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MARK THIS DATE: X-T10 coming MAY 18: No ISO dial, EVF similar to X-E2, build-in flash and comes with XC kit lens!


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What a crazy lunch break I’m having… writing several emails and 2 rumors in a short time… but I think it’s worth to give you this update right before I have to go back at school ;) .

You can mark it on your calendar: the Fujifilm X-T10 will come on May 18 (trusted source). It will be the day where you can support FR without any extra costs for you, simply by pre-ordering it using one of the affiliate links shared here on FR (BHphoto, AmazonUS and Adorama). Any support to keep this blog running 365 days a year for free is greatly appreciated.

Now, there is still some work to do on the X-T10 rumor front, and thanks to a new source, we now have some more information… to take with a grain of salt:

– No ISO dial (NeS)
– The kit lens will be an XC lens (NeS)
– EVF size about the same of X-E2 (NeS)
– build in flash (NeS)

Ok guys, take care and stay tuned on FR in this hot weeks via facebook, google+, RSS-feed and twitter ;)

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The rumored specs list is:

Here is the rumored specs list (TS = Trusted Source / SRP = source right in the past / NeS = New Source)

– Name: X-T10 (SRP + NeS)
– cheaper version of the X-T1 (SPR + NeS)
– announcement in May (SRP)
– announcement Mid-May (TS)
– announcement 18th of May (TS)
– no weather sealing (SRP)
– smaller EVF (SRP)
– same sensor of X-T1 (NeS)
– fast AF [admin: faster than any current X-camera. Probably X-T1 will get firmware update which will bring same AF-speed] – coming late spring/early summer (SRP)
– SLR shape (SRP)
– available in black and silver for the same price (SRP)
– No ISO dial (NeS)
– The kit lens will be an XC lens (NeS)
– EVF size about the same of X-E2 (NeS)
– build in flash (NeS)