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xjrumo says: Fuji working on the X30! Sensor bigger than 1″


The Chinese site xjrumo claims to have the following information from trusted sources: Fuji is working on a new compact camera. According to xjrumo (translation here) it will have a fixed zoom lens and the sensor should be bigger than 1″!

I’ve immediately checked it with my trusted sources and here is what I can say until now:

Fuji could launch 3 more cameras this year (FR-sources).

1) FR-sources: Cheap non X-Trans APS-C interchangeable lens camera.

2) xjrumo source: compact camera with sensor bigger than 1″ and fixed zoom lens (X30). With such a camera Fuji would challenge the [shoplink 13127]Sony RX100[/shoplink] and the brand new RX100II.

3) ? (work in progress ;))

I can’t confirm the rumor of xjrumo until now but I’m working on it. I hope I can come back with fresh (and reliable) rumors as soon as possible. But it seems that the [shoplink 13828]X-M1[/shoplink] was just the beginning.

stay tuned

P.S.: what would be your dream camera number 3?

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