X-T1: No double SD-card slot, but super-fast writing speed (UHS-II) and 8fps with AF-tracking!


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Dear FR-readers,

I’ve waited a few days now, hoping for other trusted sources to confirm the following rumor. But they can’t, for now.

So, once again, we have to rely on what the top trusted Japanese source told me a few days ago.

I can’t wait further, so hold on tight now… time has come to share it with all of you!

The Japanese source told me that the X-T1 won’t have a double SD-card slot. The truth is that it will feature an improved SD-card memory system.

This means that the X-T1 will support the UHS-II SD-cards for super-fast writing speed. For example, the Toshiba Exceria Pro UHS-II SD Card writes at 240 MB/s! In comparison, the “fast” UHS-I Sandisk Extreme Pro writes at 90MB/s (95MB/s read rate)!

Also drastically improved, the burst mode! The X-T1 will be able to shoot with 8fps with AF tracking. I had to take a look at my X-E2 manual, and it says that the X-E2 achieves a maximum continuous shooting speed of 3 fps with AF tracking (7 without tracking).

Well, if true (I hope other trusted sources can confirm this soon), then this, my friends, will be a hell of a camera!

This is all I know from trusted sources for now… if anyone has some more information, please contact me via email or anonymously via rumor box.

Stay tuned on FR, on January 28th ! And, if it’s the camera that you want, consider to buy it through the shoplinks on this blog. FR will get a small commission. No extra costs for you and at the same time you’ll support this blog and allow me to keep you up to date with the X-world rumors and news. Thanks a lot.

At this point I believe that also the new source, who told me that the AF of the X-T1 will be faster than the AF of the X-E2 may have mixed up AF speed with writing speed. But it’s just my theory. So here is an updated specs list.

  • announcement January 28th (trusted source)
  • bigger (extra-large) and better (high performance) EVF / (trusted +  anonymous sources)
  • APS-C X-Trans sensor II (16MP) / (trusted +  anonymous sources)
  • support for the UHS-II SD-card for super-fast writing speed / (trusted sources)
  • 8fps with AF tracking / (trusted source)
  • weather sealed body / (trusted sources)
  • name: X-T1 / (anonymous source + Fujifilm)
  • FujicaST-like (SLR-type) design / (source who was right in the past, but not yet upgraded to trusted source)
  • price range between X-E and X-PRO line / (new and anonymous sources)
  • additional battery grip / (anonymous source)
  • faster AF then X-E2 / (new source)

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P.S.: in the meantime Fujifilm Middle East continues to tease that “something” that looks like a “shooting star” is “coming soon” from “somewhere out there”. To make it a bit clearer I modified their image :-)

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  • Andrew Brown

    OK, so no dual SD card slot – but sports/ action/ wildlife tracking & 8 FPS will definitely please an awful lot of people.

    Now, here’s an interesting thought – as wifi systems in cameras improve, and tablets improve with greater storage capacity – will we really need a dual memory card in the future – or could we just have the camera set to send a second set of images to a wifi connected storage device (like a mini tablet) – thus eliminating the need for a 2nd memory card.

    Wifi can transmit at its own leisure – only the card needs the capacity to write at burst speeds…

  • Ronan

    I hope it won’t be awkward like the OMD EM-5 due to the weird small size and awkward position of the right hand/thumb.

    • fmNYC

      Yeah, I did not care for the feel of the OMD EM-5 (instead went with X20)

      • TAZ

        Yup, same here.. was very disapointed with the feel of the EM-5’s in my hands.

  • 18in32

    Both the Middle East Fuji website graphics show two distinctive circles as design elements on the camera. I thought they were just meant to echo animal eyes in the graphic posted previously (where the camera stares out from the darkness). But now the ‘shooting star’ graphic shows the two circles again. They don’t seem like design elements on any of the previous X-bodies, or the “best guesses” for the X-T1. Anybody care to guess what those two circles are or represent?

  • Jon R

    Patrick, do you know if the PDAF will cover all the AF points in the X-T1? As I understand it, the PDAF area in the X-E2 covers only the 9 af points in the center. I’m just curious since I believe that the tracking AF would be better in the X-T1 if the PDAF actually covered all the AF point areas.

    • patrick

      I think it will feature the same sensor of the X-E2… all I know from trusted sources is in this post. Can’t tell you more for now.

  • dave

    And there will be more surprises because Fuji will not bring an incomplete camera: If the body is weather sealed there must be a weather sealed standard lens to start with. And the two red dots on the advertisement are hinting at a new feature: new AF tech maybe, external AF sensor??

  • Brent


    Still excited about this camera…but the two card slots was really a huge plus for me…Hopefully this is incorrect and Fuji is still planning on having 2 slots… Nikon really lost most of the wedding industry since theres really no true successor to the D700 (Maybe the DF, but its layout is horrendous) I was really hoping the New XT would fit that bill… I would love to ditch the Nikon Gear all together and have an all Fuji/Leica bag.

