HOT: First real image of the X-T1 on Japanese newspapers!


 photo X_zpsd592314c.png
 photo XT_zps0fa40443.jpg

It’s Fuji’s birthday, and Japanese readers woke up with a big surprise. This morning they opened the newspapers and saw an image of a new Fuji camera. You can’t read the name, but it must be the X-T1! Fujfilm confirms also the rumored announcement day: the 28th of January.

You can see this image also at Fuji’s website here.

thanks to the Japanese FR-readers who send me the images.

stay tuned, the X-T1 is coming January 28th. I’ll do a live blogging sessions for you!

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  • Luke

    Getting VERY excited about this camera release. Common Fuji: Split screen focus, new peaking colors and a weather sealed 50mm F1.2 kit lens!

    • Ronan

      Looks great, but i’m worried it will be TINY… :(

    • I hope that the new Focus Peaking colors will be available for the other cameras. I love my X-E2 but I can’t use focus peaking. I just can’t see the white outlines very well.

      • Beakhammer

        Try setting film simulation to black and white; this often makes the peaking easier to see.

    • Zachery

      Why would Fuji make a 50mm f/1.2 lens when they are making a 56mm f/1.2 lens? You do realize that 50mm on APS-C is not “normal” right? It’s a portrait-type telephoto focal length. They are never going to make a 50/1.2 for this system.

      Also, X-E2 already added digital split prism focusing so it’s really unlikely it will be absent in this camera. Oh and I trust you realize that this will not have an optical viewfinder.

      • JK

        Of course it will not have an optical view finder. Optical view finders did make sense in cameras with build in prime lenses or small zooms.
        And I guess Luke was talking about a 35/1.2 lens which would be a 50/x.y according to the 35mm system.

    • António

      Bad news – the shutter button doesn’t receive the cable as the X-Pro1/X-E(1/2)/X100(s) do.

      • Good news – it has a wi-fi button for direct control.

        To be seen – The left top wheel for ISO control allow to set if for automatic (will it keep the choice for function button selection also?)

        • if you look closely, there’s A position on it ;)

  • codeNsnap

    Boy am I glad I cancelled my XE-2 pre-order just in time. Thanks for those early rumors Patrick ! I am so glad I waited !

    • patrick

      you’re welcome :-)

    • peter

      Before your X-T1 gets delivered to your home a next version of X-Pro1 will get leaked. And this salivation will never end.

  • Ryan

    Not sure how cracked I am about the aesthetics.

  • autoy

    Hefty hump, interesting.

  • Hem

    This is definitely a promising piece of hardware/optics! I’m trying to keep my expectations low so as to avoid any withdrawal symptoms later! :-P

  • That’s amazing….. I may sell the X-E2…..

    • Scott Marsh

      Love my X E 2 I will sell my X E 1

      • Already did that to buy the X-E2…. ;-) but I may sell all my Nikon gear…. lol

  • codeNsnap

    BTW is that an ISO dial ?

    • patrick

      I think so!

      • codeNsnap

        I hope so ! Although it kinda looks like a scene dial to me

        • codeNsnap

          I take that back. I don’t think its a scene dial since XT1 is more pro than XE2 which itself does not have the scene dial. So it is most likely an ISO dial.

          • ShawnS

            You talking the dial on the right that says 200, 400, 800, 1600…?

          • BdV

            And H1 and H2.

    • SnapNpop

      I always wondered why this was absent from Fuji cameras, if you have used this on film cameras you know how practical and space saving this type of dial is, you know the one you pull up for a secondary function. Would be AMAZING to have that on the next Fuji x100x.

      • darlsd


      • apart from the fact that on film camera you don’t usually change ISO half way through the roll (please note, i said usually)

    • Freddy Mello

      It totally is. I can clearly read 200-400-800 etc.. I think there are also a couple of auto iso settings :)

      • Me

        H1 & H2 are 12800 and 25600 settings, which will only be available in JPEG, you can bet on it.

    • Peter

      I enlarged the picture on a 30″ screen and it is definitely an ISO-dial.

      This camera looks like how the Nikon Df should have looked. Fabulous!

  • Ray

    It looks like at least two and maybe all three of the main dials are multi function.

  • beakhammer

    No, those are lock buttons on the dials I am sure.

    • Ray

      There are dials under the dials on at least two of them.

      • Zachery

        I would guess one is metering mode and the other is drive mode.

        • JK

          +1 that would really make sense.

  • darlsd

    i can’t read the handle grip, is the leather area sticking out more forward than the upper aluminum area?

    • Mikeyjive

      The “ISO” dial looks to have a red A. Which would support that it is ISO selector. Looks to be a front main dial for the forefinger.

      • Jonavin

        Looks like you’re right, can’t migraine what else would have a red A, because shutter and exposure comp is already account for in the usual position.

  • Jonavin

    Shutter release isn’t threaded but looks like a lot of extra dials and buttons up front. I guess the back command dial is now in the front. Dial on the other side is ISO dial?

