Fujifilm X30: Announcement August 26? With 3“ Tilt Screen & WiFi (with remote control)


 photo x30tiltmockupAnnouc_zps76c272da.jpg


An anonymous source told me that the Fujifilm X30 will be announced on the 26th of August. It confirms it has the same lens and sensor of the Fujifilm X20, it’s a bit bigger, has quite a different design than the X20, features a fast EVF and WiFi. It also confirms the new film simulation mode ‘Classic Chrome’ (we first heard from a source, who was right in the past, about the Classic Chrome film simulation. Now, apparently, the Fujifilm X30 will be the first camera featuring it).

I’ll try to confirm the announcement date with trusted sources. For now, take it with a grain of salt.

Nevertheless, in the meantime, mark the date, and stay tuned on Fujirumors. Follow FR on facebook, google+, RSS-feed and twitter


Now, also other 2 sources shared some specs, which are not really a surprise, but I’ll share them out of a pre-emptive self-defense, because if I wouldn’t share it, there would be some reproaching me for not being able to see it coming ;-). The rumors come from a new soure and an anonymous source, but, as said, I really think that this will be part of the new features of the X30.

– The X30 will feature a 3“ Tilt Screen (2.8-inch on the X20) and the a 2/3 12MP sensor X-Trans II – (anonymous source).

– It will have the WiFi with remote control capability and the exposure compensation dial will go from +/-3. (new source)

Time to upgrade the rumored specs list again:

The rumored Fujifilm X30 specs list so far is: (TS= trusted source / NeS =New Source / AS = Anonymous Source / SRP = source who was right in the past, but not yet trusted / ORS = other rumor sites)

– Announcement 26th of August (AS)
– 2/3 sensor, 12 MP, X-TRANS 2 (TS + NeS + AS)
– EVF only (TS + NeS)
– EVF specs: 2,36mp, x0.62 magnification and 100% coverage (TS)
– Announcement: at photokina (ORS) – FR-sources just said “this summer” (AS)
– Battery: more than 400 shots with one battery and USB-charging (AS)
– Lens 28-112mm f/2-2.8 with dual ring (Zoom Ring + Control Ring) (SRP + AS)
– WiFi with remote control capability, +/-3 exposure compensation. (NeS)
– New Film Simulation “Classic Chrome” (AS)
– 3“ Tilt Screen (AS)
– Quite a different design compared to X20 (AS)

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  • Just a Question

    Any news of a possible X-Pro2 for Photokina ?
    Or is Fuji only going to release the X30 and the X100-T?

    Could you please dive into that? It has been silent for the X-Pro2 for month already.

    • Patrick

      The release of the X-PRO2 should be in 2015, according to rumors published a few months ago.

      Now, don’t know if they will show something also at the photokina. This is something I’m investigating (and for sure the best kept secret at Fujifilm).

      I’ll do the best I can

      • Patrick

        but X30 and X100T might be possibily the only two cameras officially announced, with final specs and ready to be sold this year.

        • d

          I heard otherwise…But, who knows, a rumour is just a rumour. I will believe it when I see it.

          • Patrick

            It’s possible, and I take your word seriously, that’s why I’m investigating about it.

          • romi.foto

            x-pro successor better stay aps-c. it’s the perfect balance between small-sized body and lens combination.

          • Patrick

            the latest version I’ve heard from is indeed APS-C

      • Kelvin

        There will be an X-Pro2 announced at Photokina 2014, mark my words…

        • who’s words?

          • Kelvin


          • Kelvin

            Yes, but without a login or any other personalization but the name anybody could take the credits for your words afterwards.

        • Patrick

          As I said, it’s possible, why not. I’ll work hard to find it out

  • Diego

    Where is the 1 inch sensor Fuji?
    It obviously not worth to upgrade from X20 without a new sensor

    • San

      Everything have to be always upgraded? When new cameras come up people suddenly has ‘grown out’ from their current cameras and cannot make decent images anymore.

    • Rich

      But it might be worth it for those with X10s who didn’t see the 20 as a big enough upgrade – I’m certainly interested… I’m not sure Fuji is focused on it’s users upgrading every single generation, as shown by the incremental changes between models. Their firmware upgrades for prior cameras also indicates that they don’t intend users to dump their cameras as soon as a new generation comes out.

