X-T1: is this the real name of the new weather sealed X-camera? (anonymous source)


 photo X-T1_zps49ffe741.jpg

Hi all,

second update today for the weather sealed X (I already told you today here, that the camera will be announced within the end of January).

Now, I copy and paste the information as I’ve received it via rumor box (thanks for sharing):

X-T1 SLR like compact X-mount camera with additional battery grip and shutter release. Same sensor as X-E2. Extra large EVF.”

It’s still unconfirmed, so take it with a grain of salt.

Message to anonymous sources: feel free to give yourself a fake name when you drop me messages via rumor box, so that I can recognize you in future, in case you decide to share information again.

Here is the list of rumored specs (from trusted, new and anonymous sources)… it’s getting better and better with every rumor ;-).

  • bigger (extra-large) and better (high performance) EVF / (trusted +  anonymous sources)
  • APS-C X-Trans sensor II (16MP) / (trusted +  anonymous sources)
  • double SD-card slot / (trusted sources)
  • weather sealed body / (trusted sources)
  • announcement at the end January / (trusted sources)
  • price range between X-E and X-PRO line / (new and anonymous sources)
  • FujicaST-like design / (source who was right in the past, but not yet upgraded to the elite-team of trusted sources ;-))
  • faster AF than the X-E2 / (new source)
  • additional battery grip / (anonymous source)
  • name: X-T1 / (anonymous source)

In the meantime FR-reader Chris posted part two of his day at the CES. Read his blog post X-Series Discussions here: “There was no disucion on weatherproof lenses – the suggestion seemed to be that this was an InterNet rumor rather than a manufacturer statement at this point. […] US revenue market share of Fuji csc is ranked #4 at 10.9 percent for 2013 vs 7.8 percent for 2012 – significant growth. […] They see full frame as more of a marketing hype, a buzz phrase that people latch onto – real photographers don’t think ‘do I have FF?’, they just use the tools to get the results. […] More firmware upgrades in a couple of weeks – live manual exposure preview and file naming for the X100 mentioned.” This and much more here…. great job Chris!

Any help is appreciated. If there is anyone out there who can tell me more about the weather sealed X (or any other X-gear), please contact me at fujirumor@gmail.com or also completely anonymously via rumor box.

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  • Thanks Patrick.

    • patrick

      you’re welcome

  • David B

    Not that I care about the name, and why would anyone, xt1 sounds like it might be it. Well A is taken E is taken, P is taken, F is taken. So ur source already has what 1/20 chance to be right based on how many unused letters there are left

    • patrick

      X-T1… T could stand for “Tropical” as it’s meant to resist to rain and work under tough conditions

      • T could stand for many things ;) like Nikon’s Df -> should be really Dt -> twat edition

        • Halo

          “Themanding enthusiast” maybe? Or simply “tough”?

          • or “thermonuclear” :P

          • Good thinking.

          • TJM

            Some letters are cool and technical – they make it into names of sports cars and mens grooming products. And cameras.

            X, Z, G, S, P, F, I, T

            It’s a limited pit. Vowels aren’t that cool it seems. Eos bucks the trend – but it sounds a bit weedy.

            X-T1 could be the name of a chainsaw – T has a solid, earthy ring to it, manly but not flash. X brings the party into the next century a little – it’s a bit more futuristic. The 1 is iconic – the lowest but most confident number of all – brutal!

            Bring on the X-T1! The camera for well rounded, rugged, futuristic, most iconic of men!! They’ll no doubt not release a lovely pink version for women – sorry girls.

        • fredG


          I see your posts polluting several rumour sites. Though I am not a Nikon user the DF offers the best low light /High ISO sensor on the market with excellent support for Nikon lenses going back decades. Look at the prices Olympus are charging for their tiny sensor E-M1 with image quality that can barely compete with the last gen Nikon/Pentax/Sony

          Most of the posts moaning about equipment you will never own is down to an innate jealousy because you cannot afford the entry price.Thus you get caught up in a loop of defending the stuff you can afford

          • Adrian

            fredG – I agree that Hexx is pushing it a bit, but still… the Nikon Df is, for most knowledgeable people – see Thom Hogan – a sort of overpriced dumbed down version of the D4 – mainly a D600/610 with a three year old sensor dumped inside.

