First image of the X-E2 and additional specs of the X-E2/XQ1? (anonymous source)


 photo BWON9LMIEAAIFw__zps42e4af27.jpg

Take it with a grain of salt, as it has been sent to me by an anonymous source:

This could be the first image of the X-E2. [UPDATE: to see the rear side of the X-E2 click here]

I’d love to see an image also of the back/top of the camera, as trusted sources told me that there will be some changes there, as the new position of the Q button.

The anonymous source also sent me some specs. Here is his list:


16mega pix
3 inch screen
Lens modulation optimizer
0.08 sec autofocus speed
Exr II


4 optical zoom
12 mega pix
12800 Max I so
0.06 sec AF

I’ve already shared the image/specs with my trusted sources and if I’ll post an update if I can confirm or not this rumor.


You can contact me via email at, facebook, twitter and also completely anonymously via rumor box.

  • Kameramann

    This is the x-e1… I doubt that there will be absolutely no change on the front side of the camera, although it is not impossible….

  • RedTrumpet

    Gotta be a fake. The “2” looks very wrong. The horizontal middle bar is thinner than the middle horizontal bar on the capital E. It just plain looks like a different font.

    • Alan W

      I earn my living doing logotype work. I don’t think this looks wrong at all. The lower stroke is also a bit thinner on the 2 than it is on the E, but many typefaces alter the weights on a per letter style bases—in other words, E and F will usually share the same weights, but A and H may each have different stroke weights on their horizontals. This is especially true in “display” faces (as opposed to say, “text” faces.)

      • RedTrumpet

        I’m just an amateur, so if you are who you claim you are, I’ll go with your explanation. It still doesn’t look right to me, but stranger things have happened I suppose.

      • RedTrumpet

        The vertical strokes look thinner on the 2 than the E, as well. Just saying. Happy to be wrong.

  • Renato S.

    So the XQ1 will follow the same aperture as the RX100 but I hope it can sustain bigger aperture for a longer focal length range. RX100 drops more than one-full-stop from 28mm to 35mm, that’s just too much light to lose in such short range.

    Are those AF speed really that fast? Last time AF was indeed faster but not as fast as micro4/3, which is a bit misguiding. By the numbers Fuji released about the AF speed of the X100s it should have been on par or faster than micro4/3. Micro4/3 AF is instantaneous and even in low light it’s faster than competition, it would be nice if Fuji could achieve that.

    Have someone tested the WiFi thing on the newer Fuji’s? Is it reliable as an external monitor? I say that because I tested the WiFi from Sony NEX cameras and it sucks! Even when the camera is very close to the phone, it lags, it’s really unreliable. Sony even charges for simple things like time-lapse. Oh, Sony… I’m asking that because if it’s reliable, not having the tiltable screen may not be such a bump, although it’s not as practical.

    I appreciate what Fuji does inviting some photographers to give their feedback on Fuji cameras, but sometimes I worry that they may not reflect what some people want from Fuji, narrowing the possibilities. I’m just saying because I don’t know their background, but I hope there is diversity on backgrounds between those photographers so Fuji can have a wider feedback. I for once would love to see Fuji embracing tiltable and touchscreen on their higher-end cameras, it’s not just a gimmick, it’s really useful.

    • Doug

      +1 on the tilt touch screen — it is not a gimmick. It is really useful. But the Panasonic style of being able to touch to focus or touch to focus AND shoot, is infinitely better than Sony’s RX100ii which is not touch.

  • Ulf

    do you think the E2’s Face Detection will make it into the X-Pro1 via Firmware Update?

    • patrick

      They gave us focus peaking on the pro1, so why not face detection? Hope fuji will listen to our needs also this time

    • deng

      I don’t think that X-Pro1’s cpu has the power to drive the face detection.

      • Matey

        Surely they’d give a pro model camera some sort of way to do time lapse?

  • This camera would certainly look more interesting from above and from behind.

    • MJr

      You know it !

      But really, what’s wrong with it anyway (aside from the flippy screen that’s not going to happen). All the buttons seems to be in the right place. It could use a nice metal thumb-wheel (or wheather-sealing that’s also not going to happen), but other than that it’s just the insides that could use some upgrading really.

    • David

      On the top maybe we would see +-3 EV compensation? Maybe on the back an ISO dial like in the good old days?

  • Activia

    Grossly done fake, look at the size difference of the “X” and “E2” fonts.
    Why do people even create fakes in hopes to intoxicate other people? How funny is that?

    • Mat

      Looking at other photos of the X-E1 it’s approximately the same difference in size between the letters.

      • grappo

        take a look at the ‘2’ in the X20 logo. that’s how it should be on the real thing.
        (now the faker corrects this for the next round..)

        • Mat

          Perhaps, but I don’t think the E1 is the same font as the X. On the X20 everything is the same font. In any case, we do know that this is probably very very much like what the X-E2 will look like, whether this particular image is fake or not.

