X-DAY CONFIRMED: new body (entry level X-Trans APS-C), new firmware and new lenses on JUNE 25!


I got feedback from trusted sources. They confirm everything what the new Japanese source told to Fujirumors and… now here is what we know:

DATE: On June 25 Fujifilm will indeed make an important announcement.

X-BODY: The question is, which X-camera will be launched first (the X-Trans or the non X-Trans body)? According to both, the Japanese and trusted sources Fuji will launch the “little sister” (X-M1?) of the seXy-one (X-E1). It will be a cheaper and smaller X-E1 without viewfinder (trusted sources) but with tilt screen (new sources).

LENSES: According to trusted sources, on June 25 Fujifilm will launch the 27mm lens (confirming this FR-post of April 15) and the new zoom lens. Trusted sources said it will be a 16-50 or 16-55 cheap zoom lens. The new Japanese source told me that it will be a 16-50 zoom lens (if the source is right also this time, I think I should upgrade it to “trusted source” :) .)

FIRMWARE: Fuji will update the firmware for the X-E1 and X-PRO1. With these new lenses in the pipeline, it’s possible that it will only add compatibility. If I remember well, Fujifilm talked of a major firmware update in July.

On June 25 Fujirumors will follow the announcement live. Follow us on facebook, twitter and subscribe the RSS feed, and you won’t miss anything!

stay tuned

  • mvalma

    I’ve been reassured that focus peacking for x-pro is coming soon… 2.05? Maybe… or maybe the JGFU (July Grand Firmware Update)….
    x-pro 2 coming Q1 2014 (no full frame)… bye.

    • mvalma, they cannot add focus peaking to existing XE1 or SP1 as they do not have the second generation sensor of the X100s necessary to enable focus peaking.

      However, focus peaking is coming to the REPLACEMENT of both those models, which will be announced before the end of this year, possibly autumn, and those models will have a lot more than just focus peaking ;-)


      • mvalma

        Sorry Paul… I think this is not true… the new sensor (with phase detection elements) is necessary to have the digital split image focus (ala x100s)… not the focus peaking… focus peak is just a matter of contrast detection…

        • mvalma

          … the only limiting factor could be the processor power…

          • It it were possible they would have done it by now. It is not possible. The new sensor used in the X100s has a lot more to it than the phase detection, which is linked to auto focus, not to the split image focussing, and also the X100s processor is twice as fast as the XP1 and XE1. It cannot be done. The new processor for the replacement of the XE1 and XPro1 is dual-core, and is several times faster and more powerful even than the X100s processor, and it will need to be for the improvements they are making to those two new models, which will also feature the new plasma sensor ;-)

          • Additional comment, focus peaking also needs a new type of viewfinder, also found on the X100s, which the current XE1 and XP1 do not have.


          • MJr

            “phase detection, which is linked to auto focus, not to the split image focussing,”

            It is though. The split image uses the phase detection information to render the center image, which is why it is in grayscale.


            mvalma is right – any camera can do focus peaking if it has the processing power. It is no more than a simple shader effect added to the live-view image. How much processing power it needs depends on how efficiently the code was written by the firmware developer.

        • ASDF

          You’re right, they can add focus peaking by tweaking the firmware.

          It’s been done on other companies models (5Dii/iii by magic lantern). It’s a matter of the company wanting to improve their cameras and give new features to loyal customers.

      • Don Pope

        (Replying here because I can’t reply to deeper comments)


        Focus peaking is purely a software issue. It can be done if they want to.
        The processor could be too slow to make it satisfactory, but you don’t need a special sensor or a special EVF.

        • Hi Don,

          Whatever the reason, they cannot do it satisfactorily, or they cannot do it at all, but it is on the new models. You will see when the firmware update comes out that it is only for the new lenses.


          • deng

            The firmware next week is purely for the new lenses I guess.
            The major update is coming in July (or later if they won’t make it in time)..

      • DR

        Hey Paul, You was wrong dude! :)

        How is the MM going?

    • No fullframe, and never gonna be. Come on people, it’s easy to figure out! Get a photo of the XF mount with sensor visible. Google it. Load to Photoshop and select the sensor area with rectangular marquee tool. Now, enter 150% in transform tool. Whoops! No FF sensor in XF mount. Just not possible. Lesser crop factors (like Canon’s 1.3x) – maybe, but FF X? Forget it.

      • Calking

        so WHAT. These cameras shoot in the dark with their APS-C sensors. Full Frame isn’t necessary and if it were included it would only add cost.