    • ALX

      Yeah, not sure I’m too thrilled about the lack of a threaded shutter release. And I do hope that dedicated record button doubles as a customizable function button. But all nitpicking aside, this looks VERY promising!

      • Chris

        To the people whining about the lack of threaded shutter release, get over it! why does anyone care for an ancient mechanical shutter release system that belongs with film cameras and has NO place in modern digital cameras.

        It’s one of the reasons I sold my X-Pro 1, the lack of an electronic release basically crippled the camera making it useless for timelapse photography.

        Hopefully Fuji have FINALLY learned from this.

        • You may be right about time-lapse but you can’t put the blame on the threaded shutter release for the lack of that facility as the camera could do the same via USB, for instance.

          I’ve only a X100 and waiting to buy a body. I would love to see what X-Pro2 will be but I don´t put aside the idea of a X-E2 or even this one and this change it is a negative move to my advice, as a threaded shutter release is easy to operate, very-very convenient in T mode (either with the locking or just looking at the time counter on the LCD viewfinder), cheap and doesn’t take space in your bag.

          So it seems that you should not overlook everything “that belongs to film cameras” and say they “have NO place in modern digital cameras” because you are wrong, otherwise you should also refuse all the philosophy behind Fujifilm X system and claim them to substitute all those old retro controls for (to you) nice and modern electronic concepts.

        • rearranged

          Not saying you’re wrong, but for example Nikon offers built in intervalometers for its cameras so that you can do timelapses without a remote controller. Maybe fuji will add this with a firmware update

  • Belicosos

    Sold Sold Sold

  • idp

    i like the design. there is also a sub-command dial in front of the camera and a pc sync port?

  • I’m guessing that the dial on the right is for iso and not some sort of scene or mode dial. There is a orange simble, I’m guessing it’s an “A” for auto and some other small marks before you get to a sequence of longer marks with two dots I between. Six long marks (which could very easily be the number written out): 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, and 6400. The small dots would obviously be the 1/3 increments. If true it’ll be so awesome to be able to see all the important settings even when the camera is off. Can’t wait!

  • Adamant


    • Gaffman

      Please make it so!

    • Ketix

      Nope, you can see on the dial that 1/4000 is the highest value there. And I don’t believe they’ll change it in a week and re-run all the production. Sorry to tell you but I also think that they just use the same shutter mech as in the older cameras. Shame for the shutter release though…

    • justintime

      Unfortunately looks like 1/4000th minimum shutterspeed to me.

      • Tv

        Not a deal breaker but in sunny Australia occasionally 1/4000 is not fast enough at larger appertures as the Iso doesn’t go low enough.

        • That’s easy to solve if they put in the X100’s ND filter.

          • nwcs

            That ND filter is in the lens, not the body.

  • limlh

    This is what Nikon DF should be. Nikon’s loss, Fujifilm’s gain. I still hope the sensor is an improved version.

  • llabere

    Hey, a dedicated video button! Actually, I’m not that excited about it, though it would be handy. I am wondering what lens might that be? Doesn’t look to be the 18-55mm

  • beakhammer

    exposure comp, shutter speed, maybe ISO. I don’t see any other new dials, unless there is a secondary dial below one of the others, but that seems too fiddly to me.

  • nwcs

    I won’t buy one but I would love to have it! I already have 2 E cameras and can’t justify it.

  • Daniel C.

    Huh! That body looks sexy…

  • Happy Birthday to Fuji and big thanks to Patrick!

  • Calv

    No threaded shutter release? Wonder why they chose to abandon that.

    • rearranged

      Maybe for weathersealing?

    • The reason to pass from threaded shutter to a remote shutter is linked to the use of an orientable LCD screen. Think of this situation. You are in the middle of the nave of a gothic cathedral. You put the camera on top of a 2 meters+ monopod (there are some) or a pole to gain height (better than using a decentered PC lens), prefocus the 14mm Fujinon, or 12mm Zeiss, frame moving the monopod and using the LCD oriented downward. Now, how do you command the shutter? There are three choiches: 1. you ask a friend who is center pivot in the local basket team to be your assistant; 2. you select ten seconds selftimer, put up the monopod, and pray that you frame in time for the shot and 3. you buy a very long threaded release, a terrible thing that works when it wants. A wireless remote is a much more elegant solution.

  • Renato S.

    What did I say? The grip was going to be bigger than those mockups people were drawing and photoshopping.

    I would like to see a comparison with the others X-bodies for size matter but it looks a pretty nice looking camera nonetheless.

    • Kapre

      Congratulations! You must be pretty proud of yourself!

      • codeNsnap

        LOL – that was funny :)

      • Renato S.

        I’m very much, thank you!

  • Daniel C.

    Ok, That’s what I see on the top:

    – Exposure compensation +/-3 EV
    – Shutterspeed dial, with lock-button
    – designated movie button
    – an FN-Button (between exposure compensation and shutterspeed dial)
    – On-Off swith, nicely located
    – No threat in the Shutter-button
    – Front-dial for index finger
    – I assume an Iso-Dial with main ISO-numbers and 1/3 stops in between

    And I see something left and right on the humb – switches or buttons. I don’t know.
    Any guesses??


