ENJOY! More X-T1 images and EVF specs. Bigger EVF than E-M1!


The Japanese source told me that the EVF magnification is bigger than the one of the E-M1: x0,77 compared to the Olympus OM-D E-M1 which is x0,74!

Another source (thanks a lot) shared more details:

– tilt screen / ISO  up to 51200 / magnestum body / EVF: 2.36 million OLED, 0.005s lag  <- this is EVF spec, the world highest / 0.08s AF speed (world fastest) / with optional battery grip / WIFI

Here is the updated specs list

  • announcement January 28th (trusted source)
  • bigger (x77 magnification) and better (high performance) EVF / (trusted +  anonymous sources)
  • APS-C X-Trans sensor II (16MP) / (trusted +  anonymous sources)
  • support for the UHS-II SD-card for super-fast writing speed / (trusted sources)
  • dual SD-Card slot (trusted source)
  • 8fps with AF tracking / (trusted source)
  • weather sealed body / (trusted sources)
  • tilt screen (source who was right in the past, but not yet upgraded to trusted source + new source)
  • SLR-type (Fujica) design / (source who was right in the past, but not yet upgraded to trusted source)
  • name: X-T1 / (anonymous source + Fujifilm)
  • WiFi
  • ISO  up to 51200 (new source)
  • smaller than the X-E2 (anonymous source)
  • 18-55 kit lens (anonymous source + other rumor sites)
  • 18-135 will be weather sealed (other rumor sites)
  • in stores mid-February (other rumor sites + anonymous source)
  • price range between X-E and X-PRO line / (new and anonymous sources)
  • priced at 180,000 yen (other rumor sites) or $1,800 (anonymous source)
  • additional battery grip / (anonymous source)
  • faster AF then X-E2 / (new source) [I think that this source confused faster writing speed with faster AF-speed]
More images, just for you :-)… and follow Fujirumors on the 28th of January! (thanks a lot also to this source!) [UPDATE: The images appeared also on a French Forum]
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 photo X2_zpsd744af4d.jpg
 photo X333_zps728c44b4.jpg
 photo X22_zpscba4a949.jpg

 photo IMG_0910_zps9c8acea6.jpg
 photo IMG_0912_zps0a628acd.jpg

  • Al Downie

    Agh! Flappy screen!! How could they.

    • Mr Flappy

      Don’t flap it or don’t buy it, done.

    • mare

      Like xe1 is a leica for the poor this is a Sony A7r for the poor

      • lol sony a7r for the poor -> doesn’t look like that from the rumoured price ;)

        • caccamo

          but only poors could use the watercolor artifact from xtrans raw ;-)

          • oh well, i guess there are people who use only ACR and nothing else, me personally I prefer Capture One ;)

          • Clow

            Just like only the rich can use the B/W effect of the M Monochrom :p

        • Clow

          a7r is m240 for the poor
          looks like a df for the poor

      • Shamael

        At the price they ask for the body only, it is more than 150$ more expensive than a A7 body

        • Shamael

          and just a 400$ less than A7R. So, better compare it to a NEX6 then. It has almost the same sensor specs and is then 1000$ higher in price. I do not like the x sensor, but that is just a question of taste. Some do, some don’t, for me a renew in FF with a new developed dual pixel super CCD, was the way to go.

      • george

        Well this one can focus! Where is my credit card?

    • Hmmm

      Haha, great to see the tilt screen for 2 reasons:

      1) It’s very useful for creative photos.

      2) It upsets Al Downie and makes him cry.

      Fuji — now give me a 100mm 1:1 macro lens weather sealed, like the Olympus 60mm f2.8 for M43. Then I will buy the X-T1 for sure!

      • Anonymous

        +1. I wouldn’t mind switching to Fuji as my carry around camera for macro work. All I need is a 1:1 macro lens with focal length of 90-100mm.

      • Mr Flappy


        • daniel


    • jojo

      Glue it down and put silicone sealant round the edges if you like, but those things are good for my aging knees and keep my trousers and coats cleaner!

  • Richard

    hrm wonder if the tilt screen has touch on it!

  • king

    if a silver option ever comes out, it’s going home with me. Sorry XE-1

    • ABC

      what about pink ? ;)

  • Dominic

    Oww let the X-T1 vs. A7 battles begin :) Looks very very promising. Love the dials.

  • mgoods

    This looks pretty awesome. I’m a left eyed person, so the center EVF with a bit of an eye cup looks great. Can’t wait to hear the release price.

    Does the 180x indicate the flash sync speed?

    • probably.
      That’s a good thing, 180 being between full stops, it’s a pain to always adjust on the x-pro1 while shooting in studio :)
      What would be funny is to have leaf shutter lenses released with the option to choose between plane shutter and leaf shutter with those lenses. Ok, that’s a bit greedy of me :p

      • justintime

        Yes X-E2 has 180X for flash sync speed. I don’t like fact it is between 125 & 250 settings though as it means you cannot count number of clicks to count stops without looking or remembering you are going past the 180 extra setting.

        • Scott Marsh

          The first 15 years I shot there wasn’t but 1 or 2 cameras that shot faster than 1/60th X then I jumped to 90th X and 1/125th X 1/180 works for me.

          • Clow

            Indeed, it still ruins the synch speed of the M4 series of camera (50th). people put up with these speeds for decades.

  • I love the size of that eye piece !
    I have really high expectation with this vewfinder (x0,77 !!!) :)
    By the look of the dials, I hardly see any reason to dive into the menu while shooting. And that is GREAT !
    I can see the View Mode button on the side of the hump. Seems they listened to the criticism of the x-e2.

  • Andrew

    I love it. I’ll buy it as soon as Lightroom doesn’t make vegetation look like mush. Yea, I know, there are other options. I don’t want to buy 10 pieces of software to process my images. Thanks.

    • P. Esco

      On these photos it looks cheap – not very well made. I hope it’s not the case in real life.

  • Adamant

    Oh dear, that does look rather nice. Fuji is smart to release this during tax refund season.

  • VF is huge, but the same res as E-M1/NEX7/A7

  • reggae1095

    fantastic dials!!!! bracketing, double exposure, metering mode, etc. always on manual dials…no menu needed…awesome!

  • but thanks god View Mode is back (right side of the VF bump)

  • Bill Evans

    Does anyone know if we get a diopter for the viewfinder?

    • mgoods

      Im going to guess it might be the dial on the side of the faux pentaprism. Also visible from the top. This would be a deal breaker for me.

    • Macintosh Sauce

      The X-T1 should have the same diopter adjustment as the X-E2. i.e. -4m to +2m. -4m to +4m would be a little sweeter. :)

    • Scott Marsh

      Looks like it on the hump?

  • Yeah!

  • I don’t know how I feel about it.. don’t like tiltly flippy LCDs… I love using a soft shutter release… I hate nose prints on the LCD… Hmmmm… I won’t be pre ordering this without giving it a try.

  • sidtw

    Sure, that’ll be a great camera to have fun with!

    But I rather invest in new fuji lenses than in a new body. My x-pro1 is in good shape and good enough for what I am shooting. I haven’t yet figured out all options and tricks, so I am not tempted! ;)

    • Ian Docherty

      Good idea, get some lenses and then couple them with the X-T2 when all the bugs have been ironed out.

      The lenses will be forever but the body has a short ‘shelf-life’. :-)

    • Agreed – with the current rebates, buying the 23 and the 60 together would cost around £900.

      Still, my head is getting turned by this sexy beast and all rationale thought may depart very soon!

  • I’ve gotten over flappy screens. If the camera is billed as “pro-level”, the flappy screen better have the resilience of a diving board. I just got the E-M1 and I can safely report it has the constitution of a vending machine.

    Fuji has it’s work cut out for them. The OM-D series is well built and has a vast stable of lenses (including various 3rd parties). Fuji has their sensor tech and larger sensors, but they need more lenses. The 18-135 kit lens sounds like a winner for travel (27-203mm EFL), but the OM-D E-M1’s lightning AF and the new inexpensive primes are a force to be reckoned with.

    • Adamant

      The “m43 has way more lenses” argument is oft-repeated but not well-supported. m43 has a lot of overlapping lenses in the line-up, which makes it seem like they have a lot of lenses. Except for reaching beyond 300mm (which I’ll spot you), which focal lengths would you like to see from Fuji that aren’t currently on the roadmap? For anything below 90mm equiv, they have an answer for any m43 lens. Aside from super-tele and perhaps some long primes, I’m not seeing many holes in what Fuji is offering.

      • A fast (~f/2.0, but at least f/2.8) 90mm (135mm EFL) please! Alternatively, 75mm prime will do nicely, thanks.

      • Awoo

        Wow, it’s almost as if m4/3rds users have a choice on what particular lens to use! If the Oly 25mm f1.8 was soft wide open, then you’d have the PanaLeica 25mm f1.4 as the answer. Don’t like the ergonomics or find the AF slow on the Panasonic 12-35 f2.8? Use the Oly 12-40 f2.8.

        Don’t like the one and only 50mm equiv from Fuji? Bad luck. I shoot an X100S in addition to a Sony RX1 so I don’t really care about either system’s lenses, but to claim the wide selection of m4/3rds lenses is anything other than an advantage to the system is foolish.


      • C. C.

        Let me enlighten you. The entire stable of 43 lenses, with the MMF3 adapter, can also be properly used with the Oly E-M1, since there is on-sensor PDAF. That us about 23 more lenses – and it is great glass.

  • thedirector

    Nikon DF is that you?

