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Nissin Air 10s Release Postponed. Sony Version in July. Fujifilm & Co To Be Released in the Following Months


Back in February here, Nissin announced the Nissin Air 10s.

At that time, Nissin planed to release the Sony version in April, followed by Fujifilm & Co versions in the following months, but it seems there will be a delay.

In a press release of April 28, Nissin says that the launch of Sony version has been postponed to July “and the other models will gradually be released to the public in the following months.”

You can pre-order the Fujifilm version of the Nissin Air 10s at BHphoto, where it is currently still marked as available on Jul 18, 2017, but I guess this will change soon.

Product Highlights – More detailed product description and images at BHphoto

  • Nissin Air 2.4 GHz Radio TTL System
  • Compatible with Fujifilm TTL
  • Wireless TTL with NAS Flashes & Receiver
  • 328′ Range; 8 Channels & 8 Groups
  • Crossover TTL Control of NAS Flashes
  • Manual Power and Zoom Control
  • TTL Exposure Compensation
  • Color LCD Panel; AF Assist Beam
  • Slow, 1st/2nd Curtain Sync
  • microSD Card Slot for Firmware Updates

Press Release

The Nissin Air 10s release date postponed to July 2017

Previously, the Nissin Air 10s advance wireless commander (Sony version) was scheduled to be released to the public in April 2017, followed by the Fujifilm, Micro Four Thirds, Canon, and Nikon versions to be released in subsequent months.

We have postponed the release date of the Air 10s commander (Sony version) to July 2017 due to the match of product specifications with Nissin’s future flash products. The Nissin Air 10s Sony version is set to be released first, and the other models will gradually be released to the public in the following months.

Nissin would like to apologize for the delay. Thank you for your continued support

via Nissin

Nissin Postponed High-Speed Sync. Support for FUJIFILM to Mid-May (Firmware Update only via Nissin Official Service Center)