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Fujifilm X-T2 : “Best 4K Video Quality for APS-C Cameras. Better Colors Than Sony A6500…. but X-Pro2 has More X Appeal”


Fuji X-T2 Video

One of the big steps forward Fujifilm did with the X-T2, is Video. The combination X-TransIII sensor + X-processor Pro seems to deliver quite amazing 4K results. The lastest review that confirms this comes from videographer eoshd here. He says:

  • The original X-T1 had the worst video quality around. The X-T2 has the best overall on any APS-C camera.
  • The X-T2 delivers THE best 4K image overall. Better colour response than the Sony A6300 and A6500 and way less rolling shutter.
  • The trick for maxing out dynamic range on the X-T2 is to slightly under-expose and set both highlight tone and shadow tone to -2 in-camera along with sharpness to -4.

But at the end, eosHD also says that “the X-Pro2 has more X appeal, a nicer design and more innovative viewfinder concept. I wish this model had 4K and an articulated screen but Fuji made the bet that one audience wouldn’t want it and the other audience would.”

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