    • darlsd

      depth of field preview button?

      • Daniel C.

        I think Depth of field is the one beside the grip. The two levers may indicate an AF switch and something for the viewfinder. We will see.

      • justintime

        Metering mode? Dioptre adjustment for EVF?

    • ABC

      video button looks hard to reach ?, shutter button not comfortable to reach ?

  • A rather simple but professional look, I like it !

    • Bevan


  • Brock

    I see similar things to Daniel – the positioning of the lettering on the ISO dial looks like it’s got space for L and H settings before and after the main ISO settings with 1/3 stops.

    Front dial sounds interesting. There’s some kind of switch under the ISO dial too, from the looks. Looks suspiciously like I might have to find some room in my dry cabinet for this…

    • The ISO dial has (apart from the main values and 1/3 marks) 4 other positions – “L” (guess for a value lower than base ISO), “H1” and “H2” for higher values and “A” for auto ISO.

      The 2 levers may control other functions but is difficult to guess as it can be metering, focus or…

  • The last question is if it has a tilted LCD.

  • sorry men.For me the true revolution in this kind of cameos would be, for me, a super prescise continuos focus with tracking during continuous shoots. managed with an OVF. not an EVF. All the necessities in most prominent photographers using this cameras would be to have this function, fast tracking focusing with a OVF. And have a precise OVF. Some are very bad. They let firmware improved a lot the 35 but no so much the new 23 1.4 that need some tweaks.
    I really want to know when the new 56 1.2 would be in the stores. I need to improve my equipment and the main lenses are taking a lot to time to develop. 35 1.4, 23,14, 56 1.2 and maybe an equivalente 24 1.4. Nice.Hope all can work better with OVF, the main thing in this kind of style cameras.
    Another thing, they need to make more cheap replacement of the optical ring of the viewfinder. In field is normal that we broak the gum. I would like find replaces and other parts to correct dioptries.

  • Vinman

    Time to dust off the Nikon boxes again. I did it in preparation for the Df and was disappointed in what it wasn’t (a similar size of the Sony a7). I’ve spent the better part of a year using my D700 and kit less and less since getting the X-E1, 35, 14, and Sammy 8. The 56 is on pre-order and the 50-140/2.8 will be as soon as it’s ready. I’ve learned that, even though I swore I’d never go back to a crop sensor, the Fuji manages to give me the images I’m looking for. This new body looks to have all the bits I need based on current rumors (sealing and frame rate, primarily) in what is hopefully a small body. Give me that and a vertical release/battery grip, and my decades with Nikon may be ending.

    Looking forward to getting to official news!

  • vkphoto

    Super nice. But what these new buttons and scroll wheel are for?

    (don’t know how to post the picture directly)

    • Rg

      i think one of them might be an AF assist light, perhaps

      • vkphoto

        Yes, I can see the assist light, but what are the others? On both sides of the hump and to the right of the lens.

        • JPUSER

          OVF to EVF cahnge button?

          • JK

            There is no OVF built in to this camera…

        • my guess is -> diopter correction and programmable button?

  • Beakhammer

    That is a better picture, I can see the front scroll wheel now. Looks promising.

  • Tron

    This looks like a real winner… good job Fuji!

  • MariusM

    Liking what I’m seeing! Saw someone today with an Olympus OMD (first time I’ve seen one) and thought it looked pretty sharp, though a bit too small for my taste. The Fuji looks similar in style. I like that it appears to have a smaller “hump”.

  • ScottD

    Something I also noticed is what appears to be 15 or 16 white marks on the shutter speed dial. The X-E2 has 14 when you count “B”, “T” and all the shutter speeds. Does what looks like one or two additional marks indicate a 1/8000 top shutter speed possibly?


    • TAZ

      Hopefully, you’re right!!

    • Z

      :D i am glad i am not the only one that counted 16 slots for speed! exciting if it is 1/8000

      Notice the X-Pro1 only has 15 and X-E2 14?

      This is my gathering from the image

      – Exposure compensation dial
      – Speed Dial (possibly up to 1/8000?)
      – ISO Dial On right
      – Scroll on the grip
      – A joystick looking button below the AF light? Kinda like the canon joystick they have for AF points!
      – Silver scroll wheel on the right, like the DF scroller in front
      – A shooting mode for Single AF, Continous AF and Manual AF
      – A Dipole dial for the viewfinder
      – A Movie Record Button
      – A FN Button (Customisable)

      • Z

        Also to add, looks like the lens have two rings? one possibly for manual focusing and one for zoom? i could be wrong and it’s just a trimming :) However if this is right then it’s probably a new kit lens with weather sealing!

        • Markus Worsdorfer

          It’s clearly only up to 1/4oooth

          • Z

            :) the earlier photos didn’t have a clear speed dial. now we know it’s 1/4000

    • yc

      The Shutter dial shows 1/4000 as maximum. sorry mate.

