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X-entry level cameras rumor update: tilt screen and name: X-A1 (new sources)?


Note: Please read carefully if the rumor comes from trusted or new sources.

1) APS-C X-trans entry-level camera: We know that this camera won’t have a viewfinder (trusted sources), but according to a new source it will have a tilt screen.

2) The non X-trans very cheap camera: You remember when I told you that I guess it will be the sensor of the X100? Well, trusted sources told me that my personal supposition is wrong. It won’t be the APS-C of the X100… I’ll shut up and leave guesses to you in the comments :)

Another new source also told me that the X-Trans camera will be called X-A1 (A stands for Amateur.) Trusted sources could not confirm it. And if the Nippon magazine is right, the non X-Trans camera could be the X-M1… where M stand for…?

Now, let’s suppose that the name guessed by the new source (X-A1) is right, then this could be the new APS-C interchangeable Fuji X-family: X-M1, X-A1, X-E1, X-PRO1…

I remember you that trusted sources told me that there will be 2 new lenses here and one of those will be a 16-50 or 16-55.