    • Arnold Newman

      I completely agree. Without the 1″ sensor, all these changes seem like lipstick on a pig. (Apologies to those who think the X30 sounds like the perfect camera for their needs.) I’d love to understand why Fuji can’t be or chooses not to be competitive in this product category.

  • Ratty Mouse

    Hellooooo Fujifilm….2012 called…they want their sensor back.

    • It’s from 2013. ;)

  • Michel Van Weyenbergh

    So everything changes except for the image quality?
    Which is kind of the point of a camera…?

    Well the good news is the X20 will come down in price!

    • If image quality was that important we wouldn’t even talk about a compact here. It is a compact camera and the mere name gives you a pretty good idea of the priority of features.

      By the way, the “Crop or Crap” talk of Zack Arias could be transferred 1:1 to 1″ vs 2/3″. And the blazing fast hybrid AF of the X20/XQ1 Sensor is something sony has not answered yet.

      It is a great (and unique) sensor, why not put it in another up to date body.

    • Rich

      If IQ is all you’re after then there are many better options out there. The X#0 series are about portability and user experience. Anyone who has ever owned an X10/20 knows that it’s much more than a sensor in a box.

      Besides, this is what Fuji do, look at the difference in sensor from X-Pro to X-T1 – not much!

      And you’re right – that is good news about cheaper X20s!

      • Arnold Newman

        That IQ hasn’t significantly advanced from the X-Pro to the X-T1 isn’t a point in Fuji’s favor—though I realize you were merely making an observation. It’s hard for me to relate to design decisions that prioritize other aspects over IQ within any particular product category. But then I guess that’s why I shoot with an X-T1 rather than an OM-D.

        • Rich

          Quite, there’s a good reason we shoot Fujis and it isn’t ultimate image quality (although that being said I’m always very pleased when I examine the shots from my X-E1 and 35).

  • Carlos Lacroze

    It is such a disappointment, it shouldn’t be even mentioned. Can’t believe after all this time, FUJI only made up its fixed zoom lens camera. It doesn’t make any sense for the consumers. When should we expect the X40 with better specs, we were waiting?

  • jay

    Regardless of these changes. I shall be sticking with my 20 for the time being.

  • nwcs

    Oh, if only it was a 1″ sensor! If only! That’s the only thing keeping me from taking award winning pictures that make people weep with envy! Such dramatic differences, such dynamic range, such emotion! I’m going Sony now and quietly weep over the utter and drastic failure of Fuji to produce a camera with a usable sensor. That’ll show them! I’ll spend all my days staring at the sensor, all big and shiny, knowing that there are other compact cameras with smaller sensors. Staring, staring… I can even see myself giddy with excitement reflected in the sensor! What? There’s a m43 camera now? Oh, if only Sony made a m43 point and shoot! I could take such award winning pictures. Such dramatic differences, such dynamic range, such emotion!……..

    • Rich

      Tee hee hee – well put!

    • Peter

      You have a point.

      At the same time, Fuji is in the business of selling cameras. Cameras are sold based on the (perceived) quality, features, price/performance etc.

      And when I compare the X30 rumours to what’s available (RX100 m2/3, FZ1000, Stylus 1, A6000 etc) then the X30 leaves me rather indifferent.

      Maybe the EFV will be enough for current X20 owners to upgrade, but I somehow doubt that.

      No doubt it will be a nice camera, with nice improvements over the X20. But will that be enough?

      • nwcs

        Who knows? It’s all based on rumors. There’s a whole lot more to the photography experience than the sensor alone. Just a thought. The marketplace, not any of us, will be the judge.

      • Rich

        Have you ever tried an X10/20? I mean for longer than 5 minutes in a shop? It’s a real joy to use and makes you want to go out and use it. That’s the whole ethos of Fuji cameras. It’s not about spec lists (or rumoured spec lists!), it’s about usability – that’s where the Fujis stand out.

        • romi.foto

          mine sits in a drawer. that horrible inky-dinky ovf sucks to look through. the jpeg engine sucks for when you want to transfer jpegs via eye-fi for quick sharing. and you really have to stick to even lower ISOs for any decent IQ.

          with these other models with their IQ improvements, you’d think there would be even an incremental improvement to the x30 sensor as this is the time, not just the very same sensor from over a year and a half ago. it’s an x30, not an x20/s/t/x.

          great, they’re redesigning the body a bit. ergonomics and handling is one of the reasons i got into Fuji. i really love the manual controls (of the higher models) like my old film cameras. but guess what the other reason was.. IQ.

