X-T1: price about 180,000 Yen, XF 18-135 will be weather sealed and in stores mid February?


 photo X_zpsd592314c.png

The first information about the price comes from Japan: 180,000 Yen (body only), says digicame-info (tranlsation). The release is scheduled for mid-February. The kit lens will be the 18-55. The zoom lens XF 18-135 will be weather sealed.

I also got an email with the following information:

“X-T1 in store is on Feb 10~15th. The price of X-T1 is about $1,800 only body. EVF is not Organic EL but so incredible. Kit-lens is XF18-55mm F2.8-4. Body size is smaller than X-E2. X-Trans CMOS2 & EXR Procceser existant. I think too expensive it’s price.”

I think the source converted the price from Yen in Dollars. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lower price tag on the X-T1. Converted in Euro it would be €1,276. Anyway, take all this with a grain of salt.

Here is the updated specs list. I’ve put everything in there:

  • announcement January 28th (trusted source)
  • bigger (extra-large) and better (high performance) EVF / (trusted +  anonymous sources)
  • APS-C X-Trans sensor II (16MP) / (trusted +  anonymous sources)
  • support for the UHS-II SD-card for super-fast writing speed / (trusted sources)
  • 8fps with AF tracking / (trusted source)
  • weather sealed body / (trusted sources)
  • tilt screen (source who was right in the past, but not yet upgraded to trusted source)
  • SLR-type (Fujica) design / (source who was right in the past, but not yet upgraded to trusted source)
  • name: X-T1 / (anonymous source + Fujifilm)
  • smaller than the X-E2 (anonymous source)
  • 18-55 kit lens (anonymous source + other rumor sites)
  • 18-135 will be weather sealed (other rumor sites)
  • in stores mid-February (other rumor sites + anonymous source)
  • price range between X-E and X-PRO line / (new and anonymous sources)
  • priced at 180,000 yen (other rumor sites) or $1,8000 (anonymous source)
  • additional battery grip / (anonymous source)
  • faster AF then X-E2 / (new source) [I think that this source confused faster writing speed with faster AF-speed]

FR-reader Andrej compared X-E2 with X-T1:

 photo mhDs0Mu_zps5bc4310d.jpg

  • LOL

    1800? Lol crazy fuji with a watercolor sensor, for that price ill buy an A7 or 6d

    • Adamant

      Darn. And we were all sure this would get you to buy a Fuji. Oh well.

    • I have an a7r. Great images it makes, but it is built very very poorly. I assume The X-T1 will be built at least as well as the X-Pro 1, which also suffers from serious oversights, but not as much as the A7 series does.

      • Vlad

        What do you mean poorly built?

        • Aleste

          That thing won’t last 2 years-

          • Vlad

            I see.

  • Godzooqi

    Love the manual ISO dial, hate the prism viewfinder look

    • pepe

      Same here.

  • reggae1095

    Fuji has to be very careful on set the price: there are a lot of other choices out there, IMHO USD1800 are really really to much in order to put this product in the correct market segment

    In any case I really trust in Fuji policy, so I’m quite sure that the price will be correct: if you remember there were a lot of rumors also for 56mm f/1.2 lens and everybody spoke about a price of 1300-1500USD, instead finally when the lens reached the market Fuji set a perfect price of 990USD

  • Jotka

    180000 Yen = approx 1300 EUR
    If the X-T1 will be placed between X-E2 and XPro1 this should incl. the kit lense.
    X-E2 Kit = 1200 EUR
    X-Pro 1 Kit = 1400 EUR

    • reggae1095

      I think that 1200eur should be the right price for body only, at least for the first few months in the market, after that the price should decrease of 100-200 eur

      • jotka

        I guess that is too much.
        The X-E2 body only costs 899 EUR in Germany.
        And if im right the X-Pro 1 body was offered for 1600 EUR when launched.
        I would see the X-T1 at 1000 EUR body only and 1400 EUR for the kit with the 18-55 mm

        • reggae1095

          Only 100eur gap between x-e2 and x-t1?

          I really hope you are right! I’m waiting to change my “old” x-e1 and I would like to spend as less as possible

          • ABC

            wait for the e3 !

        • marco

          XE1 and XE2 where 999 at launch, and XP1 was 1600.
          so i think 1200/1300 euro at launch (and something around 1000/1100 few months later) it’s the right price.

          actually in italy you can buy a new X-E2 for 800 euro.