    • Steve

      I agree! I am a Nikon based pro and use X Pro 1’s for all my prep shots/candid at weddings and D800’s for the rest. I am waiting for an X camera from Fuji with improved AF and dual card slots as I once had a card fail on me… Such a shame as I would have also dropped my Nikon gear had this camera proved to have improved AF and the peace of mind to have dual cards. The Nikon DF failed to attract wedding photographer due to the lack of dual card slots… Come on Fuji don’t fail us now!

      • Phil

        I am not surprised that Fuji will keep single card slot to keep both cost & weight down and I personally have no issue with that. My canon5dII never fails me as I always use the high reliable Sandisk card. On the other hand, Wifi and USB 3 support would be helpful.

    • bOBtb

      LOL come on guys there are probably as many large format wedding photographers as there are Fuji x users. Fuji through away the wedding market years ago.Just like Sony,Pentax or whoever they are tiny bit players. Of the 30 or so wedding togs I know 19 use Canon 1O Nikon and 1 MF guy. The fanboy BS you read in forums is laughable

      • The fact is that there are wedding photographers left, right and centre who are just waiting for Fuji to come up with the goods. Sorry you find that so laughable. Quite a few high profile wedding photographers are already using X Pro 1s. These are facts.

        If Fuji were to improve the auto-focus and ideally include dual card slots, there would be a very long queue of professional photographers who are tired of loud, subject-intimidating and heavy FF DSLRs.

  • AMJ

    man…if the EVF is “extra large” then this camera is gonna kick some serous asses… !

  • Fujimoto

    Nice try Fujikko, but t was already suggested by another member on the last post.

  • eras

    why use a dslr shape? for me there is no innovation here, if you want a mirrorless with a dslr shape just buy a sony a7 or a real dslr.. for me the designers are drunk or lazy, this project has the same soul of the nikon Df = crap …why not study in a different way? where is the progress?

    • JohnnyNoCa$h

      i.e. I don’t like DSLR shapes, so nobody does either… relax, it’s only a camera.

    • ronin

      Pretty sure the Df and all other cameras are inanimate consumer toys. Therefore by definition they have no soul, and further by your conclusion = crap.

      • eras

        the soul is in the Work and labors designer and innovators put inside a project, and this project has no soul (i have xpor1 and that is a camera with a soul!) so this is a camera made only to attract stupids from the dslr world?

        • bOBtb

          So using faux 50yr old retro RF influenced designs has soul.Meantime DSLR influenced designs with far better ergonomics is soulless , Jesus you guys are as mad as the Olympus crowd

          • adi2

            for your answer .. try to study Adolf Loos

    • Surab

      Ehhmmm.. Where is the X-Pro1? Where is the X-E2? Where was that X100s?? Oh I forgot, Fuji (and any other comany) is only so long good enough as they revolutionize the market every year, right? And that revolution has also to fit one’s own wishes!

      If you want Fuji to stay in the game (and they won’t if the only sell 700k in 2 years + 2.1 Mio. over the next 2 years) the system has to have some basis! And a good way to create a basis is to attract beginners with cheaper cameras (M/A-1 check) and other form factors and new features (SLR shape and weather sealing -> X-T1 check).

  • Win! I’d much rather have faster write speeds than dual slots.

    • 18in32

      Agree. “Action” photography has been a real weak spot for the X-series so far. Professional photographers with multiple cameras say “Use the right tool for the job.” But consumers usually can’t afford to buy (or carry) multiple cameras. If Fuji can expand the utility of the camera to include kids and sports, it’ll be a much more useful tool for the majority of consumers whose lives include those things.

      • Surab

        If it will be body only already much more than 1000€ than it will be out of budget for the majority of the consumers.

        I was hoping for a miracle and a price with the 18-55 not too far away from the X-E2 (as I said a bit dumb that wish is…. ;)), but actually the X-E2 is already stretching my budget quite a bit… Still, I think it (X-E2) will be the better option for the future (compared to X-E1, mainly because I believe that the faster processor and the PDAF pixels we allow more enhancement by future FW updates) and it has some HW stuff which are nice to have as well (3 EV dial, 3:2 screen, higher res screen and better refresh rate). And I am going to stick to that camera more than 1 or 2 years, so that extra money should be worth it.

        Now, I am hoping for some price drops or deals after the announcement here in Germany!! XD

      • bOBtb

        “Action” photography

        Yes with all those wonderful fast telephoto zooms and primes and D4 speed C-AF Fuji is the obvious choice for the action shooter lol

  • P.Esco

    All the big fuzz but if it has a X100s/X-E2 sensor it’s kind of old already – for a groundbreaking new product from the future. For me and maybe few others sensor is the most important part of digital camera and I want more DR from Fuji.

    • TAZ

      The X-PRO2 will most likely get the new sensor.

      But for now, weather sealing + fast(er?) AF will be a great reason for me to buy this camera, since my 2014 camera budget has only taken a $999 hit, thanks to the 56/1.2 lens!

      • P. Esco

        You probably right about new sensor and xpro2 and that worries me. I owe X-e1 and am considering my options.

