X100T successor with Newly Developed Lens! (SRP) – POLL: Let’s tell Fujifilm Bosses the lens we would like to have!


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A source, who was right in the past (and contacts me anonymously using a nickname – thanks!), gave me an update about the latest X100T successor rumor here. The source says that:

– it’s true, the successor of the X100T will feature the same sensor of the X-PRO2.
– the X100T successor will have a newly developed lens!

At the moment, the entire X100 line (X100, X100S and X100T) features the same 23mmF2 lens (where you can attach the WCL-X100 Wide Conversion Lens and TLC-X100 Tele Conversion Lens).

The source did not gave me further details about the lens (and I’d be very grateful for any help I could get from sources out there).

Anyway, it’s still a long wait, before we will see any X100T successor, so it’s pretty safe to assume that the development of the new lens is not finalized as of yet. Fujifilm might be still discussing various options.

Now, it’s a fact that Fujfilm X-rays this blog and therefore Fujifilm will take a close look at your opinions in the comments and your vote in the poll. So, dear FR-readers, let’s tell the Fuji bosses in Tokyo, which lens you would like for the Fujifilm X200 (or whatever the name will be).

Maybe a faster lens? The same 23mmF2 lens, but with a better performance wide open (F2) at close distances? Or maybe even… an X100Z with Zoom Lens?

PS.: And if you want something smaller and cheaper, follow the rumors about the Fuji X70.


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Fujifilm shows one of the FujiRumors Polls to the Press

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  • Evan Forget

    x100F with 23mm f/1.7. better quality for lens, with more light inside.

  • Thai Reisje

    A 35mm (50 eq FF) F1.0… That lens would be the size of the 56mm F1.2. A camera like that would shake the camera world ;) And while at it, make a version without color filter. B&W only :p

  • DouglasGottlieb

    Pssssst! Hey Fuji! It’s the sensor you need to upgrade more than the lens. 24mp BSI

  • Sagi Kortler

    I would like to see a street photographers edition, I would like an 18mm f/2.8 lens (2.8 to keep the lens small with max performance from edge to edge). I would like a real manual focus with distance and DOF detailed scales.

    I thought about writing to Fuji about it and suggest such a camera but then Leica came out with the Q which is just that… So I got the Q and since then my X100t sits in my bag.
    I love the X100t, I don’t need full frame sensor nor do I need 24MP, I just need a wider lens and better manual focus. I got the WCL converter, it makes the camera bigger and front heavy and the focus and aperture rings are thin and all the way in the back… not very comfortable and manual focus is still bad.

  • MV

    I’ve used the X100 since it came out at the beginning of 2011, and now X100S. It’s my primary camera. Here’s what i’d like in its successor:
    – Faster lens (with as much built into the body as possible). At least 1.7.
    – Wider lens (28mm equivalent) to negate the need for the WCL which adds bulk and weight. If people want longer lenses, this will make them invest in the Fuji ILC system.
    – Keep the 1/4000s flash sync. Vital! And that beats out the Leica Q.
    – scrap the OVF/ HVF (which is a gimmick) and go EVF-only. there’s no need for anything other than an EVF in a 2015 camera for general use. Use the space gained for better miniaturisation and weatherproofing. If people want an OVF badly, this will make them upgrade to the X Pro; an OVF can be that model’s USP.
    – better low light performance, dynamic range

    (so, basically competing head-on w/ Leica Q, and smaller to boot)


    • MV

      I would also add: 28mm is an increasingly common focal length these days. Smartphones and most street photography use it. So, not an anomaly for millions of users!

    • MV

      And, if Fuji went 28mm-equivalent for the X200, they could add a digital drop feature for the 35mm/50mm diehards, like the Leica Q).

      (It’d be a gimmick, but it would still help Fuji to sell the X200 to this crowd.)

      • MV

        Digital CROP, rather :)

    • Sagi Kortler

      28mm and weatherproofing!

    • MV

      Ah and one last thing: much better manual focus! Like the Leica Q.

      And if the lens is F1.4 (hard to keep it small I know), it will beat the Q in the numbers game.

    • Roy

      Same lens (35mm equivalent) to negate the need for the TCL which adds bulk and weight. If people want wider lenses, this will make them invest in the Fuji ILC system.


    • Alan Paone

      I would definitely not buy it if it had a 28, imo that’s the worst focal length. OVF is definitely not a gimmick either, it’s a very useful way to shoot, better battery life and better timing.

  • Ineedmy Bobo

    I’ll be honest here and say that I could care less about another X100T camera. What I do want to see is the X-T2/X-Pro2 with a high-res sensor, preferably without X-trans, simply because of the lack of good RAW support from everybody from Adobe to ACDsee. Slap a Sony 24mp or 30mp into an X-T2 and my $2000 is yours.

