X-A1: Fuji’s next X-mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera


The new Japanese source [who was right with the the X-M1 (and more) and has been upgraded to “trusted source”] can now confirm what has already been rumored by Fujirumors here.

There will be another mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera, and it will be called X-A1. It will have a non X-Trans APS-C sensor.

You won’t find the X-A1 in small and specialized camera stores. It will be sold only by big retailers on the web and big general stores.

The X-A1 could be announced by the end of August.

As soon as I get reliable rumors about the specs, you’ll read them on Fujirumors. So stay tuned and follow us on facebook, twitter and subscribe the RSS feed.

  • Curious Lucy

    So will it have the same non X-trans sensor in the X100? I know some people who prefer it over the X100S X-trans sensor. Just curious

    • patrick

      No,it won’t have the X100 sensor… i suppose you need more megapixel to grab the attention of megastore-customer

      • Milan

        Yes, that x100 sensor is very old, basically the same one that appeared first on the Nikon D90 back in 2008. This is 2013.

        It will most likely be the same 16 MP sensor in all other X-mount cameras, but with a Bayer color filter array. That would make it cheaper because it will need a less powerful processor.

  • lone.samurai

    Probably the x100 sensor. That would be cheap to make and cheaper to sell.

    • patrick

      No,for sure not the X100 sensor

  • MJr

    Huh, sometimes small stores sell specialized camera’s that the big ones don’t, but why would small stores not sell a x-series camera, and why would this be decided in advance, isn’t it the store’s decision what they sell ? Or is is so bad that any self-worthy store doesn’t want to recommend it to anyone. It is XF mount right ? Seems strange to go ‘even more’ consumer than the X-M1, even the pancake isn’t really affordable enough for consumers. I don’t know if i like this, for ‘our’ system.

    • Andrew

      Maybe he meant that it wouldn’t *just* be sold in specialty stores. The may be positioning it as an entry level camera below the X-M1, or as a lower priced camera with a VF along side the X-M1.

    • Paul Latouche

      You can’t find a 100$ nifty fifty in any mirrorless format. Only in DSLR world.
      You can get a 200$ cheap telephoto in m43, a 280$ 14mm prime in m43, a 170$ 16mm prime in nex, 30mm macro in nex, and that’s about it for less than 300$ lenses in m43 and nex (I may miss some).
      Of course, Fuji is more expensive, but not that much.

      • David B

        you missed the Sigmas which are $199 but sometimes go for $199 for two, 19 and 30/2.8

        • Paul Latouche

          Oh, yes you are right. Forgot those.
          So we once had two 100$ lenses for mirrorless (well, 2 for 200$).
          And then there’s Olympus body cap lens…

  • Mike


    and now x-a1…just to confuse the consumer?

    • Francesco

      Make sense to me…
      Alphabetical order for interchangeable lenses and numerical for the other ones. Not?

      • Mike

        I want …more number instead alphabet

        x-pro 2
        x-e 2

        • I’d even settle for the S letter:


          Same pixel count, same everything, but faster and with PDAF, please.

    • David B

      to me, if they claim they are out of cheap point-and-shoot market (since nobody is buyign these cameras because of use of cell phone cameras) they need to sell something to that market. Even X-M1 is too expensive for most people ($799 with a kit) so need something in $200-400 range. Now pulling a camera with an APS-C sensor in that range would be something. Although I did pick up Panasonic GX1 for $199 when it was $199 at a lot of places and it is still pretty cheap.

  • Paul

    Any news on the X30 and the third possible camera?

    • patrick

      No trusted news about these cameras till now.

  • shadowc

    X-pro 1
    X-A1 (NonX-A1?)

    X-S2, plz

    • Andrew

      I’d like to see an XF2 which corrects the complaints about the XF1 and adds some improvements.

    • Frederick

      yes pretty please


  • Raz

    So if the X-M1 dropped the viewfinder, what will the X-A1 drop to save costs? My guess would be the dials. Perhaps the A1 will be a touchscreen only camera, that would bring down manufacturing costs a fair bit.

    It will be fascinating to see how Fuji lenses perform on a non X-trans sensor, my bet is Fuji will include an AA filter to save face and not have it out resolving the pro models.

    • Paul Latouche

      It won’t have a tilting screen. It won’t have 2 dials.

  • SmartAlec

    So this is how I understand the Fuji ‘X’ Line up:

    X-Pro, for Pros
    X-E1, for Enthusiasts
    X-A1, for Amateurs
    X-F1, for Females
    X-S1, for Semi-retards
    X-M1, for Mini Muppets

    Please correct me if I’m not 100% accurate.

    • MJr

      M is simply Mainstream (nothing wrong with that), and ‘Semi’ is not a definable word (nor is Mini), but you could use S*ckers instead, though Superzoom is a bit more civil.

      • SmartAlec

        Pretty sure ‘M’ is for Mini.


        This “material difference” is also mirrored by the XC vs. XF naming of the lenses: According to Fuji, the C stands for “Compact” or “Casual”, while the F is now supposed to stand for “Fine” or “Faith”, Nope, I’m not making this up. By the way, the M in X-M1 stands for “Mini” and “Mobility”.

        • SmartAlec

          Everybody knows that the ‘C’ in XC stands for Cheap. Yes. That’s. the. Truth.

          • MJr

            Consumer (or China)

            ps. Pretty sure they’re just letters, besides the Pro.

