Tilt screen for the X-T1!


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First of all, let me tell you this: this rumor comes from a source who was right in the past and who also told me over two months ago that the weather sealed X (X-T1) will have a vintage SLR-design (inspired by the FujicaST). It has not yet been upgraded to trusted source… but if it’s right with the tilt-screen and the retro SLR design, then it will be upgraded.

So here is the rumor:

The source told me that the X-T1 will have a tilt screen!

And a couple of days ago another FR-reader had a talk with a Fuji rep at the CES. He wrote me this email:

“At CES. Speaking at new camera and it was implied to be announced in weeks. […] When I mentioned that the Sony had a “tilty-floppy” screen, he grabbed another model in the Fuji line and said, “We know how to do a flip screen. What makes you think we don’t like flip screens?”. When asked if the new camera would have such a screen, there were two answers… “Maaaybe…”. And “What new camera?”

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Feel free to share information with Fujirumors via email or anonymously via rumor box.

Here is the updated specs list (to take with a grain of salt)

  • announcement January 28th (trusted source)
  • bigger (extra-large) and better (high performance) EVF / (trusted +  anonymous sources)
  • APS-C X-Trans sensor II (16MP) / (trusted +  anonymous sources)
  • support for the UHS-II SD-card for super-fast writing speed / (trusted sources)
  • 8fps with AF tracking / (trusted source)
  • weather sealed body / (trusted sources)
  • tilt screen (source who was right in the past, but not yet upgraded to trusted source)
  • FujicaST-like (SLR-type) design / (source who was right in the past, but not yet upgraded to trusted source)
  • name: X-T1 / (anonymous source + Fujifilm)
  • price range between X-E and X-PRO line / (new and anonymous sources)
  • additional battery grip / (anonymous source)
  • faster AF then X-E2 / (new source)

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P.S.: at the bottom, the X-T1 mock-up of FR-reader Francis! Feel free to send me more X-T1 mock-ups :-)

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  • Al Downie

    Shame. That puts it smack in the middle of the ‘amateur toy’ category.

    • pixelAngst


      I can understand an argument against it on grounds of durability, but surely even pros could find many uses for a tilting screen – for example, the ability to compose while holding the camera overhead might be useful when in the middle of a press-pack or in a trench.

      • Al Downie

        If that were true, all the top-end Nikons and Canons would have had the ‘feature’ for years, but they don’t. Every flippy screen I’ve ever seen has been a cheap-feeling, plasticky liability which reduces ruggedness and adds unwanted depth to the body. Me, I’d rather have no LCD at all – if I really have to chimp I do it with the EVF. And if the EVF in the new body is going to be *that* great, then that reduces the need for an LCD screen even more.

        • Pro DSLRs have an optical viewfinder and a poorly implemented live view mode. On my D800 I only use the viewfinder because of that and there is no need for a tilt-screen, at least for me. On a mirrorless camera there is only liveview available and that works great with fast AF. That being said, if you like shooting from the hip, a tiltable screen is gorgeous and a joy to use.

        • Surab

          So don’t buy it…

          Sorry, either you want that X camera, another X camera or simply a totally different camera. But it seems that a lot of customers actually care about such a tilting screen.
          So Fuji might address them with the X-T1 as the feature-packed X camera to lure people from other systems which means more lens and asseccories sales and hence “saftey” for the whole X system and thus Fuji can go on to produce X-Es and X-Pros for the purity and RF fans.

          Fuji still has to be profitable and if an expansion of the system helps them in that, why not? They never claimed that they want only to address HC purity photogs. This was just their entrance and I am sure they will stick the respecting product lines.

        • rearranged

          Well you’re wrong, the nikon d1 had and it was heavily rugged. And so do the sony a77 and a99 cameras

          • Al Downie

            The D1 had a completely rubbish tilting postage-stamp-sized screen which was almost a centimetre deep. Nikon got rid of it for the D2, D3 and D4.

          • I shot with three Nikon D1 for four years with two D1H for three years at newspaper professionally. D1 series DID not have any tilting screen!

        • dave

          +1 to Al Downie

          No tiltable screen for me. I was hoping for a rugged work horse camera and some ‘bulletproof’ lenses to dig in the dirt. I am not going to take care of a tiltable screen. Bye X-T1.

          It would be a mistake to run after other brands customers by eating into other brands territory and follow every gimmick other brands introduced. Fuji had this minimalistic-simplicistic-retro-touch as an attribute and is now being distracted. That makes Fuji just another camera brand.

        • junyo

          Top end automobiles are red and have two doors, therefore four door cars and trucks obviously can’t quality cars.

          I really wish people would stop regurgitating this stupidity ad naseum. There have been weather-proof cameras with tilt/swivel screens for a couple of generations, with zero evidence that the screens impact reliability, weather sealing, or durability.

          Top end Canikon SLRs have a studio shooter as a target market. A studio shooter can use tethering and the hidef outputs to setup massive external displays. They’re designed around an OVF rather than purely electronic viewing. To assume that a compact camera would, or even should, use the same paradigm is silly. It’s a waist level finder, which cameras a lot higher end than any Nikon or Canon have used for generations. Not understanding why/how they’re useful is just a failure of imagination.

          • Al Downie

            Riiiight… that’ll be why we used to see so many professionals using F3s with waist level finders.

        • Lix


        • Lix

          I agree with Al Downie, I mean. Especially this:

          “Me, I’d rather have no LCD at all – if I really have to chimp I do it with the EVF. And if the EVF in the new body is going to be *that* great, then that reduces the need for an LCD screen even more.”

          • I’m a pro and I’d love a tilting screen, although it’s not a priority.

            The ability to shoot from the waist again like we did with the old roll film cameras would be a dream, plus setting the camera on the floor is not much fun when you’re no longer a teenager.

            A full length portrait taken from waist level can be pretty special.

          • Tom

            Agree with no screen at all. Therefore tilt screen good if it flips over out of the way. I had this on a Panasonic camera set up so that evf only came on when I brought the camera up to my eye. Excellent set-up!

        • dtk

          To me, a pro cares more about the image he creates than the gear he owns. If the gear makes composing the photo easier without a penalty in IQ, well if I was a pro and not some website commenting hack I’d use that camera.

          • Al Downie

            Normally I’d agree with you. But professionals pay £4k+ for cameras that do not have a flappy screen.

          • Good point. I will ask Fuji to save the cost of the tilt screen and quadruple the MSRP.

          • Al Downie

            Can’t help wondering who would buy a Leica with a flappy screen, if they were in that market.

          • Surab

            Nicely said.

        • “Me, I’d rather have no LCD at all – if I really have to chimp I do it with the EVF. And if the EVF in the new body is going to be *that* great, then that reduces the need for an LCD screen even more.”

