xjrumo says: Fuji working on the X30! Sensor bigger than 1″


The Chinese site xjrumo claims to have the following information from trusted sources: Fuji is working on a new compact camera. According to xjrumo (translation here) it will have a fixed zoom lens and the sensor should be bigger than 1″!

I’ve immediately checked it with my trusted sources and here is what I can say until now:

Fuji could launch 3 more cameras this year (FR-sources).

1) FR-sources: Cheap non X-Trans APS-C interchangeable lens camera.

2) xjrumo source: compact camera with sensor bigger than 1″ and fixed zoom lens (X30). With such a camera Fuji would challenge the Sony RX100 and the brand new RX100II.

3) ? (work in progress ;))

I can’t confirm the rumor of xjrumo until now but I’m working on it. I hope I can come back with fresh (and reliable) rumors as soon as possible. But it seems that the X-M1 was just the beginning.

stay tuned

P.S.: what would be your dream camera number 3?

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  • Peter

    What I am looking for:
    – super-zoom fixed lens (so something like X-S1) or (even better) at least a more flexible lens for the likes of X-E1
    – weather sealing
    – better stabilisation (like in Olympus OM-D E-M5)
    – better video capabilities (no rolling shutter effect etc.)
    – speedier focusing
    – mic input

    Unfortunately (it seems that) Fuji is trying to come up with nothing better, just different.

    • shadowc

      Yes, better video (controls)!
      Tilting rear screen
      Quiet shutter
      weather sealing
      Good EVF or Hp-ovf…

  • MJr

    Makes perfect sense. I would be surprised if they didn’t. (at some point) :) Imagine a RX100 with the Fuji X20 viewfinder, fuji controls and fujinon lens … yes please ! Wouldn’t be pocketable, the RX100 is already right at the limit or over, but like the X20 … it’s easy to take along. Smaller than the E-M1 with kit lens anyway, while it would still have a fast aperture ! Not just because the sensor is smaller, but because of the fixed lens.

    If you haven’t looked through a X10/20 viewfinder yet, go to a store and do it, it’s awesome.

    • MJr

      *X-M1, not E-M1 :P

  • Peter

    I would love such a camera if it has 24mm as its wide angle focal length (24mm in full format terms). And reasonably fast (say f/4) at the tele end please. Another must-have would be image stabilisation (optical or sensor-shift).

    Other wishes:
    * zoom on the lens
    * aperture ring on the lens
    * thread for screwing on a filter (and a lens hood!)
    * dial for +/- 3EV exposure compensation (not 2 stops!)
    * dial for ISO selection
    * long battery life
    * battery charging through USB
    * either an EVF or a tiltable screen (in which case: 180 degrees tilt would be nice)

    The idea is a compact (X20 sized) camera for light weight travel (hiking etc). That is why I like USB for charging: no need for a separate adapter (you already have a USB charger for your phone), and it’ll work with solar cells and dynamos on a bicycle.

  • G.

    I hope with no x trans sensor…if so, I’ll buy it!

  • MJr

    Nr 3 better be the X-Pro2 and/or X-E2. :)

  • Renato S.

    hmm… larger than 1″? 4/3″ like m4/3 size? maybe a 3/2″ like the Canon G1X? what aspect ratio? multi-aspect? 3:2? 4:3? will it have EVF or OVF? or maybe none of that.

    I’m really interested in this camera but of course, it would depend on some things. The aperture, for instance, can they make 24-85mm equivalent f/2-4 or something like that? as it will be a zoom with fixed lens, you want flexibility from landscape, street and portrait.

    I hope that Fuji finally implements 1080p24 and full manual control in video mode.

  • SuperMickey

    Number 3 is a full frame sensor X camera

    • Al

      I hope the full frame will use same lens.

  • Titan X

    No. 3, Full-Frame sensor, with interchangeable lens mount, full hybrid OVF+EVF, flipout/tilt LCD screen, brass body with black paint. + leaf shutter lenses. Thank you for your vision Fuji.