    As others have said, you don’t need to upgrade your lenses; they are terrific! You need to upgrade your sensor and make it as compatible and easy for software developers to deal with as possible.

    • Roy

      Considering that 16MP allows for an excellent 24×16″ print at a normal viewing distance, you must print pretty big if you need 30MP as a matter of course.

      • Alan Paone

        I don’t know if I’d call a print that soft “excellent”, it’s certainly workable, but the extra immersion afforded by more detail is definitely worth it.

        • Roy

          I guess we have different interpretations of what constitutes a normal viewing distance. My prints at this size are anything but soft. But then again, I don’t expect to revel in micro detail while rubbing my nose against the surface.

          • Alan Paone

            The fine art photography world is trending towards bigger and bigger, and if you’ve ever seen a 3-600 ppi print at that size, it’s a very different experience. You don’t need to have your nose on print to get lost in it when there’s more detail than you can quite see. 16Mp is definitely absolutely fine, but other camera manufacturers are offering more and printers are still way ahead. Fuji’s lenses are brilliant and deserve to be in front of a sensor that does them justice.

          • Ineedmy Bobo

            Alan — I’ll agree with you over Roy. For landscape prints, I want people to walk up to the print and see the little details. If it looks good from across the room AND at nose length, my clients are very happy.

      • Ineedmy Bobo

        Yes, I do. I’m a landscape photographer and I usually shoot with a Nikon D800 for resolution and image quality, but I love the X system for its size, light weight, and wonderful selection of lenses. I would love to squeeze more resolution out of an X camera, so in more situations, I could choose this instead of my big Nikon gear.

        And frankly, I’d be happy with a standard Sony 24mp sensor in an X camera at this point. The quirks and lack of support for X-trans processing is my only problem with the system.

  • Ok, I gave it my vote. Same 23mm, but F1.4 would be nice. Why not F1.2? Faster AF, WS, better battery indicator (I keep saying about battery for at least one year). With all the latest progress thru firmware updates + the new sensor and new processor, this would be a killer camera. And I think this would be more than enough for the next camera in the X100 series.

    • Kasparas Visockas

      You can’t be serious. It is not possible to have an f1.2 on 23mm and keep it compact. Wanna more bokeh? Get the TCL! :)

      • TCL is not mainly for bokeh. Look at the size of XF 56mm F1.2 R, yes it is bigger, but not like a DSLR lens. Of course F1.2 could be exaggerated, but F1.4 could be possible.

    • Alan Paone

      That battery meter is a nightmare! I left my house with it showing a full battery a few weeks ago and ended up taking only one frame before the camera shut off. I don’t know what the meter is measuring but it sure isn’t helpful.

  • Tim Lazik

    Something like a Tri-Elmar would be very very nice. Equipped with let’s say two to three clickable focal lenghts I would forgive a slight increase in size :)
    28, 35, 50 in a compact form factor is the perfect setup for me

    @MV: Though I don’t use the OVF most of the time I think Fujifilm must not skip it because it is essential for the rangefinder style. X-E2 looks like crap in comparison IMHO without the OVF hole.

    • MV

      Agreed that the OVF hole makes the camera look nicer. But with some smart design, you could still have something similar with an EVF-only camera. Eg use the flash, with some styling around the opening to make it more prominent.

  • Mike

    Fuji, keep the 23mm F2 specs but improve the IQ and at
    least as vital, the handling: mechanical MF, filter thread directly on the
    lens, internal focus.

    Also, WR is a must, as it would give the
    X200 or whatever a comparative advantage again – no other fixed lens, APS-C
    sensored camera has it.

    AND could you please unify the batteries across the
    X-range. Why do we have to carry two set of spares and additional chargers if
    we want to use a X100 in combination with an X-E/T/M/A/whatever?!

    • Mike

      And one more thing: a X100-style camera with a zoom lens would be great. I’d buy one with a 16-40mm F2.8 or even F4 lens in a heartbeat. But I think this should be a second model, not replacing the prime equiped one.

  • I absolutely love the 23mm focal length. I don’t own a X100 system, but use my X-Pro1 with the 23XF mm f/1.4. While this lens is a big large and heavy, it is my favorite lens for daily use. If I had to stick with only one single lens, this would be my baby. I rarely use 1.4 and I think that a fast and lighter f2 would be a great solution for the next gen X100 (instead of going bigger). I am a prime shooter and always would go with a prime. Prime is what makes the X100 so special right now. The X100 is the perfect 2nd camera for weddings. And you always need two cameras for weddings… :-)

  • Roy

    How does a single slide presented by a regional marketing manager at a Malaysian event constitute the “fact” that Fujifilm “X-Rays” this forum? Couldn’t he have just googled for a Fuji wish list to spice up his presentation and stumbled upon this site by sheer chance?

