UDPATE: Better pics of the X-E2


 photo better2_zps5a40dc30.jpg
 photo better1_zps6b9455ec.jpg


here are some better pics of the X-E2. They come from a new source! Thanks a lot for sharing. Stay tuned for more at facebook and twitter.

Notice that in the new images the AE-L button is above the AF-L button. The original X-E2 should have the AF-L button above.

Check out the LCD-comparison and the comments also in my previous post here.


 photo xe1-vs-xe2_zps75e37146.jpg

  • Xophaser

    if the rumors announcement is on the 18th, when do we expect them to start shipping. Nikon is very close to announcement (less then a month) and I checked the x-e1 took like 1-2 months later.

    • specLegacy

      I’m hoping before Christmas, but I guess we’ll find out in a week

    • Armanius

      I hope they ship within a week or two of announcement! Would love to have the XE2 by November.

      • patrick

        I suppose they will ship it for late November. But I don’t have informations about the expected delivery

        • Armanius

          Aargh. Late November is no good!! Bummer.

          • patrick

            at least right in time for X-mas

  • At this point is there any evidence that the X-E2 will have better IQ then the X-E1?
    Will it only offer fast AF, better real LCD and new placement of Q button?
    I assume the EVF will be the same as the X-E1

    • Performance wise, I think we can expect the new camera to be identical to the X100S as it will most likely use the same electronics (sensor and processor). If this is true, then EVF performance will be a definite improvement over the X-E1. As I noted in another post, the problem with the X-E1’s EVF performance doesn’t lie with the EVF display panel itself, it’s pretty darn good. The problem was with the slow processor that Fuji put in the X-E1 which couldn’t provide a fast refresh rate for the panel. The X100S fixed this with the inclusion of a newer processor which improves the camera’s AF performance, makes the EVF less laggy and more smooth, etc.

      • The X100s’ viewfinder is still pretty laggy in comparison to what’s out there. It’s going to be better, but don’t expect miracles.

    • Armanius

      The IQ of the XE1 is pretty good already. Having faster and more reliable AF is the #1 thing I’m looking forward to. Face detection and wifi remote shooting will be icing on the cake.

  • Viezevure

    An yet again a winner from the Fuji factory. But i am wondering if the difference with the XE1 will big big enough to upgrade….The XE1 is already a superb APSC camera.

  • B.Allen

    The rear lcd is definitely not tillable…that sucks

    • MJr

      It’s okay, keeps the body tidy, and we get to keep them essential buttons on the left for optimum control.

      • Robert

        +1, No tilt screen thank you.

    • jay83

      Yes, totally agree… i put off buying x-e1 in hope that fuji would add it in in X-e2… looks like it may be a better deal getting the X-e1 instead…

  • Not fond of the new button placement. Would have preferred to have the positions of AF-L/AE-L button and the back dial swapped. I have a firmer grip on the camera when my thumb is on the left of the grippy area, and I use the AF-L button far more than the back dial in active shooting.

  • MJr

    Here’s the LCD size comparison again (updated): http://goo.gl/0wFaYp :D

    • MJr

      Funny how the angle is slightly different so it shows the Fn button behind the exposure compensation dial. (so probably not a lock button ;) )

  • karser


    • Martin

      You should not have taken a fuji x camera.

  • David B

    so they did a 16X9 display? is Fuji getting into Movie histeria? What’s up with that? 16X9 displays are useless for photographers, it will be a even smaller 3X2 display with black bars on the sides.

    • YC

      its not 16:9. is actually closer to 3:2 (a bit wider)
      the x-e1 screen was 4:3 and that made the image even smaller. it couldn’t fill the screen without crop. now it will fill the screen.

      • MJr

        It’s probably exactly 3:2 with the screen actually turned on. :-) Those lines are not exact, and displays rarely fill the area completely against the edge.

    • Joe

      No, it a 3 x 2 or the same as the APS-C sensor.

