Hot! First images of the new Fuji X-M1!!!


So our sources werer right… I told you ;) ! This is the Fuji  X-M1 with no viewfinder and tilting screen. Here are the images via Digicaminfo! And you also see the new 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 and 27mm f/2.8 lens. Great! This will be Fuji’s entry level X system camera and likely priced at around $600-650.

The camera will be announced next week on June 25 and feature exactly the same X-E1 and X-PRO1 16 megapixel X-Trans sensor. And as yous ee from the pictures there is also a “WiFi” mark. There will be the new 27mm pancake too and a new firmware update for both, the X-E1 and X PRO 1 cameas.

 photo fujifilm_logo_zpsd61e7cb6.jpg

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  • Rich

    A mode dial – yuck! But I can definitely see what they’re aiming at… Choice can only be a good thing, as long as Fuji don’t lose their focus on advanced photographers (which I personally doubt).

    • MJr

      Yeah, shame. They’re trying to reach the average folk with this. But imho even here they should have kept their signature shutter speed dial. Fuji X should be something people choose to get something different, not more of the same in a different jacket. Of course they’ll have the x-mount lenses to choose from, but most are too expensive for the average joe really.

    • MJr

      Noooooo ! Just noticed, what are X-E1 and X-Pro1 users supposed to do without aperture ring. Damn it Fuji, pancakes aren’t just for entry level users ! They’re for street shooters too, and street shooters need a aperture ring ! This is not supposed to happen ! I hate chimping at the LCD, the Fuji X series was supposed to avoid this as much as possible, not purposely add to it like every other brand !

      • tim

        yeah great … thinking about an M-mount pancake lens, one with aperture and DOF. With Fuji there is always a compromise somewhere and now there is even two, getting tired of that.

        • MJr

          Sad thing is, the mockup looked perfect with aperture ring:

          There’s a chance that they make a version II some day, because they do listen, just need enough people to make them hear it !

          • tim

            That’s the frustrating thing with Fuji, they _can_ do but decide not to! Same with DOF – see the 14mm.

            Anyway, they can listen to the sound of me putting 500 down for a vländer pancake … ;-)

      • Gaffman

        Forgive me but with either an X-Pro or X-E1 up to your eye and your thumb controlling aperture via the rear dial… when will you need to chimp the LCD?

        • MJr

          To set whatever the dial would be doing otherwise?

          Sure there is always a way around, and the “it’ll be fine”, but that kind of thinking leads to a fully automatic camera with no dial at all.

          • Gaffman

            Thats the point… that rear dial goes unused during shooting. You push it in to zoom the MF window, but otherwise it could happily run the aperture. I still can’t figure the need to chimp.

        • Adam

          I’ll bet you’ve just explained the mystery as to why Fuji left the thumb wheel useless so far in shooting mode — they wanted to reserve it for aperture control on future lenses that didn’t have manual rings.

          • tom lianza

            The aperture can be changed on the Fuji x-pro 1 by using the left/right buttons on either side of the menu button. This works on lenses with or without aperture ring. This function works if you are using a fixed ISO with no Dynamic Range set. If you focus with your right eye, there is no need to hunt for the aperture ring , just push the left or right button. It works fine.

      • Splunge

        Can´t agree more, Fuji wtf!?

  • Steve

    Why a mode dial? It is good to see Wifi and a tilt screen. But why, why a mode dial if you got aperture ring on the lens already? Looks like still a good deal for those who hasnt got the X-E1 yet though.

    • Zachery

      It’s difficult to see clearly, but, this new 16-50mm cheapo kit lens does NOT appear to have an aperture ring.

      It would seem that this camera and lens are squarely targeted at the conventional mirrorless market: P&S upgraders. Think of it as a gateway drug, I guess.

      • Peter

        No aperture ring on the 27mm pancake either:

      • bandrews

        Surely it would need an aperture ring to be compatible with the Xe1/Pro 1?

        • ohwow

          Bad news. I was waiting for this pancake to be able to take my X-pro1 on my coat’s pocket, but with no aperture ring I am not buying. I guess it will only work in auto or shutter priority mode. If it gets confirmed this is ugly. A disappointment that shows an altogether different route for the X system. Hope the new firmware gets focus peaking or some short of manual focus assist. If it doesn’t and the ringless pancake is confirmed I am selling on monday. :(

          • deng

            My bet is that the new incremental firmware update will only add suport for these two lenses and the way of controlling aperture on X-E1 and X-Pro1.

            The major fw update is planned to happen in July.

        • deng

          Not really.
          It can be controlled by moving the rear dial for example.

          • Gaffman

            Yeah good heavens how do modern SLR users get by without aperture dials on their lenses :P

          • hexx

            @Gaffman – call me old school, but that’s why I never ‘connected’ why my Nikon DSLR and replaced it with Fuji, the connection wasn’t there. Aperture is a property of a lens and control of aperture should be on the lens not via some dial with no clear indication what’s set. The same goes for shutter speed settings. That’s what I like about Fuji’s X cameras – all exposure related controls are there on a dial and you can clearly see what your settings are. It also means that you feel more in control and results are more satisfying when you nail it and you can say – I’ve taken that, not the SW in the camera

          • Gaffman

            @hexx – No thats fine, I appreciate that connection too as I only have 2 primes thus far for my X-E1. I’ll admit though i’m usually an aperture priority shooter 95% of the time.

            I mentioned further down that I think it would be cool if they allowed the AF/MF switch to dictate whether the Pancake dial operated focus or aperture, that would be intelligent design.

  • Per K

    It will be very interesting to see the specs for this camera. My strategy was to wait for the X-Pro2 or E2. The M1 could be the small “walk-the-dog” camera for me. + Have the option to use HQ lenses. And then go for the bigger viewfinder cameras when they arrive.

    • Steve

      True. And it puts a lot of stress on the Sony team now. This may compete directly with the Nex 5 series and hopefully the 6 as well.

