X-day on June 25: New X-E1 and X-PRO1 firmware + Fuji camera announcement?


The wait is over on June 25 there will be a series of big Fuji announcements!

FIRMWARE: Fujifilm Philippines announced at their website that there will be a new firmware update for the X-E1 and X-PRO1 on the 25 of June. Let’s see what will be improved (or if it just adds support for the 27mm, which is rumored to be launched soon.)

NEW BODY: The new Asian source (who for first told me that Fuji is about to announce 2 new bodies ) just told me that the first mirrorless interchangeable-lens body could be announced on June 25. I remember you that Fuji is about to launch a new X-Trans body and a new non X-Trans body.  P.S.: Trusted sources told me that the upcoming very cheap non X-Trans X-body will be offered in many colours.

NEW LENS: Also 2 new lenses, on should be a 16-50/55 zoom lens and the 27mm f/2.8 could be finally released too! Source: FR post.
Exciting times for X-fans! Stay tuned on FujiRumors! We will as usual give you new rumors soon. And be sure to be online on June 25 as we will follow all the announcement live on FR!

  • uray

    Minimum time for auto ISO would be great!!!

    • Al

      Yes, please min. Shutter speed for auto iso.

  • deng

    That’s probably another incremental update to provide compatibility with a new lens(-es).

  • Fred

    A better X-trans support would also be great. Hardware is nothing without decent software.
    I don’t understand that policy. They certainly have faith in their sensor’s quality but then why don’t they give us the ways and means to fully exploit its potential?

    Lightroom is still bad (or less worse).
    Capture one and silkypix are ok (lastest versions).
    Haven’t tested Aperture.

    • DAn

      If you have a Mac, you can download a trial version of Aperture. I download the full version for like $79.00. I think it handles the Fuji files better than LR or Capture One. I also have Nik filters that were on sales and can use all of them in Aperture, but since I just rec’d my X-E1 yesterday, 6-21-13., I haven’t felt the need to edit jpegs or raw files.

  • Michael

    Why would they release a 16-50/55? Makes no sense. The 27mm I can understand but even still not a necessary focal length. They should be releasing a 85mm equilivent or even 100mm for portraits or even a ultra wide 10-?? Zoom.

    • Raz

      Maybe it’s a constant aperture ‘pro’ zoom?

    • Felix

      the existing standard zoom is a high quality, expensive item. The new one will probably be a budget model for selling along side the cheapest cameras in the range.

  • @Rico (flysurfer) Is this the “big” firmware update we´re all waiting for? Or is it “just” another small update? thanks for giving us a hint..

  • MuMinded


    What is this 16-50/55 you speak of? It certainly isn’t on the roadmap.


    I absolutly don’t need it…but I “want” that pancake and I want it with lots of butter and syrup as well.. :-) Oh, and sprinkles.. I want sprinkles also…

    • It’s not on a roadmap, that’s for sure. However, I can definitely use a 16-55/2.8 constant aperture OIS zoom. 55-200/2.8 won’t hurt either.

      Better yet, why stick to Fujinons and Touits? Let’s license that XF mount/protocol to Sigma and see what they come up with! 16-55/1.8, anyone?…

      • deng

        Since the rumour says that the plan is to release the entry bodies I think that the lens would be a typical slow kit lens like f/3.5-5.6.

  • Gaffman

    Could this be the rumored update to improve overall AF?

    Also keen to see the new entry X. Not because I want one but just to keep the overwhelmingly positive Fuji vibe going. Except for all the poor folk around the world waiting on their X100s backorders. A new X body could explain the production/supply issues of the X100s if resources have been divided.

    I still don’t get or like this talk of a non x-trans camera. I disagree with Fred above and feel like Fuji are finally winning the fight for 3rd party support… Seems strange to deviate from that now.

  • hexx

    I believe that instead of 27mm pancake lens and 16-55 Fuji will give us one of these or all three of them:

    10-24mm f/4 OIS
    23mm f/1.4
    56mm f/1.2

    Reason why I believe it will be like that is because I received some letter yesterday from Fuji UK together with 5 vouchers with some discounts on the lenses and the vouchers are for following lenses:

    14mm f/2.8
    55-200mm f/3.5-4.8
    23mm f/1.4
    10-24mm f/4
    56mm f/1.2

    • MuMinded

      Now that’s a Rumor I can sink my teeth into! :-)

    • Ryan

      How about a screen shot of that or forward it to the admin????? OR it never happened.

      • Hexx

        LOL!!! So you want me to take photo of my vouchers and then photoshop out serial NR and so on? Really? Sorry, can’t be asked

        • MAMEN


        • Hgn456


        • Ryan

          @Hexx, yes.

          • hexx
          • MJr


            But very strange.

            So what did you do to get this ?

          • hexx

            @MJr – not much really. I replied to Fuji UK that they surprised me with that letter because I bought my X-Pro1 last October. Simply letter was more about Membership number and some Fuji X branded ‘welcome pack’ and if I received it. And apart from that letter where these 5 vouchers.

            I replied to them that I haven’t received any ‘welcome pack’ or a membership card. Not sure why they sent it to me, maybe because I have 5 products from Fuji – not sure.

            But when I bought my X-Pro1 I did get set of vouchers for everything that was available for X-Pro1 in October, so lenses, flashes, adaptors…

    • Max

      Or cover the serial# with a small piece of paper…

  • Don’t get too excited about the firmware updates for the XE1 and XP1, it is only to cover a new lens they are announcing – unfortunately, there will be no other changes to the existing specifications.