          – interesting point of view, what about tripod work, would you still prefer to use EVF for focusing, let’s say macro mode close to the ground? Also chimping via EVF just sounds weird to me, not being aware of what’s around me. You can’t also turn off back LCD if you need to.
          – I do understand your comment regarding tilting screen though but I do also understand photographers who would benefit from having one.
          – I use LCD only for image review and for focusing when on tripod or whn ‘scanning’ my negatives with camera mounted on copy stand

        • Vlad

          That argument about top-end Canikons is quite weak. It does not necessarily reflect interest from users. The durability issue is also preposterous, we’ve seen this waived around countless times and I have yet to see even one broken hinge. Lastly, the depth you are talking about would be in the range of a couple of millimeters, hardly an issue, especially on cameras the size of a high-end Canikon.
          There isn’t a single proper argument against swivel/tilt LCDs, yet there are plenty of practical arguments for them, such as difficult positions, tripod work, video work etc.

          • dave

            -1 to Vlad

            Some don’t need it and don’t want to pay for it. It’s against the minimalistic approach of Fuji. I just do not trust tillable screens. I never ever had the need of a tillable screen, my bug and flower pics included. Maybe you are right with your arguments, but there is also an emotional side.

          • dtk

            I’m against “tillable” screens too. IMHO running a plow over an lcd is a bad idea.

          • Vlad

            -1 to dave
            Some people don’t need AF and that’s against the minimalistic approach of Fuji. Come on. Fuji doesn’t have a minimalistic approach, it’s a modern camera with a different type of interface, that’s it. Digital sensors, EVF, AF, focus peaking, movie mode… what are we even talking about here?
            If you don’t need it, don’t use it, same as AF. The emotional side, on the other hand, I understand, but trying to present and defend it through some wobbly half-rational arguments doesn’t cut it.

          • Ronan

            So you are telling me the two biggest Companies that control the market, has no idea what they are doing?

            Woah… You should sell your inner-knowledge of their customers. You would make MILLIONS!!!

            As for proper argument against swivel/tilt LCD:
            More parts to break.
            Looks amateurish/toyish.
            Adds costs to the end product.

          • You don’t have to buy it if you can’t afford it. Or don’t want to afford it. That said, I think the price is quite competitive, but what do I know?

          • Vlad

            And you think these companies know what they are doing? You think the EOS-M system has been a great success perhaps? And then why would Canon put a swivel LCD on their APS-C flagship? They suddenly lost their mind?

            To the “proper arguments”. AF also has more parts to break. So does image stabilization. The point is that all of these features (including swivel LCDs) have existed for quite many years that we can make a judgment about their reliability. So, where are those broken swivel LCDs?
            Looks amateurish? That is a proper argument?
            Adds cost. Yes, it does. It also adds value.

          • Al Downie

            To clarify… I do have a Canon camera which has a flappy screen (and a ‘P-forPathetic’ mode, by the way), and I have found it useful in the past. If I was majorly into ground-level photography, or if I was too lame to ask people’s permission before sticking a camera in their face on ‘the street’, I would probably find it useful more often.

            I don’t want it on my proper camera though – the one I pick up when I want to take my time and try to make a really good photograph.

            I’ve been waiting for a long time for a great quality digital camera that would restore the simple, basic photographic process. Fuji came really close with their X100 and X-Pro1 and I snapped them up, but what I was really waiting for was a DSLR with the same philosophy. I thought the Df was going to be it, but Nikon screwed it up. When I saw the first rumour about the ST-like Fuji, I thought THIS is going to be it! But if they’ve caved in and started trying to cater for all the bleating sheep who want features, features and more features, then I guess I’ll save my money and wait and see what the X-Pro2 is like. Unless some other company steals the rug from under Fuji and makes the camera I’m waiting for.

          • dtk


            Blackberry and Nokia were once at the top of the mobile market. They definitely knew what they were doing

          • Phil

            I don’t want any dirt-collected hanging piece out of camera whether I use it or not. As serious photog, I never miss any shot with the tilt screen. The only time is where I snapshoot a crowd from above my head but that’s just a snapshot, who cares.

            Having no LCD is another extremely wrong question. It’s useful for zoom-in manual focus in any type of photography: macro, landscape and even portrait. If you want no LCD, buy your favorite old film camera.

          • Phil

            Canon 70D, if you mean, is “prosumer” lineup (like Nikon 7100) and NOT flagship APS-C bro. The flagship APS-C line is 7D which does not tilt screen. That’s why 70D has it as it’s for “prosumer” users because snapshot users want it. Am I Canon’s hater? Nope,
            I’ve been a Canon 5DII owner for a long time and I had to learn how to overcome many issues with it that Canon never cares to fix such as outdated slow 9-point AF, terrible flashing system, worse DR, limited +-2EC, etc. That’s why I hope Fuji can be the one I will switch over in the long term and be happy shooter.

          • Surab

            It is quite funny to see that @Robin already provided THE SOLUTION to the question why there was no tilt/swivel screen on DSLRs: AF performance in live view….

            But yeah keep on complaining and overlook good arguments. Actually CDAF is also non pro! You might need a DSLR with proper PDAF sensors.

        • Karen G.

          “Price range between X-E and X-PRO line “. Clear, mr pro Al Downie ?

      • MrGecko

        I for one just don’t need it. I feel that I have a good feel for my camera and know where to point it and how to set for odd angles. IMHO it is more for PNS amateurs who need to look at a screen that tells them what to do. Sounds kinda harsh; I know but just one mans opinion. I am still looking at this camera as a replacement but the tilt would be an unused feature “for me”

        • dtk

          this is like saying fill flash or flash in general is a gimmick for “amateurs” who can’t read light properly, when in actuality strobes greatly enhance the range of photos you can take.

          • MrGecko

            I never use a flash either. But this has to do with the type of photography I do. When at a party with friends or something like that I use my Canon S100 with flash. Just saying that a PNS has its place as do some features. I’m not poo pooing the tilt or flash, they are just not needed “for me”. So this all puts me in a certain classification just like most posters here. I have yet to see a unified response to anything that Fuji has come out with here (maybe the XPro2). There is no perfect camera that does everything and fits every budget. In my dream world I would be shooting with a Leica Monochrome but out of my price range at the moment. That said I appreciate auto-focus too but could live without it. The tilt won’t stop me from actually buying this camera, and I just may.

          • dtk

            yes this is my point. i think describing a feature as “for amateurs” is a bit off the mark. features are features. how one does (or even doesn’t) use a feature determines how “pro” a photographer is.

            For the record, I also tend to avoid flash whenever I can. at the same time I can see how some people use it to great effect.

    • Renato S.

      In the end, just don’t tilt it.

      I hardly think that the durability will be affected by not using it.

      Purists are so retrograde, if technology advancement depended on them, we would be still using stones and wood to make fire.

      • You are wrong.
        There wouldn’t be fire.

