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X-PRO2 announcement in 2014 available in 2015? Design & sensor not finalized as of yet!


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Hi all

Some people asked me via personal message on facebook, twitter and email, if they should go for the X-T1 or if the X-PRO2 will be available anytime soon.

I’ve already told you that it won’t come before late 2014, but more likely in 2015 here.

Also Mr.Kawahara and other Fuji Managers said that “there are no plans for an X-PRO1 replacement for now”, because they are waiting to achieve a “major breakthrough”. So it will be radically different to what it is now (organic sensor? Full Frame?).

That said, I’d like to share a rumor from an anonymous source who already told us some X-T1 specs that I think will be correct (price $1,300, 1 card slot, X-T1 + 18-135 in April/May for $1,800…). (Thanks a lot for sharing!)

This source said:

  • X-Pro2
  • Announcement in 2014
  • Available in 2015
  • Design & sensor not finalized as of yet.

So, it’s still a pretty long wait for the X-PRO2. But I’ll try to entertain you with some rumors in the meantime :-) .

The anonymous source contacted me via rumor box and gave itself a fake name, which allows me to recognize it in future. You can do the same if you want, or also create a fake email account and contact me.

_ _ _

I don’t know if the X-T1 is one of the most leaked cameras ever (as stated by other sites). I just know that I had a lot of fun to bring you all these rumors over the last months. But it was also a pretty strenuous work, all done restlessly, alone, during my breaks from my full time day job, at night and in my spare time.

But soon, on Tuesday, January 28th, you can support Fujirumors.

If you purchase the X-T1 using one of the shoplinks (Amazon, Bhphoto and Adorama & Co) on this blog. Fujirumors will get a small commission on it. No extra costs for you, but you’ll allow me to keep this blog running.

Maybe, with your support, we can make of the X-PRO2 the most leaked camera ever… it has already begun today ;-) .

But now stay tuned, January 28th is near. There will be a live blogging sessions early in the morning London time. The party is here, on Fujirumors.

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