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NEW IMAGES: X-T1 graphite silver edition + release dates of all upcoming Fuji gear + MESSAGE to an anonymous source


X100T, 56APD, 50-140WR, silver X-T1
early in the morning (London Time)

Another day, another leak, and another image shared by digicame-info about the new graphite silver X-T1.

They also leaked some more details about the upcoming release dates and prices. I’ve already told you that the X100T, silver X-T1 and the 56APD should ship in November. Now digicame-info confirms it, except for the 56, which, they say, will ship in December. My source confirms November, but the 50-140 will ship in December. Seems we will get it all right in time for X-mas :-)

And finally there will be a weather sealed combo X-T1 + 18-135 kit lens available for ¥ 237,000!

UDPATE to this post: There will be a firmware update that will bring electronic shutter also to the classic black X-T1. No sensor replacement needed. Firmware will be free. The source contacted me again and confirmed it.

  • X100T
    – Body color is silver and black
    – Will be released in November 2014
    – About ¥ 156,000 estimated retail price (tax included)
  • X-T1 graphite Silver Edition
    – Will be released in November 2014
    – About ¥ 178,000 estimated retail price (tax included)
  • XF50-140mm F2.8 R LM OIS WR
    – Will be released in November 2014
    – About ¥ 188,000 estimated retail price (tax included)
  • XF56mm F1.2 R APD
    – Will be released in December 2014
    – About ¥ 178,000 estimated retail price (tax included)
  • X-T1 + XF18-135mm F3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR Lens Kit
    – Will be released September 20, 2014
    – About ¥ 237,000 estimated retail price (tax included)


Sorry to have to post this in on FR, but since it’s an anonymous source with nick-name, there is no other way to contact it for me. Btw, this source confirms the existence of the 56mmAPD.

To the source: First off: thanks for telling me the name X100T :-). Since now, always when digicame-info leaks images of a product (in this case the 56APD), it means that an announcement is imminent. Apparently he always gets images just a few days before the announcements of new gear. Also, the release in November should be correct. Now digicame-info says December… close enough. If you want, create a fake email account and contact me at fujirumor [at] (and use your nick-name). Maybe it’s good if we talk via email, if you want. I can’t obviously share any detail that could unveil the identity of other sources, but I could explain you better why I think that the November/December release is correct.