Fujifilm Manager GFX 50s Interview (Teleconverter & Telephoto Priority), GFX50s Vs. Canon 5DS R Vs. Pentax 645Z & more (GFX Zone)

Fujifilm GFX Interview at dc.watch (translation). Some highlights:

  • [Fujifilm manager says] I want to urgently expand the lens lineup [NOTE: check out the secret GF lens roadmap leaked back in April]
  • [Fujifilm manager says] I’d like to first use a resource for developing a telephoto lens and developing a teleconverter
  • [Fujifilm manager says] Regarding the body, I would like to correspond as much as possible to the part that can be solved with firmware, including the speed of AF and shooting function

And more:

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Leaked Image of a Super Thin 35mm Goerz Citograph (Sony Version… but Coming also for Fujifilm X-mount) – UPDATE

UPDATE: Now officially launched on kickstarter here

SonyAlphaRumors broke the news. I’ll add only, that it will be available also Fujifilm X mount.

Here is what SAR writes:

A source sent me that image of a new 35mm FE pancake lens with fixed focus. It’s made by the German company Goerz which is now owned by Schneider Kreuznach (Thanks Mistral!).  […] this is not a low quality and high vignetting lens I have been told it has actually a very good sharp image quality.”

IBIS (in body image stabilization) Coming to Future Fujifilm X Cameras – Trusted Source

Fujifilm X Cameras with IBIS

Fujifilm X Cameras with IBIS

What Fujifilm Managers Say

I know what you think: “But didn’t a Fujifilm manager tell us in this interview, that IBIS is not compatible with Fujifilm X-mount?”

Yep, that’s true. The manager said:

“Our XF mount is not compatible with IBIS […] the amount of light at the corners is reduced when the sensor is shifted. We could correct it digitally, but we don’t want to do it: we don’t want to compromise our image quality.”

But, well…. today I will tell you a different story…

What Trusted Source Says

The rumor is as simple as that: Fujifilm is right now working to bring IBIS to future X-mount cameras.

The Market Wants IBIS (in body image stabilization)

Just like “weather sealing”, also “IBIS” is becoming more and more important for photographers. Fujifilm’s main mirrorless competitors (Sony, Panasonic, Olympus) all offer IBIS… and it has become a strong selling point!

Now, personally, features like “weather sealing” and “IBIS” are not primary reasons for me to get a camera or not. More important, for me, are lens line-up and ergonomics for example.

But I understand that IBIS can be indeed a very handy tool, especially if you use a lot of old adapted glass and shoot video with OIS-less glass.

So if you ask me, then yes, it’s a good move for Fujifilm to offer IBIS in future.

But Fujifilm has to give us good IBIS that deals very well with the shortcomings the Fujifilm manager mentioned here… and every camera manufacturer is actually dealing the same issues.

NOTE: Canon and Nikon say IBIS works not as good as Lens Stabilization – Read more here.

How Reliable is this News Rumor?

This rumor comes from a trusted source. This is why I personally take no grain of salt at all. I’m 100% sure that these are Fujifilm’s (current) plans.

I also know that Fujifilm can change plans anytime, but I have the feeling that this won’t happen this time.

IBIS will come… and actually, this Fujifilm camera already has IBIS ;)

The Calm before the Storm…

I have the feeling that great times could be ahead of us… and summer holidays or not, I will invest all my best (and my time) to keep you guys up to date with everything. So stay tuned on FujiRumors via Facebook, RSS-feed and Twitter.

have a GREAT start in your week,

Curiosity: What’s the Rumor You Always Wanted to Read on FujiRumors.com? (Big Rumor Coming Very Soon)

This is just a mere curiosity of mine.

I’ve shared countless rumors over all these years. But I was wondering… what’s the rumor you always hoped I’d publish one day, but I never did?

It’s just for me (and Fujifilm) to know what your secret wishes are.

Oh… and yes… a big rumor is coming soon… very soon (I’m writing the rumor right now)… and I’m curious to see if it will fulfill someone’s wish ;)

all the best,
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The $150 Sainsonic Kamlan 50mm f/1.1 for Fujifilm X-Mount Coming Soon (+ Review)

Sainsonic Kamlan 50mm f/1.1

Sainsonic Kamlan 50mm f/1.1

Sainsonic send a copy of the Sony E-mount Kamlan 50mm f/1.1 to Christopher. In his review, Christopher reveales, that the Fujifilm X-mount version will come soon.

The Sainsonic Kamlan 50mm f/1.1 is currently available for Sony E-mount and Canon EOS M-mount for about $150 only.

About the image quality at F1.1 of the Sainsonic Kamlan 50mm f/1.1 manual focus lens, Christopher says in his review here that:

  • Good News: at F1.1 sharpness in the center of the image the lens is usuable, but less in the corners
  • a bit low contrast at F1.1 and purple fringing
  • vignetting is good even at F1.1. Distortion is good too
  • Generally out of focus backgrounds look a little busy but not in a terribly bad way. When they are deeply out of focus they look fine and smooth

To become fully usuable, you have to stop down the lens, but at least center sharpness is good at F1.1, which makes it usable for portraits. But corners are very soft at F1.1. Image quality is not impressive… but it costs just $150.

Check out also the reviews at AmazonUS