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DPReview Admits Flawed Fujifilm GFX100 Studio Test Shots and Says They Will Re-Shoot it


Earlier this month, we shared the news about the GFX100 studio test scene at DPReview.

While the images turned out sharper than the competition, some were hoping for an even better performance.

Well, turns out DPReview studio test shots were flawed. In fact they just said:

While we make every effort to provide the most consistent, representative performance in our studio-based testing, it is sometimes very difficult. After further analysis we’ve discovered our GFX100 shots are fractionally misfocused, an issue exacerbated by the exacting resolutions of the 100 MP system. While these images show that the GFX 100 can capture significantly more detail than its 50MP predecessors, they do not show the full extent of this difference. We are planning to re-shoot the scene as soon as a production camera arrives and would like to apologize for any misconception these images may have furthered.

I guess this happens, when you hurry too much. Take your time, DPR, we can wait a bit longer for our pixel peeping. The important is we have a fair test.

The good news: even misfocused, the GFX100 is the sharpness king :)

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