    • Antonio G

      You can shoot with it for sure, but neither with aperture ring on the lens nor speed dial on the body it becomes just another compact APS-C camera for people that uses automatic modes. A completely different concept, as it also seems to loose the AF-L/AE-L button.
      Just hope it doesn’t signal a change of commitment with X-Pro1/XE-1 line of bodies and quality lenses.

      • Antonio G

        Oops! My previous post was meant to be an answer to Gaffman’s one just above.

        • Gaffman

          Nah I don’t think users of the bigger cameras have any reason for concern. And while I wholeheartedly agree that the direct dial controls of the other X cameras are much nicer to use, i can tell you that they confuse prospective buyers. Mode dials make sense to casual buyers.

          They just can’t ignore the market below the X-E1 and this ticks pretty well all the boxes in my mind and gives new users a more gentle step into the Fuji system.

      • AC

        Oh come on. Pease be fair Antonio. A Nikon D800 doesn’t have aperture ring or shutter dial – does that make it a camera for people who shoot in Auto mode?

        I appreciate the beauty of XE and XPro and if you love the dials you can buy these models (or their future upgrades). But please do not knock another model that isn’t to your own requirement. Fuji doesn’t exist to serve JUST YOU.

        • Aleste

          @AC, the Nikons usually have 2 dials, one at the front and another at the back of the grip, one for aperture and another for shutter speed making it very convenient and ergonomic to adjust those two variables with a single hand without taking the eye of the viewfinder, so the D800 is a bad example to compare… Although I wouldn’t say this Fuji is useless for manual mode either, there is a dial at the top and since there are no markings on it, I suppose it can be configured to work as a shutter speed dial.

          • Raz

            It’s pretty clear from the pictures above this camera has two dials, one on the top where the exposure compensation is on other Fujis and a vertical style one just beneath it. Many existing DSLR users who are used to using two dials will feel right at home with this thing.

        • Antonio G

          Difficult to know what the D800 does as I only have the D700 and this one doesn’t have a PASM a dial on the top either…lol
          Sorry for the joke but the point was about the new camera not DSLRs that have a lot of direct control buttons, like these Nikons that also use lenses with aperture ring.
          I was talking about a camera’s concept not saying that the new Fuji will have to be used in auto mode but it will not offer the same kind of manual and compensation controls that started with X100.
          There is nothing wrong about shooting in auto mode, providing you have the possibility to control some variables, but it is even better that the camera design allows you to adjust it without moving your attention from the scene.

  • ROI

    Whoa, is that “Wi-fi” I see there??

  • oriel

    Hi, Did you notice the WIFI? written next to the FN button?

  • Raz

    At least the camera has two control dials so it won’t be necessary to use an awkward combination of the menus to adjust the exposure compensation while in A or S priority mode. What’s a little disappointing is the lack of an aperture ring on the 27mm pancake which is also pictured on Digicaminfo. This may also mean the X-Pro/X-E1 firmware update is primarily about adding compatibility for these lenses to allow for aperture control using some combination of the back buttons/jog dial.

    • Raz

      Apologies for the double comment, no idea how that happened? Can you delete this one Admin?

      • Raz

        Oh never mind I see it’s gone already!

        • MJr

          Lol now there are three more comments, about the double comment, but hey the dupe is gone at least. ;)

    • deng

      No aperture ring on the pancake…
      Very disappointing.

      • splunge


  • Ollie

    Hmm, is that red button a ‘record movie’ button?

    • shadowc

      I use Fn as my movie button on my X-E1.

  • Looks very similar to the Leica X Vario, or is that just a vivid imagination?

    • tim

      I was just thinking that if you add a M-adapter then its the Leica Mini M that “everyone” was wanting … ok, aside from build q and image q, but hey one 5th the price!

      • ohwow

        No, it is not. It may be a Leica wannabe, which a bit sad. I bought the X-pro1 with high hopes for using my Leica M glass, but until Fuji doesn’t release some sort of manual focus confirmation legacy lenes are a real pain to use, not worth it. I am hoping the firmare adds peaking, but I doubt it more and more.

        • hexx

          while I do agree that focus peaking would make using of MF lenses much better, I don’t see it as a huge problem. I’m happily using my Voigtlander lenses with X-Pro1 (via kipon) and don’t have a problem with focusing. I can still use magnification to make sure I’m in focus but in most of the cases it’s not needed – only if I shoot at f/1.5-2.

  • It looks as small as my X20. I am now tempted to sell my little compact for this baby. Can be my compact cum secondary camera! :D

    • MJr

      Funny thing is, the X20 has a great OVF, even has information overlay. And of course there is a huge lens on this unless you get the pancake, but then it seems a X100(s) would be more worthwhile. :)

  • Where the hell is my 23mm and 56mm ???
    Fuji, please stop the crap and give us the fast 35 and 85 prime equivalent with linear AF motor.

    Good glass can help keep customers, these days, bodies are just consumables….

    • MJr

      The roadmap is quite clear about it. Maybe try decaf ?

      • Yeah, the roadmap is clear, they even delayed the 56mm to next year…
        if that’s ok, just let me be disappointed Fuji seems to change his target on his way. The X-pro arrived like a UFO with 3 primes, targetting a very specific kind of customer, clearly not mainstream.
        Now they do what? They make slow (aperture, not AF) zooms, an multiply lower end camera bodies.
        Even with decaf I’d probably be frustrated.

        But you have a point, I certainly drink wa

        • But you have a point, I certainly drink way too much coffee ;)

        • MJr

          I think we’re lucky with how quickly they built up a whole system with many lenses and big plans. Can’t buy them all at once anyway so i’m glad they’re not rushing things. Even a system that we don’t want now might win them a bigger R&D budget for some even bigger plans in the future. :D

    • Bob

      If Fuji released a 23mm prime for the x system, then no one is going to buy the X100 or the X100s. That’s why it’s one of the last lenses on their roadmap.

      Think like a businessman, man. :-D

      • deng

        23mm f/1.4 is very, very big when compared to the “hidden the most of it” 23 f/2 from x100.