        • Renato S.

          sorry, I guess I overestimated them…

          they would clearly say “nah, fire? real cave man eats raw and have diarrhea!”


      • Vlad

        “In the end, just don’t tilt it.”
        Plus one.

    • phil

      Ugly grip, careless dirt-collect tilt screen, expens$1.5k … I hope the rumors are all wrong

    • Hmmm

      This isn’t supposed to be a “pro” camera.

      It’s a weather sealed semi-pro enthusiast camera, like the OMD EM1. Which by the way, is apparently used by a number of pro shooters.

      And besides, many of the “pros” floating around here are probably just posers who take cat photos and street shots of homeless people, and lack the imagination to see the artistic and practical appeal of an articulating screen.

  • TAZ

    That is a bit disappointing.. I still hope it has the best EVF + faster AF!

  • Surab

    Naaahhh! I don’t have the money for that!! Stop it already…… ;)

  • reggae1095

    I really hope X-T1 won’t be equipped with a tilted-LCD…I think it is only a waste of space and, by the way, I’m not so sure that X-T1 will be completely weather sealed with a movable LCD screen

    IMHO if Fuji want to put something interesting into X-T1 they should choose a tilted EVF, such as the Panasonic GX7

    • pixelAngst

      The Oly OM-D cameras are weatherproof and have tilting screens

      • Jonas

        Also, here’s how much it protudes from the camera:

        While some may complain about something this feature, I won’t.

      • Renato S.

        And Panasonic has an articulated screen on a weather sealed camera with the GH3, which is even better. Tiltable screen is not as practical as an articulated one.

      • Zachery

        Also Sony A99, and A7, and A7R, and likely other cameras.

    • The Olympus E-M1 has a completely weather sealed body (it’s even freeze proof) and has a movable screen. Sharing the sensor algorithms with Adobe and other third party software developers will be the next big thing that Fuji has to do alongside a better flash system.

      Fuji is doing great and in two years they’ve done what others did it 10 years. I’m confident that kaizen is the way to go (the other manufacturers forgot that basic japanese philosophy)

  • HarryWintergreen

    yes yes yes!

  • Striff

    Having just sold my GH1 and using a Nikon D60 (until I decide what camera to get) I welcome a tilt screen.
    Trying to do ground level shots and not having to get down on the ground just to compose a shot is worth a tilt screen to me.

    Don’t forget the Sony A7(r) have a tilt screen and are weather proof. I also would not class them as toys.

  • Ulf

    yes yes yes! yes yes yes! yes yes yes! yes yes yes! yes yes yes! yes yes yes!

  • Keith

    Why is it combined with xc 16-50 lens?

  • daniel

    I used to be against the whole tilt screen. But I don’t see why people are so fussed about them. Has anyone heard Of one breaking? I know I havnt. Sometimes Wish I had a tilt screen as it would really Help composing some shots, live view has become an excellent tool and would benefit from a tiltable screen.

  • mikegor

    I want it to have a touch screen as well

    • Taz

      +1, I would like a touch screen!

      • TomSca

        +2, touch screen could be a good improvement imho, particularly touch to focus.

  • Swede

    This is getting worse by the minute. What happened to Fuji’s simplicity strategy?

    • Surab

      ??? If they stick to dials for aperture, shutter and maybe ISO and leave out all the Scene mode stuff (or burry them in a single point in the Drive menu) it will still maintain that philosophy of simplicity.

      The LCD is a legitimate composition tool nowadays and why is it a bad thing to make it more useful for situations where you simply cannot (or cannot conviently) use the VF: waist level shooting, tripod shots, ground level shots, shots from above, ……

      And there are still the X-E2 and the X-Pro1 for non tilt.

    • dave


      That’s to the point, thanks for your support!

      Now, Fuji is about to make a major mistake. If Fuji continues to follow every marketing gimmick it will become just another brand. Fuji’s identity was built on outstanding attributes, not on gimmicks copied from other brands. If I absolutely wanted a tilt-screen, there are other brands. The rumor was pointing to another direction: Fuji as we know it + expansion towards a work horse model. In this way, Fuji could have gotten rid of the ‘second camera’ image and could have introduced a small pro-line stand alone camera body.

      • Vlad

        Except, a tilt screen is hardly a gimmick, but a rather useful feature. And your idea about switching to other brands to get this feature is not avery sound one, especially from Fuji’s own perspective.

        • dave

          Not to be toooo serious about tiltable screens but no doubt my arguments are always better than yours and you completely lost your credibility since even your owns designs do not have tiltable screens….. :-)


          • boys, why don’t you two go for a pint somewhere?

          • Vlad

            Dave, it tilts :), it simply isn’t shown. If you look at the renders form the back, there is a gap between the LCD and the body.

          • Vlad

            hexx, that is actually a great idea. A discussion about gear over a beer would be most welcome :)

          • dave

            Ok, I give in… although…

            hexx, if you come and drink with Vlad and me, you soon need a tilted screen to take an even photo.

          • that might be true, getting old, drinking sessions shortened and hangovers prolonged :)

      • Hmmm


        It’s NOT a mistake at all. It means the XT-1 will suddenly be attractive to a bunch more people.

        You anti-tilt fanatics are just bizarre sometimes. So much absurd hyperbole over an excellent feature that you can simply not use if you lack the creativity for it.

  • Jonas

    Sounds great! I’ve disliked having to choose between introductory cameras and a tilt screen with the Fujifilm bodies. I’m not sure I get the negativity surrounding these. Sony has shown that the added “bulk” is neglible and I still await the rounds of reports about broken tilt LCD’s. That seems to be an unfounded worry unless Fujifilm breaks new ground there in a negative way. :p

    For one or two extra millimeters depth on the camera, you end up with something much more flexible in crowds (concerts, and so on), ground-level photography, and discreet street photography.

  • I’m presuming it won’t be a touchscreen? Although this wold have been a great feature, eg touch to focus.

    • You can at least use the touchscreen of your smartphone via wifi remote control.

      • nwcs

        Are you implying the wifi app will be updated to give us shooting control?

        • The wifi app has already been updated, didn’t you follow the news about the new FinePix S1? Do you think an X-T1 will have LESS features than a FinePix S1?

          • nwcs

            The fujifilm camera app in the iOS app store was last updated 10/8/13. It’s the only one I see that works with the X-E2. Has no control ability. The other fujifilm wifi app in the iOS store is a receiver only updated the same day. So I’m not sure where you’re seeing this new wifi app at.

          • nwcs

            Their web site for the apps also doesn’t mention that ability for shooting control:


    • kui

      Who would want to use touch-to-focus? A great way to increase the risk of camera shake.

      • Taz

        If you use touch to focus, but deactivate touch to shoot, it will eliminate shake.