    • Oskar


    • whistling and walking around pretending that no question was asked :)

    • Erik

      DF done right, I’d say…

    • ozviper

      I love how they have the exposure compensation Dial on the correct side though… unlike the Df..

    • MakoyX

      Fuji OMD-XT1 DF

  • Jim

    What does the L setting on the iso dial mean? Is it a “low” setting which equates to iso 100?

    And I love the looks of it – the round evf eye cup should be great for people with glasses like myself.

    • I hope it is ISO 100, but might also be 125 or 160.

    • me

      Yes, it means 100 – done by software in camera.

    • Geoff

      Also, I believe H2 is for 6400 + 2EV = 25600, not 51200 ISO…pity I’d have hoped for a native useable 12800 ISO, with H1 and H2 to pull it up.
      I’ m still awaiting for somebody to put the power of a D3s / D4 into a small hybrid :-(

  • Oskar

    Ugh. This looks like every other mirrorless offering…wish they would have just focused on a sensor development and a better EVF (which to their credit, they have). But they are definitely moving away from this simplicity that attracted me to Fuji in the first place. Way to gimmicky.

    • John Gellings

      I’m not sure what some of you fools are looking at…

      Busy controls like the DF? Where?

      Gimmicky? It’s one of the most used shapes in camera history? How’s it gimmicky?

    • Ken

      The X series is about bringing the retro up with modern tech. This is what they have done, full dial control with modern sensor.

    • If it looks busy, check out the back side. Unusually clean! For one new dial and some new buttons, they sure got rid of a lot of complexity.

    • Dominic

      “way to gimmicky” ? There are 3 dials on the camera + 1 on the lens. Thats the most direct mechanical setup you could have. Dont even need to use the menu if you just want to shoot. Cant be more basic than that.

      • “direct mechanical setup” – it’s electronic to be fair ;) but yeah, should be simple to use although I’d prefer no locks on ISO and shutter speed dials

        • JK

          I prefer those “locks” to be on the controls. My X-E1 exposure compensation could use a lock too – I have to check its state every time I take the camera out of the bag.

      • Vlad

        I see 5 dials on the camera.

    • yep

      Get a yourself a Leica. They’re perfect for your cat photos, and black and white homeless people photos.

      • C.

        The digital ones are also great for one and his hipster home boy’s selfies’ while shooting tigers from the back of a Rolls Royce.

    • Raz

      How is this gimmicky? They’ve added another dial for a commonly adjusted property (ISO) which makes the camera easier to use still and some sub-dials for drive and exposure mode. This means about the only time you’ll ever need to use a menu is to format the memory card. What could be simpler than that? Also please tell me which other mirrorless camera offers the same level of manual control as this camera, or indeed any Fuji X series camera? If physical controls scare you go shoot with an iPhone or a point and shoot.

    • Danny

      I love EVF finders, it allows zoom in focus for all manual lenses that optical finders can’t. Most good quality 10MP cameras be able to blow up to 60″ x 40″ with the right software and knowhow, so 16MP is more than enough for most.

  • interesting looking indeed. will need to handle one but seems to be a bit small – hard to tell form these photographs and I don’t have 23mm lens to work out how roughly big the body is. one thing – is it just me or the card slot seems to have some proper seals around it?

    • taking my comment about sealing on the card door back -> can’t see any now from these pictures

      • Probably (?) the upper part of the slot cover/door will do the job.

  • Bob

    Beautiful camera. But I’m not paying 180,000円 for just the body.

    • NVN

      ME TOO!

  • You have to be careful with viewfinder magnification. By default, all manufacturers use a 50mm lens for Vf magnification, so Olympus measures it at 1.48x, which is like a 0.74x full frame finder. Until we see it, we don’t know if that 0.77x is measured with a 50mm lens or (more appropriately) a 32mm lens. If it’s with a 50mm lens, then it’s actually like a 0.51 magnification viewfinder. Since the X-E cameras I think are bigger than that, let’s hope it’s 0.77x with a normal lens…that would be quite large!

  • WOW, it has two control dials, front and bacl. With shutter speed, ISO and EV compensation dials on camera and most lenses with aperture ring they are free for other settings. I hope they are customizable, it might be interesting to have e.g. film mode on one and contrast on the other.

  • Glenn

    Dammit, I’ve just dribbled all over my new XE2 :o(

    I hate you Fuji. In a good way….

  • Vkphoto

    Patrick, thanks for fantastic and speedy updates!

    VF is huge, x0.77 magnification! Well, I see $1800 price tag :(

    • patrick

      I think it will be cheaper!

  • Ken

    So glad for the Flappy screen :). If you do landscape photography then this will really help when doing low angle shots. How can you not like a flappy screen? I mean, if you don’t need to use it, just don’t use it. It’s not like its in the way when it’s shut?

    The flappy screen on the X-S1 was fine and it’s one thing I missed loads since getting the X-E1. This looks like it will be my next purchase. I will wait for the official release. :)

    • rr98

      +1. I don’t know where the hate of flappy screen come from, it’s non-sense.

      • Ken

        Yep, beats me lol

    • Wen

      Cuz some ppl believe lying on ground to take low angle shots looks more PRO.

      • Ken

        Yes but what about the shots where it’s physically impossible to see what your taking a photo of, like a low angle shot that looking upwards? Or, from just the top of some water? :)

        Fact is, it’s not in the way and it’s there for when you really need it. Just seems silly to be annoyed about something that adds practical use.

        • Al Downie

          You’ll never get it, because you believe that if something *can* be added, it *should* be added. Never heard of ‘less is more’? It’s why a Rolex is more valuable than a Casio.

          Cartier Bresson managed without a flappy screen. Ansel Adams too. And Lartigue. Brassai. The Westons. Elliot Erwit’s most famous photo of a chihuahua & a lady’s ankle? Taken at ground level – d’you think he wasted time with a faffy, flappy screen? No, of course not. Anyone who knows anything about photography would know how to take the shot without actually lying down on the pavement.

          You don’t *need* a flappy screen; you’re just a fella who loves features. It’s got nothing to do with photography; it’s just about features. features, features, more flippin’ features.

          • Flavio

            Man, get a life…if you’re so good and love doing it the hard way, why are you mixing in with us poor fools that appreciate USEFUL options? Bah…

          • Raz

            This is such nonsense, if you’re such a purest do you tape over the rear screen on your camera and only shoot 30 frames per memory card? After all they’re just useless “extra features” that Ansel Adams never had to worry about when he was taking pictures.

          • lvl

            Wow. Do you actually know what they shot with? They used Ica reflexes, Rolleiflex etc, that had a flappy, flip-out ground glass screens, with flippy hoods, to shoot at waist level. View cameras have flippy, swingy plates to compose on… Ansel Adams was no purist who shot with a single purpose perfect “less is more” camera. He didn’t even remember all the cameras he shot with – and didn’t care – if it was light he shot light, if it was heavy he just didn’t go very far: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/ansel/sfeature/sf_packing.html
            “Well, people have asked me what kind of cameras I used. It’s hard to remember all of them. Oh I had a box Brownie #1 in 1915, 16. I had the Pocket Kodak, and a 4 x 5 view, all batted down. I had a Zeiss Milliflex. A great number of different cameras. I want to try to get back to 35 millimeter, which I did a lot of in the 1930s. Using one of the Zeiss compacts. In the 20s and into the 30s, I would carry a 6-1/2 x 8-1/2 glass plate camera — that was a little heavy. And I had a 4 x 5 camera, then of course we went to film, to film pack, things became a little simpler.

            “But William Henry Jackson and [Carleton] Watkins were all over this country with much bigger cameras. Wet plate cameras. And I believe it was Jackson’s series of pictures on the top of Mt. Hoffman, with wet plates, that is, having to take the darkroom, cook the plates on the spot, expose and process them immediately. For the wet plate process you have to complete the development of the image before the emulsion dries. And when the dry plate came in it was a great godsend. I guess we all did the best as we could. If we had very heavy cameras we simply didn’t go so far or take so many pictures. Knowing what I know now, any photographer worth his salt could make some beautiful things with pinhole cameras.”

          • Activia


            It’s like the guys who cry because the shutter doesn’t go up to 1/8000th, not mentioning those who are constantly asking for weather sealed bodies & lenses… like the materiel would die the instant it’s exposed to a drop of water.

          • Ali

            This is the dumbest thing I have ever read. Why are you shooting digital if you are such a purist? Go make your own pinhole camera.

            Anyone who says “flipscreen is not a “pro” feature is as clueless as it gets. I work in movies as a cinematographer, we do love any feature that makes our lives easier. If getting neck injury while you are trying to set up low shots make you a “pro”, I guess I am happy being an amateur.

          • john

            haha, even Al can’t believe the stuff he writes.

            The idea Al’s trying to get across is that his way of doing things is more pure than yours and it’s complete B.S.

            If living today Ansel Adams, Bresson and all the pioneers would be using all the latest tech available to them just as they should. They used the latest tech available to them at the time.

            Or does Al think that followers of Daguerre, Talbot, Niépce & Herschel were ridiculing Bresson and Adams for using 20th century tools instead of their early 19th century processes? LOL

          • Vlad

            Interesting, that @lvl omits some, including last sentence from that Adams quote: “Knowing what I know now, any photographer worth his salt could make some beautiful things with pinhole cameras.” Definitely goes against the argument :)

            Having said that it is an unachievable balance for a manufacturer to please everyone. Unsurprisingly, the lighter and more powerful cameras get, the more use cases designers confront. And the father is the possibility of a “please all” solution. That is, until a few years pass, when they learn what is important from users __actually using__ the __specific__ gear, not quarrelling about pre-production images.

