Weather sealed X will come at the end of January + initial report from the CES


 photo weathersealed_zpsb6f0d1cf.jpg

1) A trusted source just told me that we won’t have to wait until the 13th of February for the announcement of the weather sealed X (when the CP+ show starts).

The camera will be announced at the end of January. I don’t know the exact date, yet.

Here is what we know about the weather sealed X until now (from trusted, new and also anonymous sources):

  • bigger and better EVF
  • APS-C X-Trans sensor
  • double SD-card slot
  • weather sealed body
  • announcement at the end January
  • price range between X-E and X-PRO line
  • FujicaST-like design
  • faster AF than the X-E2

2) FR-Chris is at the CES right now. Read his first report from the Fuji stand on his blog here. Next time he will check out the new hand grips!

Any help is appreciated. If there is anyone out there who can tell me more about the weather sealed X (or any other X-gear), please contact me at or also completely anonymously via rumor box.

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  • trustkill24

    thx patrick..
    so it´s still not clear if it´s a fixed or x-mount camera?
    keep up the good work

    • patrick

      it’s an intercheangable lens camera

      • TAZ

        Can’t wait!!

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    With a dual slot for sd cards, I think it will have an X mount. It makes little sense to me to offer a fixed lens camera with that option. (Do you imagine a Rx1 with two sd cards?)

    • Valerio

      A dual sd reader doesn’t take so much more space than a single one. And a card failure is a big problem even on a Rx1

  • Al Downie

    You’re not fooling anyone – if I really screw my eyes up, I can see a wind-on lever in that photo.

    • patrick

      it’s the FujicaST. The camera should have a design inspired by the Fujica design.

      • Al Downie

        I know – I was just making a wee joke. The ST looks a lot nicer than the fake that popped up a few days ago!

  • This does look like a replacement for the X Pro 1, given that (in the UK ate least) the X Pro 1 is no longer widely available.

    • It’s not.

      • leocat

        I just hope the X pro 2 does not turn into the Nikon D400 Big talk but never made???

      • Fuji have stated that the X Pro 2 is not going to happen in the immediate future and surely there’s hardly any room for a model in between the X Pro and XE2. I can’t see many buyers for the X Pro 1 with this around.

        • patrick

          there is room for an X-PRO1S :-)

  • Kenny

    I feel confused with the X series. Now are we going to have another series? Like X-W1

    X-Ex series for beginer
    X-Wx series for serious enthusiast (Fujica style)
    X-Prox series for professional


    • Al Downie

      Um.. no. Not unless you can describe why the X-Pro is more suited to professionals than the X-E1 or the X-W-whatever. If I had a professional job to do, I’d feel a lot better about having two X-E1 bodies in my bag than one X-Pro1.

      It’s just as daft as saying that BMW 7-series cars are for professionals and 3-series are for beginners.

      • George

        I think he means in terms of overall performance of those bodies.

        Now X-Ex series seem to have lowest price. X-Wx (Not sure what model is) is in the middle. And X-PROx price seem to be highest.

    • Scott Marsh

      X M and X A are beginner cameras The XW1 is a sports wild life camera The X E2 is a Xpro with out the finder.

      • mgoods

        The XW1 could also be geared towards event/wedding photographers as well. Given that there is a 23/56 combo, faster AF and dual cards.

  • Larry

    With Fujica style, it seems we will see the EVF in the middle. And I really dislike having EVF in this position. We may press and smear our noses on LCD screen at all times.

    • marco

      +1 i really prefer the rangefinder style, it’s easier to pack abd to look in the VF..

      but.. it they need it to pack a bigger and better VF i am ok with it..

    • Scott Marsh

      Not me Im left eyed and just turn your head.

    • Alex

      Im left eyed, too

  • michael ng

    i only hope this time they really have FASTER AF :(

    • It will never be fast enough. Even the AF of the Nikon D4s is way too slow for many.

  • ramesh

    faster af than XE2???

    This must be a joke. Introducing cameras with AF slower than par compared to its peers and one as recently as 2 months ( XE2) back and soon after releasing another camera with faster AF…

  • SimonS

    What about weathersealed lenses?

  • marco

    patrick what about a contest to find the right name for the new camera? lol..