            Oly, as well as Fuji, has to sell its stuff at higher prices because they don’t sell that many of them… don’t believe for one moment that its all cost-related.

          • @fredG – you made me laugh quite frankly. I contribute to sonyalpharumors and fujirumors forums as these two have rumours about the products I might be interested in. Just for your info I’m early adopter of X100 and X-Pro1 and I still own both apart from Sigma DP2M, Leica M, Hasselblad and Mamiya systems – so not quite sure what you’re on about regarding my ability to afford or not to afford something. You know, some of us have different systems for different tasks and I use X-Pro1 as universal cam and I’m thinking about replacing it with another universal system – is that really so hard to understand that, understandably, I consider all possible existing and upcoming products?

          • georgetaits

            TJM The fact remains that the DF gives the best high ISO of any camera on the market today with almost complete compatibility with an enormous selection of lenses.Price vs value is always a hotly debated point .

            You can look at it as an overpriced D610 which just happens to contain the best low light/high ISO sensor currently made.Which was until the DF only available in the $6000 D4. I am certainly not in the market for it .However there are no shortage of cameras and lenses which can be claimed to be overpriced

          • Sin5

            T = Tough?

      • Zoron

        T is for Transformers…apparently it’s a decepticon camera spying on the human race for world domnination

  • markez79

    If this new camera has faster AF than the XE-2, do you think Fuji will address this by offering a firmware update for XE-2 users?

    • miniTO

      Probably not this is a new model. Part of the price justification between the EX and this is operational speed.

      Its not like rebel is as quick as a 7D

  • David B

    Will the camera be announced with at least one weather sealed lens? I’ve never heard of any manufacturers release of weathersealed body without having at least one weathersealed lens. It defies common sense

    • patrick

      I think it will come with a kit lens, and it will be weather sealed. Just look at the new lens roadmap, and make your guess.

      • Jonavin

        My guess is the 18-135. Why? Because it’s the first one on the road-map and if the “X-T1” is to be annouced in January, I can’t imagine it being released past June. The other lens looks like it’s closer to the second half of 2014.

        • patrick

          I agree. If I should place a bet, I’d go for it too.

        • If true, I buy one. I need camera for train photography. X100 and X-Pro1 great for street work, but tad harder to work with due to AF for trains. I would definitely one to buy one.

          • miked

            That will be it.T for train.

    • marco

      imho the next 2.8 zooms will be Weather sealed..

      • Ovrkast

        I wish the 16-55 f/2.8 would come sooner so I can finally purchase a Fuji X system =)

        • Maybe it will be the kit lens for the new camera. It will be strange if Fuji will ofer as a kit lens a non weather sealed one…

          I hope in april we will have the weather sealed combo!

          • marco

            yes, it seem like a nautral “kit” lens for a future XP2..

  • Patrick, any idea on the origins of that picture?

    • patrick

      I’ve made it, and took the image of Chris (4th image)… there was a free place just between the X-PRO and X-E… perfect for the X-T1, don’t you think?

      • MJr

        Love that picture of the 56mm on the X-M1 over there. :D

      • MJr

        Oh and indeed, it’s really obvious they left that space ’empty’ on purpose … no way that was an accident. For me this makes it official something is quite literally being placed right in between the X-Pro1 and X-E2. :D

        • patrick

          I agree, it was a subliminal message from Fuji!… FR is right ;-)

  • Sounding like some serious competition for the Olympus OM-D?

  • kalli

    It seems as if fuji has done a lot of things right with this camera….i was waiting all along for the x pro2, but with what we already know about this camera it hard to come out with a camera they can justify as x pro2 anytime soon…..it seems like i will take this one and run. ,, just hope the price isn´t too high.

  • Wonder if they’ll be re-releasing all of their primes in weather resistant form. I’d like a weather proof body, but since the lenses I use most are most definitely not sealed, then it’s pointless for now.

    • David B

      I doubt. The weather sealed body is a niche product that I bet very few people would buy. I think Fuji won’t remake the primes as weatherproof. Just too much work for what is probably going to be a niche product for very few of us who need the weather-proof bodies.

      Look at m43 system for example. EM5 was the first weatherproof body and Olympus created 12-50, then 60/2.8 and only now 12-40, as the weatherproof lenses. Panasonic created 12-35 and 35-100. However, they never redid any of their other lenses as weatherproof, and in fact, continue to release new primes that are not weatherproof (like the new 42.5 1.2).