  • Jonny

    This all sounds really good and I’m looking forward to the announcement but:

    1 – I really want Fuji to come out with a decent TTL flash system (or even just a decent flash in at a similar level to the canikon 580/900 series).

    2- I wish they would bump the resolution by just a coouple of megapixels. Something like an 18mp sensor would satisfy me (20mp would be just right). And yes, I print big :P

    • TAZ

      + 1 on the flash system!

      Currently use a Metz flash in manual mode, and my results are not consistant..

  • XS iv

    I’ve just gone from mild interest to checking out how much kidney’s are selling for on ebay

    • Kalli

      Is the price good…just in case….I might be interested…..LOL

  • The advantage of a jump from 16mp to 18mp is pretty well invisible. An increase in linear resolution of under 6%.

  • david blanchard

    I’m going to buy this camera so hard!! I’m so glad I waited to upgrade my xe1. No missed shots yeeehhaaaa!

  • Rob

    From the rendering it looks like no built in flash.

    • MJr

      The rendering isn’t in any way inspired by any inside information, just that tiny avatar.

      But i don’t think it will have built in flash anyway. Just takes up too much space both in (flash capacitor) and outside (hump).

  • DaveCC

    What happened to the “trusted” source –

    •double SD-card slot / (trusted sources)

    Double card slots lets you use the camera for pro wedding shoots, where if you mess-up, the legal issues can really hurt, yeah, even if you have insurance, dual card slots lets you check the boxes on your due diligence, just saying……

    And yes, I know about having more than one camera, a second shooter, using lots of cards and swapping out often, etc, etc,. etc.

    • patrick

      the latest rumor of the Japanese source suggests that the SD-card improvement does not concern the double SD-Card slot, but the SD-card writing time. So I’ve updated it.

      • DaveCC

        LOL….what a thing for a source to mix-up…dual slots vs. one slot…I mean it’s not a software thing……it’s a physical visual thing,

        Patrick to source…”so how many slots does the camera have?”

        Source to Patrick…”it has 2 slots…no wait…just one slot…no wait…no slots, it works with telepathy…ah hell Patrick, I’ve been into the sake and having trouble focusing”, pun intended, “I’ll get back to you”.

        I guess it could have been “double speed writing time slot” that could have been converted to “dual slots”…I just have to LOL.

        Keep up the good work Patrick.

        • patrick

          always happy to bring some fun into my readers’ days :-)

        • +1

      • Steve

        Hi, any chance of a fresh post to clarify what the situation is regards the card slots?There seems to be a lot of chat in the comments section and would be great as a post so we can all read what your source has said since this last post?…

        • patrick

          I think this post is clear enough. No double sd card slot, but uhsII support

    • “Double card slots lets you use the camera for pro wedding shoots, where if you mess-up, the legal issues can really hurt, yeah, even if you have insurance, dual card slots lets you check the boxes on your due diligence, just saying……”

      Agreed. I was surprised that it was going to have dual slots, but I would have been at the front of the queue had it been true. Shame really.

      • Most photographers use cameras with just 1 slot. 2 slots are definitely not a requirement. Both the 5D and 5D2 (cameras aimed squarely at the wedding market) have only 1.

        Even those that use cameras with 2 card slots often only use them for extended shooting, rather than backup.

        Having 2 slots is really no great improvement in reliability in any case, It only really helps with one particular type of equipment failure. There are many others that can trip you up, where 2 cards won’t help, not to mention much more common human errors. Using good quality cards, and looking after them, is far more important than having a backup card in my experience.

        • DaveCC

          Your right, having 2 slots and writing the same image to both cards at the same time only solves one problem…I got it…but that is one problem solved, and when you’re a witness in a jury trial, which I have been, and you are on the stand, being questioned by people whose sole purpose at that time is to tear you to pieces, the fact that you can prove that not only have you followed industry practices, but have gone beyond that with your due diligence, you get to walk free, you get to hold your head up, and you get the satisfaction that the guy trying to tear you apart just walked into a buzz saw.

          Of course…you read this part that I wrote above, right?, the etc, etc, etc, is to cover your comment.

          “And yes, I know about having more than one camera, a second shooter, using lots of cards and swapping out often, etc, etc, etc.”

        • I don’t know why people are so anti the double slot and why they so stubbornly refuse to accept that it has a benefit to some people.

          Yes the 5D and 5D11, plus the D700s that I use don’t have dual card slots. We all know that. But the fact is that they are now standard in the better DSLRs likely to be used for this market. Everything Nikon makes D7100 and up has dual slots.

          So, fact is that they are out there, so that’s one potential problem solved. Why is it such a problem for pros to say that it is desirable. We used to manage without air-con in cars, but I’d still insist on it when buying my next car.

  • Kalli

    WOW! the price of the Toschiba 32GB UHS-II SD-card is over 260€ if the camera as rumored costs 2000$ (€) that means a fast fuji X-T1 will be around 2260€ if you buy it in europe. The camera has to be realy good to justify that price.

    • patrick

      you know the price of the X-T1? Feel free to drop me an email and share your source. Who rumored it to be $2000?

