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After Cyber Attack: Fujifilm Restored Normal Operations and Found No Evidence of Leaked Information


Here is the fact that kept Fujifilm very busy over the past few weeks:

Now the story seems to have come to an end, as Fujifilm writes in their latest press release that today they reached again normal operations again. There is a delay in shipping of products due to the attack, but Fujiiflm commits to catch up as soon as possible.

So far, investigations have found no evidence of leaked information.

Fujifilm has learned the lessons and says it will strengthen their cyber security.

Press Release

Restoration of normal business for customers and business partners

We confirmed unauthorized access to the servers we use from the outside, and on June 2, we stopped all servers and computers that could affect us and shut down the network. After that, from June 4th, we started operating servers and computers that were confirmed to be safe, and resumed communication on the network that had been blocked. We are pleased to inform you that by today, normal operations for customers and business partners, such as reception of inquiries and orders and shipments of our products, have been restored.

In addition, we will endeavor to eliminate the delay as soon as possible even for deliveries that have been delayed so far.

This matter has been investigated by the “Comprehensive Crisis Management Committee” chaired by the president and the “Special Measures Team” including external experts. The investigations completed so far have found no evidence of information leakage to the outside world. In addition, countermeasures against this unauthorized access have already been implemented. We will continue to monitor and continue to strengthen information security.

We deeply apologize for causing a great deal of inconvenience and concern to our customers and business partners.

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