  • Swede

    Wonder if it will come with a feature that will take the picturs for us as well…

  • Crabclawhands

    Very handy for studio table top work, which makes me and my knees happy.
    Perceived drop in durability, but in practice makes damn near no difference in my experience, never had one fail or fall off. Build wise, If you drop a camera on a hard surface, from 6 feet, regardless of funny screens, alloy bodies etc.. it’ll still break.

  • Alvin

    quite useful if it have tilt screen.
    I just sold my Nex-5n, and want o buy A7, and stopped in this site, tag read review of fuji’s camera… and bang!! what a stupid , i never look at this camera at all… and i went to camera store pick up X-E2 and will pay it, fortunately i see this X-T1 rumours on this site…

    Waiting… now…

    Thank you for great site

  • Michael McQueen

    Tilt screens a merely a gimmick.. Just because you are able to do something doesn’t mean you should.. I agree that this takes it away from the high end market.. I wouldn’t say toy.. But would maybe look like one.. You show me one great photo in recent history were the photographer talks about how the tilt screen helped make the shot.. I think you may struggle. I think you’ll find all great photogs will lay on the ground a get dirty for a great photo than use a tilty flippy screen. For me this feature seems more like it’s for the lazy and people who want to take pictures of their kids. Come on fuji.

    • pixelAngst

      >> I think you’ll find all great photogs will lay on the ground a get dirty for a great photo

      Do they also wear rags and whip themselves to truly suffer in the name of art?

      Oh wait, that’s just Leica users.

      • Ulf


      • Vlad

        Haha, nice!

    • Surab

      Right and I bet all great photogs would also want to have film rather than lazy digital sensors. I forgot to mention that they would also use MF instead of relying on lazy AF. Oh wait, and great photogs would most definitely also send paper mail to their friends, clients and so on rather (telling them about a great shot or sending them their work) than calling them with the cell phone or emailing them.

      Sorry for the irony, I am not intending to make fun of anyone. It is just that new developments (full time live view with decent AF) has made possible in the recent years what was not possible before (as note by @Ronin above).

      So before, yes they and I (and I am by no means close to decent photog and basically several lightyears away from beign great) would lay down, but now we only have to because our camera does not have a tilt screen.
      I can barely imagine that a great photog would lay down in the mudd to take one photo then wear his fresh change clothes and lay down for the 2nd shot to miss the 3rd because he had to go home or he caught a cold…. That would be no great photog at all, because he risked the whole day instead of using a tilt screen.

    • DonTom
    • I can show you many, many great portraits that were taken at waist level with a twin lens reflex. It’s the ideal level in many cases.

      • Michael McQueen

        I have used a many TLR and its very different to a tilt/flip screen… I understand that waist level is a great perspective for shooting.. whats wrong with taking a knee…? thats all I’m saying…

        • Surab

          Yeah but what is wrong with the tilt screen for not only waist shooting and also for people who cannot knee that freely anymore or when the ground is bad that you cannot knee.

          If any camera company would nowaydays only target you pros than they would be dead and there were no companies anymore.

          So they have to attract also others and Fuji cannot wait that mouth propgandacreates only 700k sales over 2 years for X100, X10, X20, X-S1, X100s, X-E1, X-Pro1, X-M1 and X-A1. So they offer ONE body to rule them all (X-T1) feature wise and attract the people or at least get their attention (because actually it seems to be quite expensive, at least for me).

    • Halo

      Of course a tilt screen can be usefull in certain situations and not only a “toy thing”.

      The question is more if it is solid and durable enough and not an annoyance when you don’t use it. After all most would prefer the viewfinder in most situations. A moveable part like this is of course a typical weak link that may easily break under heavy use, get loose and rickety and even fall off. I would think that is the main reason for leaving it out of the pro DSLR / Leica tier, not that it’s useless or for some reason “unprofessional” by definition. It doesn’t make sense.

      • Vlad

        Swivel screen have existed for many years already, have you ever heard of or seen one that “fell off”? The reason that it doesn’t exist on pro models can simply be attributed to the companies not knowing what their users want. We certainly see more cameras having swivel LCDs, Sony has them on all of theirs and Canon introduced them on the APS-C high-end. I know quite a few D800 users who would love to have one.

        • Interesting that not one of the moaners on here claiming “weak link” / less durable have responded with any evidence of that. Not one. Zip. Zilch. No proof.

          Just the perceived notion of something that cannot be substantiated with evidence perpetuated into cyberspace…..

          I also love the comments about how tilt screen cameras look like “toys”. To whom? You guys using the tilt screen? Because I guarantee you no one around you thinks that, or CARES. In case some of you didn’t get the memo, if you want to appear to others around you that you are a “serious” shooter, or “working pro” and that matters more to you than the images you make….go get yourself a DSLR with a 2.8 zoom lens and impress the masses.

          Someone else nailed it…if you don’t like it, don’t buy it, OR don’t use it. Quit your purist rants. Go shoot with something that doesn’t have it.

          • Aaah… Now I get it.

            If I am driving BACKWARDS in my car while holding my Fuji x camera out the window with its articulating screen extended, it’s possible that a vehicle passing me in the opposite direction with very wide side view mirrors might clip the screen and break it off.

            Yep…durability is certainly questionable.


          • I have been using plenty of cameras with tilt/swivel displays from Panasonic, Fujifilm and Sony, and so far I haven’t experienced a single issue regarding their screens.

            I have thrown various Fujifilm X cameras to the ground (concrete, steel or stone). I also had them kicked/trampled by a horse weighing 1500 pounds (yep, my testing regime is quite ruthless), and the only thing that usually breaks during such abuse is the battery holding pin. When the camera is thrown against hard walls or on the ground, the battery cover mostly opens and the battery is forcibly ejected, breaking the little plastic holding pin in the process. That’s basically the weak spot of all current X-series cameras, but at least the cameras still function w/o the pin. In any case, I haven’t encountered any display problems.

            Of course, I also expose all my non-weather-sealed X cameras and lenses to the same heavy rain, sand, dust, extreme moisture etc. as my weather-sealed cameras, and so far, none of them exhibited any issues. If there’s a difference, I haven’t found it yet. In my useless opinion, weather-sealing is mostly a marketing gimmick, a feature that’s introduced because the competition has it, too. But hey, if it sells more cameras, that’s great.

    • Vlad

      Haha, “great photographers” are manly enough to shove themselves in the dirt. One can hear everything on the internet.

  • Very happy with the tilt screem (I do macro and street). 1/8000s and I’m pre-ordering!

  • Ad Jetten

    I don’t even want a dslr-like Fujifilm X camera at all

    • It does feel like a dilution of the X system DNA doesn’t it.

      • Al Downie

        It needn’t be though, if it’s done well. I’m a big fan of the SLR form factor but *hate* the modern DSLR designs and controls – I was drawn to Fuji not because of the rangefinder styling, but because of the layout of the controls. If they could do the same in an SLR form factor, I don’t think it would weaken their ‘truth’. i don’t think it would be inconsistent with their ‘X’ philosophy.

