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First image of the X-E2 and additional specs of the X-E2/XQ1? (anonymous source)


 photo BWON9LMIEAAIFw__zps42e4af27.jpg

Take it with a grain of salt, as it has been sent to me by an anonymous source:

This could be the first image of the X-E2. [UPDATE: to see the rear side of the X-E2 click here]

I’d love to see an image also of the back/top of the camera, as trusted sources told me that there will be some changes there, as the new position of the Q button.

The anonymous source also sent me some specs. Here is his list:


16mega pix
3 inch screen
Lens modulation optimizer
0.08 sec autofocus speed
Exr II


4 optical zoom
12 mega pix
12800 Max I so
0.06 sec AF

I’ve already shared the image/specs with my trusted sources and if I’ll post an update if I can confirm or not this rumor.


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