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Dan Bailey’s X Journey is a Passionate Tribute to Fujifilm and Photography – Colors, Controls, X-Trans, Fun, Inspiration and More


Dan Bailey is an official Fujifilm X photographer as well as author of several books such as:

Well, in order to celebrate the 10 years of Fujifilm X mount, Dan started sharing his personal X series journey, which started with the Fujifilm X10.

It is a very passionate, honest and captivating tale about how he stumbled on the X series and how his love for this system grew over time.

  • Video 1: Getting the X10, enjoying its power, its colors (and enjoying shooting JPEG instead of RAW) and travel/work with it
  • Video 2: Falling in love with X-Trans, its advantages, getting in touch with Fujifilm, why APS-C and first experience with the Fujifilm X-E1
  • Video 3: not yet online, but all indicates that he is going to cover one of Fuji’s most important camera of all times which made him sell all his Nikon gear

I feel that the passion in telling his journey encapsulates nicely what it means and how it feels to be an X shooter.

the journey of my son starts early, too


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