Elinchrom: “Skyport Plus HS: We Will Support Fujifilm as Next”

Let’s start the day with a good news. Elinchrom said a few days in the comments to a facebook post, that they will support Fujifilm as next :)

Other camera systems for the Skyport Plus HS are currently being evaluated for future release. The next supported brand will be Fuji.

Product Highlights

  • 20 Channels in Normal Mode
  • 20 Channels in Speed Mode
  • 4 Groups
  • Hi-Sync Mode Up to 1/8000 Sec.
  • LCD Display Screen
  • Up to 656′ Triggering Range
  • Compatible with 3 Flash Unit Generations

Skyport Plus HS: BHphoto, AmazonUS, Adorama

Elinchrom facebook post here.

RUMOR: Adobe Support for Fujifilm GFX Coming This Week


This rumor does not come from my own sources, but has been shared by Chris (website) at the Fujifilm GFX faceook group here. I quote:

What if I told you, I heard from someone who knows someone who knows someone, that LR should support the GFX next week…” [the rumor was shared last week at the GFX group]

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As you know, Iridient already supports the GFX. And Palle Schultz (yep, THE Palle Schultz), who a member of our GFX facebook group, shared his findings and image here.

Palle Schultz:

Played around again with a GFX RAW file. Now in Iridient Developer. Developed and maintained by one guy… pretty impressive. Exported to psd and played around a slightly bit in Lightroom. Iridient Developer is quite easy to use. If you know Camera RAW you know Iridient. But Iridient is coded by a photo pixelpeeping geek, that is for certain. The integrity of the files are kept intakt and you must be very agressive to overdo your pics in that application. I can highly recommend it as a RAW converter for the GFX.

It is shot handheld with the 63mm lens at 1600 ISO and at a pretty slow shutter speed. Hence the slight motion blur.

I’ve attached a slightly cropped picture and a 100% zoom.”

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Fujifilm Working on the Ultimate $5,000+ APS-C X-Trans X-series Camera (also for Video) ** Grain Of Salt

Hey guys,

You might remember how recently a Fujifilm Manager saidwhen we announce our new telephoto prime [in 2018] we also need a higher performance body”.

What did he mean with “higher performance body“? The X-T3? Or maybe something completely different?

I’m not sure now… but I can tell you what I’m recently hearing.

Keep in mind… these are the first steps into a potentially very exciting rumor journey, but it’s just a fragile whisper at this stage, so please do NOT take this as a fact. I could follow a wrong hint, or maybe there is some truth in it…

Here is the thing:

I got some hints that Fujifilm is working on the ultimate X-series camera. It should be a camera that will top everything we know from Fujifilm so far in the APS-C world and it could also have some more cinema-centric aspects, that would make it the perfect companion for the newly announced MK18-55mm T2.9 and MK50-135mm T2.9.

I don’t know if the Manager quote above was refering to this camera, or “simply” to the X-T3. I’m still working on this.

However, one anonymous source shared some more details, telling me it should cost “around $5k” (or even more) and be still an X-Trans camera. (thanks for sharing… and I will investigate further the other details you sent me).

So guys, just follow FR, and let’s see how deep the rabbit whole really goes :-)

And of course, in case someone out there could help, please contact me at fujirumor@gmail.com or using the rumor box (with nickname if possible).

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