        • So get real. These cameras are great, and I love my little Fujis for what they are. However, some people are holding their breath waiting for the release of FF XF model – they gonna experience all effects of hypooxygenation :)

  • Do we need cheap Fuji lenses and cheap bodies? Im am not so sure! I think the X-E1 comes at a pretty fair price if you are considering what a great camera this is. Why not focussing on the serious pro or amateur photographers. They are loving their Fuji stuff and they will be loyal customers.

    I guess Fuji wants to widen its audience. But is this the right direction? I hope there will be an X-Pro 2 next year. Would very nice!

    • Peter

      Perhaps you don´t need cheap bodies and lenses, but others will. ;-)

    • You need a solution for people who want to upgrade from compacts to interchangeable lenses. Canikon have very cheap DSLRs with good IQ. Of course not as good as X-E1 but quite a leap from a compact. You want to give these people an entry to the X-System, so they will upgrade to Premium X later on.

    • Lucas Mall

      Pro users don’t, but pro users need as many novices to adopt their line of camera to financially support the range.

      There is massive competition in this field. The bottom end is being chewed up by phone cameras, so offering a bridge to the X-Series is essential.

    • Sakini

      Here where I am, the X-E1 is a pretty expensive camera, and many people see the price as a sign of “too advanced technology” for a normal customer. But a entry-level version with the same tech, a simple basic zoom, and the brilliant results from the X-Trans sensor would be surely a welcome alternative to other small CSC models – at least by those people who are amazed by the performance of my Fuji cameras, but look at them as something very special and not for the “normal ones”. Maybe if there is a more simple looking Fuji CSC, all those who buy the outlet models from Olympus, will rather take a Fuji – and later they purchase maybe some lenses, and maybe a better body.
      It´s a good idea from Fuji, and the low-end model will certainly not endanger the next generation of X-Pro. Good chance for them to gain solid foothold in the market and bring some colors in the gray mainstream.
      And a cheap basic zoom is necessary, you can´t get the right price for the low-end model with the 18-55, unless you sell them at a loss.

      • ph

        The X-M1 might be a hit. That would benefit us all. A greater user base could persuade more lens makers to join and could speed up the development of better raw processing.

        • Calking

          there are no issues with RAW processing. LR4.3+, Capture One and Aperture all support RAW processing.

    • Ollie

      I would buy one of these bodies and put my 18mm f/2.0 on it. This would make a wonderful carry-everywhere camera. The X-Pro1 I own is way too big for this, same applies to a minor degree to the X-E1.

      • ph


  • David

    Administrative any word re phase on sensor af points on the new body. Super important.

  • MuMinded

    27mm is good new for me.. Been waiting on this one since I first saw it on the roadmap. Hope it’s reasonably priced as most pancakes are.

    mvalma.. I really hoping your right about that focus peaking… but, not holding my breath. Adding focus peaking isn’t just a SW tweek, it adds a new feature to the camera. I don’t know if this is something that Fujifilm is willing to do, considering it will most certainly suck sales away from the upcoming XPro-2 which is sure to have it.

    • I rather hope the pancake is as good as the other lenses. Then I won’t mind if the price is not far below the 18 or 35 mm.

    • ASDF

      Focus Peaking is absolutely SW (firmware) based. They could add it assuming there’s enough processing power (I can’t see why there wouldn’t be).

      However, like you said, whether they’ll actually put in into the xpro1/XE1 or not is another question.

      Personally, even if they put it into the Xpro1 I’d still buy an Xpro2 if it has better AF. The AF on the Xpro1 is a hit and miss affair to say the least. Focus peaking would help with MF though, so it would be appreciated.

  • Risto

    “…cheaper and smaller X-E1 without viewfinder (trusted sources) but with tilt screen (new sources).”

    And I’ve been waiting for a body without any kind of screen but with this good viewfinder added with focus peaking or something like that. Like the cameras in good old days, in the film era.

  • No 10-24mm? So sad…

    • Scott

      It’s coming this is about new stuff so don’t be sad till you see the price of the 10-24 as I cant see it coming in under the price of the 14mm.

      • me

        the price of 10-24 will be the same as the price of rhodium at the same weight

  • mvalma

    Recently have a discussion with a Fujifilm tech rep:

    Peaking – technically possible, need to optimize algorithm and cpu power, will come with a new firmware this summer/fall.

    Split Focus – Not possible, requires new sensor design.

    New x-pro coming Q1 2014 – APS-C

    This is what I have… let’s see what’s happening…

    • Carlo

      I can confirm Mvalma.
      I recently spoke with a Fuji tech that told me focus peaking is around the corner and x-pro2 Q1 2014.