      • coaguloso

        Between 1/125 and 1/250 there is something i can´t tell what it is, and also the 1/4000 looks photoshopped, there is a chance that 1/8000 is possible, maybe it was modified for something.

    • JK

      If the picture on the Fuji site is the real deal, then the fastest shutter speed is 1/4000. Have a closer look.

  • Does anybody recognize the lens on the camera?

    • vkphoto

      looks like 35/1.4

    • JPUSER

      n? maybe 56mm…

      • vkphoto

        No, 56 has “56” on top of the red dot on the bayonet mark, this one doesn’t.

  • Paul

    Well, I’m not really a fan of the look, but it does look promising.

  • Killer…

  • Johnny_K

    Probably it’s just me. I feel that their rangefinder style looks more attractive and stylish than their DSLR-shape like X-T1.

    • Daniel C.

      Yes, I am with you here. But honestly, I do take care more about functionality.

      And for this kind of camera it seems to be very attractive for me.

      Do we already have some size-comparisions?


  • valyursache

    the translation of レンズ交換式プレミアムカメラ 「Xシリーズ 新製品」is :Premium interchangeable lens camera “X Series new product”, release 28 of january

  • Noel Holland

    I agree, I prefer the ragefinder style than SLR style for street work. It’s a much more intuative feel for me. But…… I’m sure there are a slew of left eye dominant photographers who have completely the opposite expereince and are crying out for compromise solution.

  • Jun

    Here is a link to the official page of that ad.

    Only Japanese page has pic of “X-T1”.

  • What, no threads for soft release on the shutter button? Not going to buy this sh*t!

    ..Oh, I’m so going to buy this. Looks promising.

  • J.S

    Oh man, that is gonna be superexpensive ;(

  • Melvin

    Interchangeable lens. Premium camera.

  • Markus Worsdorfer

    Totally awesome. Love it.

  • congratulation to fujifilm for your birthday, you survived while your nemesis kodak gone.

  • Kapre
    • Kapre

      And FN/Wi-Fi button

      • Daniel C.

        …and 1/4000 second fastest shutter speed …. :(

        …. and switches below the Iso- and Shutter-speed dials.

        • Kapre

          I think the switches are for the same dial locking mechanism used by the pentax k-3

          • They may be metering and drive controls, though. The dials have locking buttons on the top, why would they also need locking switches below?

          • Kapre


            Google the locking switch used on the pentax k-3 and you’ll see what im talking about. Looking at the photo, I dont think there’s enough space at the back of the dials for metering and drive indicators/markings

          • Or maybe you can switch shutter speed from Manual to Minimum and ISO from Manual to Maximum/Standard.

        • Zachery

          Don’t be too surprised. It’s extremely likely that most of the internals are identical to the X-E2. This camera is most likely going to be “featuring” significantly more physical controls and a larger EVF as well as the film SLR styling and built in grip.

          It has been repeatedly rumored as sitting between X-E2 and X-Pro1 in terms of cost so one should expect not too much more capability than what X-E2 packs.

          My disappointment is not the 1/4000 shutter but that the sync speed is still maximum 180 :-/ Oh well.

          • ABC

            wait for the Pro2 then :)

          • 1/8000 and 1/250 sync for the next generation I guess. That’s marketing. Maybe the X-Pro2 will have those…

        • Tom

          I can imagine the switch under the shutter speed dial being the +/- 1/3 stop, but not sure about the one under the ISO dial.

          • JK

            There is a dial for exposure compensation on the camera. Why should they put it up there a second time?

          • JK

            Oh, I might have gotten you wrong there – you meant 1/3 stops for the shutter speed?

  • Von


    No, im not spamming, just click the link. :D

  • Kris

    wow! it came out a lot good looking than i thought. it doesn’t seem to have the built-in pop-up flash anymore though…

  • Zachery

    For those sad about the missing threaded shutter release: it’s probably related to weather sealing the camera. The last thing you need is a well of water in your shutter release mechanism.

  • Markus Worsdorfer

    Even got a dedicated video button !!!

  • DTB

    Looks like a beauty! Sadly, though, only 1/4000 sec SS. Not a deal breaker though.
    If the performance is excellent, perhaps a second body for me…

    • JK

      I am wondering how good auto focus speed will be. Since I think the sensor will be the same as in the X-E2, the focus speed will be about the same too. Unless of course they changed other parts of the hardware.
      We will see ^^.

  • Beakhammer

    I like the suggestion tha one switch allows you to adjust shutter speed in one third stops. The one on the ISO dial could be to adjust auto ISO settings somehow.

  • ABC

    so we have these lines
    1) Pro
    2) T
    3) E

    T the freshest
    E (e2) fresh
    Pro (1) to be updated with all the pros of e2 and t

  • palmer

    Certainly great, but probably big and expensive camera…
    For the more modest photographers, what about the long time rumored X-30?
    Any news on release date and specs?