          • Marco

            Not sure you can really buy an X-E2 for 800 euro in Italy… at least not one that is officially imported and distributed by Fujifilm Italia.
            Anyway, my guess for the X-T1 is that it will be introduced at a price around 1300 euro or slightly more (did anyone say 1349 euros?).

    • Fuzzy Duck

      The street price of the X-Pro1 is already well below the X-E2, I think it’s more likely that the X-T1 will be between the X-E2/X-E3 and the X-Pro2 when Fuji eventual launch those. However, I agree with with your thought on the price appearing to be too high for body only and suspect it might include a kit lens, maybe the new one if it’s weather sealed to match the lens.

      • We shall take into consideration that Fuji is lowering X-Pro1 prices in anticipation to the launch of a new version that will come some hundreds above present levels.

    • Vlad

      Unfortunately, normally it doesn’t work that way. For example, the X-E2 kit in Japan costs134800, which should be 956 euros. If that price above is correct the X-T1 would be around 1600 euros, if not more.

    • Don’t forget that the price for the X-Pro1 kit by launching time was much higher that the one you point out.

  • Spyro

    If the EVF is significantly improved I expect the camera to be priced just higher than the xe2 but not by much. Other than the EVF there isnt much to justify it.

    • Milan

      Tougher, weather sealed body. That is something that makes a camera quite more expensive ($200 more, at least).

      But how will they sell a weatehr sealed camera with a non weatehr sealed lens??

      In the picture, it comes with a f/1.4 prime lens. I do hope it’s a 35mm f/1.4 Mark II, weather sealed and with better AF. 1300 EUR with that kit lens would be great.

      • Joe

        The kit lens either the 18-55 or the 35 should be waterproof or what’s the point?

        • Scott Marsh

          Give them time to bring them out, I bet a 35 F1.4 mk2 is in the pipeline. 18-55 wont get it but I would bet on the new 16-55 F 2.8 will.

  • kalli

    $/€1,800 for the body and 265€ for the 34MB UHS-II SD card seems like this camera is overpriced. for that price ( € 2,065 ) you can get a Sony A7 with kit lens and a Fuji X-M1 with kit lens…..i wish fuji lot of luck with this price, they will need it.

    • kalli

      I meant 32MB UHS-II SD card…

      • c0ldc0ne

        Does the Sony come with a free 32MB UHS-II SD card?

        • kalli

          Well, this is supose to make the XT1 fast…and as far as i can see it is the only thing new in this camera.

  • justintime

    I do not think size comparison is accurate. I measure hotshoe width on X-E2 as 13.7mm but only 11.9mm on X-T1 – thats about 15% error.

    • Nikun

      You are right. X-T1 body is bigger than X-E2. What a pity. It is going to be bigger than FF sensor Sony A7? Why?

  • Brad

    The X-T1 appears to not have a built in Flash.

    • Kinu

      I notice this as well. Really not happy if this is the case.

      • Brad

        It is missing teh screw in cable release as well

  • I know everyone has been (positively) shocked by the launch of sony’s A7 line and the great pricing, but c’mon get over it!
    Sony is sony. Great ideas, not bad pricing, but I still don’t see great commitment in their product line and they are painfully slow to release good lenses. So yes, the sensor is probably awesome, but it probably ends there for me as long as they don’t produce the lenses that goes with the A7(R).
    Canon released their 5D mark III 400€ more than the D800, guess what, their body is a success and even some nikon users switched to the red brand.
    Back to the pricing that we DON’T know yet, we’ll see if fuji does it right, like they did with the 56mm ;)

    • Vlad

      People are mentioning Sony, because it is the latest in mirrorless and it features a big sensor, which is normally the most expensive part of the camera. If Sony bothers you that much, feel free to compare that camera to anything out there, it still doesn’t look good at the above price.
      As to the 5D3 being a success, there simply isn’t a way of knowing that, so your claim is at best anecdotal evidence.