      • Anton

        How can one communicate with Fujifilm tech?

        • hexx

          verbally or in writing – to mention a couple

          • mvalma

            Messanger pigeon or smoke signals – to mention 2 more

          • hexx

            @mvalma – LOL!!!

          • Anton

            Do you have their e-mail?

    • halarhs

      I dont see why a fuji rep has told to one person that a firmware update is coming. We all write in a site that has rumors on, so why there’s isnt a post named FT4 (almost certain) “focus peaking is coming for X pro 1/ XE1. Because the admin dont believe you and this isn’t a serious rumor.

  • shadowc

    I really want a 18-85 or 18-105/18-135 lens for my X-E1. It would be perfect for travel and low light. The image will be good enough for me. I don’t need other lenses then. Things can be improved are AF speed and tilt screen.

  • Demir

    Even fujiguys USA told that there was a new software update in the pipeline which would increase the AF speed by 0.7 seconds on all lenses on their videos!!! We need it very badly!!

  • hexx

    I just hope that new FW update will feature some improvements not just update to new lenses. Going on holidays on 26th, so it would be very handy :D

  • cgw

    Not sure this cheapie will be a ILC. If so, Fuji will have to price it considerably(not $100) below the current X-E1 body deals to get enough bites in the current flat market for mirrorless cameras. Look how cheaply Sony’s selling the low-end NEX!

  • miniTO

    I am confused about the “consumer level zoom”.

    Why would they start a entry level zoom at 16mm and not 18mm to save costs? That has to be the only 24mm equivalent kit lens????

    • Certainly not, the Olympus 12-50mm starts at 24mm equiv as well and is a pretty cheap kit option too.

    • Sony AF E 16-50mm Powerzoom would be another one.

    • Gil

      I’m not sure that creating a 16-50 is more complex than creating a 18-50+,
      that is because of the short flunge to focal length.
      It is true that it might be very complex and expansive for non mirrorless cameras.
      I guess that Fuji wants to create a very complact lens with a good scale of focal length,
      creating a 16-50 zoom will enable a very short and light compact lens.

  • luminorjohn

    Focus Peaking in firmware will surely boost the sales of the e-x1 en the x-pro1. Since the announcement of the x100s lots of people are waiting for the x-e2 and the x-pro2.

    But because people do not want to wait another year before these new camera will be widely available, Focus peaking in firmware update will lower the hurdle of pulling the trigger.

    I bought the x-e1 a week ago. AF suck in all light conditions. Not useable in low-light. Even worse than a first generation Pen. Still a fun camera :-)

    • dtb

      That is interesting. I have been using the X-Pro 1 for a month now, and I have had no difficulties with it in any lighting conditions. I even take panning shots with it with no problem. My wife is using the X-E1, and she has had no problems with the AF either. So, in my opinion, the problem isn’t the camera…

      • Calking

        Thank you. So tired of the whining about AF. These cameras focus fine, even in the dark.

  • So… if the 27 mm will be officially launched on June 25… when will I be able to get my hands on it???

  • McPix

    Fuji: please EVF & tilt screen!

    • MJr

      Maybe with the X-E2, but that will be awhile.

  • Aleste

    This is indeed good news. It was all part of Fuji’s strategy – if they were going to launch a successor to the X-Pro1 this autumn, obviously they were not going to add focus peaking to the exiting cameras. What this tells us is that probably won’t see a successor to the X-pro1 anytime soon. Or, I may be mistaken and Fuji want us to think that way.

    • Felix

      I’m actually hoping that Fuji will announce the X-Pro2 at the start of September and that it will be avialable end of October. (i.e. in 4 months 10 days)

      I know they keep saying early 2014 – but they would say that because if people know when the new body is coming they won’t buy now. Like me!

      Even if this was the case would it necessarily stop them adding focus peaking to the X-Pro1 now?
      They have to decide whether selling more X-Pro1 now is better than selling them later. That’s an interesting commercial decision and not easy for us to judge.
      Especially if they have too much stock of the X-Pro1 then selling it now at a reasonable price is much better than selling it later at a massive discount. If you flood the market with really cheap X-Pro1 just when the X-Pro2 is announced you are shooting yourself in the foot.

      However, if they are about to announce focus peaking then the decision to have a month long sale immediately prior to that announcement is odd since they obviously could have made more profit off all those buyers if the kit came with focus peaking (and faster AF).

