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Huge Fujifilm X/GFX Deals in USA with Up to $2,000 Savings and One Recommendation


So, Fujifilm finally launched huge deals with up to $2,000 savings on X and GFX gear. You’ll find all details below.

Depending on the deal, they run either until July 11, July 25 or August 22.

But here is one recommendation I’d like to make, based also on my personal experience.

Fujifilm was upfront and already announced here delivery delays on many products due to chip shortage.

Considering that the current deals will cause a demand-boost on the below mentioned gear, if you are interested to get your gear as fast as possible, maybe it is better not to wait the last days of the deals.

It’s an error I did in fact.

I did wait the last days of the GF lens deals myself back in April, and while initially the store had the GF32-64 available, it did run out of stock during the promotional period, and now I am still waiting to get mine. I wish I’d have ordered earlier.

But hey, if you are more patient than me, then also ordering last second is a great option.

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