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New Fujifilm Deals…. or Why Fujifilm Prefers Mail-In Rebates over Instant Rebates (like the new up to $500 GF Lens Deals)


Some FR-readers located in USA are a bit annoyed by the new trend of Fujifilm to offer cashback mail-in rebates instead of instant rebates (like the lastet GF lens deals with up to $500 savings).

Now, here in Europe cashback deals are the norm, but I can understand that for a customer getting the rebate instantly makes life a bit easier.

So why is Fujifilm USA following the steps of Europe?

Well, the reason is probably rather simple.

As you know, the Japanese fiscal year ends on March 31. Before that date, Fujifilm wants to show up in front of investors with the best sale figures possible.

One way to “improve” the numbers is to offer cashback deals, because:

  1. Fujifilm launches deals shortly before the fiscal year ends
  2. the deals boost sales
  3. customers initially pay full price for their gear
  4. Fujifilm will show up in front of investors with better sales numbers (it will result as if Fujifilm sold all their gear at full price)
  5. once the yearly financial report is out they will start to refund customers

This is probably also why Fujifilm writes that if you buy your discounted GF lens today, you will need up to 8 weeks to get your refund processed and delivered (hence you’ll get your money back in April, after the Japanese fiscal year is over).

Sure, then, in 2022, they will have to pay back the money and this will influence their next fiscal report. But that’s a problem for the following year. A problem that gear like the Fujifilm X-H2 will take care of, which hopefully for Fujifilm will sell very well. And if not, there is still the option for more cashback deals.

Look, if this helps Fujifilm, I am fine with it.

It’s really not that big of a deal to mail Fuji the invoice and the serial number and then wait a few weeks to get your money back. I literally just mailed them my latest purchase 3 days ago. Easy and smooth process.

Latest Deals per Category

GFX Gear

Buy within April 3 and submit your claim by May 3.

X Gear

Buy within March 27 and submit your claim by April 26.

Deal Details

These are mail-in rebates (except for GFX50R). So buy your gear now, submit your claim and then you’ll receive your money back in form of a pre-paid MasterCard (for the GF lens deals) or get your freebie (for XF/XC lens deals).

BHphoto has all the instruction on how to submit your claim next to each item in offer: just click “rebate available” and then “view details“.

Similar deals run also in Europe here.