    • Dude

      You forgot fast OSPDAF – for lightning AF. And that will be a killer camera for a long time ever!

      • Titan X

        Yep you’re right Dude ;-)

  • Mount Fuji

    Go hi end Pro or go home. Number 3 dream camera would be a highly compact medium format sensor camera with X-pro form factor. With fast compact lenses. Yes, a medium format digital rangefinder from Fuji.

    • Splunge


    • King Kong


    • SimpleGuy

      Yes please!

    • Cameron


    • Don

      Keep dreaming buddy! I’ll eat my EX-1 if Fuji come out with this.

    • Joansie

      Sign me up for the pre-order. Credit card is ready!

    • hexx

      hmm… medium format != compact lenses

      what I’d like to see is fix what sony couldn’t -> give us X100 with FF, 35mm f/2 lens, PDAF on sensor, hybrid VF, simply RX1(R) killer.

  • Fujimoto

    FF XP2

  • Tailwagger

    X-Pro2 EXRIII PDAF. Just report the news, the order goes in!

    • Aleste

      With the Pana-Fuji joint organic sensor!

  • Edubya

    Full Frame XP2 would be great if we can use the same lenses, and the new body is no larger or heavier. Otherwise, I’m perfectly happy with an improved version of the same sensor, faster focusing, yada yada yada. Size is a key reason I moved to Fuji.

  • Bob

    Who can believe Fuji. They undermine their own products with hasty, numbing price cuts, put out new cameras by the car load without fixing all the known and reported issues with cameras already on the market. They are expensive but hey Fuji has a brand new one 3 months later and bombs the price on your investment. Fuji better find itself. I have just left them. No hard feelings but I have no further trust in their releases, their market, and goal. It looks like throw enough cameras at the wall and something will stick.

  • Fujimoto

    Fuji X100 FF

  • Jan

    How about a X-S2 ? 1″ X-Trans Sensor with 10x optical zoom in a bridge-camera ?

  • Andrea

    Tele photo (90 equivalent) fixed collapsible lens x100s: with two cameras and 28/35/90 mm equivalent focal range, at 2000 euros bundle, I could get my perfect kit!

  • ema

    3- …a black x100s:-)

    • Aleste

      Crossing my fingers. I bought all my X100s accessories black.

  • Tiago Cheregati

    Why won’t the images from FujiRumors appear at all?
    I tried the web pages and the RSS feeds. Nothing.

    Is it only with me?

  • cosinaphile

    a xm sized camera with an evf….and …. 24mp that can be used several ways …split diodes on a pixel for blazing phase detect a la the new canon , and true single exposure landscape \city mode with 1\2 the pixels devoted to sky metering and the other half to correct foreground , most importantly , user settable evs on this dual arrangment , something like an s3 pro fuji from 2005 but with user control true dual exposurre in a single image

  • cosinaphile

    to add , a huge battery in a sizeable grip ..powerful flash for compact… flash is user settable manually like ricoh gxr to 1\64 power for true manually settable fill flash dual processing of shots to speed thing up [come on guys !!]

  • Juan Carlos

    Is there any news about a Fuji X-s2??

  • JSB

    For #3

    FF X100D with collapsible lense dual focal would be fun.
    D for Double ;)

  • Konstantin

    Full Frame or even larger like Fuji TX-1, Bronica RF645 or Mamiya 7 and compatible with tilt-shift lenses.