      Look at Sony NEX. Sony NEX are the most sold mirrorless systems in Japan at least and I have a feeling in the world as well. Zero weatherproof bodies and lenses, because general consumers don’t care about these things.

      In fact, depending on the price, I predict this XT1, or whatever its name be, not be a big seller for Fuji.

      • miniTO

        This all depends where you live. Where I am weather “resistance” is a major plus.

        X-T1 sounds like its going to be Fuji’s answer for an E-M1 style body which has a very strong demand…

  • Andrew

    Not fussed about a name. The X-Trans Sensor II will be nice, as will a dual card slot, weather sealing.

    Such a body might persuade me to trade up from my X-Pro 1, though it would be nice to keep it as a 2nd body…

    It would certainly be great for street photography – handle a little more moisture than current…

  • I can’t really imagine how this could be positioned between X-E2 and X-Pro1 price-wise, unless the hybrid VF costs too much. Don’t get me wrong, but X-Pro1 is better made than X-E2, that’s what puzzles me.

    • patrick

      Maybe between X-E2 and X-PRO1S ;)

      • no, no, no, no, no – no more alternatives :D:D:D so X-Pro1S somewhere down the line then? with up to date stuff -> EVF, X-Trans II, PDAF, LMO, digital split image..? right… I will wait then to see what’s coming from Fuji (and might check the prices of 60mm f/2.4 in the meantime), also noticed that nice guys from Fuji UK gave me 5 vouchers for free ‘health check’ for my X-Pro1 -> all the way until 2017

        • forgot to add regarding those vouchers, I thought that they send me only for 2 years which would correspond with the warranty

    • tim

      E2 is 900, XPro1is 1300, and from the sounds of what this T1 is where do you think Fuji can price it in a very competitive market that includes better cameras (OM-D/AR) at 1500/1800.

      I would guess at 1200 and then drop to 1050 when it does not sell well.

      But don’t worry about Fuji, look at the price of their new glass …

  • McPIX

    Where is the tilt/flip-monitor?
    As soon they have one on a X, I’ll be in.

    • Surab

      X-M/A1 ;)

      • McPIX

        Yea, but of course with additional EVF

        • Surab

          Allright. Actually, I am on your side, but for me it won’t break the deal. I’ll wait till the announcement of the X-T1 and then decide on what to do.

  • vam

    X-T1, like Extra Tough? Or T as an X series camera with tank-like build like the old 35mm cameras? Anyway, I hope it’s going to have a tilting LCD.

  • ho ho ho, this is the camera which follow the fujifilm s5 pro.

  • markez79


    If this new camera has faster AF than the XE-2, do you think Fuji will address this by offering a firmware update for XE-2 users?

    I hope so!


    • patrick

      first: the rumor of faster AF comes from a new source, so it’s to take with a grain of salt. second: if the faster AF is firmware related, there is hope to see it implemented on the X-E2 (which anyway focusses pretty fast, I own one! Definitly a big step forward). If it’s hardware releated, then not.

      • Jonavin

        I hope it’s firmware related, bu tit sounds like the X-ST1 will have a beefier processor if it’s a dual-SD slot. Wouldn’t be surprised if it also does 10fps, but faster frame rates would be non-sense if the tracking focus isn’t also improved.

    • George

      IMO, although X-T1 uses the same sensor as X-E2 does, it seems that X-T1 features the enhanced electronics inside so that AF and other performance will be improved.

      If firmware of X-T1 is based very much on its electronics which may be different with X-E2, thus it may not be impossible to deploy on X-E2.

  • Patrick, you want to tell us more about this X-Pro1s that you speak of?

  • Pawel

    That’s interesting. Looks like X-T1 will be something people wanted X-Pro1 to be. Sounds kind of like X-Pro1S to me which is a good thing. Maybe Fuji will go FF for X-Pro2 later on this year and this is our longly awaited X-Pro1s?

  • AMJ

    well I hope extra-large evf means meduimformat size viewfinder ! lol.

  • tikox

    Actually this looks guite bad (that picture). Retro is good if it is functional too but if this slr-like model wil be so retro that it does not offer full potential of a bit larger body like better grip… it’s nonsense.

    But if it really offers more value than X-E2, like tilting screen (and better grip) it’s ok.

