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X-DAY CONFIRMED: new body (entry level X-Trans APS-C), new firmware and new lenses on JUNE 25!


I got feedback from trusted sources. They confirm everything what the new Japanese source told to Fujirumors and… now here is what we know:

DATE: On June 25 Fujifilm will indeed make an important announcement.

X-BODY: The question is, which X-camera will be launched first (the X-Trans or the non X-Trans body)? According to both, the Japanese and trusted sources Fuji will launch the “little sister” (X-M1?) of the seXy-one (X-E1). It will be a cheaper and smaller X-E1 without viewfinder (trusted sources) but with tilt screen (new sources).

LENSES: According to trusted sources, on June 25 Fujifilm will launch the 27mm lens (confirming this FR-post of April 15) and the new zoom lens. Trusted sources said it will be a 16-50 or 16-55 cheap zoom lens. The new Japanese source told me that it will be a 16-50 zoom lens (if the source is right also this time, I think I should upgrade it to “trusted source” :) .)

FIRMWARE: Fuji will update the firmware for the X-E1 and X-PRO1. With these new lenses in the pipeline, it’s possible that it will only add compatibility. If I remember well, Fujifilm talked of a major firmware update in July.

On June 25 Fujirumors will follow the announcement live. Follow us on facebook, twitter and subscribe the RSS feed, and you won’t miss anything!

stay tuned