    • Patrick

      You could be right… probably Fujifilm does not even know that this blog exists (and just luckily stumbled on the poll thourgh a google search) or they simply don’t care about what the by far largest online community of X-shooters on the world wide web thinks about their products.

      • Roy

        There’s quite a difference between being oblivious about the existence of a site and actively perusing it at the corporate management level, as per your suggestion.

        Either way, my point was that you have a tendency to misrepresent information. Tentative plans to develop an X-E2 firmware update are posted as “Fujifilm confirms update by the end of this year”. A copy of a poll being used in a regional presentation is translated into “fact: Fujifilm X-Rays this site and will study your comments and poll votes”. Perhaps they do, but your sources did not provide the kind of certainty you relay to your readers.

        • Patrick

          All I can say is that Fujifilm reads this blog, reads your comments and they especially like our Polls (which they even show to the press).

          This leaked press-release Poll image is just a “visual” confirmation of what sources told me already back in 2013.

          The X-E2 firmware will come at the end of this year. Probably with new AF-system, as already rumored here on FR.

    • sidtw

      You don’t “spice up” a presentation with shit that you’ve stumbled upon on some website at 4am which lacks any credibility.

  • mikeguilbault

    The only thing I would like to see is the buttons improved. The on/off should be a longer throw and stiffer. I often pick up the camera only to find it’s been turned on for who-knows-how-long!
    I would like more definition between the AEL/AFL button and the Q menu. I use the camera mostly in Manual focus mode, using the AE/AFL button to focus with, much like the AF-ON on the back of my Nikon D800e. I am constantly pressing the Q button to focus. Or even better, make the Drive button converted to a strictly AF-ON button (maybe slightly bigger) and drop the Drive function to the Q menu.
    Other than that, longer batter life, but otherwise I doubt I’d bother upgrading. I’m not sure I would upgrade even if these were fixed. IT’s a great camera as is and I love the 23mm focal length.
    OH… and 16MP is a nice sweet spot. I’ve got my D800e if I want more MP. And keep the X-Trans sensor. The software will catch up (I get good results with Capture One Pro 8) and it’s part of what makes the Fuji a great camera.

    • Yes, that on/off switch moves in mysterious ways indeed. One of my bags allows the X100S to be secured without any chance of top panel touching anything… yet somehow it still manages to turn itself on. And shoot a few very long exposures.

  • frod

    I don’t doubt that they will put a new lens on it; if they’re really going to upgrade the sensor then it seems imperative, as the current sensor is easily capable of showing up issues with the current lens.

    However, I don’t believe that the specs of the new lens are up in the air, I’m pretty certain they will already be in process of finalising corrections.

  • I think they’ll just put the innards of 35mm f/2 WR lens into that new X100.

  • Thai Reisje

    Is it just me or are those requesting a 24mp BSI sensor missing the point a bit, i would prefer a 12mp sensor with better low light performance and if they need BSI to achive this, so be it…
    12mp is plenty.
    Anyway, as always it is more about the lens then the sensor…

    • Chris

      You really need a larger sensor for this. 12MP APSC won’t be any different from a 28MP FF sensor in terms of sensor efficiency (but it gathers more light with bigger area). If you want truly larger pixel that has much higher yield we are talking about 12-16MP FF sensor which would give you 5-6MP in the form of APSC (but it captures less light with a smaller area).

  • Fabio Amodeo

    The X100 lens must be the oldest in the Fujinon X line up. It does deserve a makeover. The chosen aperture depends upon high ISO quality of the sensor: in a fixed lens camera sensor and lens must be tuned together, otherwise you lose the main advantage of the system.
    I hope Fuji hurries up a bit. Sony and Zeiss are moving very fast, and I’m afraid they are stealing the show.

  • Kasparas Visockas

    Cant they try and make a 23mm f1.8 as small as the “old” 23mm f2? Now that would be incredible. Although I like the actual version, I miss the weather sealing.

    • sir_c

      An f/1.8 lens needs a physically bigger aperture hole than an f/2 for the same focal length. You would otherwise be defying some laws in physics… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F-number

      • Kasparas Visockas

        Believe me, i know. I am, in fact, a physicist specialized in optics. The aperture “hole” must be larger, obviously, but it is indeed physically possible not to gain any “length” or “bulk” in the z axis of the body, compared to what it is now.

