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XF 100-400 Aperture Range now from 4.5 to 5.6? – POLL: Better Slower & Smaller (and cheaper) or Bigger & Faster?


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XF 100-400 Recap:

July 2014: Fujifilm releases a new roadmap, showing a super tele-photo zoom lens coming in late 2015.
Photokina, September 2014: Fujifilm shows XF 140-400 mock-up with an aperture range that goes from F4 to F5.6.
February 2015: Fujifilm updates the roadmap and now shows an XF 100-400 coming in early 2016… no aperture range indication on the roadmap
CP+, February 2015: a journalist of ValueTechTV says that the XF 100-400 release was delayed, because Fuji decided to change the aperture range at the wide end and make it slower and smaller.
– The latest roadmap shared by FR-reader Stalkdog here, shows that Fuji will release the XF 100-400 in March 2016.

Now, FR-reader aki noted, that the roadmap shows an XF 100-400 that is 4.5 at the wide and 5.6 at the long end, confirming what the journalist at ValueTech said.

Well, since we now have the unequivocal evidence that FujiFilm reads FujiRumors, we can let them know what we think about the XF 100-400 aperture. Is it better not to care about the size (since it will be big anyway) and make a F4 constant zoom out of it? Or should Fuji try to contain its size (and price) by making it slower (F4.5-5.6)? Or maybe just keep the aperture range they displayed at Photokina (F4 to F5.6 – at that time the lens was planed as 140-400)?

Your thoughts are appreciated and keep in mind: Fujifilm is watching you ;)

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Fujifilm shows one of the FujiRumors Polls to the Press

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