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Fujifilm X100V: Silver beats Black… and Which One do You Prefer?


This Sunday I would like to investigate a crucial question.

It’s probably the questions of all questions.

The Fujifilm X100V looks better in silver or black? ;)

I have a theory I will explain later… but first the rankings.

I did take a look at the AmazonUS best selling point and shoot camera ranking, and at the time of this post, the Fujifilm X100V silver is ranked 7th, whereas the Fujifilm X100V black is ranked 23rd.

Moreover, if we look at the BHphoto X100V page, we see they mark the X100V silver as “#1 seller and the X100V black as “top seller.

But the ranking might be “drugged”, as the silver Fujifilm X100V will ship 1 month earlier than the black Fujifilm X100V. So people might have grabbed the silver one, to get it earlier.

And now my theory:

I find some Fujifilm cameras look better in silver, whereas others in black. I never knew why. But one day I got the illumination, and I found the answer.

Rangefinder styled Fujifilm cameras with optical viewfinder look better in silver (such as X100V), whereas Fujifilm cameras without optical viewfinder look better in black (such as X-E3).

Of course this is just my personal taste. But I noticed this pattern in my taste. Don’t know if it’s the same also for you.

With that said, frankly both colors look awesome on the Fujifilm X100V.

Fujifilm X100V
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