          • Vlad

            father -> farther. huh…

          • lvl

            @Vlad, I’m not sure what you mean by: “Interesting, that @lvl omits some, including last… pinhole…”

            I mentioned two cameras that I am pretty sure a couple of the photographers Al mentioned used, Lartigue and others. I didn’t re-list the cameras Adams talked about – omitting is not the word – I didn’t list any of them. My point is, those legendary photographers used cameras as they as they were useful to them, and some used a waist level screen that was “flippy” and frankly not that “rugged” whatever that means, it’s not a new concept… Ok C-B used Leica predominantly, and one lens, everybody knows, fine – if it was all he needed. Others used multiple but nobody complained that much. Adams last statement doesn’t contradict my point, and you seem to agree – “can’t please everyone, and everyone can choose”. Not just pinhole camera, you can make good art without a camera at all.

            Personally I like the new tech: histograms in my VF. I also like OVF’s, I like small and weatherproof, and I like ergonomic, and flip screens, but want them to be pretty tough and unobtrusive. I like clear knobs, fast AF, long battery life and GPS/WiFi if it’s implemented well. I like retro, and I want it to have decent video. Not too expensive, I also like my cameras all black, and I’m still hoping Canon brings eye control focus back! Just like C-B (err.. he taped his silver Leica with black tape – see can’t please everybody). Why complain – I haven’t seen anybody break off their flip screen yet.

          • Vlad

            @lvl I read your first quote of Adams as justification of “the more diverse, the better” point of view. Seemed to me that last sentence in the quote did not support it. But I might have misunderstood your point with the later comment in mind.

          • Al Downie

            It’s got nothing to do with Pro vs Amateur (God knows there are great amateur photographers out there, and some utterly incompetent professionals), or Old vs New. It’s about basic vs ‘frilly’.

            There are a gazillion features that you could add to a camera that *some* folk find useful: spirit levels, audio-recording mic, UV filter, ‘scene’ exposure modes, etc etc etc. My preference is to have only the most important tools built-in, and then to add or improvise everything else – therein lies the real craft of photography.

            I’ve used Sinar 5×4 cameras, and Bronica 6x7s with WL finders, and Pentax 6x7s with prisms, and a shed-load of other cameras and formats which were all consistent with the above philosophy: they provide a means of focussing, adjustable shutter-speed and aperture, and the rest is up to you.

            Sadly, it seems that camera manufacturers have either lost sight of this, or have lost interest because it’s too easy to keep selling you guys more features. MORE features. The next one will have TWO spirit levels, and they’ll be bigger than Nikon spirit levels! Still someone would wish that their Fuji spirit levels were more like Olympus spirit levels.

            The new Fuji camera looks good, but is still too stuffed with superfluous features. I’m glad it doesn’t have a flash, but the addition of the flappy screen suggests that their evolution will, as usual, be about adding more cr@p rather than making things better.

          • Awoo

            Is this real life? A Rolex is move valuable than a Casio not because of what it lacks. Rolex makes its own cases, movements, and I even think they have their own steel production plant. Rolexes are also built to much, much tougher conditions and require several rigourous certifications to get COSC status. Everything else like quality control, after sales service, customer support etc. are also so much better than the Casio side.

            This is easily top five dumbest posts on Fuji Rumors this year, but it is only January so I am looking forward to more from you.

    • JK

      On some cameras the articulate screen protrudes and makes it harder to use the view finder – it simply gets in the way. Mostly because of the hingesand the casing of the screen.
      Depending on the stability of mechanics it could also be a liability in terms of durability.

  • Valentino

    I like the big viewfinder but now that I see the entire camera I am far less interested. Too much like the Nikon Df with very busy controls.

  • DaveCC

    I needs a faster flash sync speed than 1/180, it needs at least 1/250 and best would be 1/500.

    • Is it just me or does it not bother other people that it does not have a built in flash. I hate the idea of having to carry around another flash. Other then this it looks great for what I can see. Really wanted tilt screen and bigger EVF. Every time I think they will have the perfect camera for me they leave out one key feature. Sadly my X-E1 was stolen Saturday and unlikely to ever see it again so X-Ti is looking like it will be the best replacement option,.

      • Andrew

        I agree I would have liked a built in flash, sorry about your camera.

  • dave

    Hope the flip screen is rugged….

    Bring some small f2.0 weather sealed primes, that contribute to the smallish approach of the body… the 1.4 primes seem a bit big.

    I’d start with this body and the 18mm as a veeeery nice combo.

    Thanks Fuji!!

  • philsta

    Looks a bit busy to be honest, the top of the dials heights don’t match up well. Although I can definitely use better af and an iso dial.

  • Fujimoto

    I think Patrick is gonna have a busy week.

    • patrick

      Pff… I also have to write reports for my students until the end of January! On the 29th I predict a burn out!

  • P. Esco

    It looks cheap, not very well made on these photos. Let’s just hope it’s not the case in real life.

    • Adamant

      Amazing that you can assess build quality through photographs, and blurry pre-production ones no less!

      • Bevan

        +1 adamant

  • I see no flower on the 4-way buttons, which makes me hope they move the AF-point directly. :)

  • Hmmm Bacon

    Max 1/4000 shutter speed, max flash sync of 1/180, and the top plate looks eerily similar to the Nikon DF (too crowded in my opinion). I had high hopes for this camera but I’ll wait for the XPro 2.

    • EJPB

      This is indeed a Fujinized Nikon Df. The X-Pro1 radiates consistency in its design, this looks like somebody with not the best taste has cramped together all possible controls in one camera layout. Not a very sexy camera, not something where I have been waiting for, I hope Fuji does better with the X-Pro2. Hire some Porsche designers, Fuji.

      • Andrew

        I’d love if it everything was a knob. I don’t like navigating menus, especially in the daylight. I’m a big fan of the exterior of this camera. Too bad I’m not a big fan of the X-Trans sensor.

      • Activia

        It’s sexy for the very reason that it has knobs, all the right ones needed to set the camera at a glance.

        If you like cool buttonless stuff, I suggest you use an iphone ;)

    • justintime

      Yes but at least Fuji remembered the A setting on the ISO dial!

  • Markus Worsdorfer

    Take my order Fuji and throw in a battery grip with shutter release for good measure. Totally love it. Good bye Nikon Df

  • david blanchard

    Take my money !! This is what I’ve been waiting for!

  • Tomasino

    Well, if H1 means 12800 and H2 means 25600… There’s no space for ISO 51200! Look at the ISO dial…

    • With respect who needs 51k Iso?

      • Geoff

        Well, if done well, H1 is acceptable and H2 is for emergency purpose.
        On my D3s, which has a native useable 12800 ISO, I could push to 20000 ISO and get great pictures with lots of details and fine grain noise.
        I used to beat anybody in nightclubs with f2.0 – f2.8 lenses!

        • Stephan

          Geoff, if the purpose is to “beat folks in night clubs”, you would be best with a baseball bat ! It’s not only lighter than your D3s/f2-2,8 lenses, but perhaps even smaller too :)

          PS: Sorry, couldn’t help it ! (your combo is a self-defence weapon by design, but even better with that 200-400mm on it…)


          • Geoffrey

            Well…some nature photographer can testify that a baseball bat would break against a rhino while the D3s would remain intact and also stun the rhino, allowing then to run a away and take cover behind some bushes… :-)

            More seriously, I find the X-trans sensor way more performant (for high ISO) than APS-C sensors from Nikon / Canon…can’t wait to see a X-trans full frame sensor in an hybrid!

  • kalli

    Any word of a silver version?

  • rr98

    If this camera cost USD$1800 and I am looking for a new camera system, why should I consider this over Sony A7? Doesn’t make sense to me.

    • Well, maybe, because you can get more than two lenses for it ;-)

    • Felix

      because the speed of the available lenses negate the FF advantage of the Sony with the lenses available for that system. Also the Sony lenses cost more.

      Also, for those who care, APS-C will have a size advantage over FF … and if you don’t care about size then why buy mirrorless since it is more expensive than DSLR?

  • Stefan
  • jotka

    Hope it will only have the look of the DF and not the weight ;-)
    So if we can talk about the price i will order one for sure.

  • Brad

    The ISO dial only goes to 25600 (hi2) so I think the rumor of a 51200 top ISO might be wrong.

    • miniTO

      How do you know those aren’t customizable?

      • Brad

        I guess I am assuming based on the fact that other manufacturers use hi1 and hi2 to indicate two additional stops of ISO in the extended range

        • JK

          Yep – but those settings are in the menu. Here you have buttons which might be customizable.

  • Freddy Mello

    from the specs it seems a great camera.. thank you patrick!
    Any confirmation about double or single memory slot?

    • patrick

      trusted source said = Dual Card slot / Japanese source = UHS-II… seems that they where both right.

  • Superb camera !!!!!!!

  • esanchez

    Anything on the video side?

    • xcm

      yes, my dream is full manual video control….

  • jimmy

    lots of FUD already from the m43 bunch.

  • pepe

    Looks like a toy. Will stick to X-Pro1 for a time being.

    • Felix

      My, X-Pro1 is sitting beside me – it doesn’t look like a toy … and nor does this X-T1.
      I want one! Many improvements, more dials, better grip! Take my money!