    • Arnold Newman

      Oh brother. Let’s bring out the obligatory “gear doesn’t matter” adage and couch it in smug, sarcastic language. The problem is that this adage is both true and false depending on context. In this case, the question is why Fuji made a design decision which doesn’t appear competitive. That’s a legitimate question. Perhaps they were shooting for a particular price point. Those who would have paid more for higher IQ are not wrong to be disappointed even as Fuji may have made the correct call in terms of selling more cameras and making more money, With their X system Fuji has attracted a lot of customers who view the company as one catering to enthusiasts. This undoubtedly affects expectations when it comes to issues like this.

      • nwcs

        And let’s bring out the “Fuji made decision XYZ” before anything has even been announced and the obligatory “doom” statements without seeing a single sales figure. I don’t know whether a future X30 will be profitable or not. Honestly, I don’t care. But I do think it’s very funny how many people cling to one aspect of a camera as the holy grail of all goodness.

        • Clint

          There is a huge difference in image quality between the new Sony 1″ sensors and the 2/3 sensor that already exists in the X20. Count me in as one who is disappointed that Fuji didn’t move up to 1″. I have no interest in buying the X30 if these rumors are true. IMO a 1″ Sony sensor in a X30 would be awesome….Fuji has done just about everything else on the camera the way I like it.

          By the way, enough of the smug comments about how ‘2/3 is fine and if it isn’t you’re a $hit photographer’. I can’t speak for your skill level but I know that I certainly would get more out of a 1″ sensor than the smaller Fuji. YMMV.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    I love the look and feel of these little X20 cams. I hope the style remains a mini XPro (rangefinder-esque) rather than becoming a mini XT (DSLR-esque). Sure, the IQ would be unchanged. But there’s something about that classic, boxy style that nobody but Fuji seems to have nailed. Okay. Fuji and Leica. But still,,,

    • Rich

      Agreed, hopefully they will retain most of the feel of the X10/20 and add the extra bits without turning the camera into something else. There’s something very nice about these little cameras that you can’t get elsewhere. Who knows, it might even get me to upgrade from the X10!

      • DouglasGottlieb

        I’m waiting to see the X30 but will likely consider a 10, 20, 30 or Panasonic LX8 once the field of contenders is announced. :)

        The 10 and 20 may each drop in price to irrestable levels.

        How’s the EXR mode of the 10? They moved away from it but I’ve heard that it delivers stellar results and people seen evenly divided on which camera (10 or 20) delivers the better IQ. Maybe too close to call. If the 30 is similar, price will be a key factor for me. Handling on all three seems exceptional.

        • Mr_Electability

          The DR of the X10 is great. dpreview classes it as having DR equal to many DSLRs. CaptureOne uses the information well, in my experience.

          The resolution of the X10 is less great. I don’t (usually) care for more than 6MP, so it’s not a big deal to me, but the X20’s resolution is far better. Not sure about the DR, but I find it hard to believe.

          • DouglasGottlieb

            Yes, I keep hearing great things about Capture One and need to try it. Thanks again!

        • Rich

          Yup, X20 wins on resolution, X10 wins on DR, so depends which is most important to you. It’s amazing how much detail you can pull from the highlights in ACR. Here’s a gallery of some of my X10 shots to demonstrate it’s abilities: https://www.flickr.com/photos/richheath/sets/72157629905935280/

          Incidentally I was once caught short at a wedding as the no-notice official photographer and all I had was the X10. It really did an admirable job – the happy couple were very pleased with the shots. A little too much DoF for that kind if thing really, but great colours, DR and decent sharpness.

          • DouglasGottlieb

            Great set of images Rich — thanks for the link. I liked the B&W and infrared landscapes in particular, but all show off the great IQ of the camera in skilled hands.

          • Rich


    • kernel_panic

      I agree that the little Xs should remain rangefinder-esque, but I wouldnt mind if fuji had another shot at the TRUE bridge (not freaking superzoom) range, an XB(ridge)-1 that would be like the S100FS :) (and NOTHING to do with the S200EXR nor the XS-1), it would compete against the likes of the RX-10 and FZ-1000 so, for 800 bucks it better be 1″ or, if they go 2/3″ route then something like 10MP X-trans III (or organic? :) ) with a really wide,nice and sharp 25-150 with a freakishly large aperture AND independent aperture, zoom and manual focus rings :) AND markings in the barrel, like fujis top of the line lenses :) (cmon, itd be a big lens with plenty of real state for all those rings :) ).