  • leocat

    Hello: I checked out Chris’s blog and the two lenses 10-24 and 56 have turned into over sized monsters for the X cameras. The whole point of the X cameras for me was being compact and light weight. A camera one can carry around all day. A camera one can use without drawing attention. I know we all get caught up in lens lust ( I am guilty ).but I think the new lenses are just not what the X cameras are about.

    • Scott Marsh

      Bigger to fit all that glass in is why, If they dropped AF it maybe a bit smaller,

      • Andy

        Yea right, the masses would love the idea of removing auto focus instead of all that extra uber sized aperture glass! That would make a terrifically strategic and successful business plan to increase sales and profit…

      • leocat

        That’s my whole point. If I need big glass the Nikon comes out. As much as they spin the X cameras they are not going to replace a DLSR for action, sports, wild life and pro studio work. I have a XE-1 and several lenses and I love the Camera but I am holding any more purchases until the X-pro 2 or S comes out.

        • Hi leocat
          I have Nikon camera D3x, D700 and a lot fast lenses
          I like the fuji XE2 ,i have the 14mm ,35mm ,23mm and i want a Portrait
          lens as a wedding photographer i need fast lens ,whats wrong with that?
          I prefer the fuji XE2 than the Nikon for image quality,white Balance,the high ISO and more …..
          I am moving from dslr to fuji
          I trust fuji because they lisening to us

          • leocat

            Hello: Studioleica
            Yes; I have no issue with our needs and I agree that the X-camera IQ is great. I use my XE-1 most of the time. But for sports I us D800 and the 28-300 lens and for wild life I use my D800 and 80-400 lens.
            It is not an issue of quality it’s that the X-Cameras are just not fast enough. To catch birds in flight for an example. But I will order the X-Pro S/2 when it arrives

  • Announcement is January 20th.
    I know I know, I’m not a “trusted source” but this is first hand info ;)

  • I won’t buy it, it’s too pixelated :P

    • I like the pixels, hd is over rated

      • Neil

        That new camera looks like less than 1 megapixel – probably less that 10,000 pixels :-o

        • Less than 2000 and I could peep at the all day :D

    • afragisk


  • Admin (or anybody with any knowledge) – is Fuji planning this camera as a direct competitor to E-M1 from Olympus?

    • I’m a nobody who knows nothing and wouldn’t be able to afford to buy it, but I reckon they should and would. :D

      • The reason why I’m asking is because more and more I read about E-M1 the more I am convinced that it could pretty much handle all situations I use X-Pro1 for: universal ‘grab anytime’ camera. For high res needs I have Sigma DP2M and soon (I hope) digital medium format back. So I need universal camera and X-Pro1 has been really good at this (so was X100 before it). I know, it will have a bit less DR and worse high ISO – but that could be remedied by shooting at lower ISO and lower shutter speeds thanks to IBIS. Sony’s A7 doesn’t work for me – tried it, don’t like it and don’t want it.

    • Obviously.

      • i just hope that this time they will also deliver, that E-M1 surely is a workhorse ;)

      • Adrian

        Rico, congrats! Your articles were already incredible, but you’ve turned sarcasm into a science :)

  • Ryan

    If it is a stab at Olympus there is a good chance it’ll have touchy flippy screen. Fingers crossed that it does!!!

  • I’m very much considering this. I’m an X-Pro 1, D800, and a7r user, but today, the D800 gets very little use. For my work, the a7r is better- that is, until I go to events. It is much slower to focus the same lenses I use on my D800 has a smaller, less sharp viewfinder, and takes forever to write files. I’m looking for a replacement for my D800 for events and mostly likely will use the M/LTM lenses I already own. The A7r is too loud, too slow, and features too poorly specced an EVF for what I need it for.

    There is no one camera for all situations but the D800 did a damn good job better than either the X-Pro 1 or A7r do. I don’t like using it that much, but it is dependable. Until mirrorless cameras can be completely dependable/speedy for use with manual glass as well as native AF glass, the DSLR will always be necessary for sometime event folks like me.

    The day may come soon when sports goes the way of the mirrorless camera.

    • leocat

      As a D800 and XE-1 owner, I completely agree. I use my D800 for sports, wildlife and chasing grand kids in the back yard. The XE-1 is for most everything else and is my carry around camera. We can out to a fair or other event and can take the XE-1 and put a couple of lenses in my pocket.