      Oh… I don’t have any. :-(

  • Per K

    For sure it looks like a photographer´s camera. Just hope the implementation of manual controls is not just an overlay of a complex menu system like the Nikon DF is.
    Flip screen is great, very useful not only for low angle shots, but also when using tripod.
    This camera and a 16-55/2.8 – a very competent (and expensive) combination……

    • Vidar

      Well spoken! :)

    • Conguero

      The Df problems with the manual controls comes from the fact that Nikon didn’t get rid of PASM and even made it the higher priority control mechanism: e.g. in the Df if you have the shutter speed dial on 1/125 but the PASM dial on A (aperture priority), then the camera will ignore the settings on the shutter speed dial. Same goes for ISO dial. Very confusing indeed.

      Fuji’s operation concept is not any thing like that. It is the best implementation for traditional manual controls in the digital age I’ve ever seen. So no need to worry :-)

      • Delmar


    • Raz

      If you’ve used any Fuji X series camera you’ll know the dials work like they’re supposed to – they set the appropriate value for whatever function they’re controlling. You can override to a limited extent the value using the command dial (e.g. picking an in-between aperture or shutter speed) but it’s not the mess on the Df where values can be set all over the place and some override others.

  • Chase

    1/180th and 1/4000th is a huge disappointment for me. I do not like ND filters.
    I actually like the complexity/busyness of the dials and controls. That EVF looks beastly.
    Can’t think of what the rear and front dials could be used for though besides controlling the aperture on a non-aperture-dial lens.

    • marco


    • Raz

      Here’s a few ideas for them: Changing film simulation, bracketting, move AF point, change AF point size, zoom in/out image in preview.

  • marco

    View mode button came back! :)
    af assist sound nice ..
    wow that evf at .77 must be a beast :)
    bigger than any pro DSLR (canon 1DX is 0.76, D4 is 0.7)

    • Bigger is only better if resolution is up the task. It seems from the spec that the resolution of the T-X1’s EVF is the same as the A7r, which isn’t good enough to mimic the detail retrieval of even a poor OVF for manual lens focusing. The big I like, but if that big is blown up it reveals flaws in resolution more than a small EVF ever will.

  • junyo

    Once you jump into the ‘workhorse’ camera arena, battery grips are nice and all, but people actually expect stuff like wireless TTL, and HSS. Also, $1800 body only is insane.

    • Chase

      Exactly. I was expecting $1200-$1300. $1400 at the very most.
      $1800 is expected if the 18-135mm and grip are included.

      • MariusM


      • Piero

        This price are not ufficial, do you know that!?

    • Yes, that’s a bit steep although this is the first Fuji X camera that gives me everything I can imagine. Personally, I won’t place a preorder on this one but rather wait four months or so, both for reviews and any reports of “child diseases” to have time to show up (thinking of the early X100 sticky aperture issues, the D600 sensor problems, etc), as well as for prices to come down.

    • I think the price is for 80 years anniversary model with x100 special paint. Regular model would be 1400, I hope…

  • Looks so nice! Except for the non-inline tripod socket. Why? Why can’t it be perfect for one? ;)

    • true that

    • FujiAngst

      The optional grip will no doubt include an inline tripod mount :-)

    • Fuji just solved that with the new grips for X-Pro1 and X-E1/2, so it is unlikely that they will not do the same for a new camera with the expected specs of X-T1.
      Ok they could do that from the beginning and it would be cheaper for the user, but must be some reasons for this positioning even if only the design of the structure of the body and the cost to modify it as it mau require other changes of the inside parts. Difficult to say.

    • Raz

      At least you’ll be able to change memory cards on a tripod with the X-T1. There is probably a reason why they don’t put the tripod mount inline with the lens mount, maybe there just isn’t enough room under the sensor for it to go without making the camera body taller.

  • I wait for the X-T2

  • Alexalex

    No shutter release screw in the shutter button?!?? Why?

    • FujiAngst

      Weatherproofing perhaps?

  • Well here she is at least it seems so, small, top sensor,weather sealed,all the dials there, BIG viewfinder,8 fps, made by fuji, I will wait for the reviews no no with the reputation of fuji we will order two.
    Lets make positive comment’s guys and girls there seems noting wrong here.

    Thanks Fuji no waiting for the pro 2 anymore

  • Wantsfuji but…

    It seems quite an awesome camera…but i won’t buy it and will wait for the x pro 2….because of….

    No 250/320 flash sync
    no native 100 iso (or even 50)
    no faster shutter speed 1/8000 (like em-1, old nikon d7000)
    double sd-card slot

    Fuji why not implenting such features in the SLR like model of your x series?

    Cannot understand and i’m very sad…

    I hope these features will have the x pro 2…

    Generally fuji should concentrate on weather-sealed lenses, better flash units/improving their flash system in general (like nikon cls) and further the raw conversion issues (cooperate, collaboration with adobe, photo ninja or whatever developer..)

    Fuji why not ? I thought you are the only real company who listen to your customers….the majority wanted double sd card, higher flash sync and faster shutter speed….

    What a bummer fuji! You could easily bought a bestseller with the missing features named above…

    Thanks Patrick for your awesome, continuos work and effort to inform us as quick as possible….

    • XE2owner

      agree totally they need to work on their flash system.
      re faster shutter speed – not sure everyone is asking for this? how many pictures do you take at faster than 1/4000? seriously i’m curious – im looking through my lightroom catalog and hardly any are at 1/4000 – what kind of photography are you doing?

      • Wantsfuji but…

        in sunny australia you could easily use 1/8000 shutter speed….

        • XE2owner

          fair enough – im in uk, i use my f1.4 just to be able to see people in the dark gloom.

          • yep, the same here, 1/500 is a luxury :)

          • XE2owner

            for me in camera stabilisation would be a great feature – 4 stops of OIS and a f.14 lens wow – i could take pictures in an evening.

          • @XE2owner -> I added iShoot (cheap) grip to my X-Pro1, added little bit more weight and improved grip so I’m better now with lower shutter speeds.

          • XE2owner

            thanks – ill Google it. i had an x100 and i got used to the f2 lens and i think the whole leaf shutter thing which seemed to be very smooth. although i love my xe-2 as i ultimately found the fixed lens limiting – the zoom while great in optical terms is a bit slow for me — luckily i found an old pentax f.1.7 50mm lens i had as a teenager 20 years ago which is quite nice and i splashed out on the 35mm 1.4. these combined with an acceptance that high iso isnt bad kind of works for me.i hand hold to around 1/15 without much shake. 1/8000 is just a dream for me. having said that my last few holidays have been Cornwall – perhaps i need to go somewhere sunnier ;-)

          • Felix

            I second this. If I lived in Australia I wouldn’t need APS-C.

        • A 0.3 ND (1 stop) filter allows you to shoot at 1/4000s with the same aperture as the bare lens at 1/8000s.

      • Geoff

        For bokeh lovers using f1.4 / f2.0 lenses in bright daylight, 1/8000s is a must…or use non convenient ND filters which are of 3 kinds:
        – Cheap with color cast
        – No color cast but damn expensive
        – Variable, based on polarizer, hence adding this polarized look which is not suitable for protraiture

        • An uniform color cast can be easily eliminated with a PS simple and fast edit.

        • Rich

          A 55mm 2 stop B+W ND is currently £17.17 on Amazon.co.uk and wouldn’t create any perceptible colour shift. Plus, if it’s that bright, screw it on and forget you’ve got it on until you get home!

      • I don’t want to see 1/8000 shaky Sony A7r shutter..

    • Jens

      Hey, don`t stop half-way! The race for faster shutter has just begun. What about 1/16.000s, 1/32.000s etc.? 1/64.000 anyone?

      To cope with too much light you would be astonished what an ND-Filter or a Polarizer could do for you. Some say you could even blur the motion of water in the brightest sunlight with a correct filter. And if you want on the other hand to freeze a colibris`s motion in flight, a strobe might help.

      Just my two cents.


      • Adamant

        Why not stop at 1/1000, then, and let people eat cake– I mean buy filters to compensate?

        • Geoff

          To me, ND filters are of 3 kinds:
          – Cheap with color cast
          – No color cast but damn expensive
          – Variable, based on polarizer, hence adding this polarized look which is not suitable for portraiture

          If I can do without, then I’m more than happy.

  • Andrew Brown

    So, it has a ‘busy’ top plate according to some. For me, that’s just fine – but then, I cut my teeth on a Canon A1 so we still have more to add before it gets that busy.

    The body does not look ‘cheaply made’, it looks like it has been made in the same manner as high end DSLR’s, magnesium body with the ‘platic’ outer coating – probably all part of the weather proofing. With ‘prism’ mount on top for viewfinder – it even looks like an old film style SLR.

    So far, I would be happy to purchase it.

    Now for those specs, most are nothing we haven’t read before, and very nice they appear to be as well – though I do believe this is the first time we’ve seen WiFi listed amongst the proposed specs. I’m keen to see wiFi if it means images could be seamlessly copied to my iPad Mini as a backup during shooting – but suspect that may not yet be the case :-(

    One other thing that appears to be new is the expanded ISO – which has been included via L, H! & H2 – meaning that Fuji are not prepared to put there name to these settings as acceptable – but inlcude as they provide a shot with more noise than they would like than no shot at all – well that’s how other makers seem to work – and having worked with H2 (25600) on the 5D2, a feature I found extremely useful and used often (I worked nights on occasions).

    The price as being quoted does seem a tad on the high side, and suspect this may in fact be an error, if not – then we can assume the X-Pro line is dead.