        Sadly however, if this flappy screen rumour is true, then I fear they’ve lost their path and, rather than drawing users away from Canikonetc into a niche that’s currently all their own, Fuji will find itself drowning in the mainstream market that the big guys own.

        • Yeah…the entire model lineup consisting of several models WITHOUT swivel screens is totally ruined with any model that has it…..

          Some of you must be a real blast at parties.

    • “I don’t even want a dslr-like Fujifilm X camera at all”
      So why are you commenting on this one then?

  • Tilt screen = extra weight, size and cost. No thanks.

    • Renato S.

      damn those 1kg tilt screens…

      • Striff

        Are you complaining about weight of a tilt screen,!!! What a weak complaint.

        And who is to say that Fuji wouldn’t charge the same with or without a tilt screen?

    • Vlad

      Yeah, less than 40 grams is horrible.

  • François

    Camera manufacturers should do as car manufacturers do : let you chose what options you like, and discard those you don’t want. Everybody will be happy then !

    • pixelAngst

      Perhaps that’s why so many tilt screens look flimsy – so you can pull them off if you don’t want them!

    • They do. That’s why there are fuji cameras with different features at different price points. I think their website is at…..


  • Surab

    I am out of here. I hope for you all that Fuji does not hear to all these “great” photogs and “pros” and expands the X system, so that more people can enjoy what these remarkably selfish people already can use and so that the company can build a strong base to get profits (otherwise we all would lose the oppotunity of the X system).

    • Surab

      @ Patrick:
      What do you think about tilt or swivel screens?
      Cheers and thanks for all the coverage. Pretty exciting times! :D

    • pixelAngst

      Don’t slam the tilt screen on your way out

  • Jack

    Tilt screen CHEEZYY

  • jotka

    YES, that is the one i waited for.
    Sounds perfect to me. Its no problem for me to lay in the dirt to make a special photo but if i don’t have to … laying in the dirt is not my favorite waste of time. So YES to tillable screen.

  • I’m really surprised by the hatred of tilt screens.
    I love Fuji’s minimalist looks/use, but they’re not getting rid of that, this is a new camera!
    I for one welcome a tilt screen for shooting from the hip and getting down low pointing up.
    I’m sure they’ll do it in a way that fits with the range already available.

    • “I’m really surprised by the hatred of tilt screens.”
      Me too. It’s people who are more concerned about what their equipment looks like rather than its functionality.

      • Al Downie

        You’re completely wrong! It’s got nothing to do with looks. It’s about the philosophy of cramming unnecessary features into a camera; features that add complexity, take up space, and generally distract from the simple, basic things that photography is really about; composition, exposure and focus.

        • dtk

          like a mirror? or a pentaprism?

        • Al, you don’t seem to understand that it’s just your opinion that tilt screens are unnecessary.

          If you ask any of the old portrait photographers who used waist level finders, most of them would tell you that using a camera at waist level can be very useful indeed.

          • Al Downie

            Exactly. Useful, for some, but not necessary. And for me, not even desirable – it really would put me off buying the camera.

          • “Exactly. Useful, for some, but not necessary. And for me, not even desirable – it really would put me off buying the camera.”
            Yes, useful for some.
            If you take out everything that’s actually unnecessary, it wouldn’t have auto-focus. In fact it wouldn’t even exist.

          • Surab

            +1 Fred!

          • Vlad

            Useful, but not necessary? For what? For whom? Seriously.

        • @ Al…

          How does one “cram” a tilting screen feature into a camera? You make it sound as if the mechanics are akin to adding an offshore oil drilling platform to a handheld device. Quite the drama you’ve created.

          The existing LCD is simply detached from the body by a tilting or swiveling arm that weighs next to nothing and does not DEMAND to be used in order for the camera to be fully functional. Why is that SUCH the big deal for you? Were you abused by someone using a panasonic camera or maybe a sony handycam when you were young?

          For all intent and purpose, this new RUMORED model is just another variant in the existing lineup, with some RUMORED features like so-called weather-proofing (hardly worthwhile without weather sealed lenses), some kind of “hump”, and possibly a tilting / articulating screen (not the first fuji x-cam to feature this either).

          Otherwise, the rest (and most important) components are still there and much the same that make these ALL terrific cameras.

          You can take off the war paint and put your spear away…no one even knows with any certainty that it will even HAVE a swivel/tilt screen at this point, and we are all crystal clear by now that YOU won’t be buying this camera. You’re not going to convince anyone whose used and benefited from a swivel screen not to join you in your self-imposed embargo so maybe it’s time to move on.

          Patrick…this gentleman needs a new thread….maybe something discussing pink camera body rumors or something….

        • Striff

          I wouldn’t call it an unnecessary feature, how does it add complexity. Takes up space? Distracts ?

          Have a look at a Sony A7, I make reference to this as I’m deciding between this or a Fuji X.

          The Sony has all these features and a til screen, to me it still looks simple and does not distract, and it has a tilt screen.

          From what I’ve seen there is plenty of X cameras that don’t swivel / tilt screen, stick to those and let us that would prefer a tilt screen to this model.

      • Actually, I am not surprised at all.

        When the X-E2 was announced, everybody complained about it NOT having a tilt screen like the X-M1/A1.

        Now everybody complains that the X-T1 is supposed to have a tilt screen.

        It really doesn’t matter what feature a new camera has or doesn’t have. No matter what, people will complain about it on this website. Complaining it the common theme.
        It’s a law of (human) nature, and laws of nature aren’t surprising. You can always count on them. :)

      • nwcs

        LOL, maybe they also wear Beats headphones while shooting?

  • Clive

    I know a few people are frustrated at the lack of rumored dual card slots as previously mentioned… but it got me thinking. Could camera companies add an additional card slot in the battery grip? Then it would allow for pros who want that back up to both increase the battery life and memory at the same time. I’m finding fuji very innovative… surely this could be an innovative featured for future battery grips?

  • DC

    Why no Wi-Fi? X-E2 has Wi-Fi.

    • There’s been no mention of wifi, doesn’t mean it won’t have it..

      • There is no mention of anything, because the camera hasn’t been announced. It’s a rumor that may or may not become reality (in parts).

  • jason

    TILT SCREEN YES!!!!! a must have for low over the ground shooting!

  • thomas

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Its a bloody tilt screen. added weight and size? really? Its not a full sized DSLR for pete sake. Have we all forgotten that the Fuji X-S1 has a tilt screen? I own this camera and although it is larger than the other X system cameras… it isn’t due to the tilt screen. Plus this tilt screen on the X-S1 is incredibly useful if your in an area you can’t lay down to take a ground up shot. I almost think of the X-T1 as a reincarnation of the X-S1. Perhaps what the X-S1 should have become. What do you think?