      Its not that far fetched, the RX10 with its 1″ sensor has a 24-200 f/2.8 lens with a 62mm thread and the S100FS had a 28-400 f2.8-5.6 67mm thread lens on a 2/3″ sensor, so, with a smaller sensor, and shorter focal range, its not crazy to think that a large aperture can be reached :)

      • DouglasGottlieb

        Interesting concept. Generally, these bridge cameras seem more than willing to give up portability for reach, and often are as big or bigger than some DSLRs. I’d be interested in a big camera with a big lens that’s super fast. But a radically wide aperture doesn’t seem possible on a zoom. Even that ground breaking Sigma is 1.8 at a pretty narrow range. But how about a fixed 50 0.95?

        • kernel_panic

          Well, I think my proposal is realistic :)

          The lens on the S100FS seems bigger than the one in the RX10 (at least judging from thread size, 67 vs 62), it would have a shorter focal lens range than both the S100FS and the RX10 (25-150 Vs 28-400S100FS Vs 24-200RX10) and the sensor would be smaller than the RX10, so, if sony managed to pair a 2.8 constant aperture with an 1″ sensor, why couldnt fuji do so with a 2/3″? Basically, this would be the same focal distance range as the X#0 but with a lens about twice as big (diameter wise).

          A fixed hyperprime like you say, paired with a 2/3″ sensor sounds like Id rather get the X100 :p because Id get better IQ, DOF, bokeh and everything else than the hypothetical 2/3″ 50 0.95, and its not like the X100 is much bigger than the X#0

  • Anon

    Sounds like it could be a mini X-T1.

  • David

    Thanks Patrick, I now feel comfortable enough pulling the trigger on the Sony RX100 iii. That, along with my X-pro1, 23mm, and 56mm, and I think I am set for life.

    • vvv

      Why wouldnt you want to wait for lumix lx8?
      Sony rx100 mk1 camera was also highly rated by average Joe. Then you find out it actually has a toy lens and the flash recycle speed of 5sec.
      Hopefully, the lens is improved… But EVF in a P&S for the camera that offers 70mm only tells me that sony is pulling gimmicks again. Sure, EVF is good to have but 100$ off
      and a better flash instead of low end EVF is what i preffer. Also, recycle speed stays the same. Dont care about flash? Buy gm1 today….
      Sure will probably buy sony over this fuji, but not before i see what lx8 is, and maybe nikon p8000 if they are fast enough.

      • David

        horses for courses. The EVF is really important to me, both for bright light, and in situations where a bright screen would be obtrusive. The GM1 is great, but with a lens it doesn’t fit in my pocket, and then I am investing in a second system, which I don’t want. I don’t want lots of flexibility with this type of camera, just a discrete, does most things well, small image capture device. 70mm is more than enough for me in this class of camera. As I mentioned above, I only use two primes in my Fuji kit. As far as the flash goes, the one supplied is sufficient for basic uses. If I need a more serious flash, then I am taking a flashgun, and I am out of pocket territory, so I am taking my main camera.

  • alba63

    This is an update that inludes only non- essential features and changes. Only the sensor size would be essential. 2/3 sensor is now outdated…

    • alba63

      And of course I hope there will also be an interchangeable lens camera update with new sensor (24MP, same AF as alpha 6000)

  • Stephen Scharf

    Thanks, Patrick. I have to admit I’m a bit disappointed by Fuji’s decision to stick with the 2/3″sensor size on the X30, rather than, say, for a 1″ sensor as in the Sony RX100 series. I had the original X10 with the Bayer sensor, and then the X20 with the X-trans sensor, and while I am huge fan of the X-trans sensor on APS-C sensor-sized cameras (e.g. my X-Pro1 and X-T1), I don’t think the X-trans sensor works particularly well in a 2/3″ format. I think there’s some conflicts of key functional responses (from a DOE perspective) between resolution, acutance, and noise with X-trans at 2/3″ format. All my images were essentially mush shooting much higher than ISO 400, and nowhere near as good as the X10. Actually, the Bayer sensor on the little X-A1 is fantastic, IMO it would have been better if they used that. Just my 2¢.

  • Luca

    WiFi, tilt screen and control ring in new Fuji X30 camera with tiny 2/3″ sensor… Wow! Go Fuji, go this way… to lose marketplace at own request!