    Would I buy one on proposed specs? Well yes again.

    At that proposed price? Not a hope – I haven’t even started to master my X-Pro 1 yet so I think I can survive for a bit, but none the less, if I came by some money in the next month or two and needed a second body… (and the price was the same or less than the X-Pro 1)

    • Vlad

      Never used an A1, but the Fuji seems to have significantly more dials and buttons. Also, the price seems more than “a tad” high. Whether it is the correct price or not, it will drop over time, but I would be curious as to how this camera feels in hand.

      • Andrew Brown

        nah – the A1 top plate was a lot more crowded:
        film winder,
        Exposure dial doubled up for Exposure priority with selection lever
        ISO dial double up with film rewind lever
        Film Advance Override lever so you could put multiple exposures on the same shot
        A nice little green light to look at as well

        So miss it – if Canon were to take that body and put a digital heart into it – I could be tempted – but the X-Pro 1 (and maybe this) more than compensate in absence :-)

        • Vlad

          Lol, didn’t even think about the winder! That probably says something. Speaking of Canon, I remember how happy I was with my G10. They should’ve based their M-system on that body.
          I am still on the fence for Fuji, not a fan of either the X-trans idea, nor the aperture rings or shutter dials, but great lenses and lovely colors.

    • I’ll see your A1 and raise you the F4 – crazy number of knobs and dials, I still want one even now!

    • Ed Sinclair

      I suspect the intention is that this and the X-Pro line will exist side by side – the X-Pro has proved very popular. They have very distinct audiences – the Leica OVF form-factor lovers, and the mirrorless DSLR fans. No reason for them not to coexist as Fuji’s high-end models, though the X-Pro2 would presumably be more expensive to build with the hybrid OVF mechanism. I reckon Fuji are keeping the X-Pro2 for a new sensor or something like that.

  • Wantsfuji but…

    sorry wanna further add fuji should also work on better remote control options for every x-model via cable or better WIFI for astrophotography, long exposure …

  • Andrew Brown

    just looking at those pics again – am i missing something or is that a dual card slot in pic 4?
    If so, that has to be a bonus for many…

    • I was thinking the same thing!

    • patrick

      true! Seems that my other trusted source was right too! I’ll update my list :-).

  • I’m sorry wallet….. you’re about to take a beating you’ll never forget!!!

    FF or this….. this every time (for me). Small, great EVF and compact high quality lenses….. Hope it is available mid Feb. Ready and waiting for that pre-order!!!

  • leocat

    I love it. I will place my order ASAP

  • LetTherebelight

    That has to definitely be a Dual SD slot!… AF tracking, tilt screen, battery grip!!! This could totally get people to switch from DSLR to mirrorless for applications such as wedding and journalism (pretty sure the X-Ti will make the case easy for me to rest my DSLR gear and switch full time to Fuji)… Beautiful work Fuji… Cannot wait!

    Oh, and about the tilt screen. I know purists hate the tilt screen application but I have found it extremely useful with the X-M1 and it reminds me of the Hasselblad 501CM that was so fun to use. Reality is if you don’t need it don’t flip it out, but for those of us who love shooting low and down at the waist level this is such a welcome trend.

    • Vlad

      Mirrorless products are improving quickly, good times.

  • That really looks like a dual SD slot

    • Macintosh Sauce

      Yes, it does! :)

  • I have a job abroad in April and will be after this instead of my 5D2 if all the rumoured specs are true. Looks like a dual card slot to me.

    XP1 and 35mm
    XT1 and 56
    14mm in the bag

    That’s the kit for me…
    Now where’s my credit card…

    • CGL

      Nice kit!!

  • david blanchard

    Between this and the new videos on the 56mm 1.2 Fuji is killing it!

  • Ovrkast

    Did they eliminate the built-in flash?

    • XE2owner

      that’s interesting – do you think more flashes are coming?

      • Geoff

        Please…please…please…please Fuji, bring us a decent Flashgun!

  • CGL

    Looks BEAUTIFUL to my eyes. Well done Fuji. Looks like a dual card slot too, can anyone confirm? If appears to have everything one needs in a real pro camera. Love the fact that the card door has been moved to the side. Please do the same Fuji with the X-Pro 2, but don’t change the X-Pro 2 button arrangement ;-)
    I do prefer the larger buttons on the X-Pro1 though, something that not too many cameras actually have–they’re just so nice.
    This camera is soooo well thought out. Not only the real manual dials for the three main controls, Shutter, Aperture and ISO, but TWO command dials AND the four-way controller, direct visual access to the metering (under the Shutter Speed dial), direct access to the film advance–single, continuous, etc. (under the ISO dial), a diopter adjustment (left side of finder hump), separate AF-L and AE-L. It also appears that the grip will also take a second battery because of the contacts, nice! The only thing I see missing is the View Mode button, which is also missing from the X-E2 (YIKES!). Should be a top camera for a long time. Bravo Fuji. Everything the Nikon Df could have been.

    • View Mode button is on the VF hump -> right side

      • CGL


  • Steve

    Damn! I just bought the XE-2!!!!

    • I want to buy your camera X-E2 Body for £500 and you can buy XT-1 now!

      • Macintosh Sauce


      • FujiAngst

        Have a look on Panamoz – not much more than £500 for a new X-E2

    • mitch

      il buy the xe2

  • Nick

    It begins to look a lot like … Nikon, Canon …. everywhere you go.

    I want better flash, faster sync, and performance please Fuji. Build the system that photographers want, not for marketing.

    • lxcellent

      You do mean old film Nikon and Canon (FD) right? Otherwise I think you are crazy.

  • MariusM

    The larger EVF excites me the most. Tilt screen is a plus. Everything else is gravy. Price seems high, but time will tell…

  • derek

    actually it is smaller than the XE2.

  • Tom

    People may not like this SLR-style for whatever reason, but I’d say the ergonomics of an SLR is still best for most situations. I dig this camera already! (If the Df was even anything remotely similar to this I would have gotten that)

    What I like:
    dual card slots
    **looks like changing AF point will be a direct process with the directional pad (would be great if Patrick can find out. Thanks!)
    rid of the drive mode and have “shooting mode” and metering mode directly under the dials
    dedicated ISO dial (now I can’t figure out what to do with the Fn button)
    dual wheel (front & back), very very handy

    What I hope:
    additional grip with vertical shutter
    better focus peaking with other colors

    My credit card is ready! Will buy this and 23mm in a heartbeat.

  • a gaffer tape will be used a lot on this cam

    • I will start selling Contax sticker for this on Ebay.

  • June Doe

    Why is the left side of the screen dimmed/sensored on the third pic?

    • patrick

      because it was possible to recognize the source

    • reflection of the person who took these photos

  • briny

    Not hating this at all.

  • Ml

    Is that 2 card slots? That would be a happy day.

    • Macintosh Sauce

      It does look like a two-slot feature. Sweet! Perfect for those long days of taking photos. :)

  • piero

    2 Cards slot!! great!!
    No flash, don’t like that.
    I hope for the Fast AF!!
    Anyway, really looking forward to see it and play with it!!!

  • tim

    Reminds me of when Homer designed a car for his long lost brother Herb


    “The Homer”


  • jimmy

    I like everything about this thing so far, larger evf BETTER than em1(!) which is already the best now, dual cards, tilt screen for waist-street shots, iso dial, all the right customizable buttons. Looks like a larger (maybe) battery? If it has IBIS I’ll buy 2. (if not, just 1). Rumors say 16mpx; maybe 24?

    • Andrew Brown

      Fuji seemed to have indicated via interviews that the 16mp threshold is what they’re happy with – and have played with 21+ on the 5D2, so am I

  • Alexander Barus

    The new Fujifilm X-T1 reminds me of the old Nikon F5 that was launched over 15 years ago but in a compact package. Amazing!

  • codeNsnap

    Can’t wait to preorder. One minor nit – wish the AE-L and AF-L were inverted. AE-L is placed better for focus tracking IMO.

  • leo

    The lens-body proportion is disharmonious and so is the aesthetic conception.

    Trying to avoid this by Leica M lenses, the 35 2.5 Summarit for example, not makes any sense concerning to the crop-factor.

    So I ask myself what is the fancy retro-design about?

    • why would you pick summarit as an example and not summilux for example?

      • leo

        it´s barely affordable to me.

        • But has got red badge on it – I get it, I use Voigtlander on my M ;)

          • leo

            Your perceptive faculty makes me think about what kind of photographer you are ;)

          • @ leo -> translate please, not sure what you meant

    • CGL


    • Conguero

      If you wan’t a compact 35mm equiv. or generally prefer MF lenses then you can pick the Zeiss 25mm ZM which is wonderful (and cheaper than the summarit).

  • Very interesting – perfect timing for me and nice to have some cameras to compare. Looking forward to seeing how it handles. Need a replacement for my D600 which is going back to Nikon, might be time to switch…

    I noticed that the photos show a leather strap which suggests that this has seen some personal use (doesn’t look like a kit strap) – would be good to see some better quality images of this camera. The source might want to change his shoes as well if this was an unauthorized leak, his employers might be able to figure out who he is : )

  • Vlad

    Definitely as busy as the Nikon Df and on top of that smaller. Still, looks better and has more interesting features.

  • Macintosh Sauce

    Thanks Patrick! The Fujifilm X-T1 looks sweet. I was going to get a X-E2, but I’m going to wait a bit for the X-T1. :D

    Battery grip with extra batteries, weather-sealed body and lenses (to come), new ISO dial. Who doesn’t love that? LOL The only thing I wish the shutter speed was 1/8000, but that is not a deal breaker.