  • fmNYC

    Forgive the novice question: is ‘weather sealing’ really primarily for ‘weather’ (and dust)? I just rarely find myself shooting in inclement weather so I am wondering if it’s something I’d ever need. Was considering upgrading to X-E2 (from X20), but if this new body would have a better EVF and still faster AF, I might hold out. I’ve never found myself wanting a second SD card slot either (I don’t shoot weddings, etc.)

    • Chaz

      Primarily wet and dust, I believe. I’m not a rainy day shooter either, but I have found myself in several unexpected dusty situations and on windy days – and noticed my camera was getting quite coated.

    • Surab

      That is exactly my situation….. Another big question is how much more expensive will it be and what will be the kit lenses? But it seems that we will know more on January 20 or so. :D

      On the other hand I am wondering whether the X-E1 might be totally sufficient for my uses, because it is 450€ cheaper with the 18-55. I am holding back because the new processor in the X-E2 might make is suitable for FW upgrades that the X-E1 might be able to get and because of the optimized EVF in the X-E2…

    • It’s to satisfy those who think they need that. Practically, it has little significance. But it’s a “must have” feature for many.

  • bp100

    Seriously love my x100s so hope this is still small and light

    Weather sealed body but how about the lenses?

  • Caerolle

    Well, if it looks like the FujiST, no interest from me. Hopefully a lot of other people will like it, the EM-5 was very popular, and the Df seems to be killing it with the Viagra Man demo.

  • Fuzzy Duck

    “bigger and better EVF”

    will the better be more dots only? or might it be incredibly fast, eliminating any perceivable lag?

  • Wethersealing tend to be overrated. Except for D4 and 1Dx (and equivalent previous generation).
    I see a lot of photographers craving for this features but never shooting on a rainy day. Oppose to that, I’ve been shooting an old 5D “mark I” in the wet of kualalumpur, in the cold of winter french Alpes, under the rain of some weddings, and never had any issue.

    Dual memory card however is a must have for any photographer “on the field”, wether it’s wild life, wedding, reportage, etc.

    • any sealing would be nice, I have so much dust inside the VF on my X100 and small bits in the VF on X-Pro1 -> both used as cameras for travelling so mixture of cities, nature, beaches and mixture of various weather conditions

  • Tom

    I am thinking that the F2.8 Zooms that Fuji will be releasing will be fully weathered sealed, just like the Olympus F2.8 lenses.

    • yahoo, i am going to pay fuji twice to upgrade my 18-55 2.8-4 to 18-55 2.8, what an amazing upgrade. let me print some dollars and get it. Nah, too little upgrade for me to bother. what is wrong with today’s fuji management?

      • Surab

        First: It’s 16-55 F2.8.
        Second: If it should be weather sealed, than it will be weather sealed.
        Finally: It is going to be quite bulkier and heavier than the 18-55 F2.8-4. At least these are the expectations.

        What does this tell us: Both lenses are made for different needs. So, maybe this lens is not suited for you, but someone else will just jump ship because of this.

        Fuji needs to expands its offers, thus they built higher and lower quality kit zooms. Now, they want to address the “pro” zooms. Look in the roadmaps of Sigma, Nikon, Canon, Pentax, …… They all have lenses that only small value on each other, but address different customer needs.

  • ste787

    boring, let make our sexy retro camera and make it into a plain old slr look alike just like thousands of camera out there. this is the fuji management at it’s finest if rumours are true.

    • Al Downie

      Oh.. you’re so wrong! Look at the Nikon D4, and compare it to the Nikon FM2. They’re worlds apart, and if Fuji can make something that looks and handles like an FM2 I’ll buy one as soon as I’ve picked my jaw up off the floor. Something that restores simple, basic photography for photographers (as opposed to simple point-and-press photography for snappers). I hope this is the camera I’ve been waiting for.

      Stop the feature-bus! I want to get off!

      • they have that overprice, over complex Df.

        well back to fuji, they can make it good looking camera with all the features, not follow OM-D.

        there is already a camera that meet your design, olympus have it.

        • leocat

          This may or not be off subject:: But I do not know way anyone would buy the Nikon DF when the D600 does the same thing and half the cost. Could this apply to the new Fuji offering

  • Nanni

    My hope for this new model – looks like OMD – will be that the body will have a more and more faster AF than EX2. To use the future zoom 50/140 and eventually a super tele needs a fast AF.

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