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X-T1 roundup: very likely the first magazine cover ever photographed with a Fuji X-T1, walk in Paris and more.


 photo moda_bambini_kids_fashion_magazine_1354_zps206b7fa0.jpg

image courtesy: modabambinimagazine (facebook)

– Pro photographer Sinjun shared the image above with FR via email. I told him that finally the X-T1 could be the camera that lets many Pros like him get rid of their DSLR. He answered:

What? are you suggesting we trade a 4 pound DSLR and 8 heavy lenses for a 1.5 pound mirrorless and 3 lightweight Leica comparable lenses that we could put in a coat pocket and shoot anywhere in the world without having to lug a big camera case around?  ;-p

what we have experienced so far: IQ on the XT1 is comparable to pro DSLR’s up to about 1600 ISO, X series lenses are as good or better and the X series IQ at higher ISO’s will only get better with time so we will very likely go all Fujifilm mirrorless within the next year or so.

Street Looks a Go Go on facebook / Moda Bambini on Twitter / the digital version of the entire first issue of Moda Bambini Magazine can be seen here

Fuji X-T1: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay

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 photo DSCF5170_zpsbb1b24c2.jpg

image courtesy: Sabino Parente

– A walk in Paris with the Fuji X-T1 at sabinoparente: “Just few days before my long trip to Japan and to improve the confidence with the new Fuji X-T1, I’ve got a nice weekend in Paris, a walk between the “bistrot” and “patisserie” of the “rive gauche” and with a visit to the extraordinary photographic exhibition of the master Henri Cartier Bresson at the Centre Pompidou. I did pure street photography, a great workout in view of the intense japanese days that has improved the feeling with the X-T1, the perfect camera for travel photography.” And if you wanna see what gear Sabino put in his bag for his Japan trip, check out this article here: “The purpose is to travel as light as possible and also don’t appear as a tourist photographer, full of gears and big heavy lenses. This is where the magic of the Fuji X come

– X-T1 Shooting from the hip ~ A day at the races at the-owl: “I decided to shoot entirely from the hip, pretty much most of the time without the flip screen deployed either.  I used a zone focusing technique and added a little bit of hope to the mix. You know what, it was a bit of fun but I’m happy with a selection of the images.”

– Maarten: “I’ve created an XT-1 firmware update wishlist. Everyone can add suggestions and vote for ideas. Please check it out! Thanks!” Vote the poll here.

– reiview at neocamera: “With its professional features and top-notch image-quality, the Fuji X-T1 is very promising. Those who are careful enough with its controls and do not shoot in the cold [with gloves] should find this an extremely rewarding mirrorless camera.”

– MrGecko: “I see you are posting a few pics shot with the new X-T1  You are welcome to post links to my shots (also X100) at  If you would like me to send files of anything in particular I would be glad to.”

Sorry Fuji Fans, The X-T1 is Going Back at thewanderinglensman: “In the mean time, I can’t afford to have a great camera and 4 lenses sitting around not being used because of the aforementioned issues.  When and if everyone agrees the green foliage detail issues are solved, I will probably delve back into this system.  After all, it is a good system for photographers.”

– First session with the X-T1 at schwarzweissart: “What can I say after some portrait shoots with the X-T1. It is the right camera for my available light portrait work. I like the new view finder, my XF-60 is now focusing much faster. The files are superb, especially the jpg quality (my preferred film simulations are MONOCHROME+Ye and RO Neg. Std). Ok I need to learn again the positions of the buttons and I have to say I prefer the 4 way controller of the X-pro1.”

– Fuji X-T1 First Impression by Mike Villa at artoftheimage: “For me, it’s proof that mirrorless (and particularly Fuji) is serious about gunning for a spot in a professional photographer’s bag. As someone who doesn’t shoot sports very often, this little camera easily fills 90% of what I ask from my D800.”

– Review at flemmingbojensen: “In conclusion, there is no conclusion. It is an amazing camera with a truly outstanding viewfinder – and some other pros and cons. I shall be traveling the world and working the upcoming Copenhagen Summer festivals with both my X-pro1 and XT1 and post much more. Stay tuned.”

– Review at boxedlight: “But know this… it’s not perfect.. no camera is… but it is small, lightweight and is capable of producing some pretty amazing and detailed photographs at a price that most can afford. It holds its own against many more expensive cameras. The most important thing is this.. it is fun to use and you will never have an aching back or neck at the end of the day from carrying it with you… and you will have some outstanding photos to show for your efforts. Fuji’s lens lineup keeps getting better and you will be hard pressed to find lenses of Fuji’s quality at Fuji prices.”

– review at camera.itmedia (translation).