      • If you read me well, sony doesn’t bother me at all. Even the contrary since they are able to produce great sensor for other companies like Nikon and Fuji. It’s so fun to see how a quick comment in a rumor topic can be interpreded…
        Seems however that fuji bothers a lot of sony fan. So many of them come here to bash Fuji.
        The X-T1 certainly doesn’t look good at that price but once again: we don’t know the price yet.
        My “bad” for the super-subjective interpretation of the Mark III’s sales. That was so misplaced. I post unverified information on a rumor site. How bad of me! #irony

        • Vlad

          First of all, I simply meant that even if Sony is not up to your expectations, then you can compare with other brands. I imagine I could’ve formulated it better, my bad. As to 5D3, what does the “rumor site” has to see with it? You are presenting an argument backed with anecdotal evidence and I pointed it out, that’s it.
          Finally, I currently use Sony, but I am hardly here to bash Fuji. I am discussing the rumored price (of a new and interesting to me camera), which I think is way over the top.

    • Al Downie

      Have you seen the sample images from the 56mm? I’m not sure it’s everything that everyone was hoping for.

      • TAZ

        @ Al Downie,

        Images looks way better than my Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.1 + the examples I’ve seen of the Panasonic Leica DG Nocticron 42.5mm f/1.2.

        I for one am glad I pre-order the lens as soon as it was announced!

        • Adamant

          Me too, Taz.

      • http://nathanelson.com/fashion-shoot-bts-with-the-fuji-56mm-1-2/

        Bummer that this lens wasn’t everything people were hoping for

        • Al Downie

          @Jeff.. I’m sensing sarcasm! Yes, of course he has only good things to say about it; Fuji wouldn’t give advance copies to anyone they didn’t trust to provide the reviews they need ahead of release. Yes, he’s made beautiful photos with it, using a beautiful girl and beautiful lighting, and the advantage of the shallow DOF are there to see, but I haven’t seen the biting sharpness that wee were all expecting in *any* of the sample photos so far. I’ve seen that sharpness in samples from the Fuji 35mm, and from the Fuji 60mm, where it seemed like I could reach into the photo and touch the eyelashes, but so far the 56 hasn’t hit me like that. Try to suspend your brand loyalty for a moment, and compare Fuji’s sample images to those from other lenses. All of a sudden my wallet went back in my pocket…

        • ;) nice one

          • Conguero

            The 56mm is designed for portraiture where too much sharpness and contrast are usually not desirable where the 60mm is a macro lens and those tend to be extremely sharp and contrasty as they get used often in product photography. Different lenses for different purposes. The images in the link above are just great!

          • Conguero

            Sorry my reply was meant for Al Downie

          • Al Downie

            @Conguero: Surely you don’t actually believe that? That a lens can be ‘too sharp’? Won’t belong before they start selling them to you at twice the price of the sharp ones.. oh.. wait a minute…

    • mare

      see you at the end of the day, you with your 5d III and me with my sony a 7

      • Conguero

        Oops this reply was meant for Al Downie

        • Conguero

          Please ignore

    • Jano

      Well I switched from the Red Brand to Nikon specialy because of those extra 400€!! Got myself a d800. So it can go both ways and I’m sure inteligent folks will choose same quality / cheaper different product than the other way around… You 5dmkiii comment is idiotic to say the least….

  • Jonavin

    It won’t be $1,800. You can’t just do the currency conversion to get the price outside of japan. Look at relative prices of other cameras/electronics that sell for 180000 yen in Japan and how that same camera sells in your country. I bet it isn’t $1,800 USD.

    This higher res picture does show one thing. Fastest shutter is only 1/4000, not the 1/8000 people have hoped for.

    • Yes, direct currency conversions can be tricky and it’s often not that easy. They take warranty differences and import costs into account too.

      For comparison, the intro price for the X-E2 was 110,000 yen and X-A1 60,000 yen according to this: http://e.nikkei.com/e/fr/tnks/Nni20131019D1810N04.htm

    • Vlad

      Looking at BHphoto and Mapcamera prices, it’d be 1700-1750USD.

    • Sometimes I wish direct conversion worked. But there are things like taxes and even country wealth in some cases.
      X-E2: 999€ –> would make less thant 750€ I would call that a deal ;)

  • With this price no thanks .I have the XE 2 and nikon D610 or i can by another XE2
    Come on Fuji the price has to be euro1100 other wise i do not by the XT 1 i stay with Nikon

  • mau

    i really love the ISO gear on the top…I’ve the x100s and this should be great on this one!..maybe in the x100x with a fix 50mm 1.4 ?(my dream)

  • Per K

    Well, compare with the Olympus EM1 price! This is the closest rival. In Sweden, the Sony A7 and Olympus EM1 have very similar price.
    As there is a customer group “must have the latest”, introduction prices are tailored for them. Wait a while and the price will be lower.