      • Kalli

        2 days ago | Reply

        I’m Japanese FUJI user.
        I heard the price of X-T1 is $2,000.
        Japanese pro photographer who works at FUJI sample pictures said it’s price is twice rather than X-E2.
        He looked at New camera already and said FUJI RUMOR’s article is half right and half wrong

        • patrick

          Thanks. Let’s hope he’s wrong, man!

          • Kalli

            Thank you, Patrick, you are doing a great job with this site…it all depends on the camera. It is possible that Fuji will bring out a camera that is worth the $2000

          • 18in32

            If we assume that Fuji knows the market, the price will be at whatever point is justified by the camera’s features, build, etc. You may rest assured that a brand-new X-series camera is not going to be a “steal” — its going to be fairly priced based on its placement in the market.

            Many people have been wondering when the X-PRO1 would be replaced. If the X-T1 is that expensive, it would only be because its feature set placed it above the X-PRO1. Perhaps all the readers of this site could not buy it… but that would still be a great sign that Fuji is taking the “high road” in the X-Series.

          • Joe

            I hope he’s right… then I won’t feel bad about buying the X-E2 since I couldn’t have afforded the X-T1 anyway :-P

          • I am also Japanese Fuji shooter, and I hear all kinds of price rumors, many on this site and from camera store sales people too in both America and Japan. Doesn’t mean rumor is true either. ^_^

    • Surab

      I will surely be fast enough for 8 fps with and UHS-I. They only invest in future proofness and marketing buzz. ;)

      • Surab

        *It, not I. (But maybe I am Flash and nobody knows! Muahahaha!)

    • António

      There were some posts referring it will be positioned in between X-E2 and X-Pro1, so where did you get those € 2000 price indications from? That way it would be at the top of the line.

  • Fujimoto


  • Really looking forward to actual announcement – will be tossing up between an X-E2 or the X-T1 as a replacement system for my fatally flawed Nikon D600. I”ve spent a frustrating year with it and that’s really given me time to reflect on what I want to get out of my photography. I’ve been using a Fuji X100S while the beast has been in the shop and loving both the images and the experience of shooting Fuji (the X100S has its quirks but they’re loveable ones). Depending on how things go with Nikon (I’ve asked for a replacement camera) I’m ready to divest and try something new. The timing is excellent.

    The ISO dial possibility is interesting considering that Rei Ohara mentioned “wanting” that functionality in a January 2 post on his blog. Would be pretty awesome to be able to change the ISO on the fly manually without having to dive into the Q menu.

  • Waspy

    RAW or JPG?
    Or RAW+fine ?


    • Geoffrey

      RAW or jpeg should not matter. However if shooting RAW, the amount of shots for a burst will be reduced.
      Now all I hope is to be able to resume shooting while the burst is being written to the card, like for any Nikon / Canon DSLR.

  • Srg

    Any word on a new higher capacity battery? (500+ shot) or will it be xe-2 battery?

  • If it won’t have a pop-up flash, Fuji will 100% develop a new one (hope it will work with the E-X2 in wireless mode)

    • Geoffrey

      Andy, you mean that a new external flash gun is to be released soon? Do you have any source for this we can trust?
      This would be awesome, the EF-20 / EF-42 get the job done, but I would not rely on them for serious action (wedding, nightclub…) photography… If they release an equivalent of a Canon 430ex / Nikon SB700, in a smaller form factor (and matching the build quality of their XF lense) that would be AWESOME!

      Then, “just” need to improve their autofocus in low light and, in addition of the lens lineup to be released soon, I would then feel comfortable to use Fuji professionally in almost any conditions.

  • JL

    I still don’t understand….

    What use is a weather-proof body without a weatherproof line of lenses? I don’t expect all of the old lenses to be waterproof as they existed before this was announced and likely even conceived….but the 10-24mm? One of the main target audience for waterproof bodies are landscape photographers/hikers….which also happen to be prime target for the new 10-24mm….that isn’t even out yet!!!

    It makes no sense that the 10-24 is not waterproof.

    • I agree, the 10-24 should have been wp. The 2.8 zooms will surely be wp and I think that the 18-135 will also sport wp – it’s XF R so it’s premium not XC, even if it’s not that good in terms of light gathering compared to the 18-55 and the 55-200- . Also in the lens roadmap I saw a supertele zoom which will be balanced with the new X-T1 so my guess is that it will also have wp.

      • JL

        I agree that from here on out *hopefully* a majority of lenses will be WP. But come on! When is the UWA going to be duplicated for the X series in a WP version? Fuji isn’t going to cover the 10-14mm range again – at least for a long long time.

        So when it comes to WP UWA we have a 10-24, 12mm, 14mm…..all the most useful lenses for landscape photographers….and none are WP :(

        • Geoffrey

          Or maybe the X-T1 will actually come with an integrated mini umbrella for the lens… :-P

    • Kapre

      Maybe the 10-24mm is WP? They just didnt announce that spec yet since it most certainly give away the fact that they’re coming out with a WP body

  • adi

    LOOOOL. A hell of a camera because it takes 240mbps memory card (that nobody uses and cares about because it is hell useless) and because it does 8fps (with the AF of this series of camera you cant do serious sport photography anyway, so nobody serious is here for that). Well.