  • DTB

    After looking at it again, it may be too small for me. I prefer the size of the X-Pro 1, and based on the photo above, looks like it is not as wide ~ it looks a bit chubby, because it isn’t as wide. However, it will likely be a great camera for most.

  • Beakhammer

    I don’t think it will be too big, judging by the size of the dials. A bit larger than the Xe1 would be an improvement.

    • DTB

      It looks smaller than the X-E1 in width, which is a concern to me. It looks thicker, just as tall, but not as wide, assuming that is the 35mm. Who knows.

  • It looks like it has an integrated flash in the hump :)

    • JK

      You must be joking, right? The hump is for the bigger EVF. There is no space for a popup flash there. The thingy on top of the hump is a flash shoe…

      • Hervé


  • Herve

    There is a pop-up flash! You can see the hinges on each side of the hot shoe flash socket! And what could be the thingy on the right slope of the bump? Diopter adjustment?

    • JK

      Do you wear glasses? If yes – get new ones, if not – get one :-P. No popup flash integrated in this camera…

    • me

      Herve, are you currently taking herbs?
      I love these so called pros, I see them a lot in my line of work.
      Herve, please don’t use exclamation marks while guessing.

  • idefixx

    love it! but technically hardly an improvement: 1/4000 max shutter speed, flash sync still at 180th and no native iso100.
    looking forward to understand what those levers under the dials are and if the front wheel is a 2nd wheel or not.
    but more than than give us the 40-150/2.8 and the 16/1.4 :)

    • JK

      Since most of the internal hardware is rumored to be the same as in the X-E2, the specs will be the same too. But we will see…

  • Tim

    Looks like it says WI-FI next to the function button. I’m wondering if this is an improved version.

  • B.Allen

    Max 1/4000 shutter speed, max flash sync of 1/180, and the top plate looks eerily similar to the Nikon DF (too crowded in my opinion). I had high hopes for this camera but I’ll wait for the XPro 2.

  • The big question is whether it has really a faster AF than the XE2 in high performance mode??

  • TimoB

    This camera will be hot! Looks awesome!

  • pedro

    We’re going to need some black scotch tape for that huge fujifilm logo…

  • Thanks Fuji and Happy Birthday to all

  • a4

    No shutter button thread – OH NOES! :/
    Apart from this, while I’m really not fond of faux-SLR mirrorless bodies in general, I like the design of this one from what I can see here, with the hump not trying too hard to mimic having the pentaprism inside, but rather indicating there is a real meaning for it in form of a larger and better (let’s hope so based on rumored specs) EVF.

    • justintime

      Not worried about no threads on shutter button. But I hope shutter release ergonomics are good. I would really like it like my Nikon FM2 where I can press finger on outside ring of shutter release button and then roll back slightly to trigger shutter firing.

      • Zachery

        Understandable, but, if the shutter lag is anything like the X-E2, it won’t matter. There will be PLENTY of time between pressing the button and the shot being taken for the camera to stop moving :)

      • S.P.

        I use shutter-button thread on my X-E1 to attach soft-release button – much more comfortable to press. Lack of it on X-T1 is my only complaint so far (aside from more resolution and wider PDAF-pixel spread), camera looks very promising.

  • Anonymous

    Fuji is running a teaser at following link and they have posted the pic over there.

  • a4

    …one more thing – seems it will lack internal flash, not a good idea, imho.

    • Most pro level cameras don’t. They expect potential buyers who want to use this level of camera will use off camera flash. I sometimes use the X-E1 flash in commander mode but mainly, I use the Pro1 with Radio triggers.

      • a4

        Yes, inexpensive system flash(es) commanding was what I had in mind, actually – that’s the only (but quite important, for me at least) thing internal flash is good for :)…

    • flesix

      To me it looks like there is a score on the side of the hump extending from top back over a little button (I’d assume it’s the flash button), then sloping down to the front bottom of the hump. This could very well be an internal flash that can be popped up.

      • You could be right. If you look at the back, there looks to be hinges. This would suggest there is a built in flash as well.

        It doesn’t bother me if there is or not. It’s handy to have as a trigger for external flashes.

        • Hervé

          That’s what I saw too. But according to my previous post, I must be dreaming and those hinges are there for no reason. ha!

          • me

            Herve – there is a difference between – “there could be” and a certain “there is!”. the second is not retractable once you discover that there is none.
            this is what bothered me the most in your knowledgeable post.
            I’ll wait to see.

          • Hervé

            ok “me”. there might be a flash. That’s how it looks to me, otherwise I don’t understand the reason for what looks like hinges which could otherwise possibly compromise the weather seal (maybe) of this camera. And btw, what was your sneaky, unrelated and really not needed previous remark “I love these so called pros, I see them a lot in my line of work”? I might have gotten too excited about what I saw on the picture, but you surely know how to answer like an arrogant a$$.

          • me

            I cannot answer on your latest post because of some restraint of tree structure, I just wanted to say that you are right and I regret my comment, sorry for that, I don’t know you and I should think before I write snappy offensive posts.