  • Ryan

    Hopefully it’s a touch screen too! I would love to use tap to focus in conjunction with the tilted LCD as a digital waist level finder.

  • fmNYC

    X-bots and tilt screens are not really getting me excited. Better EVF, AF, and fast zooms do, as would a really nicely functional retro-ish look.

  • BdV

    I’m afraid I’m starting to like it.

  • Mary Jane

    X-T1 looks like a perfect complement to my X-E1. If the rumors are correct, i can finally sell my Canon 60D;-)

  • nwcs

    I won’t buy it just to buy it but the tilt screen would be extremely helpful with landscape, macro, and astrophotography. And if they came out with a modified astro-friendly X-camera… wowsers! Finally give Canon a run for the money.

  • Marco

    I will be very happy of not having to step over stairs or break my neck to check what I am composing.. I think that a tiltable screen will benefit more pros than casual .And I saw many pros shooting with monopods and tiltable screen over the head in social events. I’d like an omd kind of camera with Fuji controls, Fuji sensor, Fuji lenses.. Top technology with impressive image quality, retro style and small package.. I love it!

  • It’s getting worse every minute.

    Middle EVF = dirty LCD!
    Tilt-screen = more fragile!

    • Bob

      + Weather-sealed body without weather-sealed lenses? What a big joke.
      Perhaps I should not have sold all of my m4/3 gears.

      • Could you please point me to an official Fuji statement saying that there won’t be weather-sealed lenses? If not, I reckon your comment was just a big joke. :)

      • Taz

        @ Bob,

        You can always go back to m43 too.

      • The real joke is the whiners on here.

      • What sort of person sells all of their m43 based on rumours? Also, what sort of person thinks that fuji would released a sealed camera without lenses? ‘There’s nowt so queer as folk’ etc……

        • Every brand has the customers they deserve.

          • Surab

            And guess what: Even if the lenses come 2-3 month later than it is basically the same as before (no weather sealing anywhere), but the lenses will come and they will be also declared (no camera company can be as dumb as some are willing to believe..)

            If the lenses should come later, then the early adopters have to make their thought whether the rest is sufficient or whether they want to wait. The only one who might suffer is Fuji, if everyone waits….

          • Lumen

            Hilarious comment !

        • No one is out shooting in the pouring rain, in blinding sandstorms, or from the base of an erupting volcano who isn’t being paid to do so as a career OR has a legit interest in gear testing / reviews (see Rico’s post above). “Weather proofing” in this case is likely “improved weather RESISTANCE” (anyone seeing rumors this camera is submersible? Like the nikon AW1? Didn’t think so…) and is a marketing feature, just like weather sealed lenses will be.

          The usefulness of iterative improvements / modifications like this remind me of something I watched on a recent episode of BBC’s Top Gear, where the topic was the reviewers disdain of SUVs (referred to by the Brits as “caravans”).

          They made a very relative point — “crossover” models and small SUVs are essentially remakes of CARS with slightly more ground clearance, worse fuel economy, that cost thousands more and perform at a lower level than the car version JUST SO their owners can take them to a muddy campground once or twice a year. Brilliant!

          I have YET to meet or even SEE a non-professional photographer standing on a street corner in a pouring rainstorm holding a Fuji X-anything-camera shooting street photography as if the sun were shining. The only time I see anyone shooting in downpours are pro photographers shooting news and sporting events, and if you look closely, even those guys use plastic rain covers on their fully-weatherproof bodies and lenses in those conditions!

          You can scuba with a Nikon AW1 and not worry. You can probably do what Rico says and shoot in drizzly/misty/dusty conditions with your current x-gear without too much concern. Everyone else looking at this new rumored “weather sealed” model as some kind of Holy Grail needs a reality check. This is fuji doing the same damn thing EVERY manufacturer of ANY consumer device does to perpetuate sales of its products … It tweaks as it goes along and every so often introduces something truly revolutionary and useful. This new rumored camera … Regardless of its model tweaks…isn’t going to do anything more than give retailers another arrow in their quiver of products to sell consumers, and gear heads something new to argue over in forums like this. At the end of it all, some will buy it, use it, enjoy it, and others won’t.

          • Jesse

            I am not a professional photographer but I still find myself in the rain often. I guess I just really like storms.. You are pretty much correct as far as I have found. I have been shooting for about 5 years with an old Sony A-100 (Sony’s first DSLR) and it is still working even through these conditions. I recently slipped on a log and accidentally smashed the camera onto the ground on its screen and had no damage! I mean there was probably some scratches but at this point I don’t really notice those :) Anyway, there was one time at the beach in the rain, about a year ago, when the weather got the best of my camera. Now the shutter doesn’t always work right (sometimes stays stuck in autofocus position) and I also got sand in my favorite lens. I got some of my favorite pictures that day though. Ever since I have wanted a weather sealed camera/lens system. I am SUPER stoked about this rumored camera! When I saw that it might have an articulating screen I got even more stoked.

            I doubt that Al Downie has ever taken pictures with the camera on the ground. You are not just taking a knee. You are smoshing your face in the dirt to get a view through the viewfinder. So glad that I have waited after almost pulling the trigger on a nex.

  • Renato S.

    When it comes to new feats, Fuji Purist are the worse. Every time there is something new, a windmill of whining starts and it never seen to cease. Every time.

    The arguments are even more ridiculous. It’s gonna weight 1kg more, it’s gonna have the size of a tablet, it’s gonna break with just a breeze, etc.

    The worst and more insecure statement of all “it’s gonna look less PRO”.

    • nwcs

      And looks is what a lot of these people care about. Same reason why a lot of people buy a D800 or 1D. They think it makes people look at them a certain way. If you look at their pictures, though, you see that they could have gotten the same thing with an entry level camera.

  • a4

    Tilt-able EVF would make sense, but for the screen – no thanks.

    • well, tillable lenses would make more sense ;)

      • tiltable even better :P

  • G_J


    • MariusM


  • Rap

    I AM ALL IN. :)

    • wrong forum mate

  • Neil

    Beware – Irony Alert

    The other week when the X-T1 was first rumoured everyone was like ‘ooooh yeah gotta get one, it will be the best Fuji evah’

    Now as feature details trickle out – whether correctly or not, we shall see – the talk turns to ‘with this new feature I am selling Everything Fuji TODAY!!! How COULD they?!?!?!’

    Which probably says more about the rumour-fixated amongst us than anything else – but there ya go!

  • During the file era, I didn’t see anyone requesting tilt-able EVF????
    Why on earth do you need it for digital? What a waste!

    • Oops…Sorry for typo … I mean tilt-able OVF

    • nwcs

      No, you saw a lot of right angle viewfinder accessories. Especially among macro photographers.