        • sir_c

          Ah; meant no offense but there’s so much chaff on the internet about people wanting fullframe f/0.95 85mm retractable pancake lenses, I hardly know which comments are sincere.

          But now I see your point.

          • Kasparas Visockas

            It’s ok, as for me, I always try to be a realist in this stuff. But back to the topic, after all I think that the f2 is good already. Just as the focal length. The only (but the hardest) thing to improve is the IQ.

  • George

    Bring also tele coverter to X-100T successor that adds 55mm focal lenght (85mm FF equivalent) to the set, a few direct Fn buttons, separated big AF-L (AF-ON) buton and Custom modes – C1/C2/C3.

  • I haven’t bought into the X100 “system”, but would possibly be interested if the new camera had a 40mm f/2.8 lens.

  • Paulo Vivan

    I just hope this new sensor has better video capabilities. Please, Fuji, your photos are amazing, just give us decent video too. No need for 4k, just decent 1080p and I’ll be happy.

    • Just strap a GoPro to your camera’s hotshoe.

      • nzswedespeed

        I actually did that hah. Except the fisheye look gets annoying after a while – and it would be nice to use different focal lengths etc. Also fuji colours would be nice (they should hopefully offer a flat profile also to maximise dynamic range)

        • My dream Fujifilm video camera would be an X mount sensor module for a drone. Like DJI Inspire, for example. Other than that – horses for courses, I’ll stick to Blackmagic for regular video.

          • nzswedespeed

            Oh defiantly! I was kinda hoping fuji would create an action camera as rumoured a while back. Chuck in the fuji x30 sensor – a wide angle lens and boom.

  • AP

    I’d like more reliable auto focusing in low light, another function button, ability to manually switch between contrast+phase AF and phase AF, auto bracketing in five or seven stop increments, RAW panorama mode and weather sealing. And finally, go back to the grip of the X100 and X100S. The X100T grip is ugly and doesn’t fit the retro look.

  • Alan Paone

    I’d like a 35 F/2 because I’m constantly finding the 23 is too wide. Why would a camera marketed towards people who want to fantasize about being Henri Cartier Bresson *not* come with a 50mm equivalent lens? I hope that its weather sealed. It’d be impossible for them not to drastically improve the autofocus, right?

  • R Leung

    I’m hoping that part of the “newly developed lens” means weather-resistant (along with a fully weather-sealed body). I want it to stay at 23mm but faster f1.2. Also, a nano-coating to repel dirt and grease.

  • Matus Kicka

    23 or 30mm F1.8 better close distance IQ, 24mp or more (must be) and -+3exposure bracketing for hdri shooting, faster, weather sealed … design is very cool don’t need to change to much. and video please …thanks, im sure i will fund a lot of this list on next 100 series camera isn tfuji ?;) because you listen more then another companies …

  • RogerB

    The current footprint is why I use the X100. In the next iteration, I’d like to see a 23mm f/2 lens with as little field curvature as can be squeezed into this package. An optical, not software change, I shoot RAW. I know I’m swimming upstream on this one but 24MP/Bayer/no AA. I shoot handheld stitched panos with this camera and I’d like the horizon indicator changed to trapezoidal :-). Longer battery life please. Focus peaking performance optimized for the OVF (if an OVF/LCD choice has to be made). Aux grip that incorporates an optional ArcaSwiss plate on the grip side (e.g. L-plate) via tool less attachment. Firmware: hyperfocal option/mode that’s assignable to a function button – with a choice of true hyperfocal or user-defined zone focus.

  • sperdynamite

    Full frame @ 16-25mp non X-Trans
    Secure on/off switch
    MINIMIZE features and buttons to just the basics
    Integrate ISO dial into shutter wheel a la FM2n style
    More accurate film sim jpgs even with grain if desired.

    I’ll KEEP DREAMING because it’s neva gonna happen. :-(

    • Jano

      The dial on the FM2 is great because you hardly ever change ISO there. It would be a nightmare to use when you are constantly switching ISO like many do on a digital camera.

      • sperdynamite

        I think most users just shoot in Auto-ISO. Anyway I don’t see how holding down the Fn button adn hitting up/down or back and forth is any hardy than lifting up on the shutter dial and twisting. Seems about the same to me. If it does somehow impede ISO change it may encourage more creative exposures, ie high key, low key.

  • Bruce Wayne

    I want a Full Frame 35mm F/1.8 or faster range!

    But for the new X100_ something faster than the current f/2 please.

