See Fujifilm’s Internal G-Mount Roadmap :: Where is the Instax SQ? :: GF Lens Size Comparisons :: GFX Group Frenzy :)

First off, I invite you to check back the announcement live blogging here. It’s all there, and I will keep it updated. This post is mainly to make some considerations regarding rumors shared here on FujiRumors and did (or did not) materialize today.

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Fujinon GF 110mm F2: USA: BHphoto, AmazonUS, Adorama Europe: WexUK, PCHstore
Fujinon GF 23mm F4USA BHphoto, AmazonUS, Adorama Europe: WexUK, PCHstore

Fujifilm GFX Facebook Group Frenzy :)

Jonas Rask‎ Fujifilm GFX: shared here. Nanna in the wind. GFX50s – GF110mm f/2 @ f/2 – ISO200 – 1/1000s – Some sun and a chilly breeze. She wasn’t all too comfortable, which resulted in this look that I REALLY like! #worstfatheroftheyear2017

Whoever tested the new GF lenses is also over at our incredible GFX facebook group, which simply does not stop to explode :) . You can interact with the beta testers and see some additional images.

The content shared there about the new GF lenses is definitely the best online source for everybody. Feel free to join… and enjoy the most lively and friendly GFX group on the web.

And of course I keep up with my live blogging :)


Fujifilm just release a very vague roadmap, where they talk about a “telephoto prime” in early 2018 and a teleconverter. No big surprise, since we leaked the more detailed internal roadmap here on FujiRumors prior the announcement.

Of course it can be subject to change. Even lenses in the official Fujifilm roadmap changed (56/1.4 became 56/1.2) or scratched (remember XF120mm macro?). So take it with a grain of salt. But this is what Fujifilm is sharing as internal roadmap, and it shows:

  • GF 250mm F4 (early 2018)
  • GF 35mm F2.8 (mid 2018)
  • GF 20-36mm F3.5-4.5 or GF 100-200mm F4.5-5.6 (end 2018. NOTE: Fujifilm says one of the two. Final decision has not yet been done)

Where is the Fujifilm Instax SQ? (not SQ10)

Ok, the Instax SQ10 hybrid film/digital camera is now a reality. But there were also leaks about an Instax SQ film only camera. So what happened to that one?

There are working prototypes out there, and you could already see them here on FujiRumors. The launch is planed for a later moment (quite later), but it will come :)

As already reported in the live blogging, the special Instax Square site is now live.

Fujifilm Instax SquareUSA BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS Europe: WexUK, PCHstore

Fujifilm GFX 50s Firmware

Spot on, FR-sources! Also this rumor is correct. There will be indeed a nice firmware update for Fujifilm GFX 50s, that will improve features and give you better AF in critical situations and more. The full Fujifilm statement again :)

FUJIFILM will release free firmware update for the FUJIFILM GFX 50S. It will be due late May 2017, adding new function and improving operability. These firmware updates will add new function for computer tethering via Wi-Fi and improve operability in exposure compensation and autofocus performance in difficult scenes. Fujifilm continues to incorporate customer feedback into future performance enhancements so customers can keep using our digital cameras for years to come.”

New Fujifilm GF Lenses Size Comparison

Now you can compare the size of the new lenses with whatever you desire. In the image below you can see the GF110 Vs. GF120. Make your own comparison at camerasize.

Fujifilm Annonuces GF 110mm F2 and Fujifilm GF 23mm F4 Press + NEW G Mount Lenses ROADMAP (Leaked Press Release)

G Mount Lens Roadmap for 2017/2018

NOTE: The real announcement will be at 01:00 AM New York Time. It seems that Fuji UK passed the wrong info to the UK websites :)

Fujinon GF 110mm F2: BHphoto, AmazonUS, Adorama
Fujinon GF 23mm F4: BHphoto, AmazonUS, Adorama

From Fujifilm: New GF lenses are unveiled for Portraits, Landscape and Architectural Photography, along with new accessories for the ground breaking GFX system.

