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X-A1 leaked image: here is the source!


 photo kei_zps4d54353d.png

I’ve read with interest all your comments about the leaked X-A1 image here. Some say it’s a fake, other believe it’s true. Now, here is the whole story:

In the mid of August Keitaro (General Manager for Middle East of Fujifilm Electronic Image Decision) visited South Africa. On the 14 of August he had a meeting with Marc Sweeney. In this occasion the Fuji manager showed him the X-A1. Marc took an image of the X-A1 and shared it on his google+ profile here… and this is the image I shared with you here.

That’s all. I got the image, I got the story and I shared it with you. As the image was taken back on August 14 it’s possible that the X-A1 shown here is a dummy and not the final version.