    • I prefer to have grip as an accessory, I use grip on my X-Pro1 only with larger lenses (in my case it’s Nikon’s 60mm macro) and don’t need it that much when out and around with 18mm XF lens

    • DTB

      The value will apparently be added with a brighter, larger EVF, faster AF, dual card slots, etc.

  • Maybe the the release will coincide with the 10-24mm, which may turn out to be weather-sealed?

  • Al Downie

    I have to disagree with all the folk on here who are clamouring for more features. There are HUNDREDS of cameras out there with all of the features you’re looking for! I really, *really* hope Fuji have succeeded where Nikon screwed up so badly – I hope they produce something that restores ‘simple’ photography for real photographers, and aren’t distracted by the incessant clamouring for FLIPPY SCREENS! VIDEO! FIVE SD SLOTS! BLUETOOTH! NINE HUNDRED FOCUSSING ZONES! A TOASTER! For goodness sake – get a grip, and get an Ansel Adams book. It’ll do you good.

    • Pelex

      Couldn’t agree more on some aspects…
      Perhaps it’s a generational thing, where were reading requests for multi-directional screens, Wi-Fi functionality, increased HDR ability, face detection, etc…
      I think the heart of the X philosophy is retro for function’s sake, if not good looks.
      Fuji understands their customer base, knowing full well that the end user doesn’t mind working a little harder to attain an excellent image. If this sounds like a reply coming from a grouch who came up through the film rangefinder/slr era, you’re correct. Rant over.

    • Mike

      Sounds like the perfect camera for you was made…..40 years ago.

      I suggest you go use that farther than hang around a website dedicated to a moden digital camera full to the brim with modern technology.

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

      • Pelex

        Modern technology like spellcheck? Looks like you’ll need that in your camera too.

        • 18in32


          • Pelex

            Yes…the claws came out a little. Apologies.

        • Fujikko

          I think you mean typo. Back to school.

    • tikox

      Simplicity of Fuji is good yes, for those who want something else… there is E-M1 and so on. I actually shoot sometimes with Yashica FR-1 and I like that process and that how using experience of Fuji is more similar than maybe any other camera… Also shooting as jpg is part of that film-like experience when you have to think it before you do anything…

      But still I think that retro is not enough, there have to be functionality and when I am shooting with digital I am lazy… so why not things like tilting screen which saves your back when you use tripod. It’s almost standard novadays anyway.

      If optinal grip is ok, then it is ok, but I am afraid about the price.

  • So many exciting cameras announced these days, just to mention the Nikon Df and Sony RX10. But with this one Fujifilm definitely gets my attention. Fujifilm are real photographers. Their cameras are testament to their heritage. Looking forward to this X-T1.

  • g.x

    Are there still no further hints about the rumoured X30? Does it mean we won’t see the successor to the X20 anytime soon? However, this X-T1 looks very good so far and will be a great addition to Fuji’s lineup.

    • fmNYC

      I have an X20 and I love the fast zoom lens; just don’t love the low light performance. An X30 at APS-C size with the kind of ISO performance that the X-E2 has would be nice indeed. It’d be great not to have to load up on a kit of lenses…

      • NishC

        X30 at APS-C size? Ummm, X100S ? X20’s successor won’t feature a bigger sensor, atleast not as big as X100s because that just won’t make any sense. But it’ be great if they can up it to 1″ and give Sonys a run for their money.

        • fmNYC

          Just because of the zoom lens.

          • fmNYC

            but, yeah, 1″ even better! Never cared for the Sonys (Sonies?…)

    • Aleste

      The other I saw a picture of an alleged “X30” in Flickr that looked identical to the X20 but without an OVF.

      • Carlos Lacroze

        A fixed zoom lens X30 without a OVF… or with a EVF?

        Without VF, doesn’t make sense. We already have the RX100.

        I’d rather like the updated x20, either 1″ or APS sized, but with an improved overall performance (faster and broader lens), same aesthetics and experience would be my golden dream.

        Ideally, a fixed zoom X100s…

      • g.x

        You mean this one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/76178219@N07/10053886285/ ? It is obviously fake. You can tell by the EXR writing on the mode dial. ;) But I really hope that the successor of X20 will feature an EVF.