  • G_J

    Hey Fuji, how about:
    Weather sealing
    Allow flash to work with the lens hood, without vignetting
    30mm f1.4 lens
    Use rubber instead of fake leather for the grip

  • lux

    Interchangeable lens mount.

  • Jeff

    How about a 23-35 zoom? lol Small zoom, easy to make and everyone will be happy ;)

  • Falevian

    Only the three first reasons sum 124%. I know that everybody can vote máx 2 reasons, but we don`t know if everybody voted one or two, or the distribution of the votes.
    I love Fuji, but …
    If you everybody voted twice, the results of the first reason is not the 48% of the votes, are the 24%. If, the people who voted that reason voted only once, then is totally different. Putting the data in this way are playing with the meaning and with us.

  • JWC

    Make it a near-copy of Leica Q with an ISO dial and 1/3 stop Shutter speed dial. It should be smaller since it’ll be APSC. The lens should can be 28mm like Leica or 35mm.

    • MV

      Yes – seconding the ISO dial! It’s so finicky using buttons to switch ISO, which is one of the basic digital camera functions. Having an ISO dial like the X-T1 would really enhance the camera’s useability.

  • nzswedespeed

    Get the xpro2…

  • umad?!

    My shot at it:
    X100 will get the same sensor as the X-Pro2. The X-Pro2 will get a newly developed Sony sensor. This probably will be a new BSI sensor. While there are only small benefits in pure image quality (from BSI), there is one big benefit:
    the sensor is “more tolerant” against light coming in in an angle.
    So this benefits lens design and Fuji could move to a big faster lens, while keeping it compact (something like a f/1.8)

    Personally I’d prefer to see an image stabilizer in it!

  • David B

    make it full frame with F2 lens.

    • Ro Dilla


  • There are some other models with interchangeable lens mount. The X100 line should remain fixed lens.

  • mr.four

    Is it wrong that I like the X Pro-1 style grip? Would be interesting to see it on an X100

    • G_J

      Actually, I think the X-E1/X-Pro1 grip would work well, too. I just prefer the rubber over the fake leather.

  • Randolph_Knackstedt

    Full frame
    Tilting LCD (like X-T1)
    24 MP
    zoom (around 24-120mm) or fast, sharp prime around 35-50mm.

  • Jano

    What sets the X100 line apart is the HVF and the sync speed. I don’t really use either much. So what I actually want is not an X100_, I want a 23 f2.0 lens for the ILC models. On my X-E2 it wouldn’t be much bigger than my X100S.

    Not everyone wants the weight and price of the 23 f1.4 and neither the 18 (not as sharp) nor the 27 (slower and no aperture ring) fill that gap. For me the X100S was the cheapest way to get a Fuji camera with 35 EFOV and I’d gladly exchange it for X-E2 with 23 f2.0 lens.

    But since they’ll make one anyway: create a new battery that ALL your cameras will use and make it so it is absolutely obvious which way to insert it. Usually it’s no big deal to just check the orientation but it’s really embarrassing that in 2015 they still can’t get this right.

  • Vince

    I’d like to see a 28mm (42mm equiv.) F1.7, perfect normal fast lens. Just like the Olympus 35 SP. Perfect vacation camera!

    Thank you very much, from a current X100 owner.

  • peevee

    Lens is the smallest problem if Fuji right now.
    Can you imagine – Sony had 24 mpix in their NEX-7 and A77 and A65 4 years ago (today)? Oly having 5-axis IBIS since 3.5 years ago? Panasonic having 4k since 1.5 ago? And Fuji has all these great lenses just earning for all that to make them shine… and waiting… and waiting…

    • Bart

      24Mpix with a usable ISO up to 800…. so I really don’t get this point. Lenses have stabilisation, I don’t want 4K video,

      It’s good that they have the current strategy. See what is best, then implement the best. Not put any new gadget that is on the market in the camera.

      Really, Fuji’s main goal is to keep improving AF so that will be dealt with on new generation x-trans, and wil incorporate 24mpix as you wish with ISO12500 usable. Ibis is only usefull if you dont have Fuji glass.

      • peevee

        For the same viewing size, usable ISO is exactly the same with the same size and technology of the sensor. Number of pixels does not matter.

  • whensly

    I think Fuji loves the APD approach to lenses. The popularity of short DOF I’d guess Fuji is working on a technology to make many of their lenses shine with short DOF and beautiful (Bokeh). Just a hunch. Would be a smart marketing move. I LOVE the 35mm 1.4, one of the greatest lenses for pennies on the dollar out there.

  • JZ

    The poor performance at close distances is the one and only reason why I sold my X100s… Hopefully Fuji fixes that!