  • Damn it! No Aperture Ring on the 27mm and look at that awkward 39mm filter thread “inside” the barrel.

    • Raz

      The 60mm also has an awkward 39mm filter thread like this so at least it’s not Fuji introducing yet another filter size to the XF lens range.

  • James

    This is good news. This will sell in volume, which is good on 2 points – Fuji will have more money for development and it will put pressure on software manufacturers to take notice and improve their product. I think the lens could be better tho – it’s not fast and it’s not wide on range either – could have been a bit closer to Nikon’s 16-85…

    • MJr

      True. If it’s not collapsible like the sony, or fast like the 18-55, then it could have been 85mm at least. But then maybe it’d be too attractive ;) , and cost a lot more, like nikon’s 16-85 does. It’s be the same price as the 18-55/2.8-4 and that’s no good.

      Bigger R&D budget for the rest of us would be great, but then this would have to sell well, and I don’t see why it would though, because there aren’t many affordable lenses for the consumers this is aimed at, aside from the pancake. It’d have to be more than interesting to get people to pass on a NEX like all your friends are buying so to say.

  • Looks like they are starting a new line of lenses called XC instead of XF.

    • Gaffman

      This I don’t quite understand either. The pancake is still an XF…

      Ha, wild and stupid theory… Fuji have fooled us all this time and their “XF” lenses can actually cover full frame but this cheap new “XC” lens cannot. =D DO NOT TAKE ME SERIOUSLY!

      • hexx

        :) there’s something in it Gaffman – F for full frame, C for cropped

        • Jonavin

          Maybe XC is eXtra Crispy. If you drop it it’s more likely to shatter.

      • Ragnarok

        If that were the case I think they would have specified the lenses with their “real” focal lengths.

        • MJr

          What do you mean, these aren’t equivalents they’re already real.

          But yeah 18-55/2.8-4 on fullframe would be way more expensive (and bigger) than it is a now. Doubt such a lens is even realistically feasible.

          • Ragnarok

            Yes, they are real… and they are for APS-C sensors, so if they covered a FF sensor like Gaffman said, well, what I said.

          • Colin

            Your comment about “real” focal lengths is misinformed. A 27mm lens is always a 27mm lens, regardless of what sensor size it’s designed to cover or what size sensor is in the camera you mount it on. The angle of view might change depending on what size sensor sits behind the lens, but the focal length never changes – that’s a physical property of the lens – so why would the manufacturer label it as anything else?

  • Head in the Clouds

    An interesting looking camera, but I too would have preferred to have seen the earlier release of the 23 mm lens, I am intrigued however, to see what that firmware upgrade will entail.

  • hexx

    Hmm Fuji is entering direct fight with NEX cameras – PASM, Wi-Fi, no aperture rings – consumer oriented camera I guess and X-E1/Pro-1 will be aimed at enthusiasts and professionals. It does make sense, just one thing – it should not bear the ‘X’ in the name

  • Gaffman

    Love it! Keeps the feel of Fuji X but offers it to the masses. As a salesperson and Fuji tragic, I can’t wait to offer this in store to customers who’s budgets could never stretch to Fuji’s before.

    I wasn’t expecting a mode dial but it makes sense for this market. Looks good :)

  • leekle

    Now that is a big*ss 16-50. I was hoping that if they really make a slow zoom, at least it will be a compact one.

    And if they put the same x-trans sensor in it, that means no PDAF in this. Not a surprise but I really can’t see the point in this body for 650.-. The X-E1 is not much more expensive nowadays.

  • rr98

    Fuji is on the right direction.

    • MJr

      Downgrading their userbase ?

  • Looks like an interesting option to get the benefits of the wonderful X-trans sensor in a tiny and cheaper package…but I am afraid that the big firmware update will be only to make the X-pro1 & X-E1 fully compatible with the pancake :( I hope I am wrong…

    • MJr

      No doubt ‘a’ firmware update will, but not ‘the big’ firmware upgrade. They don’t make such a official announcement way in advance for nothing. Seems people are starting to think that was just a rumor. But it’s real folks !

  • This model competes with the Olympus EPL-5 series as well. But what I really like:

    1. X-Trans sensor!
    2. WiFi
    3. Dedicated movie record button
    4. Tilt screen
    5. 16mm at the widest kit (am I the only one who thinks that Fuji is the only “cheapo” kit starting so wide?)

    It’s definitely not for pros, but I’ve tried the EPL-5 before and I hated the controls. I think this is going to be great for amateurs and just someone who needs a lighter and cheaper kit but wants all the great Fuji features (sensor, film simulation, lens, just to name a few). Sounds like another fun camera Fuji is bring in. :D

    • See this little comparison i made between the E-PL5 and X20:

    • Steve

      No. Sony has its electronic zoom starting at 16 as well. The thing is, without the aperture ring, this fuji lens doesn’t have much advantage in terms of control (well, better than electronic zoom). It may perform better in IQ than the Sony equivalent. But this is admittedly a disappointment.

      • Gaffman

        I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Fuji haven’t made a poor X lens yet. People have their favorites sure but across the board, for the money… they’re all pretty awesome.

      • MJr

        Have to agree. Undoubtedly it will have a lot less distortion than the collapsible sony, but the question is if that really matters for this kind of lens and user. I’m quite certain size sells more camera’s than slightly better corners, in this segment.

        • Gaffman

          True, smaller would have been better. I hope it was a case of Fuji saying any smaller than this and it’ll perform too poorly.

  • Will this even fit the XF lenses? There is no mention of size of the mount or sensor…

    • MJr

      No way they would discard the lens line-up their worked so hard on. A system needs a strong foundation to make it work, can’t just start over whenever. Who would buy it.

  • shadowc

    The same X-Trans sensor in X-E1/X-pro1…
    I would like the on-chip phase-detection used in X100s added here.

  • No dedicated A ring on 27mm is sad, but maybe, just maybe — there’s something like in 14mm, the push/pull-ring, to change manual focus and aperture with one ring, but in two positions.

    • Gaffman

      I just think its a size issue… usable focus & aperture rings would have made this pancake too thick. Necessary evil.