    The X-T1 reminds me of my old film camera days. :)

  • awesome work patrick! ive been checking every few hours to find out if this is the upgrade for my much loved and used xpro 1 … will be getting this and the 23 soon as the package prices come out. all three dials i need are accessible and in a small form factor – will be carrying with me everywhere i go! hoping the 8fps with faster write times will deliver, if so, will be super happy.

  • I’m a NEX7 fanatic, but this baby has my FULL attention !! Maybe time to jump ship from Sony, the A7’s jpeg engine is horrid and I returned mine. Fuji lenses always had me drooling, but I wanted both EVF and Tilt screen, now this dude is calling my name…

    • Tim

      Same here.. It does look quite small, I hope the grip is big enough for my big hands. If a camera like this would have IBIS it would be the ultimate wannahave camera for the serious photographer. I definitely want one either way. Can’t wait to here and see more details on 28th. Let’s hope the price is not more than 1200 EUR for the body.

    • Vlad

      I’m still on the fence. I think I’ll end up owning both Sony and Fuji at some point.

      • Then you can take pictures of both sides of the fence 8-)

        • Vlad

          Ok, that’s anice one :)

      • I might end up sitting on that same fence with you ;)

  • Ryan

    Not a fan of the threadless shutter or the ugly grip shape but I’ll live with it I suppose. That grip really does ruin the aesthetic imo. I hope that’s a touch screen, though!

    • I expect the thread less shutter is due to weatherproofing

      • Ryan

        I would say that you are correct!

  • Marcus

    Aww – No view mode button – Didn’t everyone want that back?

    I’ll have to figure out some fast way of switching when I do buy this honey of a camera

    • It’s on the side of the EVF hump

  • Ken McBride

    The Red/Orange button beside the shutter release button. Could this bring the shutter speed and ISO settings if set to A (as they are the same colour) into manual play by using the front and back black dials like a Dslr where you could see the changes being made through the view finder. This would make me very very happy.

  • omairster

    The design looks great, but that was never the real issue with X-E1/X-Pro1 or X-E2. The real issue for me has been the auto focus speed, especially with the 35mm and the 60mm lenses. Yes, the speed was increased after the firmware updates, but it was nowhere, nowhere close to that found on an equivalent focal length m43 glass-body.

    From what I’m reading, Fuji seems to be content with its ambiguous claim of the world’s fastest auto focus**** with those numerous asterisks. I for one would like to see an improvement in auto focus. I’m hoping that Fuji doesn’t rest on its auto focus claim and not present any improvement in this body.

    I have been in love the IQ from my X-E1 and purchased the X-E2 based on their claim of much improved auto focus. Alas, the improvement (for me) was very miniscule. Here’s hoping for a big step change, one that would make me free of the frustration of missing the moment and finally allow me to sell my X-E1.

  • FJ

    New battery—? 9 volts per battery sd door.

    • justintime

      re New battery—? 9 volts per battery sd door.
      X-e1/2 use (V 18W battery too, so looks like same battery. Personally if new/bigger battery gave faster AF speed (more current to drive lens motors harder!) then I’d be happy. But I can live with compatibility with existing batteries.

  • Wow – they actually included a movie record button! Just a little bit late for me though – I switched to Sony mirrorless but this guy looks great.

    • Tim

      In few months you’ll be yearning a Fuijfilm camera and dump that Sony crap haha.. just joking, A7/R seems to be an awesome camera but I don’t like their FE lenses and I don’t want to fiddle with adapters and legacy lenses.

  • Steve

    This is SICK!! I will get one and sell my XE-2! FUJI ROCKS!!!! :)

  • Anonymous

    Weather sealed, Dual SD Slots, good set of manual controls all-round the camera. All I need is a 90-100mm macro lens.

    • Hmmm

      YES! Exactly what I want as well.

      C’mon Fuji. Your lenses are superb but you need a great macro lens in the lineup. The 60 f2.4 is (a) not true macro 1:1, and (b) a little short for live macro subjects.

  • inuites

    Anything about movie capabilities ? I hope it will better because it’s lacks from previous Fuji camera

    • Tim

      I don’t expect much improvements compared to X-E2 on video.. If you are really into video there are much better camera’s out there for that purpose. The camera’s from Fuijfilm are clearly made for a single purpose.. photography.

  • Concerning the AF speed, they state 0.08s worldfastest… It is the same claim as for the XE2. Therefore I think that the AF speed is the same as the XE2.

  • me

    Don’t need anything more, the hell with X-Trans full support that will never happen because it turns out that Image processing algorithms were coded for Bayer and 3rd party image processing providers don’t know where to start from.
    Pre ordering right now, take all my money Fuji and give me the camera right now!!!
    (Fuji employee responding for fee)

  • Pawel

    I never use flash and hardly ever go over 1/1000 sec so it all looks good to me. Now the most important question is the sensor. If it’s X-E2 one then it’s not worth more than 1200 USD, if it’s sty new – I’m happy to pay ~1800.

  • CGL

    Possibly, since there is a soft/normal shutter release, the Continuos High will be pressure sensitive like on DSLR’s, and not either High or Single like the X-Pro1. This seems to be Fuji’s solution to those wonderful new zooms I take it, and possibly sports photography? That way owning the Fuji system would give you the best of both worlds. Rangefinder style with primes, and X-T1 with zooms (and/or primes too). I find using the X-Pro1 with the OVF and a zoom not as fun, and prefer the small primes for the OVF ;-)

  • X200

    This camera is built like a tank, I love it.
    Dont worry about the poor images.

    The source of these pics greyed out his face reflection on the screen. But Fuji will probably get him by the stickers on the lens :-D

  • Looks good

    Body size seems to be about:
    122mm (W) x 88mm (H) x 40 mm (D)

  • Rap

    Did we just lost the build-in flash? Oh we’ll, can’t have everything…

  • Aww, I wanted a flippy-uppy flash to go with the flappy-outy screen!

  • McPIX

    THX Fuji!
    THX Patrick!

    • patrick

      you’re welcome… I’ll redirect your thanks also to my sources :-)

      • Scott Marsh

        Patrick, Please ask if the camera can draw power off 2 batteries at a time. A most useful feature!

  • alans

    Thanks Patrick for the shots and info. The X-T1 is looking good so far and we’ll be seeing the facts in a week or less.

  • Mister Big

    This is truly the Nikon Df done right — a Nikon FM/FE for the digital age. I’m tempted to sell my D700 and all my Nikon gear. Fuji really understands what the film-era photographer wants in a digital camera — namely classic film-camera handling.

    Rock on Fuji.

    • Looks good

      + 1

    • Scott Marsh

      Yep 3 thumbs up if I had 3. LOL

  • Mister Big

    I suppose having decent or good video would be asking too much at this point… If Fuji could have Nikon/Canon/Panasonic GH-level video, it would be all over.

  • Dan

    Thats a real gem from Fuji, i really like the controls which i can adjust whitout turning the camera on. The only downside i can see at the moment is the location of the EVF, my nose is going to mess upp the screen. Other than that, Fuji has my money already.

    • Scott Marsh

      I am left eyed the trick is turn your eye to the side and head too so you don’t get the nose on it as much.

  • Georg63

    “World’s fastest AF” – like the X-E2? This was already a marketing blunder… In bad light situations there was hardly any difference… Same sensor as in the last 2 years (yeah, I know, plus phase AF)? They should have brought something with further developed sensor + better body. Like this it is half an updated camera.
    Too expensive for that, even with the biggest EVF in the whole known universe…

    • omairster

      Totally agree with you on the focusing point!

      Update the auto focus system and make it FAST. Please.

  • Renato S.

    The EVF is just huge

    • Tim

      Yes, the traditional SLR like design actually makes practical sense if you’re gonna put such a big EVF with high magnification in it.

  • Omega

    @admin, price $1,8000 is quite high. One “0” down will be fine ;)

    • patrick

      thanks Omega, corrected… I think that after 21 hours it’s finally time to go to sleep for me! ;-)

      • mgw

        I assume the rumored $1,800 price is with a kit lens? If so, the 18-55 that currently comes with the X-E2 or the new 18-135?

        • Scott Marsh

          My post at the end is a likely end point I hope for the price, Body with weather and other add ons 300+ over the X E2 a guesstamont A new non word !

  • calxn

    This looks like an awesome camera. I hope the AF does not disappoint.

  • Benji

    What a bummer. Less features, better sensor please…this just makes me want to pick up a Sony ff.

    • Macintosh Sauce

      Fill your boots. :-/

  • tom

    Rumors i rumors, but what we see on photos?

    1. On front new button below the af assist lamp – this must be preview depth of field
    2. On front connector for synchro lamp cable
    3. On front – universal dial 1
    3. On top – ISO Standard – 200-6400, H1 12800, H2 25600, L – 100 – no other for example no 51200
    3. On top – no builtin flash lamp
    4. On top – on left correction for EVF for people with glass
    5. On top – on top – shutter dial
    6. On top – on top ev correction dial
    7. On top – record button
    8. On top – Fn button/Wifi button in playback mode
    9. On right – DOUBLE sd card slot – we can see one card, and place for another
    10. On bottom – connector for additional battery grip – vertical
    11. On back – playback button and trash button for playback mode
    12. On back – AE-L and AF-L button
    13. On back – universal dial 2
    14. On back focus assist button
    15. On back – Q-Menu button
    16. On back – photometry dial under the shutter dial
    17. On back – Function dial – under the iso dial – function brecketing, multiexposure, advanced function-filters, and other

    It looks like that Fuji put all main photography functions on buttons and dials. Than you can use this camera without checking parameters on the screen or EVF.