  • I look forward to see this new camera released! This sping (in april) I will say bye bye to DSLR (I shoot Nikon) and embrace a mirrorless system. So far, the Olympus E-M1 is in pole position for me because I think is a better all-around camera (and system) than the Sony and Fuji offerings…

    I know that X-Trans sensor is excellent and I like the slr design more than rangefinder so this new camera will be a very tempting offering considering Fuji will launch a lot of lenses including 2.8 zooms. A 1:1 macro is another thing that I really want from my new system (Olympus allready has the excelent 60mm f2.8 which is weather seald).

    Good shooting friends!

  • Tom

    For some reason, I am hoping that this X-T1 (the T taken from Fujica ST???) would have off-sensor PDAF module. The SLR-style X is exactly what I want to complement the RF-style X.

  • fmNYC

    Wait, what’s an ‘X-Trans sensor II’? (Obviously, an updated sensor, but do we know anything about it?)

    • Tom

      The sensor used in X-E2 and X100S.

    • photographycs

      It is not an updated sensor, it is the same as in X100S and X-E2. Nothing new.

      • fmNYC


  • marco

    i would love an hybrid slr viewfinder..(may be a semitransparent fixed mirror) but i think it’s impossible to realise in that small package..

    or may be that evf it’s so big fast and beautifil to make an optical viewfinder outdated?

    • The E-M1 electronic viewfinder is almost on par with ff optical viewfinders and has a lot of advantages regarding shooting information. I think this new evf from Fuji will be on par with the Olympus one or even better (better resolution and apperance in low and bright light)

  • sachu

    Just wish it has more MPs than being reported. (16MP is a little old in the tooth)
    A more light sensitivity sensor.
    Faster processor and being able to take photos when processing a photo with NR turned on for us astro photogs will be awesome!
    The extra battery grip is so very welcome and so is weather sealing (once lenses are rolled out as well).

    • Tom

      hope it still takes the NP-126 battery!!

    • Do you print large? Do you crop often? More megapixels = marketing bluff for 90% of users. Most of the monitors have less than 3 mp resolution so a 12 mp sensor is sufficient for most users. Pro users who need to print large use ff with 20-36 mp for maximum quality prints.

      • sachu

        Reason I say more MP is that I doubt there is much innovation happening in the 16MP anymore especially given that Sony (given that Fuji is using Sony sensors so far atleast) has moved on to larger APS-C sensors in their NEX line. So I would tend to imagine that the newer sensor technologies are being developed there.

        And actually I almost never crop when shooting outdoors.

        Anyways, better light sensitivity is what I am after. the 6D has a -3EV rating. How about aiming for a -2EV for the next gen Fuji line for us astro photogs who don’t want to move to a big bulky DSLR system like the 6D and have already committed to the X line

        • Mark

          That -3EV rating is for the Canon 6D’s central autofocus point, so I don’t expect that matters for astrophotography. I haven’t tried with my Fuji yet but I’m looking forward to it!

          Certainly any planetary work requires lots of cropping, so more pixels are always better there.

    • Henry

      I never want higher MP. 16MP-20MP is fine for my works. In my studio, we have various cameras. D800, for example, is the best but its 36MP makes my post-processing awkward and slower.

  • x100sowner

    so cool! the same sensor for all machines, fuji is going to be a case company.

  • JanIIISobieski

    why not Fuji x-r1 so people can be confused between fuji and sony rx1 :D name doesn’t matter, I really looking forward to sea whats this new cam gonna be

  • MrGecko

    Does anyone feel that a camera roadmap would be a good thing? Or at the very least Fuji coming out and stating what the life cycle of a model is targeted for. Most enthusiasts tend to also become gear obsessed to some degree. Upgrading is a part of life and it is a real pisser to pull the trigger then find that the gear you thought was a year out is now taking per-orders.

    Just venting….


    Why is the X-T1 image so pixelated compared to the X-pro?

    It’s just that area of the same one photo…

  • MJr

    “More firmware upgrades in a couple of weeks – live manual exposure preview and file naming for the X100 mentioned.”

    Wow, now this blows my mind. This is one of the last remaining ‘complaints’ i have about the X100 .. if true that is truly awesome. It looks like they set out to leave a mark to be remembered, for the one that started it all. Living legend. :)

  • MariusM

    As soon as I saw X-T1, I thought of Canon’s Rebel XTi.

  • Markus Worsdorfer

    This sounds all really exciting. The recent roadmap update and now this new body. Wow. The X – system is becoming without a doubt a force to recon with. Good times.

