Fujifilm X-E3 Will have Improved AF-Tracking… Even Better than Fujifilm X-T2

Fujifilm X-E3 Mock-up

Fujifilm X-E3 Mock-up

Fujifilm X-E3

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The Fujifilm X-T2 autofocus is fast. I mean really fast.

It is so fast, that even the godfather of the Sony A7 series, Sony Manager Kimio Maki, confirmed in an interview, that the fast focussing Fujifilm X-T2 is a threat for Sony A7 series and that Sony does not have this weapon right now. [NOTE: a weapon, that finally came with the Sony A9]

And the X-T2 AF-tracking is also vastly improved compared to everything else we have seen before in the Fuji world.

I don’t own the X-T2, but I saw it in action last year, when I joined the Fuji X Photowalk after a very busy day at Photokina. The organizer of the photowalk, wedding photographer Jörg Kampers, had the X-T2 with the XF 56mmF1.2 and tracked a runner on the street using the 56 wide open at F1.2. And when we reviewed the images… bang… the X-T2 nailed every single shot!

But somehow it will get even better… :-)

I hear, that the Fujifilm X-E3 will have an improved AF-tracking. And I mean improved not compared to the X-E2, but compared to the X-T2!

Sounds good?

Well, then stay tuned on FujiRumors via Facebook, RSS-feed and Twitter… we are going to have a good time soon :)

have a fantastic day,
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Obvious Fujifilm X-E3 specs

  • 24MP X-Trans III sensor
  • X-Processor Pro
  • Acros film simulation

Not Rumored, but Possible X-E3 specs

  • Full Auto Switch like on X-T20 – see this image
  • No touch screen
  • 1/8000 max mechanical shutter and 1/250 sync speed

Rumored Fujifilm X-E3 specs

IBIS, really?

In the comments and at our facebook page, there was some confusion. People thought FR has said the X-E3 will have IBIS. Well, although I actually realize that no source explicitly told me that it will NOT have IBIS, I feel quite confident to say that the X-E3 won’t have IBIS. So, although not rumored by FR-sources, I say….

  • no IBIS

I guess all the confusion comes from the following rumors

  • Fujifilm X-T2 Successor to be Called Fujifilm X-T2S – read here
  • Fujifilm X-T2S will have IBIS (In Body Image Stabilization) – read here
  • Don’t Worry, Fujifilm X-T2S In Body Image Stabilization (IBIS) will Work with ALL Fujinon X-Mount Lenses – read here


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Fujifilm Has Outsourced Development of X-A Line. R&D Needed for Fujifilm GFX


Fellow FR-readers,

I had a call via skype with a source. It confirmed some rumors we shared here in the last few weeks (check out the “rumor-section” on FR).

And it also told me something that some of you might find interesting.

We were chatting about the production of some Fujinon lenses moving to the Philippines and I told the source that some FR-readers were worried about the build quality.

The source said that lenses are still designed and developed by Fujifilm and manufactured with highest quality standards (even in the Philippines). So, there is no quality difference between lenses made in Japan and those made in Philippines.

However, it also told me that:

“Fujifilm has outsourced the development of the Fujifilm X-A line. Fujifilm GFX requires a lot of R&D money. Outsourcing the development of the X-A line saves some R&D which can be used for GFX system.”

This could explain why the X-A3 and X-A10 had all these issues lately.

I also asked the source if all the R&D Fujifilm is putting into the GFX system is the reason why they have slowed down with the release of X-mount lenses. The source said that it is partially true. One reason is the GFX, the other reason is that Fujifilm was looking for “ideas” on what should be next.

Let’s hope our big future lens poll helped Fujifilm to get some clarity on which X-mount lenses X-shooters want next :)

have a GREAT day,
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Fujifilm GFX 50s Captures Solar Eclipse… and Why I Ended Up Thinking at What Gear I will Use in 10 Years :)


Seth Stempson
shared here
32-64 is a little short for eclipse photos

_ _ _

About Life and Gear

Oh… lucky those of you, who could just enjoy the solar eclipse!

I have never seen one, but I googled, and I might have my chance to photograph one on 2nd of August 2027.

10 years of waiting might seem a lot, but when I saw Seth’s image (top image), where the gigantic spectacle of celestial bodies becomes just a small point into a much bigger frame (and space), I’m reminded of my own real dimension: I’m just an even smaller point admiring it all… and my ten years are just a glimpse of an eye.

A glimpse of an eye… and I perceive that….

… it’s not about putting more years into our lives, but more life into our years.

So let’s try to have good 10 years, and to have fun, until the day I can finally photograph the solar eclipse with my… with… I wonder… what gear will I use in 10 years?

Maybe an X-EPhoton? Or an X-TQuantum? An iPhone? And will Fuji’s rangefinder cameras finally have a tilt screen? Questions, millions of questions, nailed in my brain like stars pinned on the firmament.

Take care my friends… all will be good… enjoy it :)

Join the 15,000+ strong GFX facebook group (also to see more solar eclipse images) and get 100% GFX news and rumors at the Fujifilm GFX facebook page.

Ting-Li Lin
Shared here
GFX + Canon 100-400 + Canon 2X


Godox X1TF Firmware-Update brings HSS to Fujifilm GFX 50s and X100F… and More!