    • patrick

      yep, because of the super-fast writing speed, and the 8fps with AF-tracking… and the extra large and high performance EVF… and the weather sealing… and the additional battery grip…

      • adi2

        Lol they were invented 10 years ago XD

        • jeff

          ^^^ Canikon user trolling a 173 comment Fuji rumor thread. Cool story bro.

  • robert M.

    Personally, this camera doesn’t do “it” for me. Apart from the wonderful glass, what attracted me to my X-E1 was its aesthetic visual appeal. It looks to me what a camera “should” look like; and it feels the same. I know that the design sketched will appeal to others the way the X-E1 appeals to me; and that’s fine.
    The thing that actually turns me off about this design is the needless “hump” in the middle of the top surface. I doubt Fuji put a pentaprism inside that hump — so what’s it there for? It adds to the bulkiness of the design, it probably adds unnecessary weight to the camera, and it places the viewfinder in the middle of the camera so that my nose would be bumping into the LCD screen.
    The stated frame rate and recording speed would be nice, but I don’t have any problem with my X-E1. So, as more and more information comes out, the closer I get to the date when I order my new X-E2.

    • Phil

      +1 on the “hump”. This shit is influenced by the the Nikon df, which makes sense only for DSLR with a mirror. Mirrorless body needs no hump to sing!

      • robert M.

        That brings up a big point I’d intended to mention, but forgot on my previous post above: Fuji’s retro style approach with the initial X Cameras held, as I mentioned, a certain appeal for me. But this “retro SLR” design seems intended to follow after Nikon’s footsteps with their Df design. If this keep up the revised X-Pro2 might wind up looking like a Kodak Instamatic, or maybe a Rollei twin lens reflex that uses a false lens socket to house an autofocus mechanism or electronic flash.
        Style may have nothing to do with photographic functionality, but it does have something to do with sales. And I don’t like gimmicks.

        • Ryan

          I’m assuming that it’s for the supposed mega EVF. Also, I think you’re being immensely ridiculous. Some people prefer to have the VF inline with the lens, others do not. Fuji is catering to the preferences of both of these consumers. It is utter lunacy to think that every subsequent camera will feature a VF hump and that this is simply a gimmick. FFS the rangefinder-esque layout of the xpro-1/x-e2 is a gimmick using the same logic.

          • You know that EVFs need also optics and I believe that it is no wonder that the best current EVFs, E-M1 and A7/7r, have a hump. The optics inside that EVF are to a certain extent much more important than the screen itself, just look at the G6’s EVF: 1.4 MP but very decent and nice EVF. On the other hand the GX7 is worse at least to my eyes….

            Also such a hump cold lessen the overall weight. Take a look at the X-Pro1 vs X-E. It is much thicker and taller because of the hybrid VF. If you put the VF into its own box, than there is no need to make the whole rectangular camera body bigger, just to remain the boxy RF body shape…

            If it was not about styling why omit a really good grip on the RF, because even the 27mm extends much more than a better grip would. So it is about styling and than there are several tastes and thus to appeal to all and to increase sales they want another body shape…. Your 2nd post contradicts your first post.

          • Reply was to Robert M.

      • Fabio27

        Europe and the USA have demonstrated that a camera is not considered serious if it has not the DSLR form factor. The various mirrorless models have penetrated Asian markets, much less the States and EU. So Fuji is correcting the purity of its X concept in the name of marketing. It’s ok for me as long as the system becomes stronger and its long term development is assured. By the way, some people feel that with longer lenses and zooms a central viewfinder is more balanced than a lateral viewfinder.

        • Phil

          Where do you find that, link please?

          • Stephen

            The top ranking in terms of sales is based on DSLR shape.

  • Phil

    Fujifilm just announced extra grips for MHG-XE & MHG-Xpro1 bodies for $130 & $150 correspondingly. I hope the X-T1 will have a better grip without extra cost though :(.


    • robert M.

      Yeah, I took a gander. It looks like the Fuji accessory design team could use a little help. I bought an iShoot grip from China via e-bay last spring that incorporates all these same features. Plus, that design came with a detachable L bracket and cost 1/2 what the Fuji retail list is shown to be. Guess I’ll have to buy a second grip, since I can’t afford to sell my X-E1 to subsidize the purchase of my new X-E2 since the market tanked on the X-E1’s.

  • Steve

    Is there any chance the X-T1 is a replacement bridge camera for the X-S1? The 8fps with AF tracking suggests this X-T1 is using a smaller sensor as I don’t believe you can even get close to 8fps with APS-C. Something doesn’t sound right.

    • You can have 8fps, and faster viewfinder refresh and faster autofocus. All that is required is more processing power. And I expect that it will be the big step forward of the new camera.