      • I am guessing that with the firmware upgrade, to change aperture, the user has to simply use the top right Command dial of the XE1/XPro1. Perhaps pressing the Command dial down will set it to Auto.

        This is just my guess, but seems like the most logical thing.

        And I agree with Gaffman. The size of the lens may prohibit an aperture ring. But just another guess.

        • Gaffman

          Maybe they’ll implement a system where if you’re using autofocus, the single dial on the Pancake (which we’re all assuming is for focus) will change its function to aperture instead! Its an all electronic ring and totally possible!

        • Size is not the issue. Original design had both rings. The X100/X100S have both rings (with handles for aperture ring for easier access). So it could be done. But I guess we need to wait until 25th to see the official announcement. I’m really waiting for this lens (and the portrait 56mm too)…

  • Gaffman

    I see they’ve taken away the threaded cable release on the shutter button too, hopefully it has the same 2.5mm Mic/shutter release port as the X-E1.

  • Hmmmmmm, not what I was looking forward too.

    But can anyone explain this to me, how does it work when I would mount the 35mm on it and have it in P or such a mode.
    What happens when I turn the A ring ?
    I’m not really getting it on how it will work with the other lenses.

    A bit confusing to me.

    • My guess is the camera over-rules the lens. Just a guess. :)

      • Gaffman

        Yeah the good thing about the all-electronic control of the Fuji system is that aperture control is fly-by-wire just like the focus. So the aperture ring on other fuji lenses doesn’t HAVE to work, the X-M1’s mode dial could override it. With a lens like the 55-200, i’d say you’ll be able to control the aperture with both the ring and a dial because neither are marked.

        Thats what all the firmware talk is about. Ensuring cross body compatibility as others have said.

        • deng

          But wasn’t aperture ring on Zeiss lenses mechanically linked? :)

          • Gaffman

            On the Touits? Naw they’re electronic too aren’t they? Now I must look into that :)

  • ph

    Kind of dissapointing. First those awfull aperture rings on all the zooms. (Sure hope the constant F4 10-24mm will have a propor one.) And now the aperture ring is gone!

    I still feel there is room for a very small backup camera to the X-Pro1. Something like this:

    • MJr

      haha, that is the funniest thing !

      Aperture ring on the 18-55 makes sense as it’s variable aperture, but the 10-24 should get a ‘real’ one as it’s a constant F4. And not a pancake that apparently needed to be cheap shat.

      • ph

        There are numerous variable aperture zooms that have normal aperture rings. Like this one:

        • Gaffman

          And the scientific calculator you need to make sense of all those numbers :)

          I kid of course. Still, i’d never want a new lens with that much junk printed all over it.

        • MJr

          Yes, yes. They exist. Never said they don’t. :)

  • Sulis

    If – and this doesn’t look likely – this has a touch screen, so you can set the focus point by touch (and maybe even take a shot, like the OM-D) that would overcome a huge amount of (my) mistrust in Fuji’s AF.

    However, I suspect that, being a cheaper entry into the market, it doesn’t. So not getting my hopes up – otherwise it could be a great second body to go with an X-Pro…

    • Gaffman

      Have you ever played with the touch screen Implementation on the Panasonic GH3? Its amazing, while you use the viewfinder you can still move your thumb around on the touchscreen (which appears to be off) and it moves the focus point around in the viewfinder. So clever. The rest of the camera didn’t impress me much though :)

  • Sulis

    Hmmm…. And I bet the unmarked dial on the outside (top) can be allocated to Aperture.

  • Petey

    I shouldn’t worry about the lack of an aperture ring. The X cameras have a command and sub command dial. Manual exposure control will be à la X10/X20 I presume.

  • Milan

    Once they are already producing the new sensor and processor from the X100s (plus the firmware with the new features) it wouldn’t add much to the price to use those ones and make a much better camera (actually the price could be quite the same).

    Of course, Fuji doesn’t want to have an entry level camera that works better (faster, more features) than their more expensive ones, but at the same time it’s silly to use dated tech when you already have the newer one. As Steve Jobs always said: “Don’t be afraid of cannibalizing yourself. If you don’t, someone else will”.

  • Doma

    This should of been a fixed lens camera that fills the gap between the X20 and X100/s, specially with this mode dial!
    Weirdly you will get a small body with big lenses attached which will give Oly E-PM/PL an advantage surely.

    • Ragnarok

      “should of been”

      You ate a word. And I didn’t bothered to read the rest.

      • hexx

        let’s not get to spelling stuff now (you made a mistake there too) – there are a lot of foreigners here, I’m one of them – as long as we understand each other it’s all good – may the force be with you

      • Doma

        @Ragnarok ; Whatever makes you feel good about yourself Mr., yet thanks for the correction..funny how you made a grammar mistake yourself correcting mine!

        As Hexx said, I was at work writing and did not care much correcting it since you can get the point clearly despite the mistake..We are here to talk about cameras, photography..etc so people truly should grow up and skip the 5th grade’s attitude.

    • Raz

      If you want this with a tiny lens look no further than the coincidentally just revealed 27mm pancake ;) It looks like this combination will likely make it smaller than the X100.

  • fsrdh

    As an early adopter of the X100 I am waiting for nothing but the XPro2, my x100 had dust in the viewfinder and lens after 3 weeks of use, developed a sticky aperture issue in a year, would not focus on anything end as a final blow it’s power switch would not turn it off.
    Now it’s dead.
    So I got burned and ain’t going to buy any first gen products from Fuji anymore, Not only because of poor hardware (the Fuji is not all metal as everybody claims, go ahead peal the fake leather off to see that it’s all plastic except for the top and bottom plates) but because they are rolling new models instead of providing us with firmware updates.
    How come the X100 focused differently while being set to OVF and EVF? even more, why did it focus sometimes only if you pressed the zoom/focus toggle button and then hit the focus button. how hard is it to update that in firmware?
    For the ones that didn’t own it the method of focusing on the old x100 was
    (when it would not auto-focus):

    1: press digital zoom button
    2: press focus button
    3: press digital zoom button
    4: press shutter button

    Why didn’t they just make the cpu focus from the zoom crop in both EVF/OVF mode in a firmware if it was the only sure way to get the camera to focus?