  • YC

    few observations when compare to the X-E1:
    1. buttons have moved and scaled because of the bigger screen.
    2. the 4 left buttons are smaller now.
    3. the 4 way navigation and the DISP BACK button moved a little to the right and down.

  • SZRImaging

    Any word on if the EVF is better than the X-E1? It was so laggy in mid to low light that I went with an E-M5 instead of the X-E1.

    • Viezevure

      Please go troll somewhere else m43 is no match for Fuji.

      • ryan

        That’s the attitude. I’m sure there’s nothing Fuji could learn from other manufacturers who do AF, EVF, IS, weather sealing and build quality better than they do.

        • Viezevure

          Sure they can learn but please stop comparing point and shoot M43 with Fuji. Picture quality wise Fuji rocks and they are not busy developing a gadget camera like the m43 em5 and em1. Fuji simply wants the best possible picture quality and best shooter experience.

          • MJr

            Congratulations on proving yourself as a troll. Every camera is a compromise. And there are many things either one can’t do that the other can. The only choice is which you prefer. Though if you prefer to fool yourself with your own kind of hypocritical reasoning, then that’s fine too. Just don’t put it on everybody else like your opinion is fact.

          • SZRImaging

            “best shooter experience”, so wouldn’t the EVF be part of that experience?

          • Armanius

            Good grief. Fanboism to the extreme. I guess EVF quality has nothing to do with the “best” shooter experience.

          • true homer

            Are we forgetting the watercolor mess from the xtrans? I dont get that in m43s

          • C. C.

            Viezevure, you are clueless. You own no m43 cameras and know nothing about them. Pany and Oly PIONEERED mirrorless system cameras. The E-M5 is a terrific camera , as is the GX7 and the stellar E-M1. The IQ from these cameras is excellent, as is the speed of the AF. And Oly’s 5-axis IS is class-leading. Get it?

            M43 cameras are NOT point and shoot. Sheesh.

            (And, yes, I own a Fuji X-E1 and X100.)

          • kecajkerugo

            we all can argue than the Fuji is better than the Oly top m 43 Cameras but if somebody like you is saying that EM1 is a gadget camera it simply indicates that such a person has no idea about photography at all. I like Fuji cameras very much but performance wise, they just cannot much latest m43 jewelery. They are not sealed like the oly guns. Th epicture quality is great from Fuji but Oly is very close and sometimes better (depending on conditions/installed glass). So do not show up as a troll.

          • Ian Piper

            yeah… I actually own both an X-E1 and an OM-D. So I am in a position to compare them directly. Image quality is *very*
            similar between the fuji with the 35mm prime and the Olympus with a 20mm Lumix lens. Really. Responsiveness, file writing, auto-focus and so on are far better on the Olympus; it is fast. But the fuji wins hands down on usability and general style and quality. Like my X100 it feels old school, whereas the Olympus feels like a computer with a lens on the front for all its alleged OM retro heritage.

            To be honest, I wouldn’t want to lose either the Fuji or Olympus. Hey, I just noticed – they are both mountains.

      • MJr

        Don’t be such a baby. SZR is giving a legit reason.
        Something that the new processor will most likely improve upon though.

        Aimlessly roaring “brand x is no match for brand y”, now that is trolling.

        • SZRImaging

          Sure hope you are right. Bonus points if they can get that manual focusing aid from the X100s to work. Would be a very tempting camera. Then I just have to convince my wife on why I need two camera systems…

          • specLegacy

            Yeah, split image focusing is the main thing I’m looking forward to with this camera

        • Viezevure

          Wow a lot of m43 fanboys over here. Yes have owned a EM5 but the pictures where really bad compared to APSC size camera’s. I own a D700, XE1 and X100 and yes in a short time a EM1. But that one is for the wife and kids. M43 is not bad. They are nice for point and shoot work. The focus is good but pictures not so when you want to print or shoot high iso or even low iso because they dont have it. IBIS is way overrated and only good if subject are not moving. OIS is still better. So please dont compare M43 with APSC or FF fanboys.