      • Steve

        You also need faster read-out from the sensor for sensor based AF. DSLRs have a separate PDAF sensor so they don’t have this limitation. APS-C sensors are currently not able to read-out fast enough to support 8fps with AF.

        • Adrian

          I assume you haven’t heard of the Canon 7D, right?

          • Steve

            The 7D has very slow on sensor AF (CDAF), even slower than more modern APS-C sensors. You are confusing PDAF with on-sensor AF.

    • robert M.

      The PDAF and Lens Modulation that were added to the X-E2 come as a result of the EXR-2 image processor. It’s a much more powerful chip than what was used with the original X Trans sensor. From what I read, Fuji’s going to price this new model between the X-E2 and X-Pro2, when the latter is eventually released. I don’t see how they could reduce the size of the sensor in this X-T1. Fuji has to be doing something with the electronics in this one that boosts processing power beyond what the EXR-2 is capable of; or maybe the power of the EXR-2 has only just begun to be tapped.

    • I’ve been saying this for the past three months.

  • Daniel C.


    For me dual card slots are a non issue, maybe because I am a lucky guy and never had issues so far. But I understand that it is something crucial for e.g. Wedding photographers. So this is a pitty.

    Writing speed was also never an issue as I am no burst-shooter, and if, the only short bursts. So no big deal for me.

    8fps with tracking is of course really nice and may be the opportunity to ditch the dslr-system.

    Let’s see.


  • C. C.

    Yep, looks like the groundbreaking Oly E-M5. Why is this not surprising? Well, Sony and Nikon did the same thing.

    • kui

      Incorrect again…
      Are you really that stupid? How does the DF resemble the OM-D. First of all, the OM-D is not retro (no control dials for shutter speed, exposure compensation, or ISO). And, the EM-1 (newest OM-D), or whatever it is called, has a strange design, somewhere between a DSLR and i don’t know what. The DF, on the other hand, is a DSLR with control dials…

      The EM-5, or whatever it is called, does not have a retro design…

      • Just beans

        of course the omd em5 is retro. Do you know what an olympus om is? Lol

        All the dials are also there, I can change aperture iso and shutter speed using same dials on my X-e1 and my e-m5.

      • Surab

        Fanboy to fanboy reply? E-M5 is so retro and so popular that it makes a lot sense that Nikon was inspired by it. They just totally missed it and made the ugliest camera ever.

        Oly fanboy, Fuji is just continuing its retro philosophy and after RF they are looking at SLR. Don’t bring your 43Rumors hating and flaming over to this site. 43Rumors is already suffering from too much fanboyism!

        • Nikun

          Yep.. Nikon DF was a total disappointment. They have beautiful old cameras.. like FM2, they should have just change it to digital.
          Hopefully Fuji makes it right.

  • “Are you really that stupid?”
    Great standard of discussion there!

    • kui

      Yes, I know…but, he or she says the same stupid comments everyday, like a troll. I should just ignore him or her…but, since he or she is merely looking for attention, I thought it was fitting to give he or she some attention, in an honest way.

    • Caerolle

      Yes, when you say that, you put it so much nicer.

  • Doug

    I’ve been so happy with my X100, but I just bought a Canon 70D for shooting my kids. yes, they will never stay still. But now, it seems I’ll have to get rid of the 70D to get this. Imagine: finally I’l be able to catch my kids moving with those glorious Fuji colors!

  • Steve

    Has anyone perhaps wondered it the “T” in the name has something to do with this:

    “I hear Fuji is working on a newer “T” sensor based on Kodak’s T-grains that will improve light sensitivity. These raw files will add a T to the file suffix, and the new files will end with “.TRAF”

    If this is the case, yes it will cost more than the XE2.

    • Avantia

      Well, does it have anything to do with Wall-E “arriving soon” ?

    • Caerolle

      As many people as are drooling over this thing, I think they should have named it the X-TC.

  • Avantia

    I couldn’t care less about rangefinder or SLR styling as long as the camera is worth the premium price.

    For 2k$, it better be olympus-quick to focus.

  • Ed.

    Hello Patrick

    The specs of the camera is definitely one of the important factors to judge how capable the new product will be.
    But Rei Ohara(wild life photographer & fujixphotographer) tells us in his blog that what really matters is how good the camera will suite you to tell your story; ”what you like” according Rei Ohara’s words.
    It’s worth reading to see how Rei Ohara has become a Fuji X user and why he believes it will be the camera of the future.

    Regards. Ed.

  • I’m kind of surprised how so many people are chucking their Cheetos over a mockup by a fanboy. I happen to think it looks nice, even if I have my reservations about a center-mounted eyepiece, but… come ON, people, it’s rank speculation, not a leaked design image!

  • Okay, I change my mind. Maybe the “light campaign” is about how bright the EVF is and how finding this camera/EVF is like finding the light?

  • Marcus

    Some of you guys are amazing. Every popular system today seems to have both rangefinder and SLR styles represented. Sony NEX is humpless with viewfinder set off to the left. the A7 is in the center with a hump. The Olympus Pen is humpless and similar to the NEX 5 and Fuji XM and XA. while the OMD-EM series has a hump and center viewfinder. Also the Samsung camera’s have bother square blocky versions as well as slr Style.