    • Eric Duminil

      yeah, it could be better, but the problem disappears at f/4

  • Ray

    What I want in the next X100:

    – Sharper 23mm f/2 lens wide-open.
    – Faster AF (ultrasonic motor) and better AF tracking.
    – Leica Q like MF system (still not a fan of the drive-by-wire MF).
    – In-body image stabilization.
    – Compatibility with the existing WCL-X100 and TCL-X100.
    – I’m fine with the current APS-C X-Trans sensor, but I don’t mind a higher MP sensor with equivalent or better image quality at high ISO and good dynamic range.
    – Weather sealing
    – Release a higher capacity battery, while supporting the existing NP-95 battery.
    – I use back button focus, and I always hit the Q button; therefore, better placement of the Q button.
    – Tilt screen (although I can live without it).
    – I don’t really care too much about video.

    – Include a high quality leather neck strap and a lens hood.

  • Gr

    IBIS my iPhone 6 has it.

    • Didiergm

      Thanks for the bit of news :)

  • Jordan fisher

    As a full time sony shooter I believe Fuji could do a similar deal like sigma’s fixed lens cameras but obviously the Fuji would trounce all competition no doubt. Let’s see Fuji has a Great 16mm, a pretty amazing 27 and 35 not to mention the Awesome 56 1.2. So I think Fuji could do an option with an X100w for wide and do a 16mm lens matted to a 24 megapixel xtrans sensor, next Fuji X100s with the 35mm f1.4 again matted to a 24 megapixel xtrans sensor, and a X100p for portraits with the 56mm f1.2 adp lens. Obviously these could all be used as street photography but each has a more specialized use but it’s by no means only useable for that reason. I think it’d be neat to have an x100L for landscapes with the 10-24 lens with a totally new say 32 megapixel xtrans sensor backside illumination on the sensor for cleaner read out and better dynamic range then 24 mp. These are a lot of cameras but fun to dream about.

  • 35/f2 – i think we need a box just to vote for this. I’m surprised more people didn’t go longer.

  • Justsaying

    Not zoom, just vari-focal with 16-23-34-56mm settings, continuous zoom are huge but vari-focal the way I propose it has the potential of being smaller AND optically superior to a continuous zoom. F2 or better, rest should be the same or better (3-5-10 stop ND for example, polarizer option…).

    • Jano

      Physics, ever heard of that? The lens would be HUGE!

      • Nah, just label it: “F2 or better” and watch the sales counter tick endlessly over and over.

  • dylan

    I not PRO, so I don’t know many technical stuff…but after own X100T from nearly 9 month. I would like to have few thing that to be improve/change:
    1. If can full frame
    2. dust/water resistant (my X100T view finder got dust and I REALLY don’t like it since it not kind of cheap)
    3. A bit bigger lens with more convenience reaching the aperture ring. Current X100 aperture ring quite near the surface of the camera body although it got 2 kind of “prominent” for user to hold and change the aperture. I like it pancake size but since the hold body is not compact enough. Then I rather want the len to be bigger to achieve what convenience me to easily change the aperture. Cheer…

  • Although the X100 series is very nice (arguably the sexiest Fuji cameras), the successor to the X100T would have to bring some significant improvements and unique characteristics to attract me, as I prefer an interchangeable-lens camera. If it came with a high-resolution, full frame sensor and a fast prime 50 mm lens that is sharp wide open, along with lens adapters for 35mm and 85mm perspectives, I would likely get one.

    However, I am impatiently waiting for the X-Pro 2, and I am hoping it comes with some significant improvements (higher resolution, greater dynamic range, 1/8000th of a second shutter speed, base ISO 100). While the Fuji guys claimed that the X-Pro 2 will turn out to be well worth the wait, that was nearly a year ago, and I am starting to wonder whether it will ever be released.

    • Didiergm

      Considering the improvement in Fuji financial results, I have no doubt at all that investment in that division will continue.

      That means XPro2, X-T2, X100F -aka Fourth-
      What’s less certain is X-E3 , X40

      That’s all speculation of course

  • llockke

    am I the only one still disgusted with the fact that Fuji is releasing body after body after body, with the same hardware? I love Fuji cameras, but it sucks spending money on a camera only to have another released with better af and firmware. Bought the X100S, skipped the 100T. I almost got suckered into buying an XE2, then the XT1 came out, then the XT10! Slow down Fuji, how about upgrading the firmware or at least just give my X100S a little bump on AF performance, or that Classic Chrome simulation that everyone is raving about and the XE2 received!

    • Complaining about lack of firmware updates?
      Are you sure you actually own a Fuji and aren’t just pretending on the internet?