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) has today announced that it will release the FUJINON GF 110mm F2 R LM WR Lens and FUJINON GF 23mm F4 R LM WR Lens in June 2017. Both products are professional interchangeable lenses for GFX 50S 43.8×32.9mm format digital camera. Fujifilm has also unveiled new accessories to complement the GFX system.

GF lenses achieve outstanding ultra-high resolution and have been designed to work with higher resolution sensors in the future. Utilizing the vast knowledge cultivated through the development of the XF lenses, GF lenses are Fujifilm’s finest class of lenses and were designed by amassing various sophisticated technologies of Fujifilm. They are designed to fully unlock the superb performance potential of the GFX 50S.

The FUJINON GF 110mm F2 R LM WR Lens is a medium telephoto lens for portraits. With a focal length equivalent to 87mm in the 35mm format, it achieves a brightness of F2.0 when used wide open to deliver beautiful bokeh. The high resolving power of the area in focus and the rich bokeh unique to medium-format fast-diameter lenses depicts portraits with a realistic three-dimensional feel.

The FUJINON GF 23mm F4 R LM WR Lens has a focal length equivalent to 18mm in the 35mm format and is perfectly suited for landscape and architectural applications. Despite the super-wide angle of view, distortion is kept to a minimum, and with the high-resolution performance extending all the way to the edges, the resulting image is outstandingly sharp.

Both lenses feature fast and quiet AF due to a linear motor, are dust and weather resistant, and are capable of operating in environments as cold as -10°C. The lenses combine high performance and reliability as professional work tools for the working photographer.

GF 110mm f/2 R LM WR Lens

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Possible Fujinon GF Roadmap Leaked: GF 250/4, GF 35/2.8, GF 20-36 and GF 100-200

This roadmap could show the upcoming GF lenses. We can see:

  • GF 250mm F4
  • GF 35mm F2.8
  • GF 20-36mm F3.5-4.5
  • GF 100-200mm F4.5-5.6

Interesting to note, this “early” roadmap says GF 20-36 OR GF 100-200. I guess in a few hours (01:00 AM New York time), we will have the answer which lens Fujifilm decided to make first :)

There will be a great Live Blogging session here on FujiRumors, with the fastest and most comprehensive coverage on the web… feel free to join :)

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Fujinon GF 110mm F2*: BHphoto, AmazonUS, Adorama
Fujinon GF 23mm F4*: BHphoto, AmazonUS, Adorama
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stay tuned guys… it’s just a few more hours ;)
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Fujinon GF 110mm F2 and GF 23mm F4 Announcement at 01:00 AM New York Time (07:00 AM Berlin Time)

Prepare the coffee guys, because the GF 23mm F4 and GF 110mm F2 will be announced at 01:00 AM New York Time (07:00 AM in Berlin).

As usual, my email account will explode as soon as the embargo is lifted, and I will get tons of emails to first looks and samples, that I will immediately share with you here on FujiRumors first. So stay tuned on FujiRumors for the fastest and most comprehensive live blogging on the web.

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Fujinon GF 110mm F2*: BHphoto, AmazonUS, Adorama
Fujinon GF 23mm F4*: BHphoto, AmazonUS, Adorama
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I am ready for the Medium Format Live Blogging
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First Images of the Fujifilm X100F Lensmate Thumbrest + X100F Really Right Stuff Plate for Pre-order

Fujifilm X100F Lensmate Thumbrest

Fujifilm X100F Lensmate Thumbrest

These images show the Lensmate thumbrest for Fujifilm X100F. It will be available shortly. Check out all current Fujifilm Lensmate thumb grips at AmazonUS.

The big announcement party for the new GF 110mm F2, GF 23mm F2 and Instax Square will start soon (April 19). I’m ready… feel free to join the Live Blogging here on FujiRumors :)

And btw, Really Right Stuff has the Fujifilm X100F plates up for pre-oder here.

Fujifilm X100F: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS

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