  • Cameradude

    #3 Dream Camera

    – Full frame (2:3)
    – X-trans sensor (as long as the smearing in leaves is gone; love the sharpness & high ISO!)
    – 5-axis IBIS image stabilization (e.g. Olympus OMD)
    – Faster autofocus (e.g. Olympus OMD or Canon’s dual pixel CMOS)
    – Focus tracking during continuous shooting
    – AF-on button (on back, top right area of camera. Used way more often than AF-L/AE-L, but probably keep both. Q menu could be moved to the ‘fn’ button or elsewhere if needed. You’re more likely to be okay taking your face away from the viewfinder when changing a setting in the Q menu than when using AF-on or AE-L)
    – 4-way button dedicated to changing focus points when in shooting mode
    – Weather sealed
    – Magnesium alloy. Not a brass body painted black (since it was mentioned above). That’s nostalgic, but scrapes off. Just a less shiny black would be perfect. Like Leica, Nikon’s or Canon’s matte black.
    – GPS with automatic time zone adjustment (e.g. Canon 6D. Or if needed to keep a metal body, maybe a small thin GPS receiver that sits in the hot shoe instead of built in. Would be great for travel photography, less note taking.)
    – Battery charger with just fold-out prongs, no cord. Since this is a good travel camera.

    Sounds expensive.

    • MrGecko

      Yup that about does it for me. I’m ok with the brass body and GPS is not a serious requirement. I would also like to see something like Nikon’s holly trinity if we jump to the FF world.

  • matt

    #3. Actually being able to stock the x100s. This is pretty embarrassing.

  • JWC

    I hope #3 is something like a Sigma DP3 Merrill. A Fuji X100s with a mid tele prime lens like something around 50-60mm (75mm-90mm equiv).

  • TomH

    I vote for the RX100 killer which is not the X30, but rather the XF2 – an XF1 with bigger sensor, but keeping the form factor (pocketable) and the cool styling and adding phase detect AF

  • TomH

    .. and XP2 and XE2 with phase detect AF

  • Good move. The quality of the fixed lens will be critical.

  • shadowc

    Come on, Fuji, X-S2! X30 sounds good, too. Better, fast lenses please.

    • MrKnow

      +1 +1 +1
      Fuji, better fast lenses, please!
      Have a look at Olympus XZ-x lens (edges)!

  • shadowc

    plus 18-135/18-200 mm lenses for X-E1/X-P1, thanks!

    • Andrea

      maybe f/2.8/4.0 :-)

  • I hope the x30 will get an electronical viewfinder.

  • Brett

    Ya, Dude, FF or bigger! All of us on here print out 60″x90″ pics of our pets and purdy sunsets. We NEED FF

  • Isengard

    FF because some of us actually shoot real client projects numnut.

  • Andrea

    RX100 has a 3x zoom lens. And a F1.8/4.9 lens.
    Hope they managed to do a X20 (4x f2.0/2.8) with a 10MP 1″ X-Trans sensor. :-)

  • markdphotoguy

    If Fuji wanted to make something a little different they could make an X-Trans APS-C Camera with a fixed lens (either zoom or prime) that is somewhere between the size of an XP1 and X100S that is fully waterproofed to 30ft-50ft with options such as time lapse and a leaf shutter for high speed flash sync (like the X100/s).
    I’d buy that to complement my XP1 for those times that I want to shoot in really bad weather (rain or snow) or in the water.
    It’s been a long time since there was a decent underwater camera on the market not since the nikonos.
    A digital medium format rangefinder with wide to normal fast (f/2.8-4 maybe) fixed zoom lens, and 16 bit RAW, would be pretty cool as well.

  • Carlos Lacroze

    X30 Features Request

    The X ×0 fixed zoom lens series still is my best choice for her mix of IQ, lens, sensor, design, and experience as well as size. If there is any chance of being read, I’d rather like FUJI to keep the path, and improve the specs even further if that would be possible within the same budget.

    1. A 24-120 mm, f 1.8 ~ 2.4 fixed zoom lens with Macro (keep it as fast as possible),
    2. An even bigger sensor (avoid the pixel race, I only care for IQ),
    3. A full information hybrid? viewfinder with better coverage,
    4. A wider shutter speed range,
    5. A better resolution LCD,
    6. A general overall smaller size, with exactly the same aesthetics and spirit.
    7. Include a std UV filter and regular carrying case (avoid the mandatory optionals).