  • R yu

    Most probably fuji opted to retain the 2/3″ sensor because making it will bump up the price since it needs a new lens to accommodate the new sensor. Having said that, the x20 series is cutting too close in terms of price to the x a1 and xm1. Their thinking would be if you need a bigger sensor then buy our next level of camera. Fuji needs to protect the x a1/m1 segment because it is their spring board for entry level users to upgrade to their system camera which in return means they have more opportunity to sell lens (equals more profit).

    You have to understand the x20 is not aim at people already invested in their system. They already have you at Hello. It is intended to entice new users to try the fuji experience, convert them and hope fully commit them to their more robust series where their source of profit really lies.

    • vvv

      Wow. You are taking about the market but you failed right at the beginning. Not cutting into xm1 and xa1 sales?? That segmentation is what you do when you are the leader in the market, not Fuji. Otherwise, you fight others with a pallete of excellent cameras made to offer everything a bigger competitor does and then some more.

      • R yu

        On the contrary, if you have a small market share you have to pick your battles wisely. You cannot, I repeat Cannot go head to head with the bigger market share holders at all point categories. Where do you think fuji is getting their honey pot? From the sales of the x-ti (aps-c) or the x10/20/30? Hint check amazon’s best sellers. Let me put it another way, where do you want fuji to concentrate their R&D resources the x-ti, x pro 2, etc. or to their point and shoot, pocket camera?

        If per chance they made a 1″ sensor and it sells at a higher price than the xa1/xm1, then we will hear people say “why would I buy that when I can buy one with an aps c sized camera which has better IQ, etc etc.”.

        Haters will always be haters as gripers will always be gripers. If you don’t like the expected x30 what’s stopping you from getting then sony? Buy the sony already, c’mon buy it now, end your misery. Please buy it now, for the sake of your sanity and perceived expertise in corporate strategy.

        After you buy it, go to the sony forum, and start griping how your rx100 iii isn’t as fun to use as the Fuji. After that teach them about the strategy of emulating fuji user’s experience and much fun it is to use than your sony, so that they can completely annihilate them competition.

  • JohnM

    If you want a bigger sensor, get another of the x series cameras. I would update my Fuji X10 if these things happened: improved sensor, perhaps an EXR with 16 or 18 megapixels, I really love the 6 megapixel images of the X10 in EXR mode, but 8 or 9 would be even nicer. I even wondered if a 20 megapixel EXR sensor only producing images at 10 megapixels would work well, it would save a lot of confusion as to how best to use the potential of the EXR sensor. However it would appear as this technology is no longer being developed by Fuji, which I think is a shame. As someone has noted, not sure that the newer sensor is really an improvement in this size of sensor. An in-camera NDF so one can make use of the wider aperture in sunlight. An EVF instead of the optical finder. Perhaps a slightly faster lens, eg F2 – 2.4 with same zoom range to improve bokeh with a STANDARD lens thread!! I would be sad to see the actual design of the camera change, it is a joy to use at it is and most people seeing it love the appearance. I used to own and use a Rollei 35S. Great, but quirky little camera. The Fuji is better, and although larger, actually weighs a bit less! My daughter, who has an Olympus microfourthirds, looks at my camera with some envy as it is just so easy to use and produces excellent results for the use to which it is put, for holidays and family records. Oh, and improve the movie function too.

  • kernel_panic

    For all those that complain about 2/3:

    I STILL have my S100FS and I freaking love it!

    The S100FS stilll produces EXCELLENT pictures with its “puny and useless” 2/3 Super CCD VIII sensor.

    Unless you earn a living with your photographs, you dont NEED the biggest sensor ever. “Oh, poor me, I must absolutely have a medium format 3-1500mm f/0.1 constant aperture or else my pictures will s*ck” The camera is a tool, you are the one MAKING the picture, and no amount of technoaid will change the fact that if youre not a good photographer, youre not. Period.

    The issue is not sensor size, because, granted, a bigger sensor may give you a greater IQ, but its about how good the lens+sensor+processing combo is. If fuji wishes to keep the smaller X range in the 2/3 arena, its their decision, but they better do a good job on those three areas. Also, if theyre keeping the XA and XM lines, the X# shouldnt compete against them, specially on the cost arena (seriously an X20 costs about the XA1+lens? talk about nuts)

    BTW… Fuji, if youre listening P-L-E-A-S-E give us a quality 0.5X converter for the small X series lenses, something like the wide angle conversion for the X100/X100S. That would cost you nothing compared to develop a new lens for the upcoming X40 AND you would have customers from the X10, X20 and X30! :D Just imagine an equivalent 14mm on the X10/20/30…

    • Luca

      Bla, bla, bla… if there are many good competitors with 1″ sensor for similar price and size of X30, who will decide to buy X30 with tiny 2/3″ sensor? A few people probably including you.

