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Fujifilm will introduce a new Film Simulation called „Classic Chrome“ (SRP)


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A few months ago, there was an anonymous source with nick name, who shared a correct rumor about the X-T1 with us (SRP = source right in the past). This source just wrote me for the second time and told us that Fuji will launch a new Film Simulation called „Classic Chrome“.

That’s all the source said. So for now… take it with… a grain of salt.

If true, I think we will see this film simulation coming with the X30 and X100T… and maybe it could also be one of the features introduced in the rumored upcoming X-T1 firmware update. But that’s just my personal guess for now, so DO NOT take it as a rumor from a FR-source.

Oh, and feel free to share this rumor whereever you want, just make the courtesy to quote the source and to put a link back to FR. I have nothing against it to be quoted ;-)

stay tuned… and share rumors with Fujirumors (if you have some),
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P.S.: And in case you just came back from holidays and didn’t read FR in the last weeks, then here is a little rumor roundup and reliability rating for you. Also a rumor check-up of 2014, which will have a big update after photokina I suppose.


X-T1 new firmware update is coming (posted August 15)

X30 with 2/3 sensor

X30 with EVF

X30 EVF specs: same magnification of X-E2, same resolution of X-T1/X-E2

X100T successor of X100S

XF 120-400

X-PRO2 with APS-C sensor

No more X-PRO1S, all R&D placed into the X-PRO2

X30 coming in summer (so there is time until September 20)


– “Classic Chrome“: Fuji’s new film simulation

X30 lens: 28-112mm f/2-2.8 (same as X20)… but with dual ring!

Nissin i40: first lot of flashes available early September (the actual availability date will be various between countries, so in some countries it could come a little later)

XF 35mm MKII (As Fuji has first to complete its lens lineup, it could take a while before the 35 MKII hits the market… and Fuji can change plans in any moment regarding this lens.) PLEASE NOTE: This rumor was not reported accurately by other sites (as petapixel and mirrorlessrumors). They quote FR, but say that the lens is “coming soon”. Which I never said. None of my sources ever told me a release date. In fact I said on May 5th: “I do not know when it will be launched nor which improvements we can expect, but, as you may guess, I’m restlessly working on it.”

Faster AF for the 35mm MKII (This rumor is separated from the first 35MKII rumor, as it comes from another source and was posted in another article)

X200 with 24MP, tilt screen, improved AF and wider detection area (Medium rating as I think that some, but not all the specs will be correct. The name has changed almost for sure to X100T).

Button Upgrade for the early produced X-T1′s with mushy buttons.

X-PRO2 available in 2015


X30 Battery: more than 400 shots with one battery and USB-charging (AS)

Fujifilm will launch three non-interchangeable lens X-cameras within this winter (winter 2014/2015)

Sigma X-mount coming at photokina

Medium Format Fuji (there are several anonymous sources telling me that this rumor is wrong. But I will post an update only when a trusted source speaks. And if they say, as to expect, that it is not correct, I’ll move it into the “wrong rumors” list)

_ _ _

2014 rumor check

NOTE: You will see for example some X-T1 rumors (and others) listed sepratately. This is due the fact that there was, for example, a source telling me of a tilt screen, while another told me at a different time about the price and so on.

It’s fair towards my sources not to put everything together in the same pot and simply say “X-T1″, as every rumor listed here comes from a different source and was posted in different articles and could have been right or wrong.

Obviously the same goes for the wrong rumors. I don’t simply say “18-135 announcement”, but shared all 3 wrong release dates separately, so that they result as 3 errors and not as one (although Fuji originally really planed to release it togther with the X-T1 in February… but what was correct at the time of sharing, is wrong because Fuji changed plans afterwards).


– XF lens deals coming tomorrow (August 10): discount on some XF lenses : : XF 27mm will drop from $449 to $299!

– X-T1 bundle deal starting 3rd of August (with free vertical grip and spare battery)

– XF 90mm f/2

– XF16mm f/1.4

– XF 18-135 coming June 16th

– X-E2 deal

– X-E2 firmware update with X-T1 EVF refresh rate coming soon (correct, it came a few days later)

– TCL-X100 will be out end of May (correct. It’s available since then in Japan, now also in Europe. Still out of stock in USA)

– TCL-X100 will cost €250 and be a bit cheaper than the WCL (correct. AmazonDE sells the silver version for €249, while the discounted WCL still costs €269)

– TCL-X100 will cost $350/400 (correct, it costs $350 at Bhphot & Co)

– TCL-X100 coming second half of April (correct, announced April 22)

– Lightroom 5.4 coming next week

– February/March lens deals with confidential Fuji document

– With the next update, Adobe will support X-Trans film simulation

– X30 won’t come in February/March as rumored by digicame-info

– Image and size comparison of the 10-24 with a protype 18-135 (real image)

– XF 16-55 and 50-140 will be weather sealed

– X-T1 announcement in January 28th at 4:30 AM London Time

– Improved WiFi for the X-T1

– UHS-II SD card slot, but no double SD-card slot + 8fps with AF tracking (Fuji originally planed a dual SD-card slot. When the first X-T1 image leaked here on FR, it even looked like a dual SD-card slot, but the Japanese source said it has just a single SD-card slot)

– X-T1 will cost $1300 / €1200

– First images of a prototype X-T1

– Firmware update for Zeiss will add PDAF support

– Tilt screen for the X-T1

– The name of the weather sealed X will be X-T1

– X-T1 will have the best EVF on the market

– black X100S will have a retail price of about £1000, about the same as silver version (the final retail price in UK is RRP £1099.99 for the black and £1049 for the silver version, according to wexUK. But now both are sold cheaper).

– XF56mm announcement at January 6th

– black X100S will be the only “new” X-camera presented at CES


– X-T1P release with 4K viewfinder in July [An upgrade (or special/limited edition) is possible, but not in July.]

– XF 18-135 announcement on Memorial Day. NOTE: I excluded the rumor of an 18-135 f/3.5-4.8, as this was a typo by Fujifilm at the CP+ (see this image), and I just reported about it.

– XF 18-135 will come in May

– XF 18-135 in stores in February

– X-PRO2 with FF sensor (wrong, and corrected a few weeks later by a trusted source… and who knows if Fuji will change plans again)