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Fujifilm Instax Wide Printer Concept


Fujifilm went rather crazy with its Instax products: from the Helly Kitty Instax camera to the Taylor Swift Instax SQ6, Instax printers for Square and Mini format, and all sorts of film variations like the Instax Star Wars film or the Instax Monochrome.

And it makes sense, as Fujifilm strongest product in the imaging division is Instax.

But despite kicking out all sorts of products, Fujifilm continues to ignore one product, that I am sure would be a huge success: a Fujifilm Instax Wide printer.

We have asked for it several times, and I included it in my list of the 3 big error Fujifilm is making.

But nothing happened.

So, it’s time to raise our voice one more time and let Fujifilm know about our desire for such a prodcut, by sharing an email I have received from Jacob!

Here on FujiRumors we say it since years now: Fujifilm needs to give us an Instax Wide printer, but so far nothing happened.

But we don’t give up!

For this reason, I’d like to share an email I have received from Jacob, who made a rendering of an Instax Wide printer and included a short wishlist. I hope this helps to remind Fujifilm that we’d love to get

by Jacob – Linkedin

Hi Patrick,

I modeled an Instax Wide printer hoping it might motivate Fuji to develop their own. Here’s a couple of renderings of the design, clearly inspired by their SP-3 Instax square printer.

As you said here, it really seems like a missed opportunity because of the wide film’s familiar aspect ratio, and more resolution/size. Here’s a couple other reasons it could be awesome:

  • Untapped market: even photographers who don’t own a Fuji camera but want to share images might be more likely to use a larger, landscape aspect print.
  • Film Simulations?: Not sure if this is possible, but maybe film simulations could be added in the smartphone app. Then the print settings could be adjusted to affect the Instax film. This could expose many Instax users to Fuji’s digital cameras, as well as provide the opportunity to experiment with film simulations.
  • Exif/custom messages: since all cameras and smart phones have either 4:3 or 3:2 camera sensors, the margins on the edge could print Exif data or custom messages (see photo).

Maybe we need a survey to see if Fuji wants to make one?

~Jacob – Linkedin