  • serafin

    maybe they ahold introduce x-mz1 for mindless zombies – new revolutionery camera without sensor ;)

  • SmartAlec

    and for the Numeric X series, as follows:

    X100, fixed prime lens with (medium sized) APS-C sensor
    X100S, as above but S for “Speedier” — as in faster in most respects

    X10, fixed zoom lens with small sensor
    X20, fixed zoom lens with small sensor + digital overlay info VF (what the X10 should have been at launch)
    X30, same as X20, but larger sensor, just so they have something for sales to trumpet

    Future predictions:

    X1, fixed zoom lens with absolutely tiny sensor with no dials , all made of plastic
    X1000, fixed prime lens with full frame sensor
    X10000, fixed prime lens with medium format sized sensor

    are you getting the drift?

    • Mike

      X-B(ig) = X-Series with medium Format sensor

  • James M.S.

    Nice going Fuji – I see that the X series is becoming just another “Me Too” camera system.

    I truly hope you don’t abandon your original user base in search of the almighty corporate profits.

    • One thing is for sure: If the camera division doesn’t generate a profit, it will be stripped of funds (= no more money for developing goundbreaking stuff) and eventually be shut down.

  • hexx

    Admin, Patrick ;), are there any rumours (even very very uncertain ones) about FF Fuji camera? Is Fuji planning to release FF camera?

    • patrick

      Nothing reliable till now :(. but my radar is always finely tuned to every whisper about FF-Fuji.

      • hexx

        Thank you Patrick. Selling some stuff now, currently (almost) decided on RX1R but honestly would prefer Fuji’s camera just because of the more traditional controls – RX1R doesn’t have shutter speed dial (it does but you need to turn the cam on to check on LCD what the setting is)

        • MJr

          I think if anything a Sony NEX will be FF way before Fuji gets any such ideas.

          • Kev

            Looking forward to seeing a me-too FF from fuji

  • Tom

    A for “amateur”?

  • Aleste

    So this X-A1 actually sits below the X-E1? Not appealing at all!

  • Jack

    I guess it’s too much to hope that the non-X-Trans sensor would be EXR?

  • Juan Carlos

    what about the X-S2 is it in the way?

    • I guess your grandchildren will long be dead before we see an X-S2.

  • Lefred

    An AA-filter-less Bayer XE-1 ? That would be great !
    I’m probably daydreaming…

  • Luchid

    Aww crap. Fuji is killing their own X brand by diluting it so much. It used to be all about quality for enthusiasts and pros. Now they’re among for the cheap crap to make a quick buck.



    Where does the X-a1 fit in there? They’ve already dropped the ball with the x-m1, what else can they take away until the X lineup is mostly crappy Point and shoots?

    • Where does the X-a1 fit in there?

      Obviously above the XF1, X10, X20 and X-S1. And below the X-M1, X-E1 and X-Pro1. Also quite next to X100 and X100S. It’s not rocket science.

  • Cpt Haddock

    Extending the range to cover every segment of the market… at the risk of cannibalizing your existing offer instead of increasing significantly your market share. That risk is still acceptable in the larger perspective: dropping the Point & Shoot segment promised to smartphones, focusing on “real camera experience”, from basic to pro.

  • Wisdom Woz

    Seems to me that Fuji cocked up with the classification/series system.

    The X-M1 and X-A1 should have been in a new lower class. Like a ‘W’ series, eg. W-M1, W-A1. so this does not dilute the X premium series, nor confuse people. W stands for Walmart, or for Wally’s. What is a Wally? see here: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=wally

    Fuji, my invoice is on it’s way.

  • Kinda odd, since the X-A1 rumors and the X-M1 announcement.

    The price for the X-E1 dropped quite a bit here in Switzerland, could the X-A1 be like a X-E1 wihtout X-Trans Sesnor, or a X-M1 with a EVF and touchscreen-tilt display.

    It seems something is in the bushes, since the price dropped around 70.- CHF within a month and that without any special deals.

    Myself I am renting the X-E1 with the 35mm this weekend to finally decide bettwen OM-D and X-E1

    cheers everyone

    • MJr

      Maybe just cheap and simple like a E-PM1 or E-PM2 or Panasonic GF series.

  • cgw

    So Fuji plans to compete by offering yet another bland MILC no one will buy to keep the X-M1 company at the back of the shelf? Brilliant…

  • David

    No X-trans? That means better colors! Yes!

  • Ed

    Yeah, like anyone else does it better. I got really confused about the whole Olympus PEN line. I can imagine a regular customer thinking that a Canon 7D is much “better” than a Canon 5D or a 1100D being “better” than a 700D. For people who don’t check online reviews or forums, I wouldn’t even be surprised if people think that a 700D is better than a 5D. Also, I got lost with the PMs and the PLs of Olympus so easily.

    At least with Fuji, there is no way people would be able to directly judge how “good” a camera is based on a number. Yeah, I don’t mind being called a fanboy.

    I do hope more people buy into the XF system so that we get more options. I have this feeling that the X series team needs to prove that the whole line will bring more profit before the company commits to it long term. We live in the real world after all.

  • KF

    I just curious if all of these people here who talking about “fuji killing brand”, “M is muppets” or anything has tried at least one of these camera or because of brand mind they owned?

    Have you tried feature of xm1 flash vs any camera even with dslr itself in auto mode? Just shoot in same size, same position same place same time and print on postcard size photo print and show to your friend or everyone which one they like.

    I am not fan boy of fuji, just use buy xm1 and it was very impresive. Yeah for focusing still beaten by another dslr even my own dslr but for detail, sharpness, white balance and also flash? Briliant…. Its disadvantage only no view finder compare to nex6.

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