    One that didn’t have that camera could argue that it can also manual focus with the ring:
    Unless you want to turn that ring 5 complete turns from macro to infinity – no it can’t.

    Why didn’t they set some multiplier for the focus ring if every single person owning it was saying it’s useless (I know it was also because of the poor Hall sensor resolution) but why wouldn’t they just set a multiplier based on the aperture currently selected on the lens?

    I’ll tell you why. Because they care only about the next model and people upgrading. there will be no upgrades to this camera or any other once they release a new model, (a bios with new lens data is not an update). This is Fuji’s policy.

    Make an X2 updated for faster focus, water-seal it and throw in some updated normal prime that has mechanical focus stops I’m back on the wagon again. You don’t have to wait 2 years to do it if all you’re going to do is fix the flaws you made before and add an “S” to the end of the model.

    • hexx

      I’m quite early adopter of X100 and I was a lucky one – no problems at all.

      “1: press digital zoom button
      2: press focus button
      3: press digital zoom button
      4: press shutter button”

      you could skip step 3 if you really knew your camera well – every menu item is cancelled/escaped from by half-pressing shutter release button. Or, being it quite wide-angle lens just use zone focusing ;)

  • Michael

    Anybody else notice the dial on the far right on top with no markings.. Possible to control shutter or aperture with your thumb.. Something like DSLR aperture and shutter dials and the dial just below it but on the back also to possible to control shutter or aperture. Maybe just maybe fuji have realised that not all people wanting to use a fuji can get use to controlling a xe-1 or x-pro1 with lens dedicated aperture selection and top dial for shutter selection.. (I know when i got my x100 it was very hard to get use to coming from huge dslr’s but through time I came to love the setup and now own x pro1 and x-e1) Maybe this camera is to warm people up to use top end fuji’s. as for the 27mm pancake… No real loss there not a focal length I’m looking for.. I’m hanging out for the 56mm and the 10-24.

    • MJr

      Many mirrorless have one or a few of those ‘blank’ dials these days to do with what you want. Imho i like it better fixed, consistent, reliable and adjustable even before you turn it on etc. There’s always the back wheel with variable functionality.

  • Until now all the images of the fuji xf 27 2.8 pancake lens seem to have an aperture ring…

  • It must have an external electronic viewfinder. This new camera is perfectly positioned to attack the new Olympus Pen 5.
    Curious to see the implementation of the wifi (hope to see an iApp to control the baby), and I hope to see also a time-lapse e Intervalometer movie mode. In the rear there is a red button so the movie mode in this kind of camera have to be optimized and it seems to be.
    Anyway great work Fuji!

    • Raz

      They already sell two X bodies with EVFs built-in, why on earth would you get the cheapo model and then splurge another few hundred $ on an awkward EVF to block your flash hot shoe?

  • cgw

    Wow! A new and improved 2010 Sony NEX 5 with a built-in flash! Forward into the past, Fuji!

    • Mc

      Sony NEX 5 does not have:
      – built-in flash
      – mode dial
      – sub-command dial
      – Wi-Fi
      – IQ and Fuji Color

      I appreciate your humor but do some research next time before you do sarcasm (:

      • cgw

        Luckily, cameras aren’t Fuji’s chief revenue source, ‘ cause this pup won’t won’t set the world on fire saleswise. Fuji seems to be doing a mash-up of Sony’s evolutionary path: instead of Sony’s low-end(NEX3-5), hi-end(NEX7) and mid-market(NEX6) sequence, Fuji has steadily rolled out ever-cheaper X cameras after the X-Pro1 debut.Till we see the real deal, any “research” on this vaporous X-M1 body seems a bit pointless to anybody but a fanboy. So far the “M” stands for
        “meh.” It’s just going to get lost on shop shelves already crowded with M43 and other MILC also-rans. Not impressed.

        • patrick

          I told you ;)

          • cgw

            Seeing is believing and all I’ve seen is a picture. I’ll wait till the 25th and Fuji’s formal announcement. The thing will sink or swim on price point as much as features.

          • patrick

            yep, rumors say that on June 25 there will be an announcement. If you believe me, just read FR that day… and yes, these are “just” leaked images, that tell you that my sources where right with… well, everything, till now

  • Vivek

    If it comes with the X-trans and is competitively priced (compared to a NEX-5R), I may give it a try. The tilt LCD is quite useful.

    • hexx

      Vivek, what do you use these days? I thought that you have X-Pro1 and a Leica (cant’ remember really)

      • Vivek

        NEX, Leica MM, GH2,… a cheaper X-trans would allow me to try it. I am not averse to using SilkyPix as a RAW converter.

        • hexx

          No need for SilkyPix – C1 is provides great results and heard a lot of good comments about Aperture

          • Gab

            LR also works fine now.

          • hexx

            @Gab – fine but not as good as C1, to get the same/similar results in LR to C1 you need to spend quite a lot of time in the develop module, C1 produces much better results straight out of the box – I do reduce NR though.


    I just wish they would put some resources into delivering currently announced product before marketing the new stuff. Can’t get my 55-200, nor can I find a new X100s. But they announce a new cheap body, and two more lenses.

  • Bob

    And it doesn’t have at ugly right handle of X-PRO and XE-1.
    Very hope , that XE-2 will not have this ugly handle either.

  • BdV

    As usual it looks good. But, yeah, it’s so sad to be disappointed when you hope for an entry level camera that has all the advanced pro features at an entry level price…

  • Mikhail Konovalov

    To me, this sort of a limited one-way tilting screen is as good as a fixed one. It’s only useful for horizontal framing.
    The design becoming so popular among manufacturers, I guess nobody takes vertical pictures.
    Might be because no one prints them anymore, only viewing on the monitors.

