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Fujifilm X-T4: First Bug Reports (Menu and IBIS) and Wishlist


Many FujiRumors readers are getting their long awaited Fujifilm X-T4 in these days. As a consequence, I also already get the first firmware suggestions and possible bug reports.

by Gerald & Richard

Loving the X-T4 but why the regression in the Q menu so custom simulation names aren’t shown?

the Q menu custom items can’t be renamed as it is possible on X-T3

So, even if you set the custom names, they will not appear in the display when pressing the Q button (as they do on X-T3 & Co).

Ok Fuji, I want a firmware fix before I even get my X-T4 ;).

by Albert (video below)

Just thought i would share my findings about the IBIS in the X-T4. Fingers crossed they release a firmware update for this.

by Kirill

I just got my pre-ordered X-T4 several days ago. After setting it up similarly to what I had on my previous X-T3, I came up a couple of ideas for even greater customization:

Drive dial in video
Currently, the DRIVE dial only controls camera behavior in STILL mode. Why not propagate it into MOVIE mode, as well? I suggest that each DRIVE setting activate a dedicated video profile. Just a few (potentially predefined, but modifiable) example profiles:

    1. HDR mode
      Activates the F-Log video recording.
    2. CL mode
      Activates 120 fps  slo-mo recording.
    3. CH mode
      Activates 240 fps slo-mo recording.

Dedicated Fn-button customization for STILL and MOVIE modes.
This could further improve the (already almost perfect) camera usability. As an example, the Fn1 button can be customized for triggering different actions, depending on currently selected recording mode:

    1. STILL mode
      Turns depth-of-field preview on and off.
    2. MOVIE mode
      Turns zebras on and off.

I’ve read several times that Fujifilm executives may follow your blog and listen to customer feedback. Maybe, there is a (albeit small) chance that these thoughts can materialize?

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