    • jotka

      Hope you are wrong.
      In Germany they sell the Oly for 1500,00 EUR body only and more than 2000,00 EUR for the kit. In that case i would hold my Nikon a little bit longer … that is above my budget :-(

    • Vlad

      In Japan the E-M1 is 127,800. The A7 is 134,800. That’s a long way to drop.

      • true!
        I compared the price in japan, if the X-T1 is at 180 000Y, this is gonna but tough to compete against the OMD EM1 at 50000Y less!

        • Vlad

          Yep. Anyway, I doubt the camera would be that expensive. I certainly hope not :)

    • tim

      Yes, but those cameras are much more advanced than what Fuji will offer, in one way or another. IMO Fuji should not wait a while to drop the price, rather they should do it straight away and have a “Sales Winner” rather than what they get with their other cameras …

      Fuji lost me with their M1 pricing, and I think the really alienate themselves in the market with that …

      • But can they lower their prices?
        One big leverage for lower price is volume. I’m not so sure Fuji has big magins as their product seems to remains niche ones… :-/

        • tim

          Lets say they expect to sell 100, with the first 10% at full price, then 60% at normal price and 30% when they discount.

          Rather sell it at the mid point of the normal and discount price, make such a “bang” that its a sales winner that the market increases from 100 to 150 or 200+ even. Then make the money on the lenses. And fix the price at launch, fixed until the next model, so the market knows this is a GREAT DEAL!

          As it stands, why buy now when its going to be cheaper later, and when later comes … why buy now when a new model is just around the corner? Currently Fuji sells to people who want it or need it … then there is the rest of the market, people who like it or might buy it.

    • ronin

      EM1? You can just as well say top end APS DSLRs from Canon and Nikon are the closest rivals, since they are the same format and not the miniature format EM-1.

  • Eric

    Has anyone read whether there will be a built in flash? Can’t tel from the picture, but if the hump is to support a larger EVF, my guess would be no flash.

  • Holding fignaz that 1800$ is with 16-55/2.8

    • Aleste

      That would actually make more sense.

      • Jonavin

        That would make it a bargain.

  • Kris W
    • This FUJI designer must have been a huge CONTAX fan. First the XPro1, now the X-T1 :-)

      What comes next?

      • how’s X-Pro1 similar to Contax? have you seen Fuji’s RF cameras?

        • I own the X-Pro1.

          It’s just interesting to see, how similar FUJIs X-Pro1 and now the X-T1 look comparing to the CONTAX cameras.

      • Have you ever head of Fuji TX-1 or Hasselblad X-Pan (basically the same made by Fuji)?
        Just have a look and see where the X-Pro1 basic design comes from.
        About this new camera: look at some Fuji film SLRs and don’t forget that some years ago all cameras had dial commands at the top plate.

  • CRB

    Smaller than the X-E2? why? the size is very good. I wonder if its going to get cumbersome to use it with the zooms…I REALLY LIKE THE BODY DESIGN!!!

  • What I see so far:

    top-plate left to right:
    – dial EV-compensation +/3 EV, 1/3 stops
    – video recording button
    – shutter release with surrounding on/off switch
    – Fn / WiFi button
    – dial shutter speed, lockable with surrounding switch, might be drive mode
    – button left on EVF hump, might be flash release or EVF button
    – EVF hump, perhaps with pop-up flash
    – dial right on EVF-hump: diopter adjustment
    – dial ISO with A(auto ISO), L, 200-6400 in 1/3 stops, H1, H2, lockable with surrounding switch, might be metering mode

    body left to right:
    – grip like Contax RTS II / RX
    – front control dial
    – button, perhaps depth of field preview and/or Fn2
    – AF assist lamp
    – lens
    – lens release button
    – flash sync port

    I like the Contax design a lot, but the grip is smaller than I hoped for. The front control dial would be a joy, if it could be assigned freely, e.g. to film mode. I’m really looking forward to test it.

    • the surrounding switches on the shutter speed and ISO dials are to engage or disengage the locking function.