  • Bart

    To all the readers: If you want to have fullframe buy a Sony

    • Graham Wyles

      If you want the compact advantages of mirrorless that’s sadly the only option until the camera makers get the message.

    • Ineedmy Bobo

      As soon as Fuji releases the next generation of X cameras that have higher resolution (and are hopefully not the quirky X-trans that has poor support by software companies), much of this talk will go away. The size of Fuji X is its advantage and it still has a lot more sensor area than Micro Four Thirds.

      The problem with Sony is that their mirrorless body specifications look great, but their cameras handle a bit quirky, and most of their lenses are underperformers with poor image quality in the corners, etc.

      • The RX1’s Zeiss 35/2 is a poor performer?

        • Ineedmy Bobo

          Sorry, I was referring to their interchangeable lens systems, the E and FE lenses. You can find a handful of stellar primes for E and FE, but the general zoom and wide-angle zoom do not have very good corner sharpness. Something that you take for granted with the Fuji zooms and the big-ole Nikon 24-70 and 24-120mm zooms.

          • Fabio Amodeo

            Sorry to contradict, but Nikon 24-120 is not that good. Zooms are always a compromise. If you want critical quality, only primes work (by the way, that’s the reason I went into Fuji-X. They understood this before and better then others, Leica excluded).

          • Ineedmy Bobo

            Fair enough; the 24-120 is a compromise, but it is an excellent compromise, IMO. Much better than anything Sony has to offer. Even though primes are traditionally higher quality, lenses like the Nikon 14-24 and 24-70 are pretty spectacular. Fuji has some great zooms as well; the 10-24, and even the kit 18-55 have wonderful sharpness and wonderful corners. I’m hard-pressed to find any standard Sony E or FE zoom that doesn’t have fuzzy corners, including the over-priced Zeiss-branded models.

      • Chris

        Hopefully the next generation finally has a resolution bump – you can crop the corners with a 24, 36 or 42mp image and still have more left than Fuji’s current 16.

        And we will see if any of the current X-mount lenses suffer with a higher resolution sensor. 16mp doesn’t challenge many lenses these days…

    • Or the Leica Q.

    • What if they don’t like the design and feel of Sony cameras, and want lossless RAW files? If Fuji were to release a full frame mirrorless camera without an X-Trans sensor, it would undoubtedly be a far better option for me. That said, if Fuji releases the X-Pro 2 with higher resolution and greater dynamic range, it would likely be sufficient as APS-C.

  • Stan Dibben

    85mm f1.4 equivalent. That would be a killer camera.
    A multi-focal lens would be nice, too. Like the Leica tri-elmar (16-18-21), but on the narrower side: 50-75 would fit.
    A portrait tool. My dream? 28 and 85. The best street and portrait focals.

    • SEQLAR

      keep dreaming…

      • Stan Dibben

        Leica Q is 28mm. When I commented asking about a 28mm premium compact digital someone called me mad.
        The ‘normal wide’ market is now full of options. Time for a portrait tool.


    – 23mm f1.4 (might as well have a bigger lens as it’s not really a pocket camera)

    – weather sealing

    – hyperfocal distance

    • Jano

      The added benefit of a larger lens would be a potentially much better aperture ring. The current one is usable but far from great being so close to the body. The added size wouldn’t make any difference to my way of carrying it but would enhance low-light performance and usability.

    • howitzerr

      cameras these days are getting more pocketable than cell phones haha

      if a faster lens make it bigger its better not be by much because i dont want it to be front heavy like the leica q (judging by the look)

  • Dimitri Hon

    I’d like to see an option with a kind of “tri-elmar” setup. Not a true zoom per sé, but a lens with three focal length settings.

  • Eric Duminil

    Please, no zoom.

  • llockke

    who are you, the Fuji Camera police? uhhhh, yes I own a Fuji X100S and I bought a Fuji X30 just for the classic chrome simulation. I’m not made of money, and I cant afford to buy every kit just to get the “firmware updates”

  • Chris

    Agree with others a little faster since its not a pocket camera anyway, how about a 23/1.4?

    • Kasparas Visockas

      It fits all my pockets just well. I think the lens must stay a pancake, and it isn’t possible by today to make such small 23mm f1.4 pancake lens

      • BdV

        A bit slower would probably be necessary to balance out size, performance, speed, and a very usable focal length. Like somewhere between 23mm and 27mm at f1.6 or 1.7… but of course 1.5 or 1.4 would be much more impressive (yashica lynx 14 style?).

  • Marcel
  • Xpro10

    40mm equiv. f/2.