          • JK

            I don’t think there is a build in flash in this camera. The bigger EVF takes all the space there is. I cannot see any hinges…

        • S.P.

          If it’s not tilts upward as I can do with X-E1 built-in flash – there is not much use of it (for me – I don’t use wireless flash systems and etc.). Better to trade built-in flash for large EVF, and use EF-20 or EF-42 flash units.

          • flesix

            Sure, the flash of the X-Ex that can be pointed upwards is great. But if not, I still prefer to have a pop-up flash than nothing. I have a simple self-made mirror reflector that goes into the hot-shoe bouncing the flash upwards or sideways.

  • Palervo

    I pushed the exposure up by 2-3 stops but cant see anything else than Fujinon etc. text on the lens. But I quess its an “old” lens?

    • Zachery

      It looks like the 35/1.4 to me.

  • john

    I like what I see esthetically. At least from this perspective ( the x-e1/2 looks good from this point of view also, but is ugly from frontal look).

    Although I am a big retro fan, I like the way this doesn’t look too retro (more like the A-7), it looks well balanced……

  • Spyro

    well, if they copied an SLR design, at least they copied one of the best :)

  • There are also two selectors at the base of the iso/shutter speed dials :-) Maybe the metering and single/continuous/timer selectors…

    • Spyro

      My hope is one of them will be for custom functions

  • Henry

    Don’t know how will the additional grip look like…..

  • Just made a small size comparison between Fujifilm X-T1, Olympus E-M1 and Fujifilm X-E2 based on hot shoe :

  • flesix

    Looks like a really really nice camera to me. If it’s not too big (I like the size of the X-Ex, I’d only like to have more grip without needing to attach one that increases the camera height), features better continuous tracking AF (I found that of the X-E2 pretty useless), get’s rid of the X-E2/X100s SOOC skin smoothing and is not too expensive (still hoping for a price at 1299 EUR or less, but I’m afraid it’ll be quite a bit higher), I’ll definitely get one.

  • Christian

    Even though I don´t like fake DSLR designs like the Olympus OM-D and prefer my X-Pro1, this camera looks pretty damn good!

    Well done Fuji Design Dep.!

    • derek

      yeah the Oly EM1 is extremely ugly.

  • Steffen

    Looks like there will be built-in wifi (just behind the fn-button).

    • idefixx

      i guess it’s the same as the XE2 where the button has a dual function: in shooting mode u can programme it and in view mode you activate wifi, so i wouldn’t expect a separate wifi button…

  • derek

    looks like a Fuji version of the A7R.
    the fake pentaprism design is really silly, I am not a fan of fake SLR design.
    I much prefer the Range Finder look of the XE2, but this X-T1 looks a bit better than terribly ugly Olympus EM1.
    I guess if this thing gets some kind of organic sensor or tiltable LCD with good video mode, I may get more interested

    • Zachery

      The pentaprism housing, which this barely resembles, provides much needed space to get a nice big EVF which is accomplished mainly through additional optics. Besides the added manual controls, that is going to be the biggest selling point of this camera, large EVF right on the optical axis (which matters to a strangely large number of people. Not me. But, still…)

      • JK

        OVF cameras have the big disadvantage of not showing you the correct picture you are going to take at short ranges. Since the EVF shows what the sensor sees it does not matter where it is positioned.
        I actually prefer the EVF on the left side of the camera as the X-E1/2 have it. My nose has plenty of room that way and does not smudge the screen on the back of the camera :).

        • Danny

          Agree JK, I’m a big EVF fan as OVF cannot focus wide aperture lenses as sharply as the zoom in EVF can.

  • reggae1095

    IMHO the X-T1 will have the tilt screen for sure: that’s why Fuji put a direct REC button on the top of the camera
    A lot of people wrote that the max sync speed will be of 1/180″ , but sincerely on the photo I can’t understand if it is a 180 or a 200
    By the way: I’m really very happy that Fuji add a front wheel dial…absolutely a plus!
    Besides there’s another button on the front (maybe depth of field preview), but I think that all such Fn button could be programmable for personal needs, in order to customize the X-T1 as better as user wants
    I really appreciate the external PC-Sync connect (already presents on X-Pro1 but not on X-E1 nor on X-E2)
    And finally: I think that both the top dials (shutter speed and ISO select) have a second bottom selector (maybe for drive mode and extra features…such as bracketing or HDR) and probably Fuji choose the same comfortable and brilliant system already used by Olympus EM-1 to lock and unlock the dials selector, in order to avoid unwanted changes on the settings

  • Danny

    This NEW camera seem to be ‘closer’ to the mechanical generation in design than the Nikon Df……..I like it…. :)

    • Rap

      That is what Nikon DF should be, and Nikon just gave itself away

    • Rap

      Happy Birthday Fuji! Best wishes to the X team! Great job on the T1

  • Tim

    Shutter button looks like it will be awkward to push, 1/4000 max not fast enough for shooting wide open with fast primes, especially in NZ sun. Might just wait for the X-Pro 2 to fix all this since my X-E1 is still going strong.

