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Why I am Staying with APS-C, Myths of Primes over Zooms, 3 Areas where Fujifilm Needs to Improve, X-H2 Wishlist and More – Roundup


Here is a roundup covering a few topics, from differences between full frame and APS-C, to wishlists about the Fujifilm X-H2 and recommendations on some areas where Fujifilm must improve. Also, a video with an X-H2 wishlist.

I’ll include also a little tips and tricks section.

Sorry guys, now I go back to my beer and the second half of the Italy* vs Turkey match.

* FujiRumors is Italian ;)


  • petapixel – Why I Am Staying with APS-C
  • camerajabber – When use APS-C lenses instead of full frame
  • andrewmccombiephoto – I switched from Canon to Fujifilm – My initial thoughts on the Fuji X-T3
  • diyphotography – Why I didn’t go full-frame and went with Fujifilm
  • keithwee – 3 reasons behind Fujifilm’s growth and the 3 areas it needs to focus on for the future.

Tips and Tricks

  • joengphotography – How to Use Fujifilm’s Focus Bracketing Feature
  • pergear – 11 Professional Photographer Reveal Their 5 Best Tips for Beginner Photographers
  • pergear – How A Professional Photographer Clean Camera Lens (Ultimate Guide)