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RUMOR: Fuji X Flash delayed because of Metz insolvency! (New Source)


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Flash Photography with the Fuji X system?
It can be done, but more flash-options are needed!

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I’ve just received an email from a new source, with a bad news. And I’m afraid it’s true!

The source said that, during a Fuji event in Canada, a Fuji Guy told him that the long expected (and urgently needed) flash will be delayed, hence not come this spring as told us last year by a trusted source.

So was the trusted source wrong? No, it wasn’t. It’s just another case of a rumor shared too early. Fuji’s plan really was to launch this flash (rumored to be made by Metz) in spring, but the insolvency of Metz has changed everything…. the release of the flash has been pushed back.

I have no information about the fact if Fuji will continue to cooperate with Metz or if they are looking for a new partner, altough there are hints that they are looking at companies like Sunpak (see Sunpack Flash on Amazon).

stay tuned,
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