    • JK

      There are neutral density filters if you want to take pictures wide open in bright sunlight. That of course means that you have to carry around additional gear and spend more money, so I understand the longing for higher shutter speeds.

  • derek

    hey guys, a couple of Japanese sources say it will cost more than US1799(184000yen).
    and it will be a bit smaller than the XE2.
    it has 4million pixel EVF.
    weathersealed and the kit lens will be nex XF18-135mm also sealed.

    • idefixx

      i guess that’s realistic if one of the kit lenses is included…

    • JK

      Rumors say the XF 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 R OIS will come in mid 2014. I don’t know when the X-T1 will be shipping, but I doubt this camera will use that lens as a kit lens. The zoom range of the lens is not bad, but the maximum aperture is quite slow compared to the other XF zooms. So why combine a higher level Fuji camera with that kind of lens? To keep the price of the set low?

    • JK

      Or of course it might be the first weather sealed lens. Then it would make sense to sell it as a kit lens :).

  • Nikun

    Looks good. Hump is taller than I expected. Hopefully body is small.. even smaller than xe2.

    • Markus Worsdorfer

      Price will be less than X-PRO 2

  • Kristjan

    I have been looking at crossing over to Fuji from Nikon and have been looking at the X-E2. If the X-T1 MSRP will be ~400$ more but with a better grip than the X-E2 then the price difference in reality is only about 270$ since I assume most people actually buy the bigger grip for the X-E2 (I know I would).

  • Markus Worsdorfer

    It even has a connection for flash cord, although most people use wireless these days.

    • dannychau

      I do use flash cords every now and again, to do this with the newer cameras, I have to have an adapter sync from the hotshoe which is a pain sometimes.

  • Alex
  • I’m interested ans quite seduced, but can hardly justify the expense of a new body. And I think I would regret selling my x-pro1 to get this one.
    Buying glass makes much sens to me right now. I don’t know how close to the hardware limit they are with the x-pro1 but I hope I’ll get some more FW improvement in the future. For now, I’m lurking on the 56mm, the 14mm and the 23mm (although the x100s is quite appealing for the same task!).
    That’s quite a lot of expenses already (and I may go film 135 and 6×9 soon ;))

  • kalli

    This camera looks like everything but Fujica ST like….it looks more like a nikon Df than a Fujica ST. From the specs we know and the design we have seen, it seems like fuji has for the first time made a half-assed camera. This isn´t a DSLR nor a Rangefinder camera. It all looks like a bad joke from fuji. Someone mentioned a while ago that fuji has lost it groove/soul. I disagreed then but today, i must say i am not sure he was wrong. Fuji gave us lot of fun the last years with their camera design and X-trans sensor. Now it seems they are having problems taking it to the next level…´s a pity

    • Ryan


  • Tom

    Imagine, just imagine a weather sealed prime with this.

    • not bad ;) like the photo of a lady in the veil

    • Seems that its biggest weakness will be axial chromatic aberration (quite typical of large aperture primes, even FF 85/1.4’s), and possibly some corner smearing similar to the 35/1.4.

      Can’t wait for mine to arrive. Compositions like these are precisely why I want such a lens:

    • Al Downie

      I gotta say.. I’m not *very* impressed by the sharpness of these images. It’s sharp-ish, but I was looking at sample images from Canon’s 135mm f2 the other day, and they were astonishing. So much so, in fact, that I was thinking about taking a deep breath and jumping ship right back to a Canon full-frame DSLR, since Fuji don’t have any primes longer than 60mm on their map – I desperately want to shoot images with that 135! But.. this new camera does look great to me (so far) and I’ll hold off for a bit to learn more.

      It’ll definitely lose points though, if they’ve put a flappy screen and a pop-up flash on there.

      • if you don’t need AF there are elmars and contax lenses in 90mm which would give you 135

        • Al Downie

          Yes.. I could do that, but it’s that one piece of L glass I really want!

          Hmm. Still swithering. Going back to Canon would mean abandoning my wait for the ‘perfect’ traditionally-controlled DSLR altogether, but the combination of the bright, natural-looking focussing screen, the utterly brilliant autofocus (on the 5Diii) and that lens is very tempting. Flippin’ expensive too – I’d have to sell all my Fuji kit. Except the X100 of course…

          • 5D3 is very good camera. It’s quite funny how people always get excited with something else -> I get excited with friend’s 5D3 with Sigma art on it and he likes my X-Pro1

  • well Nikon, that’s how you implement ISO dial -> note the A position on it

  • Dave

    Congratulations Fuji, you are the most progressive camera-company! You are running circles around the sleeping big ones. Great achievements since the introduction of the X100 and your focus on real photography. High hopes for the X-T1 and your future products.

  • Zachery

    Rumors are beginning to swirl that the 18-135mm lens on the roadmap will be the first weather sealed lens. Not clear if it will be announced along with this camera.

