Fuji X-F1: in stock at B&H and Amazon US (via third part reseller)

Two brown (click here), two black (click here) and one red (click here) Fuji X-F1 are now available at Amazon US via third part reseller for normal price. There are 3 more black Fuji X-F1 sold by this reseller (click here).

Also B&H has now the X-F1 in stock. They have the red version (click here) and the black version (click here). For the brown version (click here) you have still to wait or you can pre order it.

[Update] Fuji X-100: $200 price drop… offer extended until DEC 31 ’12

B&H exteded the offer on the X-100 until DEC 31′ 12 (click here). You can have this camera also with a $200 price drop at Amazon US (click here)

You can have the Fuji X-100 for $1.000 instead of $1.200 at B&H (click here to see). This special offer ends tomorrow, Nov, 3.

Take a look of the PROS and CONS and read the full, detailed review of the Fuji X-100, at dpreview (click here).