  • Ok whats a problem to have, or not have tilt screen? Think positive .

  • McPIX

    I sometimes use a camera on a telescope – without tilting screen that is just BS.

  • sidtw

    What we really want is:

    1. live preview via wifi on your smart phone

    2. live preview via google glass

    that’ll come, sooner or later

    Fuji, go for it!

    • 1) has already been announced, 2) shouldn’t be much a problem, because 1) will also available for Android.

  • Godzooqi

    Why make a weather proof camera and then give it a flimsy tilt screen? The point of weather proofing a camera is to make it rugged. Tilt screens are proven to not be durable in the least, I want a hardcore photography ‘tool’, not a tech gizmo.

  • tim

    If the screen can be turned 180deg so that it is hidden … that would be interesting.

    If it means the buttons on the left are gone, even better.

  • david blanchard

    Seal the deal for me fuji and make it a touch screen also!!!!!

    • kalli


    • grant torres

      And please preload it with Angrybird:-)

      • or a doom mode which will give you crosshair overlay on the touch screen

  • I’m a wildlife, street, and landscape photographer. I actually use cameras to take photos, not just to look cool or sound geeky. When taking landscape photos, I use a tripod and would have no use for a tilt screen.

    However, I also shoot wildlife, and to get down to their level out there in wild countryside or on wild coastlines getting down to their level isn’t comfortable and often isn’t possible. Shooting swimming grey seal pups for example, isn’t easy when you’re holding a camera just above the waves trying to look into a flat LCD display. A tilt screen would be a most welcome addition to the Fuji lineup.

    I also shoot street, and pointing a camera into someone’s face usually provokes a reaction which totally ruins the shot. A flip screen will allow me to take much better shots from waist level without anyone realising I’m taking their photo.

    Excellent Fuji! Looking forward to seeing the new camera.

    Now Al, I really don’t want you to reply to my post, so please be a good boy and shut up.

    • Yeah buddy … Good post. Someone with reason.

    • Hmmm

      FINALLY, someone who gets it.

      I use tilt screens all the time taking ground lever shots of insects at the side of a pond. Also tilt EVF is very useful.

      To me, people who hate tilt screens and EVF’s are uncreative and boring.

    • Jesse

      +1 George

  • Karen G.

    Al Downie want pro camera for $1K. Smart boy.

  • Tilt screen, while nice, is another connection to break and leak water… I vote no in this case for this body…

  • MariusM

    I leaned back in my tilting chair after reading this and said “YES”! Then I tilted forward and typed this. ; )

  • xcm

    I want FULL manual VIDEO control!!!!!!! ( shutter, expo, ISO)
    Thank You!

    • Surab

      Pssst!! The real photogs are going crazy and are ranting about tilt screens. Don’t even mention video!

  • TJM

    Maybe all the pro’s berating Fuji for adding – maybe(!) – a touch screen could consider this:

    This camera is not created in the image of photographic purity they are projecting onto Fuji as a company. And Fuji itself is not run to cater to their purist ideals.

    And by the looks of this thread there are a good deal of people – potential buyers – who would find it very useful. ‘Pro’s’ and not.

    Do you think they’re pro enough for Fuji to take their money?

    • Hmmm

      Don’t be fooled.

      A lot of them are not really pros. Maybe they were in the past. But most are probably just old guys who hate new things but enjoy using $3000 pro cameras to take their cat photos. Of if they’re using Leicas, then they’re instead taking poor homeless people photos with their $10,000 cameras.

  • karser


  • tilted screen? why not, since they copy the looks of OM-D, why not copy the tilt screen too.

  • kalli

    Well done fuji…i really hope this rumor is true. There is no sense in pretending that fuji X camera are 1960´s camera. They are hightech 2014 cameras which happens to have a retro design. If the design is not an end in itself, i see no reason why fuji cameras shouldn´t have Tilt or touch screens. Those who don´t like these features could by the XE2 or XPRO1…

    All this talk of PRO cameras don´t have Tilt/touchsreens……..well, the camera doesn´t make you a PRO, it is what you do with the camera that make you a pro

    • I agree. Touchscreen is what I am hoping for on this model.

  • Jonavin

    It all makes sense now. X-T1, the T is for Tilt-LCD, Tilt-EVF and Tilt-sensor. Imagine all the fun you can have with that.

    • Jesse

      Seriously.. Tilt shift built into the sensor would be genius! Might as well through in image stabilization :)

  • Ryan

    The backlash at this is absolutely hilarious.

  • When this cam is announced, guys like Nathan Elson, Patrick LaRoque, and other X photographers (and even NON X-photographers!) will post blogs showing the breathtaking images they’ve created with it. Whatever angle the screen was at won’t matter. Reading all the hate on here about what “looks pro” and what extra features should or shouldn’t be on any camera, Fuji or not, is hilarious to me. I feel bad for people not only because they think it matters to their end product (the photo), but also because they are constantly arguing on a forum and not actually making photos.

    Full disclosure I am not a pro, but I have a shit ton of cameras and I love them all. I mainly come here for news and laffs, I just thought this thread was hitting a new low so why not be a part of history.

  • Vidar

    So many strong meanings about a camera no one have seen yet… I’m blown away!
    I had an Olympus E3 and later an E5 and loved to use the tilt/swivel screen. I found it very useful when shooting in awkward angles, macro, conserts etc. I did’n use it that often but when I need it it was worth the couple of extra millimeters. Some photographers need it, some don’t!
    It will be definitive be interesting to see the design of the screen thats for sure.

  • I guess I’m in the minority but I don’t want the tilt screen…adds unneeded size to the camera and something else to break. Besides…I think most people buying an X series camera from Fuji are more interested in the EVF/OVF of the XPro or the great EVF on their other cameras. I compose with the LCD pretty much…never.

    • Fuzzy Duck

      What extra bulk is tilt screen supposed to add that is worth complaining about?

      The LCD panel and backlight won’t be any thicker, so the added bulk is approx 0.25mm – 1.5mm max of backing on one face each of the screen and camera. The tilt arm is only 0.75mm thick and adds only 1.75mm – 2mm at each end around the screen.

      So the total additional bulk of the camera is all of 1.25mm – 3.75mm extra thickness and 3.5mm – 4mm wider than it would have to be if the screen was fixed, and that’s assuming there was no dead space at the sides or across the middle.

      All the while we have a ton of people saying the X-M1 and X-E1/X-E2 are too small and hard to hold comfortably compared to the X-Pro1.

      • Just look at the super-bulky X-A1 and X-M1 to see how tiltable displays result in huge, heavy, bulky, hard-to-schlepp monster cameras. I have heard that Fujifilm is planning a special edition of the X-A1 that comes with its own sherpa dressed in a white robot costume.

        • Rico…thanks for your witty reply and cunning logic…now go crawl back into the hole you came from.