    Why can’t fuji do both like all other members of this segment? Personally, I feel there are practical considerations for both, but all things point to the hump as a way to have a larger viewfinder in a smaller package.

  • Wow…I need a cigarette, now.

  • Henricks

    Cannot understand why people are so serious about dual card slots. I use D700 and E-M5 together for many many years in verious critical events. There were an unaccountable number of shots. No problem at all. All you need are the best quality CF and SD cards.

    • Henricks

      sorry for typo -> “an uncountable number of shots”.

    • Card failures do happen It’s a fact.

      • Richards

        That is a risk management issue, not necessarily the camera functionlity. For exmaple, people tend to use two 16GB rather than one 32GB in order to reduce the risk of card failure.

        Two slot is a nice-to-have feature but not essential surely.

        • Using more cards increases the risk of failure, but decreases the damage if failure were to occur.

          None of the issues on here are essential, but to those of us who earn a living with cameras, dual cards is more desirable than to some others.

        • Bobby

          “That is a risk management issue, not necessarily the camera functionlity. For exmaple, people tend to use two 16GB rather than one 32GB in order to reduce the risk of card failure.

          Two slot is a nice-to-have feature but not essential surely.”


          It is not required for this level of camera. Having this feature will increase more cost. For example, Nikon ‘s pro DLSR bodies which have dual slots contain complexing circuitry for controlling read and write for both slots.

          And, iIf you’re a PRO who needs dual slots, it means that this camera is not for you. This is the fact.

          • “And, iIf you’re a PRO who needs dual slots, it means that this camera is not for you. This is the fact.”

            This is your opinion. The fact is that there are plenty of pros moving over to cameras like this because the image quality is now good enough for professional use.

  • “There were an unaccountable number of shots.”

    Henricks, I think that is why they want dual cards. For those unaccountable shots.

    • Tikbalang

      Youre messing up the tree view!

  • Ahmad

    I don’t remember photographer in film days were complaining about not having dual film rolls on their cameras.

    • Dennis

      Good point ! I do remember blazing fast 2.5 and 3 fps with those big hand loaded spools and D Cell powered motor drives. I think I got maybe 200 or so exposures at a go before having to reload (maybe more, it’s been a while). I think I can get like 2000 (jpeg) on an SD card and change it much faster too.

    • “I don’t remember photographer in film days were complaining about not having dual film rolls on their cameras.”

      That’s a non argument. I don’t remember people complaining about the lack of colour in black & white film days.

      I do remember a lot of people complaining very loudly when our processor crashed spectacularly one morning.

  • jason

    any info on tiltscreen?

  • DTB

    It would be awesome if they shocked everyone with a new sensor, particularly if it was the organic sensor. Highly doubtful; and, I bet the camera will be very nice anyways. I wish it was being announced on the 20th…

  • leo

    A camera with a sensor you have to deal with crop is a joke. Poor meal in a fancy lunch box.

    Double SD-slot or not, 8 fps, af-tracking and so on – come on, don´t fool yourself.

    • TJM

      How is it crop? The high quality, smaller + lighter than FF lenses are designed and optimised specifically for the sensor.

      Are you being bullied by medium format users or something?

    • Richards

      With your comment, it implies that FF is a joke due to medium format system.

      However, medium format system can be a joke too because of full format system.

      Then what is a non-joke system? :)

  • jose

    Well, if the camera looks like a real nikon fm2 or olympus om1, it may appeal to all the classic slr lovers, maybe that’s fuji’s target. And i don’t mind as long as it is as small as the xe2.

  • jason

    any romors about tilt display?

  • Freddy Mello

    it’s a shame if the xt-1won’t have a dual card slot. I’m a pro and I use to have a D700 (D800 now) and never ever had a problem with cards. But if I had? How can I explain to my customers that I’ve lost her/his wedding shots? Sometimes cards, even the best ones, fail.
    Dual slot is must have for events photographer, when Fuji will add this feature I’ll switch the system.

    • That’s exactly my position Freddy.

      There are enough reports of failed cards to make this an issue. I too use D700s but have said that my next cameras will have dual card slots for the simple reason that they are available nowadays.

      • MJr

        They said the X-Pro1 successor would need to be something very special. I think there’s a good chance that would include dual card slot, along with a new sensor (organic maybe) etc. Because what else is there, weather sealing and fast focusing … but the X-T1 would have that already, so not very special no more.

    • Thomas

      Dual slots requires higher hardware specification and better controller system to manipulate the data stream writing to or retreiving from those two slots. In current market, only pro-level, high-cost cameras have this feature. How much are you willing to pay for this feature?

      • “In current market, only pro-level, high-cost cameras have this feature. ”

        Nikon D7100 is not a pro level, high cost camera.

      • MJr

        Sure i couldn’t do it at home, but i also can’t make a Full-HD OLED display but now even cheap chinese phones have them. RAID is really old tech and it shouldn’t be very expensive at all to add a little controller and firmware update etc. for it.