    My two cents, Carlos
    When could we expect a X30?

    • Carlos Lacroze

      Ok, I would settle for better sensor/ lens ratio specs,

      e.g.(for the *Sony RX100II challenger)

      *A bigger 1″ sensor + a broader and faster fixed zoom lens, compact camera with a better viewfinder, and similar design philisophy.


      • Carlos Lacroze

        I would love a better compact fixed zoom lens option, provided it will be broader (24-120) and faster (1.8-2.4), have a bigger sensor 1″ (a Sony RX100 II challenger), an even better viewfinder and similar overall design philisophy at almost the same reasonable price range.

        Though I like the Sony’s smaller size much, this Fuji Project wish list isn’t matched by anyone yet.

  • Doma

    Fuji wants to do something awesome? make it a little bigger and supply it with the X100’s sensor or a modified version of it..this sensor is simply beautiful and most important, it has such a beautifully unique signature.

  • Joachim2

    My dream camera X30:
    It is a compact camera with the sensor of the X20, but instead of the zoom objective has a fixed pancake 2,8/35mm(equiv.) and an intelligent digital converter 2X and an optical view-finder (of course somewhat simpler than that of the X20). May I also call for a crop-factor 1.4X, so that the three focal lengths 35, 50, 70 mm(equiv,) would be available?

  • hexx

    I would REALLY REALLY REALLY like to know if Fuji is going to release any time soon (within 6 months) full frame fixed lens camera. If yes I’ll hold on with the purchase of Sony RX1R.

    I would prefer Fuji over Sony if they use the same controls (aperture ring, shutter speed dial and exposure compensation dial) with the hybrid VF.

    • splunge

      + 1 !

  • psartman

    Wireless flash system controlled by small built-in flash. On any or all new Fujis. please!

  • Just a EVF like the X-E1 would be niche, leave the Flash, I do not need one.

  • john

    I love my X20. I also have the Sony X100 – both great – RX100 has a bit better IQ and of course more portable as it is smaller and I like the image affects are nicer than the once in the X20.
    X20 better looking, actually one of the best looking cameras around today – even though IQ slightly better in RX100 still Fuji X20 has very nice colors and has no anti alias filter so images very sharp for that size sensor.
    If Fuji comes out with X30 with at least 1 inch sensor and no anti alias filter it would be a real challenge for Sony RX100 M II. I still would own both as the RX100 M II is more portable and meant as more of a point and shoot. The Fuji X20/30 is more of a small ranger finder style camera – a camera one is proud to shoot with.
    The X20 is really nice and not many things to fault –

    I would like to see a start switch rather than the start via lens –

    Add one or two FN ( programmable function buttons )

    ND filter

    Larger sensor – at least one inch

    Update viewfinder like the X100s has – EVF and Optical – why not – a low cost Panasonic now has a EVF – the optical viewfinder is fine – just change colors to be more clear –

    Better video – at least to closely match Sony – seems Sony just owns video – their video is awesome

    Hope to see an improved X20 as a X30 this year – would still keep my X20

  • Aleste

    Dream lens for APS-C Fuji cameras: 18-35 f1.8 with aperture ring. C’mon Fuji.

  • Hans

    So, what’s true about the x30??
    Planning to buy a x20, but it’s worth waiting for the X30.

  • Captmatt

    I’ll buy it if it has a 24-200mm F1.4 lens, with an optical/EVF finder, a large sensor, perfect image quality, fits in my pocket, and costs less than 100.00. Get’s kind of silly doesn’t it?

  • J’attends juste un plein format avec objectif interchangeable, le tout dans le style bien retro de fuji !

    Mais même si c’est pas un plein format, si la qualité d’image est supérieur (ou égale) à celle du fuji, je vends direct mon matériel Nikon pour l’acheter ! Surtout si l’autofocus est suffisamment rapide. (le x100s est parfois encore un peu lent)

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