    • Correction as newer pictures show:
      – no flash, on the left of the EVF hump is a EVF viewmode button
      – the dial surrounding switches are swapped compared to my guess:
      — shutter speed dial surrounding switch is metering mode
      — ISO dial surrounding switch is drive mode

  • XS iv

    Oh, this I starting to look and sound more like an overpriced rebrand of a bridge camera (16-135mm?)

    • Good and really original point you make!!!
      You buy the kit glue the lens and nobody will say you’re wrong…

  • i just hope that the comments i’ve read about it being smaller than X-E2 are wrong, I found X-Ex too small for my hands and use X-Pro1 with iShoot grip to get better grip and balance

    • Scott Marsh

      Get the added grip but I have the grip on my X e1 and I wont get one for my XE2 It is nice but not for that they cost = Photos look great without it!

  • Markus Worsdorfer

    This camera reminds me very much of my Contax ST that I used to love. Of course a bit smaller and a lot lighter. Maybe I fall in love again.

  • Looks great!
    I also get to think… looking at the lens roadmap published a couple of weeks ago, several of them have a green line and others an orange one…
    Only lenses not released yet have a green line, including the 18-135… does that identify the future weather-sealed lenses?
    It would make sense for the 10-24, as it’s built with no external moving parts.

  • Dear Admin

    Off topic. I think we probably start another new thread about the official sample pics from 56/1.2.
    Its bokeh is really charming!!!!!


  • 18in32

    There was speculation we would reach 1/8000 on the shutter speed, but with this larger clearer image, it is clear the fastest shutter speed (on the dial, at least) is 1/4000.

    • I would have been nice if Fujifilm included slow shutter speeds, too. 4″ or 8″ would make this camera a great studio camera, too. Alas, nothing. There has to be a way to manually select a longer stop than that.

      • It’s quite simple using the secondary dial… which on this one should be right under your index…

    • Markus Worsdorfer

      It would be possible to still have faster shutterspeeds in aperture prority without actually showing them on the shutterspeed dial.

      • JK

        What sense would that make? Since it the cameras internal hardware seems to be the same as on the X-E2, the 1/4000 of a second those make sense here.
        I too wished there was 1/8000…

    • On practical grounds 1/4000s should be fast enough (maybe for not for a few super fast high speed controlled by laser triggers, but the people that do it tends to use other kind of cameras, if 1/4000s proves to be too slow).

      To allow shooting wide open under sunlight either an ND filter or if Fuji uses the same internal ND filter facility as in the X100(s) would do the trick as well.

      I’d favor this instead of having 1/8000s. I’ve this speed in my FF DSLR and never used it on purpose or without being selected at wide open aperture priority, but X100 DN filter does the same and even better as it reduces the speed by the equivalent to aperture 3 stops.

    • one stop wouldn’t save anything, I don’t see a problem with this. everybody who does have a fast prime (or few) should have ND filter, it doesn’t cost arm and leg and as small to carry around

      • JK

        Yep – but you have to buy and carry additional stuff. That costs more money and needs some space in the bag too.

  • No thanks. At this price tag, my budget will go for 10-24 and 56/1.2 instead.

  • antidar

    disappointed about the look of this camera. it does not have the spirit as x100 does, which was successful because it’s unique design, and everyone wants to have something unique despite it had focusing problems. XT1 doesn’t stand out of the crowd that includes strong products like Olympus OMD or Nikon DF, it follows the same design principle that’s already established by other companies, and even the look is similar too, at least from the shown images now.

  • Body size is smaller than X-E2. ?? Not so killer. I assumed the X-Pro1 size. I guess design wise, Asian hand size prevailed on this one. All the more reason to enjoy my XE2 with Fuji grip.

  • Phil

    I`ll be interested to see the real price,sounds like it is the kit price instead of body only. I could be wrong,wouldn`t be the first time,wont be the last.
    All the new features sound really nice upgrades,can`t wait for the release.

  • Fujimoto

    Judging from what I see so far, the much rumored XP2 is gonna be beast.

  • more I look at this more I believe that this is X-E2 in the Df body done correctly (A positions on ISO and SS dials)

  • dhananel

    Do like having direct control of ISO, but will wait and see what happens to X-Pro1 upgrade, don’t really see why they needed something in-between.