    That would be an acceptable first weather sealed lens, imho. Typically, if you care about weather sealing, you’re outside (and so the light should often be less of an issue, with regard to the slower aperture range) and if you’re in the weather, you can’t change your lens, so… yeah. 18-135. I hope it’s decent. That’s a very useful range, for certain situations.

  • Wen

    price is about 180,000 yen, so $1800

    • so $100 more than X-Pro1 was originally (if i remember it was $1699)

  • it does look like full metal finish, doesn’t it? interesting, very interesting… but my wallet needs a break for a while :)

  • very stupid question -> is it technically and practically possible to include built in ND filter in ILC?

    • Scott Marsh

      Don’t know but would have to cover the whole sensors and not just swing in behind a lens so unlikely .

    • I’d say technically yes of course but practically no, of course not!

    • ok, so that ruled out my fantasy function for the button on the hump :)

  • Ed Sinclair

    Full-frame sensor aside (and with Fuji’s very fast max apertures, I don’t think that matters much, though that’s fifteen other discussions), I think this will prove to be the camera that Nikon wishes the DF was. Nikon saw what Fuji were doing, saw that it was developing a following, and tried to do the same trick without having understood the point.

    • They couldn’t really pull it off since they scrapped aperture rings on the lenses, that’s why Df is a bit confused camera – it couldn’t really offer those classic controls because of compatibility with G lenses, and they didn’t implement ISO dial correctly (not mentioning focusing screens, but it looks somebody started to offer aftermarket ones)

      • Scott Marsh

        Nikon fallowed Canon in dropping ap rings and has a mess of lenses that most don’t want to go to school for to understand. Glad I didn’t go that way.

    • I agree, it looks like they’ve done exactly what Nikon *should* have done. BUT… if it’s true that there’s a crappy pop-up flash on there, and a flippy-flappy screen stuck on the back, then, sadly, Fuji were also drawn away from their true path by the bleating feature-sheep. Hope it’s not true.

      • doesn’t look like there’s built-in flash, i can see hot shoe with a cover on it

    • Ed Sinclair

      I think if they’d included a modern ergonomic (slanted) shutter button, this would just be an outright great photographer’s camera. (Who am I to say based on a single photo? It might feel perfect in the hand. I just can’t help feeling it would feel better if the shutter button wasn’t just dropped on the top of the camera like an afterthought. Even the MTL-3 had this worked out.)

      Really, that seems to the the only concession to “retro” – otherwise it’s just a very solid camera with dedicated dials rather than program wheels, which is what we all like.
      I daresay that dedicated locking dials, each with an “A” position, is where camera ergonomics would have ended up in the 80s if it hadn’t proved cheaper just to put a command wheel or two on instead.

  • Scott Marsh

    I like it and will get one, If you don’t like it buy a X E2 and if you don’t like that buy a X Pro 1, Fuji has it all mostly Get an ND filter if you need to shoot wide open makes scents to me rather then pushing up the price with all the RD they would need to do.

    • agree wight you on ND filter

  • Ed Sinclair

    Not really understanding the complaints that people “don’t want a DSLR-style camera from Fuji”. This camera is not for you. This camera is for people who do want a DSLR-style camera from Fuji. It’s quite simple.

    People complaining about the “fake pentaprism hump” which looks nothing like a pentaprism. Given that a very large EVF is apparently lurking in there somewhere – if you shaved the hump off the top, where would you put such a viewfinder in the chassis that remains?

  • locking dials -> always annoyed me :)

  • Jun

    I wonder what is the Shutter speed and ISO dial under knob. It seems like there should be some function in it.

  • Glenn

    This looks like a beautiful camera that I wouldn’t mind owning. However, the X-Pro 1 has been enhanced enough with firmware updates to meet my needs. Unless something unexpected happens to my X-Pro 1, I just don’t see enough improvement with this camera to get me to switch (although the weather sealing would be nice). I will just keep waiting fro the X-Pro 2 (or whatever it ends up being called) to come along. At this point I won’t expect an X-Pro 2 for at least a year and that’s ok. But I do suspect when we do see the X-Pro 2 it will have a larger and even better sensor. THAT would be worth the upgrade!

  • phil

    These fake cameras don’t excite me at all but 56mm lens Does:

  • phil

    Bert Stefani: 56mm lens test

    Patrick, for you:

  • S

    1. Hope its not a big camera (I want to be able to stick it in the same bag as my 5D).
    2. I hope it has a built in flash
    3. I hope the final price is somewhere between $1200-1300
    4. I hope it comes in a silver and black version as well.

    • Danny

      This camera is going to be slightly smaller than the XE2 (according to new source) and that will be a lot smaller than your Canon 5D).

    • JK

      My 2 cents:
      1. It will be much smaller than your 5D. That is what the whole range of X cameras is all about – smaller sensor and smaller camera.
      2. No built in flash as far as I can see on the picture. There is no room for it in my opinion.
      3. Dream on ^^.
      4. Since Fuji has brought out most of the X models in black and black/silver, I guess this one will too.

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