          • You are incompetent. You are NO photographer if you believe the garbage you are spewing. M43 competes with APS-C. That is a fact. You are a joke.

    • apw100

      I am 100% certain that EVF performance will be improved. The actual EVF display was great, the problem was that the processor in the X-E1 was too slow to provide a smooth frame rate. This camera will use the same EXR Processor II that is found in the X100S, which has much smoother viewfinder performance.

      • kecajkerugo

        IBIS is better if subject is not moving? Yet another ignorant comment from Viezevure. None stabilization system helps for any object which moves!

  • Vojta

    AF assist lamp still hidden behind finger? :)

    • Viet

      use a half case, it help alot.

  • Renato S.

    Any news if the Wi-Fi functionality on the X-E2 will be actually useful? Similar do Panasonic’s, full remote control over both photo and video or will it still be just to transfer pics and geotagging?

    • Armanius

      Someone told me that we can expect remote wi-fi shooting. No details on how much control the user will have though.

    • Chester A. Arthur

      I’d imagine that it will have WiFi functionality like the X-M1, which allows for remote release.

      • Armanius

        Pretty sure there’s no wifi remote trigger on the XM1.

  • Trezzaboy

    Fuj is far superior in IQ, handling and beauty, the rest is secondary, the Olympus is just a nice toy

    • Armanius

      It’s not too “secondary” when the camera can’t AF fast enough. Or lock AF in less than ideal conditions. Gotta love the enthusiasm from fanboys though.

    • You are a moron. Stop trying to downplay m43, because you will lose.

      • Al

        C.C.: Size matters. If you do not get it, it is YOUR problem. DoF control and hi ISO suck with m43 sensor. No REAL photographer would use it as the main camera, apart from some street shooters.

  • Armanius

    It would make more sense to move all the control buttons to the right side of the LCD, given that the typical user has his/her face plastered over the left side of the camera when using the EVF. I guess Fuji can do that on the XE3.

    • “Sense” is something we shouldn’t expect in spades from camera companies. At least they’ve moved the AF button to the right.

      • Armanius

        LOL! Yeah, I know. Or maybe it’s just the good ol’ Apple tactic of incremental improvements. That way, we the consumer will always have something to complain about, and look forward to for the next purchase!

  • Maarten

    I don’t own a Fuji but want one. Do you think that the AF button in the multicontroller means that you would still need a double press to start moving the AF areas around? I prefer the Nikon (and presumably the Canon way) of direct access when in shooting mode. Whatever, I’d really like one with a 23 and 56 lens.

    • MJr

      Guessing it probably activates with a click. I think in the scheme of things it doesn’t really add any noticeable time at all. This is where a touchscreen would come in handy. Activate it, and press were you want it. But that would be a rumor that had gotten out by now, so guess not.

  • See it’s also coming with Fuji rumours branding :-)

    • SZRImaging

      I think I would fall over and die of laughter if I saw that in a store.

      • patrick

        it’s a special edition X-E2 for $200 extra ;-)

  • justintime

    Not sure about Having AE-L button above AF-L button. I use AF-L button more in manual focus & think its easier to use the top button. So long as its possible to swap functions around it will suit everyone.

    I also hope that they release a firmware update for X-E1, as I would keep X-E1 as backup if I got X-E2 and it would mean I make less errors if I can configure all buttons to do the same on both cameras

    • Robert

      I agree that it seems like a good idea to have the AE-L and AF-L buttons configurable since we have so many different preferences and shooting styles.

  • I am curious about the display layout.
    From this photo it appears the screen is 16:10.
    Let’s assume the screen is 768×480 (too optimistic?).
    The old screen was taller than a 3:2 photo, this one is wider.
    Even on the old screen the bottom was taken which sometimes makes it harder to frame correctly.
    3:2 photos means 720×480. That leaves a strip of 48×480 pixels.
    I’m curious around screen layout and screen real-estate use. Hopefully some elements will move around.