  • pepe

    WiFi on board. Description below FN button. Unfortunately no cable release socket in shutter release button.

  • esanchez

    I hope this camera has killer auto-focus that’s all I wish for. If it has the same auto-focus as the X-E2 I rather pickup an X-E2 at a cheaper price. Like Hexx mentioned if this is an X-E2 in a DF body done correctly I’m not really interested. Body size should had been the same size or a little bigger than the X-E2. Not everyone has small hands and the camera becomes too small especially with the larger lenses. I bought my 6D for $1,300 so I don’t see paying more than that for this body either. I was hoping to use more the fuji system and eventually get rid of the EOS but will see on the 28th. :-)

    • S.P.

      Rumored 1800$ is a ridiculous price for body-only. I thought to get rid of my Canon 6D also, and stay only with Fuji X, but at that price point… also, AF-speed, overall speed, and battery life are concerns

  • Neil

    Flash Synch still 1/180sec ?
    No threaded shutter release – what will the soft-release industry say?
    What’s the front command dial for?
    PC socket on the front (under ISO dial)?
    There’s ‘stuff’ on each side of the prism hump – wonder what?

    Looks like a great upgrade from my X-E1 :-)
    X-T1 + 23/35/56 – all I need :-) (apart from my adapted Zuiko 100/2.8 and 135/3.5)
    Roll on next week :-)

  • Ahmad

    Isn’t that too much for an APS-C sensor, and I thought only Olympus can overprice their cameras.
    Let’s see the option out their ( 6D, D610, and A7) hmmmmm

    • JK

      No lenses (better: not many lenses) for the A7, lenses far bigger at same speed for the A7. Not really an option at the moment.

  • DTB

    I doubt it will be $1800. That is far too expensive for an APS-C sized sensor camera. $1700 or $1800 with the kit lens would be reasonable. To sell well, the body can’t be more than $1300. We will see next week. Nonetheless, I think it will be too small for me, assuming it will be smaller than the x-e2. Others seem to love tiny though…

  • I’m starting to think that I’m not going to get what I need from Fujifilm. I’m not trolling or trying to be negative, just being a realist. I love my X100S and maybe it lured into a false sense of security with Fuji.

    I know I’m only one person and I can’t expect Fuji to make a camera just for me. I was just holding out hope that this was going to be the one. I hope the XPro 2 meets my needs.

    I’m sure this will be a great camera just not for me.

    • Al Downie

      It’d be interesting to hear what your reservations are? And what your ideal camera would be?

  • Brian H

    This is rather disappointing. Even though I live in a rainy climate, weather proofing is not a big enough lure by itself. The price is too much. I’ll wait to get the real facts, but right now I’m leaning toward a new x e2 with a 14mm. About the same price and I know I like that setup.

  • David B

    I have zero interest in xt1. The small size and sleekinesss of Fuji X are gone with the viewfinder hump. The only way I might be even paying attention to it if I hear flash xsync has been increased to 1/320 or above. That is the only thing that bothers me in my xe2.

    On the other hand I am probably interested in mentioned 18_135. Might be a perfect vacation lens if it is not too large and heavy and not too expensive

  • Jano

    I really hope 180000 yen is a joke because then bye bye Fuji hello Sony (or wait for another dream to come true buying nothing). I hope Fuji is reading these comments. If you check amazon.co.jp the price for the xe2 body is around 617€!!!! (87202 yen) So 100,000 yen on top for the xt1?? Bye bye!!

  • Per K

    When will we see a camera where you can delete functionality you never need from the menu system? On Nikon it is possible to create your own menu with the functionality you actually use, but a removal function would be better.

  • mrbeanbean

    This should have been the X-E2, weatherproofing isn’t something you should have to pay extra for unless we are talking about an underwater camera/lens. It’s far too expensive if it really is 1800. The whole Fuji lineup is starting to get a little odd. It started with the X-M1 and X-A1, I don’t think the world needed two cameras like that, and it’d be interesting to see sales for those two cameras, I’d guess pretty low numbers were sold. Now we have an X-E2, X-T1 and X-Pro, but the X-Pro is outdated so who would really buy it now. Or is the X-T1 supposed to replace the X-Pro. Too many models I think. Tilt screen should also be standard on a camera like the X-E2.

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