        The D7000 or now D7100 was around the same price range or cheaper actually, especially at today’s street price. Anyway, as it doesn’t have it, it’s likely that any X-Pro1 successor will. But i wouldn’t have been surprised if the X-T1 did too.

      • Freddy Mello

        I’m talking as a pro, so I don’t worry to much about cost if I need something for my work.. when I shot for my personal works I use a x100s. I love that camera and I would like to use it for my work too but I don’t want to take the risk of losing my shots. I don’t think it will cost so much more to add that feature. I cannot understand Fuji. I’ll wait for xpro 2 :)

  • Swede

    Not excited at all. The design looks very run of the mill mirrorless and a departure from their current line up. Hate the hump. Write speed? For the action folks I guess but I much rather see them work on a sensor that can produce jpgs that doesn’t smear the crap out of skin. Starting to get more excited about what Sony has coming. Nevert thought I’d say that.

    • briny

      The sensor does not smear skin, that’s the jpeg processor applying excess noise reduction at high ISOs. Raw files are fine.

  • MJr

    I don’t get these kind of comment. What do you all expect.

    First of all there is nothing wrong with a small hump, it doesn’t actually get in the way ever in actual practical use. It’s just the idea you all hate, but in reality it’s a gift as it’s more natural to look through at the actual lens position, and it also gives a better balance when shooting. Nobody ever complained about it with classic SLR’s either. There were rangefinders, but it wasn’t ever the lack of hump that anybody talked about. A ‘mirrorless’ hump isn’t like a FF DSLR you know, they’re tiny either way. Maybe not look at the product photos on a big screen but try and actually hold one, you’ll see.

    And second of all, it’s basically a slightly higher end X-E2 that’s all it is. If you expected tilting screens and whatever, nothing wrong with that, but then i’ve got news for you .. it’s not Fuji you want in the first place. Especially anybody willing to leave behind all Fujinon glass just for that, as the optics should be the main criteria in my opinion.

    • Pelex


    • Surab

      Totally agree with you!

      They those people think that if it is not suitable for them as well, then it’s BS! This is GAS! Why would want to have a new camera every year if you don’t need it for work. But pro’s don’t think about the design as long as it delivers….

      I think the big problem is that with a faux-SLR X-T1 their X-Ex would not be the best/2ndbest body in the x range and this is annoys them because they don’t like the design of it (nobody has actually seen it…) and thus will not buy it…. Take photos!

      It’s like they don’t want that Fuji survives.

  • thecouchguy

    Hope it has in built intervelometer. I dislike having to carry a remote as well.

  • I love my X100s really,really love it.

    Don’t take this the wrong way,

    But if I was going to buy a crop sensor camera in this price range, so far the X-T1 isn’t going to pull me away from buying a D7100.

    Why should I buy the X-T1 over the D7100?

    (I’m not trolling BTW)

    • There are always pluses and minuses.

      You might find that you have to spend more time on images from a D7100 than you do from a Fuji. The high ISO images are better from the Fuji. Also the Fuji will be lighter and smaller, plus it’s quieter, which does matter to some people in some circumstances.

    • Surab

      In addition to Fred’s:
      For me it is also nice to know that there is less mechanics that can malfunction. Also Back and Front Focusing cannot be a problem (I am not sure whether it is really such a big problem, but I read quite often that DSLR owners had to send their cameras to the OEM. I am no pro, so maybe I wouldn’t even figure it out and hence wonder what the problem is. Basically I don’t want to bother with that option.) You will get an EVF with all its advantages (more important to me than the disadvantages) and you will get relatively small premium lenses. And you would get the Fuji handling (Aperture and Shutter dial).

    • 18in32

      Obviously we know very little about the X-T1, but the differences between the Nikon DSLR range and the Fuji X-Series are huge. The one that leaps out at me is the existence of physical dials to make major exposure changes. Some folks don’t mind making those changes through the software interface, others prefer to have ‘direct’ control. I fall in the latter category.

    • Doug

      If you do landscapes or sports shooting, the decision may be tough. But if you take photographs of people, I think Fuji has the right recipe. I’ve spent countless hours tweaking RAW files trying to emulate Fuji skin tones on Nikon and Canon files. I believe you can achieve similar results with the right presets, but finding or developing those presets is very time consuming. The best part? Fuji has the right colors on OOC jpegs! Right out of the bat, as they say.

    • Thanks for all the input!

      I hope the X-T1 is what I’m looking for.

  • Fred Cartier, I agree with you. People are lined up ready to get in to the Fuji family, and it’s baffling that Fuji refuses to put the products out. By the way, Patrick, can you please post ANYTHING so that the robot commercial is not the first we see when we refresh? Even a render will do, for now.

    • Surab

      Hey Fujimoto,
      could you try to comment directly under the post you are refering to, please? Thanks in advance.

  • FujiBlackBox

    Anything on a higher flash sync or a HSS mode for manual flashes…? I know the leafshutter X100s is the Fuji for Strobist, but interchangeable is a must for me…

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