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X-E2 leaked image: wider screen, Fn2 button and new position for the Q button


 photo BWS5hheIgAAe5Rh_zps7f238348.jpg

And here it is: the look behind the X-E2. It seems to confirm what trusted sources told me: a new position for the Q button and a Fn2 button!

Thanks a lot to the anonymous source who shared it with Fujirumors.

A trusted source just confirmed that this image is not a fake.

And now spread the word via facebook and twitter

cheers and thanks for the pics Dr. Photo rumour and also to MJr who compared the screens of the X-E1 and X-E2. “Turns out the screen is not ‘bigger’, just wider. Buttons on the left a bit smaller. I liked how the 4:3 screen left room for info under 3:2 images. This way it all has to be overlay … which doesn’t look very good imho. But oh well, the image is nice and big. At least it’s not like 16:9 like some m4/3 with black bars on the sides! and info half over the image half not, now that is horrible !

 photo Patrick_zpse517a3cc.png

 photo xe1-vs-xe2_zps75e37146.jpg