    A fully articulated screen (such as those of Panasonic or Canon) would have been my buy-it-now trigger.
    I so hoped Fuji would get it right for me. Alas. Back to the tried and true X-Pro1 till better times.

  • Renato S.

    Nice to see the tiltable screen and the WiFi on this camera.

    People should calm down a little. Just don’t treat like this should be an exclusive niche camera, this sound so pedantic, “no one can join the X-camera exclusive club”, this camera was never meant to be a main camera for enthusiasts, what were you guys really expecting? No compromises? Of course it would have, look at its size, it’s meant to be very pocketable, there is no way you would be able to keep everything, judge this camera as it was designed for. It’s a matter of choice, compromises and price. If you want HVF, if you are ok with just EVF and if you are ok with just a tiltable screen and less buttons in a smaller package.

    About the pancake, of course it would be ideal if it had the aperture ring like every other XF lens but maybe they couldn’t keep the size like the mock up, why would they omit that if they could do it? Well, maybe to make it cheaper and yeah, that’s not such a good reason but anyway, it’s not the end of the world. I think that the only thing that will change is that for this specific lens you’ll use the command dial if you want to change the aperture, no one will die because of that.

    • tim

      Re the lens, not that I disagree with your point, no one will die, however I currently use the command dial for Manual Focus and ISO adjustment (after pressing Fn) … so you can see that its getting lots of work on my XP1 already!

      When the basic function of a camera (i.e. aperture/shutter/iso) are missing then its not a pro lens no mater how big the F in XF is. Since Fuji has shown they _can_ make a lens with aperture and DOF …

      • Renato S.

        It’s hard to speculate without knowing if it was a decision based on make it cheaper or because they couldn’t do it without compromising the size.

        If it’s because of the price – since I think they will have a X-M1+16-50mm+27mm bundle – I think it’s a shame because the entry-level consumer should not be a priority for the X-cameras even more because Fuji has made it clear who they are aiming for ever since they announced the X-cameras.

        If it’s the size, I think it’s understandable in some ways, it’s hardly the same but the 18-55mm zoom can probably keep the f/2.8 @27mm and as that was a very welcomed lens and it received a lot of praises maybe that’s why they felt confortable in noit making the compromise for the size. On the other hand, a bigger zoom with a pancake has no correlation so one shouldn’t influence the other in this kind of decision making.

      • Renato S.

        But I think they will allow you to use the focus ring as a aperture ring instead, wouldn’t that be enough?

  • Is it just me, or the photos look seriously doctored?

    • Spinifex

      All product photos nowadays are.

    • MJr

      No, they do. But then again, every product photo is, ESPECIALLY official ones. :)

  • Gab

    Overall the lack of aperture ring on the budget lenses is a great thing. Why you ask? Very simple, if suddenly Fujifilm cameras can control aperture in camera, that means Sigma and Tamron can start producing lenses for our platform, without any serious changes needed, expect a different mount.

    • peter

      That’s a very good observation Gab. I wouldn’t mind seeing Sigma 18mm, 30mm and 60mm released for X mount.

      • Adrian

        Forget about them, what about the 1.8 APS-C zoom Sigma just launched? That woudl be my first buy

  • Jhony

    Similar to Leica Mini M?

  • Dr.S

    Just for sure,
    This 27 lens belong to lenses anounced in the roadmap or it is a complete different lens intended to be used wiih the new X-M1 ???

  • David

    Where is cf/sf/mf switch? It is not in front . It is not on the side. What happened here? Is it by touch screen?

    Looks like basically Fuji figured with prices of xpro1 and xe1 they were competing with top of the line dslrs not the mainstream mirrorless. With thus camera which was carefully designed with lenses not to compete with xe1 and xpro1 and not to offend us people who invested in these expensive am eras, this is to compete with nex and m43 and it is more beautiful than any Sony nex. Consumers of nex will buy it for its looks . We the xpro1 or e1 crowd should relax and let this one go by and wait for our products

  • Little Monster

    It may have a hard time to compete with Nex 3N/5R as I assume X-m1 is targeting the same market. $600 body only is hard to sell to point and shoot upgrader.

  • leekle

    Just made this comparison quickly. Seems like this together with the pancake will be a very very pocketfriendly little baby.

  • Cave Johnson

    Boo Fuji, Boo!!! Mode dial, boo! No aperture ring on lenses, boo! Be careful Fuji, or you will be just like everyone else. It happens in corporations all the time when they loose their vision. If I remember right, the X100 went far and away beyond your expectations, and the X100s is impossible to get. Why water down your system with this nonsense? It’s beautiful, yes, but I WILL NOT BUY ONE! I’m very disappointed too, because I was originally interested in buying the 27mm pancake lens, but with not aperture dial, NO DEAL! And then you will water down your vision more with a non-X-Tran sensor. Hmmmm, seems to me that’s going backwards. You have a cult-like following, don’t ruin it. If you need an example, look at Ricoh or Leica. PLEASE don’t become just another camera maker now that you have finally found yourself!


  • Tsu Takamoto

    Clearly Fuji is trying to reach the average digital camera consumer with the mode dial and more simplistic controls. I don’t have a problem with that, at all, so as long as Fuji doesn’t compromise the X-Pro line for more consumer’ish simplicity. Frankly, that’s what the Sony NEX system is for. A company can only profit so much by selling prosumer, and pro gear, as there’s a whole other market that Fuji hasn’t touched. They want a piece of the pie, and are going after it with this new model. Leica, Canon, Nikon, Sony etc., they’re all doing it. It’s profit. If it keeps them in business, by all means go for it. But please, Fuji….don’t mess with the X-Pro line!

  • john

    this xm1 is more close to wat i have been waiting for. cheaper and with tilting lcd but i have already own xe1.

  • john

    seems like there is no button for selecting focus points. could this be a touch screen lcd camera. if yes, this is a camerea i have been dreaming of.

    • MJr

      It’s probably on the left of the WB, or top button of the 4-way dial, right behind the tilted LCD.

