Nissin MG80 Pro Flash

Nissin MG80 Pro

Nissin launched the Nissin MG80 Pro, an advanced flash with 60GN(83w/s), built-in Air10s commander and master slave features.

Special features

  • Wide Variety Battery System – Patented and effective design
  • Durable Quartz Tube & High heat-resistant material adopted
  • Built-in Air 10s commander & master slave
  • High power LED modelling(8W) with silent cooling system

The Nissin MG80 Pro is equipped with a patented “Wide Variety Battery System” design to overcome the battery replacement challenge, which not only supports NiMH battery but also Li-ion (14500). Also, it is an advanced NAS 2.4GHz*1 Wireless built-in commander strobe for both on-camera and studio shooting.

Product PageCompatibility Chart

via nissin facebook – via fotomagazine

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Nissin i600 Flash Announced

Nissin i600

A few days ago, Nissin Digital launched the Nissin i600 flash, which will be available soon at BHphoto here, Adorama here and AmazonUS here. In Europe it will cost €200.

Photographers always eager to try different types of shooting skills. After go through the process of using natural light, they then goal for light which is controllable as well.

Start with a decent profile picture is good enough to feel the different. No need to be fancy at the beginning. So, we introduce the i600. There are Auto, TTL & M modes. Except for on-camera, you can also make use of optical slave with your existing flash model.

Nissin calls it the “advanced” version of the Nissin i400, which currently saw a massive price drop on BHphoto.

Official Nissin i600 resources: official product pageproduct detailscompatibility chartOwner’s manual (PDF)

Press Release and Specs (google translated)

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Nissin i400 Pre-Orders, Godox and Jinbei/Orlit Round Head Flash, Godox Studio Strobe Comparison and More – Flash Roundup

Nissin i400 pre-order available at BHphoto

Mixed Flash News

Godox and Jinbei / Orlit Round Head Flash

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Nissin Air10s Wireless TTL Commander for FUJIFILM Cameras finally Shipping and in Stock

Nissin Air10s

FR-reader Nicolas informed me that after more than 6 months of wait, BHphoto will finally shipped his Nissin Air10s wireless TTL commander for Fujifilm.

You can get the Nissin Air10S at BHphoto and Adorama.

The Nissin Air10s is available for pre-order since June 2017 (!!!) and BHphoto said back in January 2018, that they expect delivery of the Nissin Air10s in February!

It just took a little bit longer than expected ;).

Nissin Air 10s Release Postponed. Sony Version in July. Fujifilm & Co To Be Released in the Following Months

Back in February here, Nissin announced the Nissin Air 10s.

At that time, Nissin planed to release the Sony version in April, followed by Fujifilm & Co versions in the following months, but it seems there will be a delay.

In a press release of April 28, Nissin says that the launch of Sony version has been postponed to July “and the other models will gradually be released to the public in the following months.”

You can pre-order the Fujifilm version of the Nissin Air 10s at BHphoto, where it is currently still marked as available on Jul 18, 2017, but I guess this will change soon.

Product Highlights – More detailed product description and images at BHphoto

  • Nissin Air 2.4 GHz Radio TTL System
  • Compatible with Fujifilm TTL
  • Wireless TTL with NAS Flashes & Receiver
  • 328′ Range; 8 Channels & 8 Groups
  • Crossover TTL Control of NAS Flashes
  • Manual Power and Zoom Control
  • TTL Exposure Compensation
  • Color LCD Panel; AF Assist Beam
  • Slow, 1st/2nd Curtain Sync
  • microSD Card Slot for Firmware Updates

Press Release

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