18-55mm lens at ebayUS + Fuji dominates best seller list at Amazon

ebayUS has the 18-55 lens! Just click here to see it!

The lens is still not available at AmazonUS, but you can preorder it here. In the meantime Fuji begins to dominate the best seller list, with the black and silver kit version of the X-E1 in the first two positions of the CSC ranking, and the Fujinon XF 18-55mm in the fifth position of the lens ranking!

Now rankings like the next below (Sony mirrorless market share in Japan on BCN) should hopefully belong to the past! (via sonyalpharumors)

Fujinon XF18-55mm in stock status check

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ebayUS has the X-E1 kit + permanent X-PRO1 price drop

Hi… again! ;)

First: We read here on brandonremler that the price drop on the X-PRO1 body goes only from Nov 25th to Feb 2, 2013. But we’ve received the information today that the price drop should be permanent! So you have time until 02/2/2013 to benefit of the $600 rebate (X-PRO1 + lens), and afterwards the X-PRO1 body only will remain at $1400!

Second: Just wanted to tell you, that there is the first X-E1 kit with 18-55mm lens available at ebayUS (click here). For $1300 you can purchase the package.

You’re still thinking if you should buy it or not? Well, bertstephani.com (click here) has already made his decision: the X-E1 will be his perfect second camera. “As soon as I get it, I won’t have to lug a big DSLR with me for backup anymore on most of my assignments and I’ll probably sell some of my DSLR gear.” Read the third and final part of his review and look at his images here.

Third: amazon has started shipping the X-E1 kit (click here), according to emails of Fujirumors reader.


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$600 rebate on X-PRO1 with lens until 02/2/2013

Oh, this time I made you hurry, sorry. But the offer on the X-PRO1 + 18mm or 35mm lens is still valid until 02/2/2013. So, there is no haste. Grab the $600 deal on the X PRO 1 + lens purchase at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and on many eBay US stores (via Slidoo).

So lxcellent was right in the comments to this post. Still time to think about it, and decide, X-E1 or X-PRO1? I’ll give you one more review to read and think about.

What camera would frankdoorhof choose? X-PRO1 or X-E1? His first impressions of the X-E1 can be read here: “I would choose the X-E1, it’s about 90% of the fun of the X-Pro1 but at a much lower price, and the image quality is equal… so for me…. well the X-E1 is a 100% winner and I would HIGHLY recommend the camera for everyone that is on the lookout for a great smaller camera that has different very high quality lenses and gives an image quality that is 100% on the level of a DSLR.” He also posted part two of his review here. In the second part, after comparing the X-E1 and Sony A99 he says: “Now when you are shooting as a hobby and you really only want one camera….. get the Fuji…… without any doubt, it’s a camera that is about everything you will get from a DSLR but it’s smaller, the lenses are smaller/lighter AND…. the image quality rivels many DSLRs… When you want to work in the studio, do model photography, maybe sometimes a wedding or a paid shoot….. now get the Sony/DSLR. It’s a real all rounder and it looks much better in the studio for a client than the Fuji.

Would frankdoorhof still recommend the X-E1, also now, that there is the $600 deal on the X-PRO1 with lens?

Up to $600 savings on the X PRO 1.

Today is your last chance to grab the $600 deal on the X PRO 1 + lens purchase at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and on many eBay US stores (via Slidoo).

And for Instax Mini lovers keep an eye at that Amazon Golde Box deal (Click here) that will go live at 4:35 PM PST!

Reminder: Keep an eye on all hourly changing deals here: Amazon (cameras), Amazon (all stuff), Adorama, Bhphoto, J&R, TigerDirect, Bestbuy and eBay.