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! :(

    • MJr

      That’s what i said ! :(

      • Damn. I was sooo looking forward to this one. I’m majorly disappointed. This is not what I wanted or expected. I really, REALLY hope they can fix this somehow… or make it super cheap… or both. Because if this is $ 600, I ain’t buying it.

        • Mike

          Oh darn for you. :)

  • Tulio

    Does it justify R&D and manufacturing costs just to make a camera slightly cheaper than the XE-1? actually the SRP is what you get the XE-1 nowadays.
    Why not just ramp up production of the XE-1 and let economics os mass production bring the price down?

  • Dave

    From what I can gather from the XE1 reviews, the XE1 is not for the novice photographer – I can totally see why they’ve gone down this route with the XM1 – a stepping stone for getting people from a point and shoot into the compact system and hopefully they’ll move up to a XE1 or XPro later.

  • Actually it’s a good business move. Risky but ballsy. Many prospective distributors who were hesitant to order any quantities of “expensive” models may stock up on “cheap” ones, which means that they’ll eventually stock up on lenses, too.

    For example, here in Belarus all Fuji X cameras are “special order” items, no reseller wants to keep them in stock (but every retailer has a NEX line in stock). That might change with the “cheap” X.

    Also getting more amateurs using XF mount cameras means more demand for cheap adapters and accessories. Good.

  • Aleste

    I was hoping for an X20 with interchangeable lenses. My biggest complaint for this camera is the lack of a viewfinder. It’s just a shame, that’s all.

  • Dr.S

    Funny, I posted here a speculation about possible 2 (two) different 27 lenses – one in the road map and the second exlusively for X-M1, but maybe the moderator didnt like it….?

    • Dr.S


  • Andy

    terrible!!!!!!!! automatic the photographing mode: (
    flash (((((

  • David B

    The translation that I did via google translate seems to suggest NO PHASE AF ON SENSOR on XM1. Obviously they don’t want to piss off owners of XPRO1 and XE1 with introducing an inferior line with better specs.

    “n addition, according to information from the newer different from the one that had you provide a picture, about the same as the X20, the image plane phase difference AF is not employed in the sensor, the body size of the X-M1 is X-E1 It is that it would become the contrast AF like. “

  • Nice to see Fuji targeting the “normal” people because from enthusiasts alone, i doubt the system will last long which would be a real shame for all of us. The Missing Aperture Ring wont be a problem because that should be pretty easily controllable by the rear dial on the Pro1 and X-E1, just like on most other cameras.

    By the way i dont really see the appeal of that 27mm pencake..i mean the 35 1.4 is so tiny, why should i want even a smaller lens? But from the reactions here i guess many people want a pencake…so thats a good thing too :)

    • David B

      you are absolutely right, there is zero appear for 27mm pancake, but ‘everyone else’ did it meanign every other company create something similar for consumer crowd. Olympus even did a ‘lens cap’ F/8 pancake.

    • leekle

      probably it won’t cost 700 dollars in europe as the 35mm. actually not many people can or wants to afford that because of the price. plus with the pancake, this camera seems to be much more pocketable.

  • Pav

    Despite the things people are complaining about, I love the way this looks a lot. Will be the perfect step up form the X10 I have and a path to possibly the future Xpro2. I see a lot of flexibility in this. Compact with a pancake. Possibility to add a VF in the hotshoe for sunny day situations. Tilt screen will be very versatile. If it comes in sub $700 with a kit lens then that’s the ticket for sure. If the price overall is too close to the XE1 then maybe not.

  • Aleste

    On an afterthought, if Fuji releases an external electronic viewfinder that doesn’t cost more than the camera, I would consider buying it..

    • peter

      There isn’t going to be any external viewfinder as there is no connection port for it. If you want viewfinder get X-E1/X-Pro1/X100S.

      • Pav

        How can you know this already? Specs haven’t been released right? Why can’t they make one for the hotshoe?

  • Steve Biro

    The new Fuji certainly looks nice. I’m even willing to overlook the mode dial in place of a shutter-speed dial at this price point. No aperture ring is a problem, too, but I’d be willing to at least try. But, to me, modern Fuji’s mean a viewfinder. It’s what sets them apart. A mistake IMHO. There doesn’t seem to be a reason to give up an Olympus E-PM2 or E-PL5 for this.

  • peter

    The body is actually tiny in comparison with X-Pro1 and X-E1:

  • captmatt

    For all the people that are ready to hate the thing before they use it, there will be an equal amount who love it after they have used it. And now to see what the next object will be like……

  • Per K

    If the Fuji X system shall survive, its platform needs be a multitude of cameras from high end to low end. Customers can get into the system and as their photography grows be able to invest within the system up to the flagship camera housing, as well as go from low cost lenses to high quality lenses. – And remain in that same system!
    Every camera housing must not be to everyone’s liking, on the contrary there should be diversity.
    For me this could be the backup camera housing and also be that compact, in the pocket camera you be with you all the time. For others it may be the upgrade from compacts as well as low cost entry ticket to X-trans sensors and images with that already famous Fuji look.
    Personally I must also have a viewfinder camera, but for backup a swivel LCD is acceptable.

  • Alberto

    Very bad FUJI… that is a wrong way

  • Jerry

    The top panel looks to be the same size at my X20. I’m guessing that the blank dial where exp comp used to be will be the aperture ala Leica X2 or new X Vario. The width appears to be identical to the X20 but it can lose maybe 1/4″ in height without the viewfinder.

    I’m thinking it’s a step up for the XF1, X10, X20 users out there. In the case of the the X10 and X20 the viewfinder isn’t used by a lot of owners anyway except in bright conditions. A tilting LCD would compensate for some of that and higher image quality would be welcome.

    A great selling point of the X10/X20 is the manually controlled zoom, which this new model retains. The aperture ring on the lens will not be missed for these people since they don’t have it now and they are already used to the Mode dial.

    If you own an X-E1 or X-Pro1 I don’t think you’re the target audience. I have an XF1, X20, and X-E1 and I won’t be buying one but I love my X20 so I can see some of those users going for nicer image quality with this new model without springing for an X-E1. The X20 is not pocketable anyway so the larger size isn’t critical.