    • bk2


  • Daniel

    All I want to have is good and usable Auto-Iso like in the X100 … and of course a 1.4 23 ;)

  • James

    New camera available in several different colours…so not a serious addition to the Fuji x series then…the only colours that matter are black and black with a bit of metal…

    • My guess, a cheap XF mount cameras in cute colors are targeted as “photographer’s wife camera”, or “photographer’s vacation camera”. If Fuji thinks of them as an “entry level”, they are making a big mistake.

  • Richard

    is buying a X-e1 now a bad time? Should I wait for the announcements?

    • JK

      Well since we don’t exactly know when the new bodies will be out and what kind they will be: Either buy the X-E1 if you do need a camera just now or wait till the announcement. I guess there will be X-Pro2s and X-E2s somewhere in the future with hopefully some improvements in auto focus speed and manual focusing aids such as focus peaking and/or similar features. A higher resolution display for the X-E2 would be nice too.

      • Richard

        Thanks, I have ordered mine a few days ago but I will pick it up today. There will always be a better model and if it is really new new X-E then I’ll bring mine back within two weeks.

        • thhh

          I think the XE-1 purchase makes sense. If they update the cameras, the X-Pro 1 will be the first to be updated and a few months later down the road the XE-1. You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your gear. I know I have!

        • Felix

          The X-E1 was only announced in September last year. It won’t be superceded for at least 12 months from now.

          • Lucas Mall

            Except it needs to be :\

  • mvalma

    According to my source there is focus peacking for x-pro coming….

    • MuMinded


      Ok, that’s interesting if you are not just pulling our leg. If you are then it’s a cruel joke.

      I was always skeptical about focus peaking until I got it on my 100s….now I am a total believer.

      • Aleste

        If what you say is true, then I am getting the X-E1. That should pump some life into this critter!

    • bk2

      Perhaps on the X-Pro-2? (or whatever?). I thought focus peaking needed extra sensor data that was not available on the X-Pro-1 sensor?

  • Totally off topic: Patrick, please do something with your site’s template. It’s impossible to scroll with the arrow keys – only PgUP/PgDN. Very irritating for any laptop user.

    • Gil

      This always bothered me too,
      Insead of scrolling, the arrow keys control the upper frame of the Camera Database.

    • Mihai

      I totaly agree,it’s very irritating…Patrick,please do something :)

    • Felix


    • Rob

      I sent an email to him a few months and no reply. Please, please fix this – it’s annoying as hell.

  • Vivek

    ” P.S.: Trusted sources told me that the upcoming very cheap non X-Trans X-body will be offered in many colours.”

    Wow! Fuji are all out to get Pentax!

    • Lucas Mall

      Not quite, pentax can focus fast and create decent movies.

  • Do you guys think this will have any effect on the prices of the X-Pro1 and the X-E1?

    • MJr

      Well they can’t get much cheaper, because that’s where the new ones supposed to be ! ;)

      • Felix

        I doubt it.

        • MJr

          Right, these entry level bodies are going to be priced above the X-Pro1 then ? :|

          • Felix


            Sorry, I meant to reply to holger not you. :-)

  • Kevin

    still waiting for 23mm… :(….

    • MJr

      At least we know it’s coming. :) No way Canikon would share anything with us. Imagine being one of the people still waiting for a Nikon D400, years and years and still have no idea.

  • CGL

    Boo on non X-Tran and boo on colorful bodies. This makes me fear that Fuji is loosing track of just what makes the X-bodies special, and are copying everyone else. Let Pentax have the colors and everyone else use the same sensor array–fuji stick to X-Tran and maximum of three interchangeable lens X-cameras plus the X100s. Entry level, middle and pro!

    • Felix

      Well, if the new body is cheap then I will use it as a way to start my fuji lens collection.
      (But not with a slow 16-50 F3.5-5.6 that I expect they will release)

      Cheap body + 27mm F2.8 pancake will keep me going until the X-Pro2 arrives :-)

      I think this announcement is why they had the sale this month.
      Fuji thinks that the new models they are about to announce will tempt people like me to come on board at a lower price point.
      However, they carefully calculated this month’s special offers to get just a little bit of extra profit out of new customers buying the current range before launching the new cheaper range to get the real cheap skates. :-)
      Plus maybe it helped them to move a bit of excess stock – since the MILC market is not exactly on fire at the moment.

  • bk2

    X-Pro-1 update from 2.04 to 2.05? Sounds like only minor improvements or a lens update. One would think large changes in functionality would be reflected in a major number version release (i.e 2.0 to 2.1 or even 2.0 to 3.0). Not expecting much here.

  • David B

    Admin, can you give us some more details? It is a week from announcement, and there are no leaks as to the specs of the new camera? That is quite unusual. Usually you guys know the specs by this time.

    I was about to pick up XE1 kit, but want to wait to see what else they will announce. If the new camera has phase on sensor AF points so AF is improved at least to the level of X100s, XE1 is not as attractive anymore.

  • AC

    Great news about the smaller X bodies. Can’t wait to have the Fuji sensor + JPEG engine on a body (plus pancake) that can be easily carried everywhere I go.

  • Al

    Wish list
    Full frame x-pro body
    85 mm 2.8
    Faster AF
    Constant aperture zoom

  • Focus peaking pls! ma gawd.

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