  • ACM

    The camera look similar to the Contax SRL cameras made by Yashica in the 80s, very different to the Fujica SRL cameras. I like the design.

    • ACM

      Much better design than the Nikon Df.

  • future collector

    This is exactly spot on what I wished for – I can finally bring my wife into the wonderful world of Fuji, as she can now finally sell her cheap but fast and weather sealed dSLR (Canon 60D). My x-pro 1 will never sell. That one I will use until the x pro 2 is out, after which I will become a camera collector – keeping the x-pro 1 for my personal Museum of Great Camera Designs. So far the x-pro 1 is the only contemporary camera that qualifies for that museum… although this X-T1 model seems to be a candidate (I never liked the X-E designs). Leica would, too, but I it’s too expensive. Great Fuji – now get your act together on the hoods of new great lenses: no more petals, please! (updated versions for hoods of XF14 and 23 that can be bought separately would be nice too)

    • Scott Marsh

      Yep I like the first hoods even if the caps are a pain. A loop and a string would be helpful.

  • robert donovan

    Any news on AE bracketing?

    • justintime

      There is a bracketing setting on LH mode dial. Will have to wait until specs released to find out if it has been crippled with 3 frames and/or just +/-1 EV. But it sounded like Fuji rep at CES understood users comments re bracketing/HDR and so whatever X-T1 does initially we may all get a firmware fix.

    • There’s a BKT option on the drive selector so that’ll be it (also what looks like a multiple exposure icon). No mention of how these can be adjusted yet though.

      • robert donovan

        It would be nice for the +- 3 or 5 with 5 or 7 frames.

        I don’t use HDR much but I do hand blend exposures and the +- 1 on the X-E2 could stand some more range.

  • laurance

    Well on first blush, this looks like a great package. I really like what appears to be very large viewfinder…D700 size? This clearly looks like a “retro” concept camera and much better overall design concept than the Nikon Df….and much better value. Fuji for me, redefined the “sensor” playing field against buy like Canon and Nikon. Quality over quantity….or frame size.

    I also can see that this going to be great package for using adaptors of longer classic telephoto lenses from various brands. The new 56mm F1.2….is getting killer reviews in actual testing. And makes the Panasonic-Nocti 42.5 look like an over priced over hyped dog. I will be interested to see how the new “Fuji”does on video. I’m excited.

  • TJM

    GET IN! This looks REALLY REALLY exciting. For me, this kind of rugged modern feel with classic functionality is a total winner. It has whiffs of Canon G11 – which is a lovely compact to use.

    Not sure if lots of the pro’s will convert – the X-Pro2 will certainly be interesting at this rate- or who exactly Fuji is aiming at with this – but I LOVE the look of it! Hope the AF is improved and the flash system is getting an overhaul – maybe they’ll release a nice small one for this cam as part of an improved system?

    The only thing that will stand in the way for me is the video specs and controls – I need them – not everyone does – but I can’t afford 2 separate units for stills and video at prices like this.

    Very pleased for Fuji and Fuji Rumours – this will get a LOT of notice from others I recon – great to see the brand on the up.

  • Finally, a digital camera with film control and film camera dimension.

  • Keep me updated. Thanks

  • Tim

    Admin… Will this also be available in silver/black like X-E?? That would make it look even better imo

  • Ronan

    Urgh… it looks SO CHEAP!!!

    I’m hoping this is a pre-production run…

    • Cheap is something it will not be :)

    • Ryan

      How could you possibly tell?

      • Just look at the rumored prices


    Fuji, looks great, one small touch for the next revision – the graphics on the camera. The marking engraved could use a little streamlining. A little more subtle, a little more finesse.

    I am sure 90% of people don’t care or don’t see the detail, but some do.

  • Steve

    Sold. I was going to wait for the X Pro 2, but I’m ordering this as soon as it’s available. I’ll still get and X Pro 2, but this one looks too good to pass up.

  • If all the spec rumors are true, then OLYMPUS/ NIKON are going to be in trouble.
    The X-T1 could become the OM1 and D7100 killer.

    • thomas

      It already is a D7100 killer. My Xpro-1 is a d7100 killer ( as I use both in my work) The D7100 can’t hold a candle to the image quality and low light performance and comfort the Xpro-1 nor this X-t1 will have.

      • Robert

        Not in speed, responsiveness, or ultimate enlargement capability it’s not.

        The X-Pro 1 has a fine sensor, to be sure, but the camera is crippled by operational lagginess and a RAW workflow process that is a PITA for anyone using ACR/Photoshop/Lightroom.

        • Steve

          Doesn’t bother me at all. In fact the D800 rarely comes out of the closet.

          I’m betting most of the people here yacking about enlargement don’t print bigger than 12 X 18. I had some 20 X 30’s printed off X Pro files for my work recently. They looked great and cost almost $80 each. Like I said, I am guessing not a lot of people are putting out $80 each for prints very often unless someone else is paying for them.

          Speed and responsiveness…ask William Eggleston about that. I think he shoots an M4 and his photos are hanging in museums all over the world and sell for thousands of dollars a print. Doesn’t seem to cause him any problems. Hey he doesn’t even have a tilt screen….

          • Eggleston pieces wouldn’t be that expensive if they were digital photography, anyway.

  • sachu

    Patrick you know if the rumored sticker price is for body alone or for the full kit?

    h, also am gonna be a whiner and say, oh i wish they had IBIS and newer sensor in there haha

    But spot on with everything else. The X-E1 still serves me well but will keep an eye on how this develops.

  • Justin

    This looks pretty exciting. Wish the Df was more like this to be honest.

  • lcc

    Too small . NO tilt screen please.

  • Wow, somebody below just asked for an even bigger EVF. At some point, we have to face that it doesn’t matter how big they make the EVF or sensor, it will not compensate for our lack of skill.

    • Marcus Vinelis

      Lots of lost people in here, some reaaaaly cringe worthy comments :)

  • I am loving this camera, my 2 bodies/4 L lens/3 flash kit Canon investment is looking to get traded or sold soon, this could be the one camera to do it since even the x100s already had me thinking. Those photos of it are sexy.

  • What concerns me most is the tripod base although I’m one of the few people who are very serious about EVF quality for manual lenses, and if the X-T1 spots merely the same resolution as the A7r, it won’t be enough for fast, accurate focusing- at least not on par with SLRs.

    But I likely will purchase this camera.

    I’ve outlined my concerns here:

  • i never seen a mirrorless camera with so many dials and wheels. wow. i am impress.

  • Vlad

    Can’t find in this thread, what are the clat contacts at the camera bottom are for? Also really like the lower dials idea with grips under fingers, but markings close to eye-level.

    • Tim

      Must be for a battery grip

  • Alex Barus

    I have X-M1 and 4 fujinon lenses. I do photography as a hobby only. Is it wrong to ask for 2nd body? X-E2 or X-T1?

  • Hey, Patrick, I guess you don´t remember but I was right about the price someweeks ago, bingo! Well I hope the numbers doesn´t change too much in the “real world”. But I have to repeat the main idea…: this X T-1 is the way to the X-Pro 2. It will be sealed, almost so fast like a DSLR, and having checked the lens roadmap, the X-Pro 2 will appear with the standard zoom F/ 2.8; so it will be the answer of Fujifilm to small FF of Sony and the answer to the great standard zoom of Olympus…

  • Marcus Vinelis

    Bravo and big thanks to Fuji for everything and hope all your efforts will be greatly compensated. As far as all the complaining and whining from people who don’t even DO photography on this site, it’s quit depressing. You don’t get joy out of taking photos, you don’t create art, you talk about cameras, you pixelpeep, collect and make test shots. At best you take a photo of your dog or your feet. Wake up and start living!

    • Tim

      Amen. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • 18in32

      Hey man, different strokes for different folks… horses for courses… etc. If some folks enjoy the pixel-peeping, the comparison-shopping, the spec-sheet-ogling, etc., so be it. The problem isn’t that everyone has different emphases in their photography enjoyment. The problem is that some people have to be rude about the differences. We’re not talking politics or religion here. Everyone just enjoy what’s out there and chill out.

      I for one am seriously thinking about buying the X-T1, based on what I’m seeing, instead of waiting for the X-Pro2. In fact, my guess is that there’s never going to be an X-Pro2. Apparently it didn’t sell well, and so I bet Fuji is moving this to the top of their product lineup.

  • antidar

    here is some design ideas regarding my idea X-T1, I admit I pay a lot attention toward the looks because I’m an industrial designer so appearance is important.


    1: flatten the grip, resemble to classic film camera.
    2: bolts for optional hand grip or customized aftermarket grip
    3: added the classic film slr switch
    4: added center metal piece for lens mount, resemble to classice film slr.
    5: changed fonts for X-T1

    • Pelex

      You’re kidding us, right?

  • antidar

    i mean since the price isn’t cheap why not put some fancy elements to make it fun for both look and work.

  • antidar
    • Tikbalang

      Now this is sh*t

  • stip80

    i think the video record button better be used as fn button and moved to the back side of the camera as mostly you use LCD, not the EVF, when you record videos. whereas the button next to the shutter button as fn button will allow you access more fn features/functions in the fly as you shoot still pictures.

