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XF 90mmF2 Review at Admiringlight : “Brilliantly sharp, Amongst Best Best Bokeh of any lens I’ve ever used, hands down the best Fuji lens”


XF90mmF2 WR
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The XF90mm Review is up at admiringhlight. From the conclusions:

The lens focuses quickly and quietly, is brilliantly sharp right from f/2, has beautifully even and smooth bokeh, has virtually zero CA, no distortion and outstanding color and contrast.

I noted the $949 price as a Pro above, and that’s because typically lenses this good cost a fair bit more than this.

It’s hands down the best lens Fuji has created for the X-Series and one of the finest lenses I’ve used for any system. If you like the medium telephoto focal length and shoot Fuji, simply get it.”

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