Godox XT1-F for Fujifilm... a Best Seller at BHphoto

Godox XT1-F for Fujifilm… a Best Seller at BHphoto

Godox X1T-F Transmitter

Today, Godox has released a Firmware update for their X1T-F transmitter.

  1. To add the support of FUJIFILM GFX 50s camera.
  2. To add C.Fn custom settings.The transmitter’s parameters that set by Godox APP are not changed.And the transmitter is only for triggering.
  3. To add the support of X100F、X100T cameras.Reach to 1/1250s high-speed sync in shutter (all unclosed groups must be set to M mode)
  4. To solve the problem that when the TT600 and V850II are set as receivers,flashes cannot be triggered in high-speed mode(all unclosed groups must be set to M mode)

You can download the new firmware (via Windows) at this Godox page.

Short summary by FR-reader Steven – svw-photography (thanks for notifying me via email):

There is a new function setting (f11) that enables support for the non-TTL strobes. It has to be set at 02. All groups must be set to manual mode. If you set one to TTL, the non-TTL strobes won’t fire at anything above sync speed.
I tested with TT600 and it works. I’ve read on a FB page that the AD360 version 1 (non TTL) also works

What has also been fixed is the support for X100F and X100T. Now shutterspeeds up to 1/1250th are possible (although I tested at 1/1600th and it was OK). Above that (1/2000th), the flash fires, but out of sync because I get a black frame.

Support for GFX50s, I didn’t test, because I don’t have one.

Read also: First Godox XT1-F Hands On Report and Damien Lovegrove Final Godox Testing at fujirumors.com

Godox X1T-F controller: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS
Godox TT350F: Adorama, AmazonUS
Godox TT685F: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS
Godox V860IIF: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS
Godox AD200: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS


Fujifilm Scrapped the Ultimate X Series Camera… Focus on Fujifilm X-T2S (IBIS Camera)


Follow The Rumor Storm :)

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Good Bye Ultimate X

Back in spring 2017, we started hearing the first rumors about the ultimate Fujifilm X, an APS-C X-Trans camera based on X-T design, the best Fuji X for videos, and that could cost around $,3,000 (rumors of March 3, March 14 and April 14)

But suddenly, a few months later, in summer 2017, we also started hearing of the Fujifilm X-T2S, the successor if the X-T2, which will have IBIS (rumors of July 12, July 17 and July 24)

The big question I got from the community was: is the Fujifilm X-T2S the ultimate X-series camera we rumored back in spring, or is Fujifilm working on both, the X-T2S and the ultimate X?

The answer: the X-T2S is not the rumored ultimate X.

So what about the ultimate X-series camera?

The answer: it has been scrapped!

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Is the X-T2s a “light” version of the Ultimate X?

Now, to avoid FR-haters’ shitstorms, I could simply tell you guys a lie and say “Yes, the X-T2S with IBIS is exactly the ultimate X-series camera I told you back in spring“.

But I’m not that kind of person.

Hence I will now tell you, that the ultimate X-series camera was a different project of Fujifilm.

Fujifilm worked on the ultimate X, discussed about the features and at a certain stage they were confident to make it (so I shared the rumors)… but at the end the scratched it, and they are now focussing on a different project, the Fujifilm X-T2S.

Some of you might consider the X-T2S a “light” version of the ultimate X, and you might not be too far off with that. But at the end I think that the differences are too big, to consider the X-T2S an “ultimate X light”.

X-T2S or Ultimate X?

When I’ve shared the very first ultimate X rumors, I noticed that the FR-community reacted sceptical to it, especially due to the high rumored price of $3,000.

And since we know that Fujifilm not only reads us, but that sometimes we can influence their decisions*, I can’t exclude, that the initial very sceptic reaction many of you guys manifested here on FujiRumors, might have discouraged Fujifilm to continue with this project.

On the other hand, it seems to me that your initial feedback to the Fujifilm X-T2S with IBIS, was much more positive. But that’s just my impression… feel free to discuss about it in the comments.

Welcome to the Fuji World

I know that after years of following the fantastic world of Fujifilm, 99,9% you guys know better than me that Fujifilm changes plans very often.

For example, Fujifilm was developing the X-Pro1s, and I shared rumors about it. But they dropped plans, even though they already had working prototypes of it (and Fujifilm even displayed the X-Pro1s at the X-Pro2 announcement)

And since with Fujifilm nothing is impossible, even products they scratched can find their way back later on. For example, I remind you how I shared the first X70 rumors in September 2013, but Fujifilm dropped plans on it shortly after. They waited a couple of years and decided to revive plans and launch the X70 on January 2016 (with exactly the same specs we rumored 3 years earlier).

So I personally wouldn’t be surprised if one day, the ultimate X will be again in development. But to be clear, right now, Fujifilm plans no longer to make it.

that’s it from my side for now… have a GREAT day, :)
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* It was your feedback and negative poll results, that killed the monochrome X-Pro1 and your positive pressure that revived the X-E3 plans and made Fujifilm say herewe are aware of the many X-E3 request”.  The feedback you give in polls makes it to internal Fujifilm meetings with the Press and even Fujifilm top manager Toshihisa Iida “Loves” FujiRumors. Fujifilm simply can’t ignore a community that is able to drop 11,000 votes in a single poll within 2 days…. and more

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