  • TJM

    If we get to 200 posts Fujirumours will self destruct due to a massive build up of hot air with no sensible place to go.

    I’ve got a tenner on ten to eleven UK time – any takers?

  • TJM

    Let’s all give Al Downie the last word before the tilt screen armegadon – it was his boorish hot air that caused the build up after all.

    Wake up Al, you have one last hurrah to spout!

    I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll . . . Not by the X-T1!!

  • Surab

    @ Rico:
    Actually, it must be quite funny (and frustrating) to be: knowing so much more than we do and reading our “well informed” posts. Only 11 days of hilarious posts about the X-T1 and then the whole thing starts over again and we talk about the X30, X200 X-Pro2???

    Looking forward to this weeks miXed zone! :D

    • LOL! But who am I to complain? I reckon not knowing anything solid about something so interesting is even more frustrating, so I feel your pain, too. You are right, of course, there will be more opportunities for hilarious rumor posts in 2014. After all, this is a Photokina year.

  • Hmmm

    67% pro-tilt vs. 33% anti-tilt.

    Looks like the anti-tilt people lose.

    Now let’s (the 67% majority) just hope it’s true and tilt screen is on the X-T1.

    • Of course, tilting displays have long been on the wish-lists of many users and potential users. Plus, 99% of the remaining 33% wouldn’t refuse to buy the camera because it has a tiltable display. They’d simply not use this specific feature. Just like I am not using the PHOTOBOOK ASSIST. function of my X-E2. To be honest, I am not really sure what it is actually good for.

  • Al Downie

    Blimey. That escalated quickly, as they say!

    For the record, I have been in the past a professional photographer – it was my living for almost 10 years. Since then my interest has been purely amateur, with varying levels of enthusiasm over the last 15yrs. I’ve done plenty of wildlife photography, landscape photography, travel, portraiture, macro – the only thing I’m absolutely not interested in is the current fashion for pointing a camera at annoyed strangers in town and calling it ‘street’. It’s not Cartier-Bresson – it’s just lame. Even more lame when you don’t have the guts or the common decency to ask permission, and ‘shoot from the hip’ to avoid detection.

    As I said above, I do have a Canon compact with a flappy screen, and have used it once or twice for ground-level shots. That’s once or twice, in 25yrs of photography – I could do without it. To insist that all cameras must have it is, to me, like insisting that all doors must have catflaps.

    What I really don’t get is why you all want the Fuji cameras to be more like Sony cameras. Or more like Olympus cameras.

    • Surab

      I absolutely agree with you on the street photography idea. (I always ask myself, whether all the bloggers, reviewers and YTers asked permission to do so.) Ìt would totally p*** me off if someone would take picture of me and would ask me (and we are not talking about being in the corner and quite soft in the corner of the Miller’s family picture, but rather about a portait of the passengers…).

      But, Fuji might get out one line (X-T) with flip screens and it usefull to put that in the feature behemoth of X line (weather sealing). You can be upset because of Fuji when they release their X-Pro and X-E lines with tilt screen, but then again it will only be your personal “problem” if Fuji decided they will sell more with this option and you don’t want tilt screens but a Fuji.

      Nothing is perfect and tilt screens are becoming a common request. If Fuji only develops something without considering the market (and you early X adopters seem not to be the market if they could only sell 700k or 1M so far) than Fuji has to study the cause. Thus, they will explore the tilt screen with their X-T line.

      I am sure that at least either the X-E or the X-Pro line will remain without a tilt screen, but that is only my personal feeling and definitely not something I wish.

    • kui

      I agree with you if it is merely a portrait with no creativity. However, if one is capturing scenes in a creative way and that includes people passing by in their everyday way, it can capture the mood and atmosphere, which, if done well, it can be very nice.

      The problem is many take forced portraits without capturing the natural mood or atmosphere. In my opinion, capturing scenes in their natural state, whether that includes people or not, is interesting. But, forcing a camera in someone’s face is not.

    • TJM

      Hey Al,

      I was a bit over the top with my comment yesterday – thought it was funny at the time but it just reads as a bit mean. Sorry. No hard feelings I hope.

      Take it easy, T

    • TJM

      By the way, I completely agree about the so called ‘street photography’ thing – was an interesting point – think there will be a lot of others feel the same way.

  • “the only thing I’m absolutely not interested in is the current fashion for pointing a camera at annoyed strangers in town and calling it ‘street’. It’s not Cartier-Bresson – it’s just lame. Even more lame when you don’t have the guts or the common decency to ask permission, and ‘shoot from the hip’ to avoid detection.”

    I totally agree with you there – thought I was the only one who thought that! Particularly when they then go and post these pictures of people without their consent all over the internet.

  • Denis

    I couldn’t use Sony A7 (after NEX-5n) due to lack of sensor screen, so sold it. And these old pricks are fighting against basic tilted functionality. What a fools!

    • Yes…how does one use a camera without a tilt screen…how have I done it all these years… Man,I must be even a better photographer than I thought.

      • Nah, you are just older.

        • Well I am 41…..so if that is older so be it…but with age also comes wisdom…..something younger people figure out later in life:)

          • Miracles do happen, so you might figure out it, too.

  • Admin, do you also have some less reliable rumours to share? After all, we don’t come here for pure facts ;) Anything on the medium format front? There was interesting comment on one forum where you are not allowed to mention this forum about Zack Arias trying to convince Fuji to go for square format.

    • patrick

      you mean something like “The X-T1 is likely using a new sensor which emulates the Kodak T-grains structure to improve light sensitivity. This is why the model is called T1.”

  • Well Rico…better to figure it out eventually as opposed to never like in your case.

    • Don’t have to, I already got a tilt screen.

      • A rolling stone gathers no moss.

        • Yep. He gathers Grammies.

          • Well you know what they say in show business….it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

          • Surab

            Jeez, stop it already! Both of you! -.-

  • DaveCC

    Zack Arias mentions on his blog…dated January 17, 2014…

    “Fuji news — The new XXXXXXXXX camera is about to drop this month. I may or may not have had a hot fling with it in the back room of a recent electronics show in Vegas. I did have a brief fling with the new 10-24 f4 and 56mm f1.2 lenses. OMG. OMG. Yeah, they’re okay. I guess. Maybe I’ll pick one of those up. OMG! Bye bye 60mm!”


  • Florian

    Sorry Francis, but this is one of the worst mock-up’s I’ve seen so far. Hope this camera will not look like that. Thanks anyways ;)

  • Hello,
    I must tell that x t1 is very bad idea if it will be x-pro1 next model. We all love X cameras because it’s not Slr type, and now I see just camera like SLR ! So sorry … why ? I will back to Nikon ;(

  • So you’ll sell all your X gear and buy Nikon because Fuji have made something with a bump on top?

    Which Nikon will you be buying? One with a bump on top?

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