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Let’s Unveil the Big Mystery… FujiRumors lives in Locked Down Italy! And Precisely in…


Fellow FR-readers,

These are surreal days, for many of us.

Personally I live under lockdown since a couple of days.

I don’t have to go school anymore, but we teachers tried to organize with online lessons. So I am busy the same as before, if not more, to try to organize skype lessons, send material online, correct and so forth.

I only leave my little rented apartment to bring out my dog or buy food. For the rest, I never leave my apartment.

This is a sacrifice so many are doing these days, here in Italy, which is now the epicenter of the Cornavirus outbreak, especially North Italy, which is where I live.

And more precisely, I live in some of the most beautiful and photogenic mountains of the the world, the Dolomites.

I’ll be honest…

It’s not easy to focus on FujiRumors these days. I mean, I haven’t seen nor hugged my mother since 1 week now, as she is older, and so in high risk, when it comes to the virus. I haven’t met any friend. Then there is the teaching, which I am not prepared for to do online, and I now study how to manage it best.

But I am optimistic from nature, and I believe we will all come out of this soon.

In the meantime, here are some of the good things that happen in these days living locked at home:

  • I cleaned all my camera gear perfectly, read to go out and shoot again when all this over
  • I finally cached up with some of the photo editing work
  • I have a lot of time with my wife
  • I really have a lot of quality time with my wife ;)

So, the mystery is unveiled. Now Fujifilm knows, where to find me ;).

Wherever you live, I wish you to stay strong, healthy and happy, even during this complicated times.

We will come out of it… and we will finally be able to get out with our Fuji gear again, and capture all the beauty, that we miss so much in these days locked at home.

love you guys,

P.S.: when all this is over, come and visit Italy. It will be the trip of your lifetime. And if you are in Dolomites area, drop me an email ;).