  • Alfred c-fu

    I would like to have the XE2 X-Trans Sensor installed to Nikon D300S. Then it will be a perfect camera for me. D400?

  • Pawel

    Patric, don’t sleep! You missed a new lens announcement :)

  • Kenny

    Based on the spec above, if it’s correct, unfortunately X-T1 is still unable to compete against Oly E-M1. The overall spec looks inferior to E-M1 as a well-rounded camera. E-M1 features many strengths. 5-AXIS IBIS, for example, is the best stablization system ever invented, allowing you to stabilize every shoot no matter which lenses are used. Its AF performance is also formiddable and blow away every existing mirrorless camera in pieces.

    • DTB

      Why are you here then? Instead of focusing on which camera has the best specs, perhaps you should focus on photography. The fact is all of these cameras are better than most photographers, and many blame their failed shots on the cameras, when they should look no further than themselves.

      Buy whichever camera suits you…and, irrespective of which camera blows away the next, it is up to the photographer to take a good or great photograph.

      • You are right. 2/3 of a photo represents the photographers skill and only 1/3 the camera performance!

      • MJr

        I agree with 90% of your post, just the “why are you here then” part is unnecessary .. why wouldn’t he be here. I keep an eye on Sony, Canikon and MFT news too, and i’m betting that you know about their latest camera’s as well, though you’ve probably already decided that Fuji fits your preferences best, so why do you know all these other things? … because it’s interesting.

      • MrGecko

        I’m with Andy and MJr just get better at photography. I still use my X100 exclusively. I even stepped in as a second photographer at a wedding and my shots were almost on par with the Mark II the hired gun was using. Some actually better. Still, the X100 is not a do it all camera so an upgrade is in the future… or add a second camera

    • Yes the E-M1 is phenomenal in terms of auto focus and its IBIS has Fuji beaten, and this new Fuji is playing catch-up in terms of auto-focus, but the Fuji will still win in the most important area of all: image quality.

      It also has twin cards (very desirable for pro work) and possibly a better EVF.

      So it most certainly will compete with the the EM-1.

    • My shotgun would blow any camera I know to pieces, maybe I should try photographing with it. Would you like to model for me? :D

  • JanIIISobieski

    I they want to separate this cam from x-e series it should have faster max shutter speed- 1/8000 s and maybe faster flash sync..witch I doubt it will have cuz if they have tech they would put this features in x-e2?

    • Matts


      – Faster AF and more accurate AF tracking : If Fuji succeeds in upgraing AF, it will be really amazing.
      – 1/8000 : This will be very useful for using with F1.2 (56/1.2) duing bright daylight condition.
      – High speed flash sync.

    • Daniels

      For me, I expect both better static AF speed and faster AF tracking, like 3D tracking in DSLR.

      • marco

        +1 for 1/8000 and HSS..

        fuji really need to improve his flash system

    • DTB

      1/8000 of a second would be great…

    • DaveCC

      I wish I understood the design issues in trying to get 1/500 flash sync speed….I do a lot of flash work and I would love a faster flash sync speed.

  • Daniel C.


    1/8000 and faster flash sync would also be on my whish list.

    I just played a little bit with the E-2 when I was in Singapore – the AF is faster than the one of the X-Pro1 (latest FW), but really not that much. I do not have the feeling that this would be big deal for me. On the opposite site I also played with the OMD-EM-1, and yes, this AF is definitely faster. No question here.

    I also compared the EVF of X-Pro1 (which is the worst) and the E-2, funnily that was also not a huge difference for me – but I was in a special Fuji-Show room which was perfectly lighted. Yes, there is difference and the E-2 EVF is superior, but nothing to shout about. Overall I still prefer the handling and the optional OVF of X-Pro 1.

    Therefore I am really curious about the amount of changes. An AF in the area of the EM-1 would be a really nice addition – a second slot for example is something I really do not care about.

    Finally, I would like to have all of this in a X-Pro1s or in more updated X-Pro2. I just love the formfactor and the OVF (even when I am not using it exclusively as in the beginning when I only had the 35mm lens) or when I had the X100 where I also used exclusively the OVF.


  • Steve

    16mm 1.4, oh my… ! That would be great :)

    • Great and huge! Very HUUUGE :-)

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