  • Ahmad

    Very well designed, though I think it’s a bit small.

    • Scott Marsh

      Get the grip, I think some like me will want the extra battery? Hopeful!!!!!!

      • Carl

        Same here. I like the design, but I would love to see it a couple of cm taller. Not a big fan of of external grips.

  • The X T1 looks great. But considering it is probably much more expensive than the XE2, the XT1 will be worthy only if its AF speed is faster than the XE2!

  • Christian

    WOW – Sweet!

    Contax design heritage – first was the Contax G2 reborn in the X-Pro1, now the Contax RX comes back ;) Best “DSLR” design since the Minolta Maxxum 7D…

    Levers for drive mode and metering!

    Thank you sooo much Fujifilm – I´ve been waiting for this for ages!

  • Scott Marsh

    I like almost everything about my X E 2 but what I don’t care for is fixed in X T1, Like the grip and hoping one can put in 2 batteries in it at a time. If you can pull power off 2 in colder weather it greatly add to the life of a charge. I will miss the finder on the side but left eyed and will deal with it, Thats not a game changer.
    What I like best is one can see how the camera is set before its on. Being what it is one will likely have to have it on to change them?
    I hope the camera wakes up fast so I don’t have switch it off and back on before shooting. That bugs me the most.

  • Scott Marsh

    Oh I think the price will be lower, Body only price about $1300-1400 is a guess.

  • yc

    Nobody commented on the supposedly 0.005 EVF lag.
    guys, this is 200hz!!
    if this is true than this is more major than the few percent difference in size compared to the E-M1.
    no EVF comes close to this. this is practically no lag EVF!

    • Fuzzy Duck

      5ms lag is quite good, but most certainly is still noticeable. Not by everyone, but it’s more than the amount of lag that some video games players and cameramen complain about with what are considered to be fast flat panel monitors. It will probably be good enough for a large proportion of users, but the speed sensitive folk and action photographers will still notice the instant feel of no lag optical vs the EVF.

      Also, I wonder how selectively the 5ms is quoted? is this just the refresh rate of the dots? or the whole delay between capturing the frame and it appearing on the viewfinder?

  • Chris

    No built-in flash?! Shit!

  • Paul

    It is kinda weird though…

    Alot of non-Fuji and some Fuji fans (that I know of atleast), myself included, have been asking for a tilting LCD screen. Why? Because it really hurts the back to have to bend and look through the viewfinder when the angle that can give the image composition that we really want can take up alot of time, screw up our backs, and possibly force us to take it from another angle that gives an image composition that we didn’t want.

    I think Fuji just killed Nikon with this one though, and pretty much proves the point of why mirrorless is better off being smaller. If the A7/R’s lens lineup is going to have to end up being heavy, then it spoils the point of being mirrorless to begin with, should the rule of mirrorless cameras be small to begin with. If they do put alot of compromises into making fast lenses that are light and possibly small, the price will most likely be so high that it wouldn’t make sense.

    Leica better wake up though. Well, I once owned a Leica M9 with a Summicron 35mm F/2 (since I could only buy them 2nd hand but still costs alot of money since there are no legitimate Leica dealers, nor any store would want to special order them in my country, and I ended up selling the M9 but keeping the 35mm Summicron to get myself an XE-2, a 35mm F/1.4, a 23mm F/1.4, and the 18-55 F/2.8-4 kit lens in which I just think its an F4 lens anyways, but all 3 of them give me the sharpness and the softness that I think is tailor-made for the lens image quality I’ve been looking for) and I have to say that once I heard about the M240 NOT having a built-in EVF, I don’t think there is a point in having a Leica in all honesty. Their lenses though are worth every penny, even the godly priced Noctilux F/0.95, which is why I kept the Summicron because its just that good. However, the bodies… I’m a manual focus kind of guy, but really… an EVF that you have to buy… just to use peaking mode to make manual focus more appreciable on the M240? The live view is okay, but still, at some point Leica should really wake up, probably ditch Panasonic and fully work with Fuji because I think those two will work wonderfully together and could potentially be a force to be reckoned with in the camera world.

  • Brad

    If you look at the ISO dial, there is only Hi-1 and hi-2 after 6400. This would lead one to believe that the high ISO would be 25,600 and not the 51,200 that was mentioned.

    Just my thought, let me know what you guys think…

  • mnml

    sign me up for x-t1 and 56 f/1.2. now the question is do i keep my x100s or get a 23 f/1.4 to accompany the x-t1?

  • Hey, that’s not a bad price (~$1300? I hope so.. supposedly priced between X-E1 & X-Pro1 which should make it around that range, right?) considering all that this camera has to offer and if the performance is finally fully up to par (namely it I feel it was lacking in AF consistency and accuracy in previous X cameras), it may make for a tempting trade up to my E-M1.. maybe.. the E-M1 still works overall very well and I’m not sure I would need the larger APS-C sensor.. will see when final specs, pricing and reviews are out. But, so far, nicely done, Fuji!

    This is going to be a VERY nice camera, I believe.

    I feel this may be the new Fuji flagship camera.. at least until a respectable upgrade to the X-Pro 1 rightfully can take that title away. It has all the best specs and features I think Fuji has to offer right now. I love the other more rangefinder-styled X cameras, they have great IQ and styling, but I still feel the AF/MF and overall package isn’t the best it could be.. some refinements here and there.. and to be honest, the OVF/EVF is a bit of a novelty rather than truly functional.. you’ll get the best most accurate results sticking with the EVF mode (as far as hybrid VF’s go), so then what’s the point of the OVF other than for a fun or cool factor, not quite as useful in actual practice. But, I digress… back to the X-T1…

    If the X-T1 has at least as much of the best tech from the most recent X cameras in regards to hardware and firmware, you can bet the IQ and overall performance will be at the very best.

    I like the Nikon Df, and this reminds me a bit of that retro style philosophy (as does the E-M1 & A7/A7R), but at least it’s done in a proper compact form that really makes it look tight and sexy. Advantage mirrorless! The X-trans cmos ape-c sensors can perform nearly as good, if not better in some cases, than full frame… I think the X-Pro 1 (and other X cameras close to that model) stand out for having perhaps the best low light high iso performance for a ape-c sensor… I think can be nearly as good as the Df performance for most people.. I think you’ll get a great sensor and cool retro style with buttons and functionality that make more a bit more sense and has less confusion and redundancy. It should work well and even more intuitively.. not to mention it looks like it may have a fold out rear lcd?!.. you have to admit that’s useful for those shots you just can’t get when you want the high or very low angles.

    THE MAIN THING THAT WILL REALLY SET THIS NEW CAMERA ON TOP (OR NOT) IS IF FUJI finally fixes or improves the AF system. Image quality and color is one of the best I’ve ever seen and used in a camera coming from owning 2 previous X cameras, but the AF (&MF) sucked! so unreliable compared to a lot of competitors. If Fuji finally gets the AF/MF to be accurate AND consistent to a non-frustrating or non-workflow retarding pace, then it will truly be a force to be reckoned with!

    With that said and hopes up, I think anyone who wants retro with awesome performance and great set of lenses should seriously consider the X-T1 over a Df.. it’ll cost considerably less and offer considerably more.

  • Jim R

    Mmmm, so the “non lens aligned” tripod mount continues. Not a good omen, FujiFilm, as it means another accessory purchase that could have been eliminated.

    • kecaj.kerugo

      looks good but not great for two reasons:
      sync speed is just 1/180…did not change from the current models
      shutter speed is up to 1/4000 ….my old Pentax K-x got 1/6000, the Pana latest m43 got 1/8000, the Oly got 1/8000.

  • I agree with Wing – it’s all about auto-focus. Weather-sealed, nice. WiFi, great. Flippy screen, whatever. ISO dial, outstanding. But if it can’t focus REALLY fast and REALLY reliably, it’s all for naught. When I get the shot, I love the Fuji look. But I miss loads of good photos when I shoot with my XE-1. Until a Fuji can focus like an OMD (or a EOS 70D), I’m not upgrading.

    Don’t get me wrong I really like my Fuji – I want to love it – but I can’t love a camera that can’t focus fast.

  • As excited as I am about the X-T1, I will wait till some reviews are out and see if it is going to be as promised or hoped. I have little doubt the IQ will be an issue (should be as good if not a bit better), I already like it a lot. I like basically everything about the X cameras, but the 1, but very important, gripe that kept me from returning to Fuji has been the AF. It’s just the AF (and to some degree the MF had been an issue, also) needs to be up to par unlike anything they’ve produced before. Then it may make me rethink my current camera system.

    Even then it may be difficult to justify switching camera systems again. My E-M1 and the MFT line of lenses have been great, I can find no fault and it more than exceeds my needs for both work and hobby… but that Fuji IQ and look is still very nice.. a bit better in some cases than my E-M1, but not sure it’s enough to make a switch.

    Weather seal is a nice touch, but, are any of the XF lenses weather sealed? from what I know, I do not believe so.. so, the camera system overall might not be truly weather sealed.. perhaps when their 16-50mm f2.8 & 50-140mm f2.8 zoom lenses are made and released? still, that will only be a small fraction of the total XF lenses available that will be weather sealed… not a big deal as I don’t work in adverse outdoor conditions that much anyways, and nearly all the XF lenses are great to use regardless, But, it would be nice if the complete XF lens line up coiuld match the weather seal performance of the new X-T1 camera.

    … hmmm, one more thought.. I never understood why they left out the diopter control from the X-Pro 1?… I’m glad to see one on the X-T1.

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