    • Robert

      Maybe we could finally get the exposure compensation scale moved outside the picture area? The reason is that you still want to see the e.c.s. with the trigger half pressed and be able to see to compose simultaneously. Of course the e.c.s. should be invisible in P, A and S ‘mode’ when no exposure compensation is set.

  • Robert

    Compared to the first picture of the X-E2 rear side, the AF-L button is now below the AE-L button, in the place where the Q button is on the X-E1. I would actually prefer that, since I use AF-L every now and then, but never AE-L and pushing the Q button on the X-E1 by feel is quite OK for me, while pushing the AE-L/AF-L button on the X-E1 means that I need to change my right hand grip and/or look at what I am doing since it is otherwise difficult to find.

    • Robert

      After trying the AE-L/AF-L button on the X-E1 again today, I think I prefer having the X-E2 AF-L button in that position. Obviously good if the AF-L and AE-L buttons on the X-E2 were configurable. :-)

  • I assume one of the buttons will be programmable for view/display button. Q button is now in its place. mabe 2 pushes of the Q or hold it down. Still curious about price point.

  • arbitrage

    So the new photo shows the AE-L above the AF-L and the older photo shows it reversed. I guess one of these or both are not legit.

    • patrick

      af-l above is the right one

  • Armanius

    Any info on whether Fuji will sell the XE2 body only immediately? Or will Fuji try to force early adopters to buy some type of “kit” lens?

  • Wilmer

    Can’t wait to get. Any idea of how much it will retail for? Kits lens or body only?

    • patrick

      no, still working on it

  • New button arrangement. That would be a bummer for all owners of underwater housings…

    Waitaminute, there’s no underwater housings for XE1, how convenient! =)

    Now, I want one. One XE2 and one underwater housing for it. And my XE1 will go for an infrared conversion…

  • Christian

    I thought the upgrade from X-E1 to X-E2 was going to be a bigger one. I’m a little dissapointed on that, but relieved because I bought my X’E1 a few months back. I think I will wait for the X-E3, hopefuly the lenses won’t change.

    • I wait for the E-X4

      • X-E3. There will never be an X-E4. After the “3” it will be the X-E5.

      • Scott

        The number 4 is unlucky in Japan.

  • Martin

    It might just be the angle, but it caught my eye and struck me as possibly odd. There is a small space between the shutter button and the shutter speed dial on the picture of the front of the camera, but not on the picture of the back.

  • Caderyn

    Did they move the view mode button into the q menu?

  • jonnie

    Im not sure the placement of the q button is an improvement, I use the q button a lot when shooting and having it where I naturally hold the camera makes for ease of use with no need to change my hand position. Hopefully the buttons will be configurable.

    • Scott

      What bugs you will help me, You can set up the camera to AF thru the AE AF L on the 1 but that Q button killed the fun if I fat fingered the Q button. Having the Q up and left isn’t a problem as I see it.

  • a pity that it does not have an optical viewfinder

  • g.b

    Great looking camera with nice improvements. So the LCD panel will probably be the same as the one of X-M1.

    @ Patrick
    Doesn’t the souce who sent you the pictures happen to have one of the XQ1, too? :)

    • patrick

      Of course I’ve asked for it, let’s hope the source will be able to get one. Should be something similar to the XF1.

  • Turgeon

    Will shutter wheel on the top replaced through a shutter option wheel?

    • MJr

      You mean PASM ?

      Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Definitely not.

    • Robert

      I do not think so. When I use PASM ‘mode’ to explain the aperture/shutter speed settings it is just because it is the shortest/fastest way to do so. I definitely prefer the X-E1 interface to the PASM interface on other cameras.

  • Scott

    Love it bring it on!

  • deluxetothecrux

    can’t wait for announcement! I keep checking your site for any new possible news because I’m so anxious!

  • Great pics, thank you for sharing.

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