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Capture One Pro 10.1 Released: Improved Fujifilm X-Trans Support, X-T20, XQ2 and X-A10 Support & More

Capture One Pro 10.1 improves Fujifilm X-Trans Support
Capture One Pro 10.1 improves Fujifilm X-Trans Support

Capture One Pro 10.1

Last month, we already broke the news here on FujiRumors, that Capture One 10.1 Beta improved support for Fujifilm cameras.

Well, now the final version is out and available for download.

Here are the Fujifilm related improvements.

New Camera Support

  • Fujifilm X-T20
  • Fujifilm X-A10
  • Fujifilm XQ2

Support for Fuji compressed format

Yes, it’s here – Capture One 10.1 finally supports Fuji Compressed RAW files.

X-trans pipeline re-design

With point one release, Capture One 10 delivers support for LCC, Chromatic Aberration Analysis, and Purple Fringing tools for X-trans type sensors Fuji cameras. OpenCL is now also supported by X-trans files, that would significantly increase overall processing speed.

Still no film simultion support, but you can find a great homebrew at the fuji-x-forum.

You can read more and download Capture One 10.1 at here (free trial available). An overview also at at CaptureOne Blog

Read also “PSD Files in Capture One – now what?” at blog.phaseone here.

You can join also a webniar, “What’s new in Capture One 10.1?”. Book your space at attendee.gotowebinar.

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