise inside.

DSLRcheck is posting many interetsing mirrorless camera comparisons. Here is the list:
RAW ISO comparison between the XPRO 1, NEX-7, E-M5, GX1 and E-PM1: http://dslr-check.info/2012/0416.jpg
50mm JPEG comparison between the X PRO 1 and E-M5: http://dslr-check.info/2012/0418a.jpg
The X PRO 1 clearly has the edge!

First Impressions: Sony NEX 7 vs Fujifilm X Pro 1 vs Olympus EM5 OMD at ThePhoBlographer (Click here): “This is a three way tie. OMD wins for autofocusing, NEX 7 wins for manually focusing in real life, and the X Pro 1 wins for the easiest ergonomics and getting your settings right if you’re a manual shooter.


New Fuji X PRO 1 testing links.


Cnet (Click here) published the full X PRO 1 review: “The Fujifilm X-Pro1 is a nice compromise if you can’t afford a Leica but want to approximate the experience and get some stunning photo quality to boot.

The Fuji 18mm f/2 lens – A fun wide-angle for your X-Pro 1 at Steve Huff (Click here).

First X PRO 1 impressions at Pfflynn (Click here): “Overall, I commend the Fuji people on sorting out a concise but natural and comprehensive camera control system.  Nikon shooters should adapt to the Fuji system quite easily.

Ken Rockwell (Click here) keeps sharing positive thoughts about the X PRO 1 system: “This Fuji normal lens is as good or better than LEICA’s best: ultrasharp even at f/1.4 right out to the edges, and devoid of distortion. Ha!

X PRO 1 test at Nikkei (Click here).

X PRO 1 review at Lesnumerique (Click here).

X PRO 1 first impression at DigitalJournalOfPhotography (Click here).