          • grappo

            Well, we can’t do better than a guess and you’re right the look of the ‘X’ in the logo is distinct from the rest.
            But the ‘1’s are all the same on all X-cameras after the X-E1 (ie XF1, M1/A1 & X100s). Also the zeros of the latter match the one on the X20.
            The XF1 is a bit of a outlier, though the slimmer ‘XF’ is more congruent with the ‘1’, but that in it self gives a hint on the style of the font used for the numbers.

    • Luccio

      Same size difference with the X ans the E1 fonts which are not grossly fake ;-)

    • MJr

      Haha, you mean, exactly like it is with the X-E1 already ? Not saying this is real, but seeing how everybody always seems to know exactly why it’s a fake is even more amusing. :D

  • palmer

    XQ1 zoom specs stated in this new rumor are exactly those of XF1!
    Maybe the same zoom range (25-100) but with a motorised control instead of manual one?

    With a new name for this camera, one could hope more change…

  • Nick

    What the heck is a lens modulation optimizer?

  • Fujimoto


  • Toxy

    Does somebody know when will be the 10-14mm released?

    • Valentino

      The 10-24 is supposed to be announced before the end of the year, perhaps within the next 30 days – key word here is ‘announced’ not shipped. The 56mm is for next year.

  • Bruce

    This image is Photoshopped. Go take a face-on photo of any mirrorless camera like this and you get a reflection of the lens (possibly more) in the target subject image sensor. It’s BS.

    • Scott

      That may make it real Bruce, Maybe a non working model but who cares.

  • Tonyceri

    Please, listen to yourselves! Stop this ridiculous diatribe about the merits of the letter-size in the fonts – it will all be answered soon enough and you will all look foolish for your impatient, blinkered thinking. Relax, cut the crap and wait patiently for the answers you seek – no big deal.

  • Cannoli

    weird that the picture is all dark around the top left which is where you would expect there to be some changes. Makes me think that it is a fake. Looks like someone was using a little dodge and burn in photoshop.

  • Captmatt

    It must be real. The lens dot on my X- E1 is red, this one is green! Now how could you fake that I ask?

  • Michael

    Anybody notice the colour where the lens and body met up.. It’s green..? Not red. I don’t really care if this is a fake image or not and people debating it are silly.. End of the day it’s not going to change to much from the X-E1.

  • djrocks66

    Not sure what the big deal is. It looks exactly like the X-E2. Pull up the shadows in the image and the left side is the same. For what it’s worth.. I think the X-E1 is a nice design so I’m not complaining.

    • djrocks66

      I meant it looks the same as the X-E1 :)

  • DanSmedra

    Now for a more serious question…black or silver. I can’t make up my mind. What say you?

    • Jon R

      Black is a bit more discrete though the silver has a nice classic look to it. I have a silver X-E1 but sometimes people ask me why I’m still shooting film if they don’t know about Fuji cameras. It depends which look you want to go for.

      • DanSmedra

        Thanks. Yes, I’ve been leaning toward the silver. I like the fact that dust doesn’t show up like it does on the black. I was really attracted to the brown/silver of the X-M1 w/ silver lens (very Leica-like), but producing the XF lens in silver must not register in Fuji’s overall business model. I’m ready to pre-order the 23mm f1.4 so I don’t get left out in this first round of shipments.

  • Poz

    I love my X100 but Fuji have no idea how to make a camera with decent autofocus. They’re utterly incapable of doing it. The Sony RX1 kicks Fuji’s ass, the OMD is in another universe. Fuji could have been great, but they don’t have the know how. Kaizen and firmware updates are great and all, but at the end of the day, the darned camera needs to deliver in terms of performance, especially operational speed and accuracy.

    • ska

      Fully agree ! Love the IQ, handling, built quality… but dude the autofocus just sucks !

    • Jon

      The Sony RX1 is verging on triple the price of the x100.

      AF on Fuji is improved massively.

      Olympus is faster sure. Not at all cheaper for such a small sensor. I’m not a FF snob, but 4/3rds limits certain things.

  • Jack

    All that information on the XQ1, but not its sensor?

    • jonnie

      My guess wouldbe the x20 sensor given the form factor.

    • Fuzzy Duck

      none of this looks like real insider info, just an anonymous clown copying and pasting specs from X20, X100s etc. and a shoddy image

  • bidou

    The picture got exactly the same reflect as this stock photo of the XE 1 : (look at the knob, straps holder and buttons)

  • Doug

    Weather seal these cameras please!

    I really think that Fuji is missing an obvious opportunity for this line. Lots of people are loving the low profile, easy to carry form factor for street photography. It sounds like David Hobby and Zack Arias are certainly providing that feedback. So where is the WEATHER SEALING???? For these to be truly awesome on the street, the high end should be rain and snow proof! Please Fuji!

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