  • Tobi_g

    It`s nice that they plan to replace the 2/23mm which never convinced me (haze and sharpness wide open). I don`t need a faster lens considering that it will be more bulky when adding only one f-stop. Usually a new sensor gives a better perfomance at higher ISO, so I don`t see the need for a faster aperture while adding size and weight to the camera.

    I would love, love, love … to see a special X100 version with their announced 2/35mm XF Lens!!!!!!!!!!!
    … and maybe a converter which gives me a 85mm FF equivalent.

  • Meanwhile …..

    23 is fine, but 24/25mm (36/37.5) would be an improvement for me. Nothing wrong with f2, unless they can make it faster without making it bigger.

    Same lens specs but the camera being weather sealed would be more important to me.

  • Ro Dilla

    I would love for Fuji to make a Ricoh GR sized camera with fast glass.

  • Diogo Lopes

    keep everything the same but the sensor and the IQ at F2. (could be much sharper)
    That would make me upgrade.

  • Foot of our stairs

    35 mm 1.4 (bigger) as well as improved 23mm 1.8 if they can keep same form factor

  • pszilard

    My wish list:
    1) Better video with no stair casing and moire

    2) Weather sealing
    3) 23mm or 27mm f2 but higher resolution and good close focus. Similar to an f2 version of the XF 23mm or XF 27mm pancake
    4) Tilt (& swivel) LCD screen, that can be viewed from the front for “selfies” especially video
    5) 4k video even if for 5mins lengths
    6) Full HD video for long recording of 30 mins min.
    7) Use the same battery as the X-T1 for compatibility and better capacity
    Really don’t mind a small size increase to accommodate the above.

  • Luis

    Ricoh GR snap focus mode at 1,2,3,5 meters, Af improvement and weather sealing.
    Please no zoom and no tilt and swivel LCD screen

  • FoToEdge

    It might be time for 2 models, one with a 23mm F/2 and another with a small zoom, say 16mm to 60mm with a constant f/4 with stabilization. I would love to see the zoom model at least with a fully articulating LCD Screen. I really need a built in GPS or at least a hot shoe slide in geo-tag unit to tag my photographs. As a Realtor, a Photographer, a Traveler and Historical Buff, I am sick of the big hassle that I go through with the Geo-Tagging Apps on my phone. If you are worried about battery life or your privacy, just include an Off – On switch for the Geo-Tagging.

  • Seeky

    This. Best normal fl. I don’t get why not a single manufacturer did it yet.

  • VANe

    P for perfect: better battery & weather sealing would make X100p

    • Fiddle Castro


      Weather sealing is absolutely paramount. And battery life currently sucks.

  • llockke

    I heart Fuji but I feel like they are using us to pay for and beta test their cameras. I’m still bitter about my S not getting any of that T love. Which is 90% the same internally

  • Quasimodo

    I am a loyal canon user, at least in the digital cameras. I have been looking a long time for an additional camera, when I do not want to drag my 1Dx and lenses around. X100T fits the bill, but given that I am late to the party I will stay put until the next model comes along (given what I have seen there is an approx to year interval, so announcement early 2016 would be my hope). While zoom is not important to me, nor is it important to be able to switch lenses (I have all that in my DSLR system..) it would be nice with a converter/add-on-lens that would give an equivalent of 85mm on a full frame.

  • Make it weatherproof and add focus distance indicators to the lens. And use the same batteries as in the X-Pro and X-T1.

  • Edward Lorenzo

    OT: more/ cheaper teleconverters
    Bigger sensor/ higher Res
    Flip screen
    Release it now! 😉

  • Edward Lorenzo

    Drop price on the T and release successor of current model this Christmas.

    People may go with so many new models from other brands if new model is released nxt yr.

  • Dmitri

    Compact lens protector option (_compact_ mount for a UV or transparent filter that protects the front of the lens)! The cap is a joke; and the available or aftermarket / jury-rigged mounts add unnecessary bulk.

  • Cinq1

    Would be so nice to have F 1.8

    Are they planning to do a FF X100 one day ? :-

  • Alejandro

    I love my fixed lens x100t. No zoom please. Make lens a little wider for better feel in my hand. F/2 is fine. Eliminate the focus by wire feel, shorter throw like Summicron. Leica Q has the right idea. Add a bit more weight. its to light. i want a modern day Leica M that autofocuses without the leica price. Improve on what you already created Fujifilm do not recreate the wheel. Alejandro

  • Ryan

    Weather sealing, better battery performance and a faster AF

  • ben

    something Small and Thin with :

    _ Wide angle lense,
    _ Better close-up work,
    _ Weather sealing,
    _ Flip screen,
    _ 4K,


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