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Fujifilm X100V: Silver beats Black… and Which One do You Prefer?



This Sunday I would like to investigate a crucial question.

It’s probably the questions of all questions.

The Fujifilm X100V looks better in silver or black? ;)

I have a theory I will explain later… but first the rankings.

If we look at the BHphoto X100V page, we see they mark the X100V silver as “#1 seller and the X100V black as “top seller.

But the ranking might be “drugged”, as the silver Fujifilm X100V will ship 1 month earlier than the black Fujifilm X100V. So people might have grabbed the silver one, to get it earlier.

And now my theory:

I find some Fujifilm cameras look better in silver, whereas others in black. I never knew why. But one day I got the illumination, and I found the answer.

Rangefinder styled Fujifilm cameras with optical viewfinder look better in silver (such as X100V), whereas Fujifilm cameras without optical viewfinder look better in black (such as X-E3).

Of course this is just my personal taste. But I noticed this pattern in my taste. Don’t know if it’s the same also for you.

With that said, frankly both colors look awesome on the Fujifilm X100V.

Fujifilm X100V
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