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[UDPATE] X-T1 firmware in December + Rumor-Riddle: electronic shutter via hardware or firmware upgrade?


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X100T, 56APD, 50-140WR, silver X-T1
early in the morning (London Time)

[UDPATE: The source wrote me again and confirmed: the black X-T1 will get the electronic shutter via firmware update for free (thanks!)]

Hi all,

I know you are used to get answers here at Fujirumors and not questions. I know you’re looking for something well-founded and not for doubts… But hey, dubito ergo sum. So let me risk something different today and share a rumor-riddle with you ;-)

It’s a long rumor, I know, but read carefully in order to help me to solve it.

An anonymous source with nick-name (who could eventually quickly be upgraded to trusted source) confirmed: the X-T1 firmware will be released in December (at least if Fuji won’t postpone it, as it happened a few times with the X100 firmware)… for both, the black AND the upcoming silver X-T1.

What will it bring? Well, basically everything that the Fujifilm X30 can. Customize the Q menu, full manual control and more frame rates in video mode, the spot metering frame coupling, instant AF will support phase detection, direct selection of AF Area and much more! You should check out Rico’s X30 first look (German Version here) to read more details about it.

And now it’s time for a little rumor-riddle… the electronic shutter! Will it be part of the firmware update, or does it require a hardware update (sensor replacement)?

Oh wait, I already hear some saying that the firmware rumor is BS, as an electronic shutter can’t be introduced to cameras via firmware update. Well, just for your interested, Olympus added an “electronic first curtain” (electronic shutter) in the OM-D E-M1 and E-P5 via firmware update to eliminate vibrations caused by the mechanical shutter. So it can be done… it just depends on the sensor.

Now let’s go back to December firmware upgrade and what various sources told me about.

The anonymous source with nick-name (which will very likely be part of the elite team of trusted sources after the 10th of September) didn’t expressly include the electronic shutter in the December firmware-email it sent me via rumor box.

Now, does this mean that just the rumored limited edition silver X-T1 will feature an electronic shutter, and the classic black X-T1 can’t be upgraded via firmware update? I still can’t answer this question…. and since I can’t contact the source, I ask the source, if possible, to clear this up by contacting me again via rumor box.

However, I recall another rumor, shared by a new source here:

  • “There will be firmware improvements to the X-T1, but there will be a hardware improvement as well. A limited edition X-T1 will be available with it pre-installed but existing models could be upgraded with the money worth of new parts.”

Will the electronic shutter require such a hardware improvement for the black X-T1 (sensor replacement)? I’m right now investigating this.

At the moment we have this situation:

– A trusted source told us that a complete new firmware upgrade for the X-T1 will come. See this rumor of August 15.
– A new source told us of a firmware update in December, which will bring also the electronic shutter. See this rumor of Agust 22.
– Another new source told us that there will be a firmware & hardware improvement for the black X-T1. A limited edition will come already with it pre-installed, but existing X-T1 can be upgraded “with the money worth of new parts”. See this rumor of September 5.
– Right now, an anonymous source with nick-name, who shared a lot of stuff (which will probably be correct), told us about the X-T1 December firmware update, shared some more details, but didn’t include the electronic shutter in its list.

The options for now are basically these:

1) There will be a firmware update that will bring electronic shutter also to the classic black X-T1. No sensor replacement needed. [UPDATE: The source contacted me again and confirmed this option] 2) Only the silver X-T1 will feature an electronic shutter, and you have to change sensor on your classic black X-T1 in order to get the electronic shutter (and pay for the new parts).
3) Or maybe the truth could be somewhere between option 1 and 2, so there will be a paid firmware update to get the electronic shutter (no rumor about this, just an idea of mine).
4) The rumors are plain wrong, and no X-T1, black or silver, will ever get an electronic shutter.

So, my friends, welcome to the rumor jungle I have to deal with every single day ;-) . Make up your own mind and feel free to drop your solution to the enigma in the comments down below. Personally I’m undecided between option 1 and 2.

For now, I will keep the electronic shutter in the rumored firmware features, that should come with the firmware update in December. But I’ll put my best into this rumor, and try to update you as soon as possible…. thanks for you patience.

If there is anyone out there who could help us to understand, feel free to contact FR, anonymously via rumor box or also via email at fujirumor [at]

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Thanks Oliver Reyes for contributing to the FujiHumor segment.

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