    It’s not meant for pro or prosumer level buyers. I think Fuji knows their market better than we do. They’re dumping a slew of their low-end P&S models and filling in the spot between the X20 and X-E1. The people who want nicer quality images in an easy to use camera. We’re talking about an excellent APS-C sensor in a very attractive price range with the ability to add some very nice lenses later on (presumably).

  • Narog

    What a perfect concept from Fuji. Downsizing, first the pro camera than the semi pro and now for the folks. And even the x-m1 has a rubber grip and a x-trans sensor with best low light picture quality. So no compromize on quality you just need to decide which spex beside this you prefer, OVF, EVF or no VF but small size. This is a professional approach!
    Even the x-m1 will surpass the recent Laica and Olympus anouncements inrespect of picture quality by far. And what is the ‘pro DSLR brand’ Canon offering on the mirrorless market? Not disappointing, it’s sad.
    I’m happy with my X-Pro1 and I’m looking forward to the 23mm 1.4 and 54mm 1.2 lenses. Which mirrorless has such lenses on offer?
    Fuji is exceptional, please continue in this way …

    • David

      Yes, agreed. I own the X100 and the X-E1 with 35mm. I find both a bit too big to have them all the time with me. So when I saw the X-10 for 50% off retailprice ( €280 ) I bought one too. That is the size I like. So I will buy this one and sell my X-10 and X-E1 body.

      And remember, the tilt screen makes it the low light street photography camera!

  • Hervan

    Anyone out there willing to bet that it’s a fake? I know how trusted the source is (although it’s a source with many sources), and everything has a high verisimilitude, but it’s departing a lot from what Fuji’s been doing. I mean, even the prototype 27mm had an aperture ring; a novice knows how to use PASM as much as they know how to set speed or aperture; some design choices are too ugly (except from those that came directly from x-e1 own design). All of this points to it not have been made by Fuji, in my opinion.

    Anyway, another strong point against what I’m saying is that it’s too near to the official date, so my hopes that all of this is fake are too low, unfortunately.

  • Zoe

    To the people moaning about manual controls due to there not being an aperture ring.

    If you have used an X20 or X10 you would realise how easy it is to control shutter and aperture at the same time!
    One dial control’s both – which sits directly under you thumb! Twist it and it controls shutter push it in, in then switches to aperture.


    If anything the X20 and X10 are so easy to use for manaul modes that it makes the XP1 and XE1 look complicated.

    Get a grip people and stop moaning! I personally can’t wait. This will be my every day camera and I can leave the X-PRO1 at home for weddings that I shoot!

  • Zoe

    Cheap back up for the wedding photographers out there!

  • RobM

    Why are they using the old sensor and not the newer X-Trans CMOS II sensor that’s in the X100s. This is a show stopper for me.

  • K1

    The stereo mics on the top of the camera body (in front of the hot shoe) and what appears to be a dedicated video button (top right of the button set on the back of the body) point to much better video implementation on this camera than previous X series models.
    With these features and the tilt screen this may become the body of choice for those who want to shoot X series video.

  • Pav

    The real question – will anyone be able to tell the difference between an image from and XPro1 vs and XE1 vs an XM1?

    • peter

      NO, 99.99% it’s the same sensor. It won’t change until there is X-Pro2 or something.

  • Markus Arike

    For me, and I suspect for most photographers, and articulated LCD does not replace an eye-level viewfinder. I don’t see the point in an X camera without a VF other than being less expensive to produce and less expensive for the end user. Looks like a nice camera, in all but the most important way, the VF.

  • Rap

    Very Nice! I rarely use the EVF on my X-E1, and always think the tilt LCD is more useful. Will be tricky to design a camera plate for it now :)

    I hope the main dial can still be used as compensation. I guess Fuji will make it user configurable.

    Hope Fuji start working on AF and flash system improvement now.

  • LeW

    Greetings all.
    I’m in the market for a mirrorless system camera as occasional relief from a Nikon full-frame DSLR and two 2.8 lenses. As my 40-year old Fujica ST-801 still works I’ve become interested in Fuji’s offerings, especially in view of the reviews its lenses have received (and its Hasselblad lenses as well) and the wide acceptance of their IQ as being class-leading. I decided that what I wanted was an X-Pro1 WITHOUT any form of viewfinder so that the body size could be 67% (guessing) the size overall (vertical height defined largely by the mount diameter). Unfortunately, the rumoured camera appears not to be what I was hoping for. A 27 mm pancake is perfect for me (40 mm in MY standard lens) but groping around for a dial to change the aperture (are you listening Nikon, G be damned) has ZERO appeal to an old hand like me (42+ years of camera ownership).
    My ideal camera would still be a full-frame mirrorless body from Nikon with a factory adaptor to take F-series lenses if required. A flange focal distance of 10-15 mm would be ideal (think Carpentier/Schiempflug lenses/adaptors/etc.). However, looking at the Sony RX1 and the Fuji X series (& Leica M(?) I’m coming to the conclusion that a FF mirrorless may not be as small as I envisage. I look at the NEX series with envy until I read their lens reviews (Zeiss will not save the situation, Sigma may but my Sigma experiences are not encouraging). Micro 4/3 cameras have a good array of good or better lenses but the mix of sensor-based (Oly) and lens based (Pana) stabilization, their body size (no smaller than APS-C cameras), and the sensor size itself put me off. Also the concept of moving sensors (are you listening Oly, Sony, etc.) leaves me stone cold & worried.
    For now I’m still waiting for a no-holds-barred, small X-series body (and a 26 or 27 mm pancake WITH an aperture ring. There are times when I’d prefer true manual focus as well (not fly-by-wire manual focus).
    Still dreaming.

    Warmest regards to all,

  • Not happy! I was getting very excited about this lens and looking forward to buy it until I saw there was no ring. I already use the ring to zoom and adjust my manual focusing and personally prefer a ring than a wheel by far.

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