      • MJr

        The people who like a camera that is fun to use.

        • vvv

          Exactly, camera is more than the spec. I am wondering why people buy cameras today. Those are toys and offer nothing but improved specs. No joy in taking photos like my hundred years old ….
          Man, you are ridiculous. Dynamic range and the iso this sensor offers is failing years behind. Not a year, so that fun factor can overcome it.
          Sure, Fuji fans will stay loyal and will be impressed by this camera. Fortunately for Fuji, sony is cutting corners whenever and wherever a feature is supposed to be recognized by anybody with some experience in photography. They target average Joe looking for p&s upgrade as their sales market.
          Unfortunately for fuji, there are other players.

          • Name three sensors in compact cameras that beat the 2/3″ x-trans, except for the rx100 series sensors. Surley there must be plenty since it is years behind…

          • kernel_panic

            Want insane DR? then Why dont you get the X10? The DR on an X10 EXR DR400 is wider than any of the 1″ sonys, with its “eons old = useless” sensor. And the X10 is A JOY to shoot! BTW, did I mention that an X10 costs half (or less) than a RX100M3?

            Average Joe is dead for cameras, and companies are just starting to realize that. Average Joe would rather spend the 700+ USD a RX100Mx costs in a top of the line cell phone.

            You wonder why people buy cameras today, my take on that is one of three reasons:

            a) pure ego = “my lens/sensor is bigger than yours”
            b) there are some things my cell camera wont do (zoom, underwater and the like)
            c) because we ACTUALLY love photography :)

            And group c is what Fuji is pleasing (and we love it :) )

            Sony might have the tech, but fuji has the passion, fuji is not about the end result, its about the journey from framing, exposing, focusing, shooting and processing, and the enjoyment all those stages PLUS the final result gives us as people. Thats why I love Fuji: because it inspires and fulfills me

      • Well, that’s the thing: The current 1″ offerings are more expensive. Sure, RX100(1) is cheap. But X10 is even cheaper. Yes, RX100(2) is not that expensive. But X20 is or will still be cheaper. And X30 will be cheaper than the RX100(3). And better in several aspects, too.

        • greggorrrmcgreg

          One feature I really don’t like with the RX100 m3 is that if you extend the viewfinder it turns on and when pushing it down it turns off…that’s one reason I would gladly go for a X30 instead…it’s also a lot slower than I expected both when it comes to turning it on and focusing.

        • vvv

          Lens doesnt offer dynamic range or high iso capabilities. Sensor does.
          Sensor doesnt offer picture sharpness, lens does. Sony Rx100 has a toy lens that is improved for MK3 version. Fair enough.
          What did fuji improved? Their sensor is the weakest part. If they improved the lens even more and didnt touch the sensor, well guess what? I’ll wait a month more for lumix lx8 and if they failed will buy sony.

          If they cannot fit 1″ sensor and a good lens in 70mm or more thickness, well, goodbye.

      • kernel_panic

        Hold yer horses!

        True, the RX M3 beats the IQ on the X20 and the RXM3 is more enjoyable to use than previous iterations, however, for what an RXM3 costs Id rather get a used XE-1+18-55. As you say “who will decide to buy the RX with tiny 1″ sensor?” because clearly APS-C > 1″, and theyre in the same cost frame (for a used XE1, a new one doesnt compare)

        Sensors are like human weenies: while its nice to have a large one, what matters the most is what you do with it! You may have a hasselblad, but if you s*ck at taking pictures, then my 1.3Mp samsung cell phone camera will probably do better than you :p

  • Flip

    What about the XPro2. Any news about it? I thought it could be at Photokina but now I guess…

    • Flip

      woops, the comments below answered my question.

  • imi

    interesting good for some fun hobbling around the traps the digilux 2 small sensor was good fun and that was twothirds

  • Photonoxx

    I was in Fuji french event in june, and a person in charge of marketing tell us the Wifi remote control should come for the X-E2 during summer.

    May be it’s availability on X30 means the X-E2 firmware update is imminent too… ?

    I hope it’s true

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