      What I mean is … I WANT MY X-PRO2 :-)

      • tim

        How much would you pay for focus peaking on an XP1? Since it was not a feature the current price does not include it.

        Based on the supply situation with the x100s, possibly a new (or two) X mount camera, I would suggest that Fuji simply don’t have the resource to release a new XP1 anytime soon. Perhaps announced in the new year, but not available till May/June. IIRC that’s how it was with the XP1.

        Also, these cameras are not cheap so Fuji releasing an new XP1 too soon would result in low upgrade volume. Its hard to see the value of the XP1+focus peaking and phase detection at a price north of 1300. Especially if everything else is more or less unchanged.

        Its a big ask.

        • Felix

          Well, at the beginning of Jan the X-Pro1 will be two years old (announcement date), not having stock until May/June would be ludicrous.

          Why? Because the competition will have improved so much by then that NOBODY will be buying the X-Pro1 or X-E1. (i.e. Sony Nex-6 & Nex-7 and OMD E-M5 succesors).

          If they don’t have the resource to work on the new models and the X-Pro1 & X-E1 succesors I reckon they would choose to prioritise the 2nd gen versions of those models since they know (and could have forseen) that all the new features in the X100s would have detered people from buying the 1st gen models.

          Also, since they had the X100s as a test bed for the new features much of the technical work will already have been done.

          My 2 cents. :-)

  • Incessant Troll

    any news on XS2, or whether the new 2/3″ sensor is a system camera?

  • Gil

    Dear admin,
    Can you ask your sources if the new aps-c sensor is the same one as in the x100s?
    Will it contain Phase Detection pixels?


  • c.d.embrey

    If the X-M1? has No Viewfinder it may find buyers in the Asian market, but not the USA or Europe. From what’s posted, it seems like an answer to a question NO-one has asked.

  • londoner

    Its good to have more new models. What alot of people dont appreciated is the r&d cost. Fuji has been relying heavily on small compact/bridge camera while they r researching into x-trans. Last time they have a professional grade camera was back in 2007/8 s5pro (im still using s5pro). Unlike sony, fuji have to make their own sensor and cant sell it to canon or nikon or pentax. So now x pro 1 and and xe1 have been proven to be popular, its important to throw out as many copies as possible so they can bring the cost per unit down. More importantly they have to make sure theres no left overs (first gen x trans).

  • c.d.embrey

    How about a X100s WITHOUT the HYBRID finder. That’s an ENTRY LEVEL camera I’d buy!! Also make it black.

    • Djgilmour

      How about the X100s without any viewfinder and also no LCD screen. It would be the new Lomo 2014;-)

  • pipe

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, what does no view finder mean? Does that mean no OVF and only EVF?

    What are the chances XM1 will have focus peaking?

    • Felix

      No viewfinder means no OVF or EVF – the only way to see what you are going to capture is by using the LCD screen on the back.

      This is like NEX-3, NEX-5 and 90% of all sub-$800 cameras on the market.
      (Exceptions included Fujifilm X10 & X20)

  • Dr.S

    X100 fw?

  • Djgilmour

    Actually if they can have a body for €499 $499 , it will be a huge hit. If it is smaller and has a tilt screen, i will sell my X-E1 and buy it. It will be excellent for street shooting from the hip!

  • Paul

    Let me take a guess here.
    The low cost camera without the X-tran will be a replacement of the XS1 and most likely will not have a replaceable lens. The other low cost camera with X-tran would be an interesting one as I have no idea what it will look like, perhaps a X20 size with interchangeable lens minus optical finder of any sort?
    Color? I think Fuji meant black and silver, two colors. Maybe a metallic beige, perhaps?

    • Incessant Troll

      maybe XF2? however that logic does not entirely make sense because x20 has xtrans sensor now

    • MJr

      Wait, what was your website again ?

    • I am Paul on this page, so how can somebody else come along and use a name I am already using? This is confusing.


  • calxn

    Get a 24mp sensor with PDAF, and I will seriously consider switching to Fuji. Sony doesn’t seem to want to extend their lead in mirrorless. I’m fed up with what I am hearing from SonyAlphaRumors on the future of NEX. Fuji, I am ready. Give me an X-Pro 2 with a 24mp sensor with PDAF and I will seriously consider switching over to your awesome lens line.

  • Looking forward to the Day-X! Keep up the good work guys!

  • PY Lee

    Ok, I will use PY instead of Paul
    Looks like I was dead on with this low cost in terms of size.
    See if my other guess on non strange sensor being the follow-on to XS1!

  • PY Lee

    I meant non XTrans sensor body, sorry for mistake in typo

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